Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. sixteen ⚔


Kalen stormed into the house and upstairs and I sat at the bottom of the stairs, what did he want me to do. Honestly I wanted to throw her out of the pack her and her father but my mother always told me keep your friends close and your enemies even closer, at least this way I could keep an eye in her and the first sign of trouble from her ill make her a rouge.
A loud knock on the door broke me from my deep thoughts.

Opening the door, the gamma stood on the steps with a bowed head,

" I hear you are our Luna now, my name is Neil we met on your first night here. Zain said you asked for me what can I do for you " he asks. I remember now he had a cheeky look to him when I first met him. I wonder why I've not seen him around as much. My father is a gamma and he is always around.

" Did you know I have gamma blood in me too" I state I have no idea why I said that, but then I am the Luna now I probably should get to now the members of this pack.

" Really I should have guessed that really, I normally have a good nose for that" he laughs.

" Will you come in I have some things to talk to you about " I ask as I gesture him to enter the house. We make our way to the kitchen i start making myself a hot chocolate normally I have one after I've shifted but lately things have been crazy and I haven't had one since I left home. I switch on the coffee machine and brew Neil a coffee.

" Thank you what did you want to talk to me about " he asks as I hand him the coffee.

" I'm sure Zain will have told you I had a visit from Nova this morning asking for forgiveness. I stripped her of her rank and had her moved from the pack house, she will live and work with the omegas from now on. I don't trust her I don't think she is genuine in what she says, so I'm asking if you could keep an eye on her and report back to me anything suspicious. If she is genuine in what she says then her actions will show it if not, then ill banish her from the pack and declare her rouge." I explain as I sip my hot chocolate.

" Aha I see so you don't trust her then " he replies.

" after everything Kalen has told me about her, not a chance but her act earlier would have been convincing to anyone else so let her think I am convinced, and we wait till she slips up and them take action, mum always said keep your enemies closer so that's what I plan on doing"

" I take it Kalen hasn't taken your decision to well then" he asks me looking round the room and placing his cup on the counter.

" No he didn't give me a chance to explain why I did what I did he stormed off up stairs ill let him col off then explain, so will you keep an eye on her for me" I state, I get up and place our empty cups in the dishwasher and turn back to face Neil only behind him stands a blanked faced kalen.

" I should leave Luna ill update you soon" says Neil as he makes his way out the door he nods his head to Kalen and then leaves.

" I can explain" I try to reason with him " I know your angry about what I did but I have my reasons"

He pads over the floor and into the kitchen, in seconds he is in front of me and I'm caged in, he backs me up so that my back is against the counter, so I've no where to go, I try to speak again but instead I'm cut off when his soft lips crash on my own, they move with such hunger and dominance that I can't help but submit to the kiss.

He glides his tongue over my bottom lip demanding entrance, I willingly gave in to him, and he deepens the kiss. On instinct, I snake my arms around his neck and pull him to me, he moaned into my mouth and it was like heaven to my ears. We pulled apart for I was in desperate need for air,

" I'm not angry at you, I'm angry at myself" he whispers once he has filled his lungs with air,

" why you angry at your self" I ask confused,

" what you did was so fucking hot, he turned on me so bad that I had some very unholy thoughts I had to take a very cold shower. I'm finding it harder to control myself around you and not mate with you right here right now" he confesses.

I'm speechless and I'm dam sure I'm blushing like an idiot my cheeks are no doubt the same color as my hair, I had no idea he was finding it this hard in truth am too, but I know the rituals of this pack mean that we must mark each other at the ceremony and mate afterwards its frowned upon to do these beforehand lets just hope we can control ourselves till Saturday.



Yesterday was mayhem Kalen spent most of the day preparing for the Luna ceremony tomorrow, I had spent a long time on the phone to my mother who was very helpful in helping me understand the mate bond.

She said that because my wolf and I are one all the animal urges towards my mate are more intense. When a werewolf finds their mate it is love at first sight for their wolves however it takes time for the bond to form and strengthen between the human side. For me things are a little different as my wolf isn't a separate being, so I feel things much stronger than most human sides of a werewolf, which means that I'm more lustful and feel the need to be with my mate more than most.

So in essence I'm more of a horny dog than most werewolves, great and Kalen thought he had it bad. There was a knock on the door, so I headed downstairs to answer it. There stood two women, one was short and had long blonde hair down to her waist, bright blue eyes and cheerful smile on her face the other was a tall lean brunette with brown eyes.

" You must be phoenix I'm Sarah the gamma female, and this is Jessica the beta the female our mates are busy with Kalen preparing for tomorrow, so we thought we would introduce ourselves and see if you fancied going shopping for a dress for tomorrow's celebration " says the blonde one who called herself Sarah she must be Neil's mate and Jessica must be Zain's.

" Hi, its nice to meet you both. Wait hold on a dress I need a dress " I ask gobsmacked I don't wear dresses ever.

" Yes for the Luna ceremony it's our packs tradition that the Luna wears a gown for the celebration, alpha has chosen red for you" giggles Jessica. Of course, he would me id prefer black but that isn't going to happen.

" Yes and alpha has given us his credit card so off you go, go get ready" squeals Sarah. I'm going to seriously regret this I know I am. I drag myself up stairs and get changed, shit Titan,

Hey boy I have to go shopping for a dress the females of the gamma and beta have teamed up on me.

Oh now this should be fun, you don't like dresses.

Don't remind me I'm already regretting it.

Well I'm ready when you are.

Aren't you always.

Well yes that's part of my job.

Alright then fur ball let's go .

Titan and I walk downstairs to the foyer where Jessica and Sarah stand waiting for me upon seeing Titan both of them stand shocked.

" You have a pet wolf" asks a shocked Jessica.

" Well he's not actually pet more of a best friend where ever I go, he goes" I try to explain.

" How are you going to manage round humans with a wolf" exclaims Sarah.

" He has his own assistance collar and paper work, we had him registered with the human authorities so that he would be an assistance animal that way he never leaves me side " and its true as I've said before we had to have him registered. But this means he can go anywhere I go.

" oh right ok cool, well we should get going" chimes Jessica.

We all head out of the house and head to the cars I volunteer my truck as Titan can fit in the back properly, we all climb in and set out on our journey to the mall. Im not loking forward to this at all.


And that is chapter 16 my friends its shorter but I will also update the next one too to give you more to read ..

As that too is short chapter ..

Enjoy my friends

Till next time

Leah x😘
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