Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. thirteen ⚔


We spent the afternoon chatting and watching TV in the TV room, Titan was on edge for some reason and would occasionally look up and start growling he wouldn't tell me what was wrong just that and I quote ' I have a bad feeling'. He wouldn't say anymore we ate some light dinner because I was fighting later and didn't want throw up, I looked at the time and it was 5pm the sun was just starting to set and it was time.

I had changed out of my clothes and put on my Nike sports leggings and matching sports bra, I re braided my hair and would them up so that sat in two buns I kinda looked like that chick from star wars. I threw on a hoodie that I knew belonged Kalen and had made my way downstairs to the main foyer where they were both waiting for me.

You ready.

Yup I replied pooping the 'p'

Just be careful I have a strange feeling.

How many times have we been through this ill be fine.

" You ready, " Kalen asks snapping me out of my mind link with Titan, plastering the biggest smile I could on my face and nod my head,

" you don't have to do this" he adds when I reach him by the front door,

" it's your pack laws I won't go against them, she asked for this and I never back down from a fight and, besides you've not seen what I can do so don't worry" I stated firmly.

" It's not that " he snaps.

" then what is it because having you doubt me isn't helping right now what is it scared I might hurt her, do you actually care more about her then you let on" I roar

" Phoe-"

" No I don't wanna hear it I wanna get this over and done with, maybe you should have paid attention when your beta watched my videos maybe then you would not doubt me" I shouted.

" Let's go Titan" I yelled out as I stormed of the front door and started walking to my truck, I slipped in and titan followed I started it up and left the alpha standing in the door way as I drove to the pack house. Upon arriving after the house I noticed the Beta Zain is waiting for me, I climb out and Titan lets himself out as we head over to him Titan starts growling,

" what is Ty" I ask him worry is clear in my voice, he's acting strange.

I smell something strange.

" períergo pós" I asked

I can't pin point it but something is off Nix.

" na écheis to jou sou" I whisper, I look up at the Beta who has strange look on his face but I notice his eyes glazed over, so I know he is mind linking someone probably the Alpha, good he hasn't paid any attention to Titan and I.

" Shall we go beta" I ask, which breaks him out of is mind link he clears his throat and shakes his head, he seems to be trying to gather his thoughts.

" The challenge is ment to take place now" I nudge him with my arm, his eyes dart down to me, and he mumbles something under his breath, he begins walking to the back of the pack house where the pack has gathered. Holy shit there has to be at least what 700 wolves surrounding a small sand pit in the middle of the field. I stand-off to the right as the dominating presence of the alpha can be felt, I kept eyes facing forward I refuse to look at him I thought he would be a Good mate, but he blew cold towards me after I changed ready for the fight. He stepped on to the podium that I hadn't noticed before and motions for the crown to be silent.

" Black Hills Pack, few days ago I met my mate, " he voices echos across the crowd of people he looks directly at me and motions me with his head to come forward, dam it. I Bury my feelings deep down and plaster a huge fake smile on my face and step up to the podium to stand beside the alpha. He takes my hands and entwines our fingers as much I want to pull away after our little talk I won't embarrass him in for the of his pack, so instead I stand smiling trying hard to ignore the sparks of electricity thumping through my veins.

" This is Phoenix Red, my mate and your future Luna, I was planning on introducing her this weekend however the Luna has been challenged therefore as per our rules we have to obey, therefore your Luna will fight her opponent here and now for her position, challenger step forward" he growls.

Nova walks forward and flicks her blonde hair over her shoulder smiling at Kalen, when she sees his hand entwined with my own she gives me a death glare but I just carry on smiling, Titan however is growling and has his hackles raised at Nova. Kalen stiffens and then speaks,

" clear the pit, Nova seeing as you called for the challenge you decide which form, the fight will be till the other submits " he voices radiates power and every one standing near the clearing in the center moves to create a circle around the sand pit. The pit itself is huge and must be at least what, 20 feet wide.

" I choose human form " she smirks, what is this bitch planning I thought to myself.

" Very well positions " Kalen shouts, Nova starts walking to the sand pit kalen turns to look at me I continue smiling due to the fact the pack is watching us, he leans down to whisper in my ear,

" I'm sorry for how I acted earlier I'm just worried, I now you can handle your own I believe in you I wouldn't have agreed to have you here if I didn't. She is sly and will try something, pull some sort 0f stunt. I've just found you and I don't want to lose you "

Hearing him apologize felt good that tact he believed in me and was just looking out for me, but then maybe I was too. I didn't give him of a chance to explain himself before I bit his head off and stormed out, I decided I need to say sorry too.

" I'm sorry too" I whisper in reply and peek his cheek I then make my way over to Nova, who is in the pit growling and glaring at me, like I just took her favorite toy. I remove the hoodie I had on and throw it to one side, so I'm now standing in my sports gear, Titan sits by the edge of the sand pit on his rump, and he stares harshly at Nova. I get into a defense position and wait for the command from the alpha.

" Begin " his husky voice shivers through me.

Nova immediately launches herself forward and swings a punch towards my face but I easily duck her attempt, she growls and brings her knee up to my chest but I jump back and throw a swift punch to her jaw. That seems to piss her off, she wipes her mouth and then runs for me and using my enhanced senses I run toward her and slide between her legs to arrive behind her, using that as an opportunity I jump up and kick her back in the center of her spine. She lunches forward and lands on her front screaming in agony, yeah I used my were wolf strength. I walk over to her and grab her hair and drag her to the center of the pit. I slam her head on to the ground, she swings her hair back and grabs my ankle pulling me to the floor. Landing on my back I roll away. Nova jumps up and hurls a fist towards my ribs the blow was strong enough to crack normal werewolves rib but not mine. Grab her arm and pull and starlight and jam the joint where her arms meets her shoulder and using my strength I pop it out of its socket. Releasing her arm I drop to the floor and take out her knees. She drops to the floor and I punch her in the face over and over again.

Nova seems to find some strength from somewhere and throws me on the ground she climbs on top of my and hurls punches to my mid section one blow lands on my sternum and another lands on my side near where she threw the knife yesterday gotta say that one hurt. Almost seconds after landing the blow to my ribs I feel her claws dig in my hips, and she slashes my chest. What the hell this was ment to be human form not half-and-half, I rotate my hips forward and bring my legs up to hook round the front of nova and throw her off me. I'm not having this I take a deep breathe and raise my hand to my chest pulling it back its covered in blood.

I launch forward and swing a punch to her ribs then her face, I grab her head and bash it off my knee and throw her over me on to the floor, I walk up to her ready to do a full body lock and force her to submit when I catch the glint of something shiny and strange smelling, it moves so fast I almost missed it.

Nova had got to her feet and pulled a serrated blade out of her boot and ran towards me ready to impale it in my heart. Without thinking my eyes shift and I catch her movements dropping to the floor I grab her ankles and pull with all my strength, so she falls back and lands on her back I jump up and stamp on her wrist holding the knife a hurl a punch to the side of her neck it knocks her cold. I stood up and looked around but with a throbbing head it was hard to focus.

What I didn't see while disarming nova was, Kalen had run and ended up in the pit near me, Titan had also entered the pit. The beta was holding someone back from entering the sand pit and two warriors who I would assume were guards, were standing on the edge of the pit,

" she killed her " the wolf that the beta was holding back screamed once I had gathered myself together, he has the same shade of blonde hair that Nova does, he must be a relative of hers. Kalen shuffles forwards and kneels down in front of me,

" are you alright, I saw her pull the dagger and then you were like a blur" he rushes out, I was out of breathe but more in shock I didn't expect her to fight fair but to pull a knife on me and use her claws that's a low blow.

" I'm fine she used her claws on me then I saw the blade she covered up what ever was on it with moon flower, I just made her pass out" I rasp breathlessly, one of the warrior guards steps forward and heads to Nova he checks her pulse and nods his head towards Kalen, he in return looks towards the man being held back by the beta,

" she is just unconscious not dead, this was ment to be a fair fight, your daughter asked for it to be in human form, she then dared to use her claws then to pull out a knife coated in something to try to stab her. That's not how these challenges work Maximus. Not only did she challenge the Luna for her position but also to be my mate she tried to cheat and that I will not tolerate " kalen growls his growls get more and more intimidating, the wolf I now know as Maximus and her father wriggles himself free of the hold the beta has him.

" I know, but you have to see it from her point we all thought your mate was dead and suddenly this she wolf turns up and is apparently your mate, Nova was hurt after the elder meeting she believed you would make her the Luna. Yes what she did was unfair, but she was doing what she thought she had to" bellows Maximus,

" there is no apparently about it she is my mate I feel the bond with her, and she does me, Nova let what the elders say go to her head I still had 18 months to find my mate yet all nova cared about was spending the process up to make sure she would be my chosen mate, now I have my mate and the right full Luna to this pack anyone else has anything to say on the matter can deal with me" dam his voice is giving me shivers I chance a look up and see that all the pack wolves have their head bowed. I staggered my feet and place a hand on Kalen's arm in an attempt to calm him down.

" All of you are dismissed, guards take Nova to the pack doctor " I voiced lacing my tone with dominance, pack wolves quickly disperse and the guards take Nova away no one muttered word or even questioned me, technically I am the Luna now and my commands hold just as much authority as that of the alpha.

" Kalen we should go inside to finish this " I whisper to him as the last of the pack wolves leave the area, he looks at me and nods his head.

" My office now " he states firmly, I go to walk away and tend to my own wounds but Kalen stops me and shakes his head giving me that 'including you' look sighing I follow him any way to cuts have almost healed now anyway.

" éla éla Titána" I call out to my boy, he has been sat glaring at Nova since he saw the knife, he stands up and shakes out his fur and pads over to me when he reaches me I run my hand over the fur on the top of his head, and follow them into the pack house an up to his office. Kalen takes a seat behind the desk and motions for me to stand at his side I pull up a chair and drag it over, so I can sit rather than stand, I mean I did just have a fight I don't want to be standing, the beta takes a seat and Maximus takes the only other vacant seat in the room. Titan makes his way over to me and sits beside me I reach out and stroke him behind the ears tuning out there conversation I link with Titan,

What's wrong, your very quite.

I knew something was wrong I just couldn't place it I'm supposed to protect you.

It's not your fault I acted quick enough.

Why couldn't I smell anything, I knew something was going to happen.

She used moon flower to cover the smell of what evervwas on the blade.

" She has done everything to be a good warrior in this pack and has loved you from the start " a deep voice bellows breaking titan and I from our talk I look up to see Maximus and kalen glaring at each other.

" We both had mates out there why can't you understand that this is fate, Nova let the suggestion go to her head, the elders made it clear I had 2 years to find my mate, then I found Phoenix, and she is my mate I won't reject her for anyone remember who you are talking to Max" kalen growls, OK what did I miss.

" She is heart broken" Maximus yells.

" So that gives her the right to cheat in a fight she asked for, maybe you should off taught your daughter not to fall for anyone other than her own mate " I state calmly, all eyes turn to me as I stand up my ribs are a little sore and the cuts I received earlier have healed now.

" I don't know the situation here, I came here for assignment to help wolves here better defend themselves, I didn't come here to cause trouble I can't help that I turned out to be the alpha's mate but I accepted her challenge and even though she cheated still won, maybe if you didn't keep pushing her for something that wasn't hers she wouldn't be in this position, she threw at knife me yesterday, threw me in the dirt and th8s evening tried to pierce my heart, what is with her knifes, now that's enough kalen has made his choice as have I. if I get any more trouble from you or her I will take matters in to my own hands, I happen to be on good terms with the elders and will be making a call to them tonight, so I suggest you go and check on her daughter and stop disrespecting your alpha " I practically yell the last part.

Maximus has no idea where to look but eventually walks out of the office and slams the door shut leaving the beta, kalen, titan and I in the room alone.

" So what are you, your not like any wolf I've ever met your eyes shifted gold wolf eyes are normally Amber or brown " asks the beta seconds after the door was shut,

" OK my pack know what I am as does kalen admittedly he doesn't fully understand it, and I may have mentioned it to Nova yesterday when she pissed me off," I giggle,

" and what's that" he asks, I look to Kalen, and he nods his head " I trust him " was all he needed to say.

" Right I come from ancient bloodline, years ago there was a pack of female wolves no one knows what happened to them or how the pack was destroyed there were only two survivors of the attack and not even they speak of it. The pack was called The Lotus pack, all the wolves there were direct descendants of the warriors of Artemis, Artemis created them to help packs and fight battles that no pack wolf could each of them was like me at one with their wolf. I can't see my wolf in mind or talk to her like you can, thus it makes me more animalistic at times, our senses are more enhanced, our speed hearing, sight, everything. Years ago rouges would target the warriors as pups to stop them growing up and save themselves from being targets when they grew up, so Artemis decided to give each warrior wolf a protector. " I look at the beta to see if he so far he understands me, then look to Kalen ,

" you with me so far" I ask them.

" The Lotus pack my mother used to tell me stories of the warriors of Artemis when I was kid" states the Beta,

" my mum too" I whisper though for different reasons.

" Any way protectors were given to the pups when they first shifted around the age of 7, each one was paired to match each warrior, they came as pups and grew with each other to form strong bonds. They were given many gifts, one is their natural life span is long as that of their warrior, they can also speak through a mind link like you do with your wolves, they can heal as fast as a werewolf however if we die so do they but if the protector dies the warrior will live on. There are many other gifts they have such as their blood can heal one and other, there are a few more but ill explain them at a later date. You see one of the survivors of Lotus was my mother her protector was killed when she was 17, she ran and somehow how found my father and well they had me and my brothers. I shifted at 7 just like my mum did when she was young, that night I was visited by the goddess herself, and she gave me Titan, I'm a warrior of Artemis mum feared for my life growing up, so I was trained from a young age then went on the UWA and so forth. Alpha commands don't work one me nor do those of the royals or elders because in a way my wolf is above them, I'm faster and stronger than most wolves, I have a dominating aura when I release it and I can command any wolf too " I finish the beta just states at me like I'm some foreign object, Kalen however looks proud of me.

" Wow, I mean that's amazing really, so Titan you can hear what he says, and he can hear you " beta asks me gobsmacked.

" Yes beta, just as you hear your wolf in your mind I hear him in mine" I reply to him,

" please call me Zain your my Luna now, how come your eyes don't glaze over then when you talk to him" he asks dumb struck.

" Really all the information she gives you and you ask that " laughs Kalen, we spend the next hour talking and them asking me questing and thankfully they both have a better understanding of me and Titan, half-way through a pack member knocks on the door with plates full of yummy food, and we dig on and carry on talking. Kalen and the be- Zain start talking and I snuggle down on sofa with Titan by my side who has been quite ever since Maximus left the last thing I hear is titan snoring and the men talking before I drift off into a bliss full sleep.


And that's chapter 13 people.?


Períergo pós - strange how

Na écheis to nou sou - keep an eye out

Éla éla Titána - come on titan

So nix fought nova but she cheated, and now her father is on a war path

Nix is slowly revealing herself to world

How do you think nova is going to react when she wakes up

And whats bothering our little titan other than nova

Till next time

Leah x😘
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