Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. fourteen ⚔


Kalen pov ..

Phoenix lay on the sofa sleeping peacefully with her hand draped over Titan, after she told Zain about her bloodline she went and sat down while he and I talked when she fell asleep he started going through my book shelf to try to find some more information about the warrior's of Artemis.

While Zain scans my book shelf I and captivated by my mate, her hair slightly covering her face she looks peaceful. I still can't believe she is mine, the goddess did great pairing us she is fiery and smart and has some serious talent when it comes to fighting. She uses styles and techniques I have never heard of, looking at her now you wouldn't think she was a bad ass capable of bringing down an alpha but then, looks can be deceiving. As she lay there peacefully sleeping and Zain was hunting my book shelf I was admiring Phoenix's tattoos, I hadn't really paid much attention to them before, I wonder the meaning behind them. I've seen her elite mark on her back, but she also has a wolf and Nordic moon on one arm and a moon and sun dream catcher on the other. But I did notice the other night she has massive tree on her leg.

" I've found something " Zain blurts out breaking me from my thoughts.

Clearing my throat I get up and walk over to him, he points to a passage in an old book and begins reading,

" the warriors of Artemis were a group of legendary warrior women in the era of the gods' when they were more in sync with the mortals they created. The warriors were called upon to help defend the humans from creatures that were seen as a threat, they also fought the demons that escaped the clutches of the under world. The warriors Artemis created were granted with eternal youth, speed and extreme strength however, after years of success the other gods grew jealous and Zeus ordered them be disbanded, outraged Artemis argued that without them chaos would have erupted. Artemis was angry and decided to hide her self away from the other gods, in her time away she created a creature that would give her hope again she called them werewolves, each wolf was capable of or transforming in to a wolf on a full moon when she was at her most powerful. Happy with her new creation she sat in the heavens and watched them grow, but they grew too wild and would soon be revealed to the other gods if she wasn't careful, so she split their souls in half, one half remained in the werewolf and the other was placed in each of her warriors to hide them. She gave each werewolf a soul mate this protected her new creation and her warriors from the vengeance of the gods. Years went by and the werewolves were flourishing and her warriors had remained hidden. However, one year there was an earth-shattering explosion in the heavens and the Titans broke out from the prison and wreaked havoc on the world. Zeus was desperate for help to contain then and lock back up, so he begged Artemis for the help of the warriors he thought she had disbanded. Wen they arrived he was enthralled by anger that she had created a creature and bred them with her warriors he said nothing at the time and used her wolves, her new creation and her warriors to fight the Titans. At the base of Mount Olympus the war took place after months of fighting the gods finally won. Zeus turned on Artemis and destroyed nearly all her werewolves, Artemis was enraged and destroyed the Palace of the gods before leaving to remain in the heavens away from the court of the gods. It took many years for her werewolves to recover but Artemis ensured there safety by gifting them long life and strength and the ability to communicate with each other in their minds. Her warriors where few but growing steady, so she created her own pack to ensure their safety and made sure that the wolf inside them was strong and fierce and more in tune with her. The pack was doing well and going strong as the years passed by but soon the wrath of- and it stops there "

" wrath of what, why does it stop there" I ask

" No idea its look like either someone didn't want others to know or was caught writing it" he shrugs.

" Where did you find it, I've never seen that book before."

" It was right at the top at the back of the last book case it is covered in dust I don't think anyone has ever read it "

" it smells odd like ancient, the story of our creation that we are taught from a young age is different from what is written there"

And its true we are all taught that Apollo guarded the day and kept watch on every one during the day, at night Artemis would take over, but she felt lonely her brother would get to watch the humans and enjoy there company from above but for her she was lonely as everyone slept at night the only creatures she would see was her beloved wolves, so she decided that if she could mix her creatures with that of humans she would have something to nurture and look after and it would also encourage others to come out at night to keep her company she could watch humans too. Reading what is written in that book makes me questing a lot of things but it could just be a load of shit and some twisted person wrote the book I'll look into it at a later date.

" Well some stories were true we may not fully know the beginning, but we know the stories of the warrior's of Artemis from our parents" Zain shrugs.

" True its just overwhelming, Phoenix is something else" I sigh.

" Well if you need out give me a shout I'm going to go check on the misses" Zain says walking towards the door, he opens it up and slips out the door and closes it behind him that leaves just me Phoenix and titan in the room. I walk over to my desk with the book in hand and slip it in my coat packet that's draped over the back of my chair ill put it in my desk back at the house. I look out of the window and watches pack members move about in the dark, I'm spooked when I hear a noise behind and see that Titan has woken up and is looking at me, what's his problem.

I make my way over to phoenix and try to wake her, but she is out for the count, so I decide to scoop her up and carry her to her truck, stepping outside in to the night air a shiver runs down my spine. Its freezing tonight. I reach Phoenix's truck and open up the passenger side door and place her on the seat, strapping her seat belt safely round her I close the door and make my way round to the drivers side. Her wolf Titan makes his way towards to the truck, growling at me.

" Chill I'm just taking her home" I snap when I hear him. He stalks over to the truck and sits by the back doors sighing n frustration I open the back, and he jumps in. Getting in the drivers side I start up the engine and drive them up to our house, wow never thought id say that in my life. Once outside the house I get out and take phoenix up to my room Titan follows behind hot on my heels. I place her exhausted body on the bed and remove her shoes pulling the covers over her body I peck her forehead and make my way in to the bathroom for a very cold shower.

I finish my shower and slip on some sweats and a t-shirt and walk back into the bedroom, I'm shocked when a pair of ocean blue eyes stare at me from the bed, her hair is pulled back and I can clearly see her face now not a single bruise or cut is on her face, her rosey cheeks and bright pink plump lips are perfect she wipes her eyes and looks around the room,

" how long have I been asleep " she grumbles.

" A few hours now, I brought you back here after I finished some work with Zain" I reply, I slowly make my way around the bed and take a seat on the end of it in front her, her wolf Titan is passed out sleeping on my sofas. That wolf is going to be the death of me his fur gets everywhere.

" Oh, I must have been in a deep sleep if I didn't wake up when you moved me" she laughs.

" Are you hungry Mary has left some dinner downstairs I can bring it up, plus I want to talk to you about something " I ask her she simply nods her head. I get up and make my way down to the kitchen and gather the food that Mary cooked earlier I heat up the plates and pour orange juice and water in to two glasses and place them on the large tray. I turn around to fetch the plates and notice a bowl on the side filled with meat, and a note that says. For you mates pet.

I never thought about feeding him I thought he just hunted what he wanted to eat, shaking my head I gather the bowl and tray and head back up to my room. When I walk into the room I stand there looking confused where did she go, I hear the soft hum of her voice from the closet she walks out in a pair of shorts and tank top. Halo is pushing some very lustful thoughts in my head as I stare at her bare legs and arms the shorts are very short they just about cover her arse.

Her hair is pulled up in to a messy bun and is wet, water droplets drip down her face and down between her very large breasts, I want to lick the water off her skin and claim her now, I can feel my dick throbbing in my sweats, she looks up at me her ocean blue eyes have flecks of gold swirling round them as she gently bites her bottom lip.

Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath I place the tray on the bedside table, the bowl of food that Mary made I slide on to the floor near titan, he gets up and sniffs it before tucking in. Glancing back at Phoenix I notice her eyes have gone back to normal however I can't keep the images out my head I don't want another cold shower, so I clear my throat and tell her the food is hot and to eat. We sit on the bed in comfortable silence while we eat.

" I wanted to talk to you about the Luna ceremony " I state breaking the silence between us she drops her fork and looks up at me with wide eyes.

" oh ..what about it" she asks, looking all sweet and innocent.

This might be harder than I thought I think to myself.


And that's chapter 14 people

The next chapter will contain sexual and mature scenes so your pre warned..

Nova makes yet another appearance in the next chapter..

Updates will be slower as I write a few more chapters and edit them so please be patient

Till next time

Leah x😘
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