Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. fifteen ⚔

( contains scenes of a sezual nature so readers are pre warned tried to keep it smutty and clean at the same time enjoy)


Phoenix pov

" Oh what about it " I ask as I sit on the bed Kalen looks as though he is deep in thought or needs the toilet not quite sure which. He gets up and starts pacing the room mumbling something under his breath. The way he moves is so graceful each of his muscles on his chest rise and falls as he breathes, I really want to run my hands over them and feel hem flex under my fingers.

What the hell is going on with me, its like I've turned in to a horny dog. Everything he does, has my thighs clamping shut and my mind to be full of some very taste full images of what I can do to him. Focus Nix.

I cough to clear my throat and his head snaps in my direction, " right well the thing is " he states " Nova planned a Luna ceremony for this weekend for her, and I was thinking well maybe we could still go ahead and well you know, announce you maybe it will " he stops talking when he notices I'm looking at him like I want to bury him six feet down. I have this uncomfortable feeling inside me that wants to burst out, my emotions are all over the place I need to talk to my mum.

" You want me to attend a Luna ceremony your crazy ass she wolf planned where at said ceremony you're going to announce me as Luna instead, have you lost your mind" I almost shout.

" She planned the whole thing, and now you want to use it to announce me as Luna my goddess Kalen. I understand that for an alpha the marking, mating and Luna ceremony is quite quick, but if we are going to do this I don't want the second biggest day of my life to panned by some whore who is obsessed with you. I'd want it to be about us not what entrees she has picked out what flowers and color schemes she used" I state more calmly after noticing he nearly jumped out the glass doors from my tone of voice.

" Yes your right I'm sorry, just I want her dealt with you and I want you to be a part of my pack and be a Luna and raise-"

" woah there buddy, I am not the type to play house and sit back while men do everything for me I'm a fighter, a trainer and no one will take them from me I will be you Luna but you will not stop me fighting, training or carrying out my duties are we clear" I demand.

" I.. I will do my best to not keep you from it but when it comes to battles-"

" I'll be right by your side, I'm stronger than an alpha remember " I sigh, I get off the bed and walk over to where he is standing, I take his face in my hands and pull him down lower to be eye level with me, I mean I only come to his chest.

" I will do the Luna ceremony if you plan it I don't want anything there that screams crazy bitch, and you will try very hard not to stop me from being me ok.?" I reason with him. He smiles and nods his head I peck his lips and wrap my arms around his neck and nuzzle into him suddenly I feel less cranky and more relaxed.

" At the ceremony in our pack is customary for the marking to take place in front of the pack to show the pack we are one and seal the bond" he whispers. I freeze in his arms, the whole pack will see me mark him, and he I. Its ment to be like a very long orgasm, and we have to do it in front of everyone. Ground swallow me now.

" Oh" is about all my brain can come up with, the thought of every one watching us mark each other is unsettling, but also I can't think starlight because when ever I'm close or touching Kalen my minds goes to mush. I slip out of his embrace to see his Amber eyes boring into me, OK this isn't Kalen. Its halo

" Well hello my sexy mate, I thought my stupid human would never let me out" his deep and husky voice radiates through me. I think his voice alone could make me wet without even tying. I smile up at him and brush my fingers across his cheek, enticing a small growl out of him.

" You must be Halo, " I whisper as I graze my lips past his ear, he literally shudders and before I can utter a word my back hits something soft, takes me second to realize he used his speed and hurled me across the bedroom on the bed. He hovers above me pining my wrists above my head, he leans forward and brushes his lips on my neck. Open mouth kisses are placed all down my neck and shoulder, I know he is trying to tease me but Mr Wolfe, two can play that game.

I warp my legs round his waist and with my strength, I flip us over and free my hands now looking his hands above his head,

" is my little mate trying to dominant me" Halo growls.

I ignore him and plant a deep and hungry kiss on his mouth, I bite his lip causing him to moan and that just turns me on more. I slip my tongue inside his mouth and the sweet taste of him satisfy me. He moves his lips in sync with my own, I release his hands, and they slide up my back to grip my neck pulling my hair free for the hair tie he begins running his hands through it and pulling my head up closer to him. I pull away as I need air and notice his eyes have now shifted back.

" Halo" I smile, he catches my mouth again and then flips me over, so I'm now on my back one hand is in my hair the other is on my thigh hoisting it up so that his very hard member is pressed against my throbbing core. Goddess I wish he would take me now the fire in my belly is burning hot, reaching up I rip of t-shirt and run my hands over his bulging muscles he shivers and moans as my hands explore his body. He crashes his lips on to mine again and deepen s the kiss its gone from hot and heated to hungry and lustful.

I can feel myself getting wetter as he moves from my lips to the junction of my neck peppering kisses on my sweet spot where his mark will sit. He then starts nipping it and I'm a hot mess, my skin is on fire I need my clothes off. He seems to get the point and shifts his hands to a paw and rips off my tops and shorts leaving me in just my panties. Moving down and takes my breast into his mouth and starts sucking on my nipples god they are so sensitive, his hands glides down and slips under my underwear. Using one finger is flicks my sensitive bud causing me to moan out loud.

He rubs small circles on the sensitive area before slipping a finger inside me, the feeling and the sparks I feel there are all too much, he starts moving his finger in and out before adding another one. His lips return to mine as he moves his fingers inside me, my hips start moving on their own and I end up grinding onto his hand. Every moan he creates from me is swallowed by his mouth. The knot in my belly is slowly tightening to the point where I know it will soon break, he picks up the speed with his hand and soon enough I come completely undone.

Kalen continues to move his fingers slowly allowing me to ride put my high, when I finally come down I look up in to his eyes and see him smiling, Kalen is back.

" That's got to be my new favorite sound" he purrs into my ears.

" That was amazing " I gasp breathlessly.

" Good " he replies and kisses me more gently. He gets off the bed and walks in to the bathroom coming back in with a wet cloth and t-shirt he helps me clean up and then slips the shirt over my head. He climbs in to bed and pulls me close to him and I fall asleep again in the warmth of is arms.


I felt warm, too warm my kegs felt like lead and I couldn't move a muscle i opened my eyes ed again to move my stupid my legs only to realize the reason I couldn't move was because I had two bodies lay across me. Kalen had somehow managed to lay upon my chest his head rested on my sternum and, Titan must have come back in the bedroom pplast night as he was laying across my legs. I was stuck.

Both of them most have been dead to the world because I huffed and puffed and was wriggling around like a worm and neither one of them woke up, anyone would think that they had a hard night last night and were recovering sighing to myself I decided to give up and just lay there. I must have fallen back to sleep because I jolted upright when I could hear shouting from downstairs, the other side of the bed was empty and titan stood n the open door way.

I jumped up out of bed a grabbed a bath robe that was hanging on the back of the door and made my way over to the door, however titan growled at me and that was unusual for him,

" what's wrong, why you growling me" I ask

Alpha told me to keep you safe here.

" why what's going on"

Someone came knocking this morning and alpha flew down the stairs told me to stay here for you.

" Who came" I demanded.

Nix you need to stay-

" who "


I jumped over him and ran down the stairs the loud voices grew louder the more I descended the stairs I reached the bottom and saw the front door open and the back of a shirtless Kalen, Zain was standing to left of him.

" What's going on here " I shouted to get all their attention. Kalen's head whipped round so fast I actually thought it might snap poor Zain jumped and nearly tripped however what shocked me the most was as soon as Nova laid eyes on me she dropped on to her knees and bowed her head.

" Luna I've come to ask for forgiveness for my actions " she stated in a tone I didn't know she possessed.

" Huh" was all. My stupid head could come up with I must have looked awful as I stood at the bottom of the stairs in a bathrobe with bad bed hair and no doubt I think my jaw was on the floor somewhere. This woman was dead set on trying to push me out, so she could get her claws in Kalen she was horrible to me and challenged me not only for my position which granted I never wanted to begin with I never dreamed I would be mated to an alpha I was happy being a warrior, but nevertheless it's mine,

Yet she was on her knees asking for forgiveness and I don't know what to say or do, so I just stood there. Kalen has repeatedly told me how sly and manipulative she can be so how do I know this is her genuine or just some trick she has come up with. I moved to stand beside Kalen and looked down at Nova,

" why " I asked her, she looked up at me tears spilling out of her eyes her face looked a mess from the fight yesterday if this is a joke she is a good actor. However, I don't trust her actions she'll have to prove herself.

" You will be stripped of your rank, and live in the house with the omegas if you're being truthful your actions will show that and you'll be able to work back up to your position but, it will take time for me to forgive you and you will you have to prove your genuine " I state, Kalen looks at me like I've grown a second head and Zain has a blank expression on his face.

" I will prove it to you Luna I swear " I she answers me and bows her head and shows me her neck.

" Beta you will escort her to the pack house and ensure she packs everything and is taken to the omega house and send me the gamma to me please " I say looking to Zain.

" Right away Luna " he replies, Nova stands up and walks away slowly with Zain. Kalen had a look on his facevthat I couldn't decipher oh shit.


And there my fellow readers in chapter 15 a little bit of smut the next chapter will up in a few days once I've pre written the ceremony.?

Thoughts on Nova.?

Things are starting to move forward..

Till next time

Leah x😘

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