Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. seventeen ⚔


4 hours later my feet were killing me and my arms ached from the amount of bags they had thrown at me some filled my underwear others with high heels and jewellery for the ceremony tomorrow, I tired to tell them there was no point id rather go bare foot but nope they almost had heart attack when I said that. Titan was getting irritable walking back and forth between shops and to be honest I was to, every dress they showed me I hated I looked ridiculous in a dress all legs and arms like I said before I'm not a girly girl at all.

We had just entered a small little boutique filled with stunning gowns that would make my mother swoon, titan laid down near the dressing rooms while the girls hit the rails I dropped the bags near titan and gave him a look that id be OK, I went to browse if they couldn't find anything I liked I don't know made me think I could find something either, but I decided to look anyway.

My eyes found this stunning red shimmering gown hanging on the back wall it was stunning with a plunging neckline, open back and floor length it had a split running down one side. I reached up to touch it and felt the material under my fingers, it was full of gems that caught the light and gave the dress a sparkling look, I reached up and took it off the hook and headed to the changing rooms to try it on.

When it was on I took a look in the floor length mirror, and I was shocked it looked like my body was on fire when the light caught the gems. My back was open and you could see the whole of my back, the split on the side showed off my leg tattoo I looked like a goddess, never in my life did I think I would look good in dress but here I was looking at myself and finding that I looked good.

" Come out let us see " shrieked Jessica her voice full of excitement.

Taking a deep breath I opened the door and stepped out to show Jessica and Sarah. The look on their face said it all their jaws were hanging on the floor, and their eyes lit up.

" You look hot" screams Jessica.

" Kalen is going to have a hard job keeping his hands to himself with you in that" gushes Sarah " its perfect " she adds.

" You should get that one it will go perfect with the gold heels and jewellery we picked up earlier" Sarah states. I nod my head and smile I do like this dress I must admit. I head back in to the waiting room and change back in to my clothes then head over to the checkout to pay for the dress, it cost a whooping $700 dollars I nearly fell on the floor but the girls insisted that I get it and that no expanse should be spared when it comes to me as much as I hated it.

We finally were on our way back to the car when someone bumped into my shoulder, he was tall but not as tall as Kalen he had the same shade eyes as him but his hair was a dirty blonde shade instead. He wore a black leather jacket and grunge boots and smelt awful. He sniffed the surrounding air, his eyes flashed Amber and I knew it was his wolf, but he had somehow tried to cover his scent with moon flower, but he obviously hadn't used enough.

" Beg your pardon miss I think you dropped this " he states holding out a small red gift bag,

" thank you I must have dropped it" I take the bag from his hand, as I retract my hand with the gift bag I felt a small pinch on my wrist, I look down to see that he had a hold of my wrist the girls are too far in front of me to help or see what's going on but titan is by my side, he sends out a small growl and the man let's go of my wrist before I have chance to blink he is gone. Who the hell was he.

I shake my head and slip the red gift bag into one of the other bags I have and race towards the girls in front. Titan is hot on my heels my wrist is killing me and its not till we are back in the car that I notice ive somehow bleed a little. Titan looks over to me and licks my wrist,

Who was that. He growls through the link.

I don't know, but he used moon flower to cover up his scent but he didn't use enough to cover up his scent, he smelled off.

You need to be careful nix,

He was a nobody its fine im alright.

I reassure him I lean forward and rub my fave into his neck and wrap my arms around him he always makes me safe no matter where I am.

We arrive home after a grueling few hours being dragged around the shops the girls bid me a good night and tell me they will be here tomorrow at do my hair and make up great more girly shit I don't normally like. I hug them both good bye and then drag myself into the house and flop on the sofa my legs are killing me. The sweet smell of my mate floods my nose and warm arms wrap around my neck from behind,

" how was the shopping trip " the fucker is smirking at me I am sure of it, he leans down and plants an open mouth kisses on my neck and I'm putty in his hands he moves up to my ear and nips my near lobe. He releases me and all of a sudden I feel cold, he rounds the sofa and sits down beside me and pulls me on to his chest and wraps his arms around me I bury my head in him and inhale his scent the weird man from earlier is soon forgotten. Oh, how I have missed him so much I forget all about my aching legs and relax into his arms I think about telling him what happened but decided it wasn't important, and he need not worry.

" I hate shopping" I grumble, he of course just chuckles and kisses the top of my head. Looking up at is handsome face I reach up to cup his cheek I lean up and plant a kiss on his mouth. He responds right away and kisses me back he hurls me up so that I'm straddling him, and he kisses me again.

" What's wrong" he asks as I lean back and groan.

" I spoke to my mum about the mate bond and why it feels so full on in my mind she said because my wolf an I are one I feel things much stronger than you would, so no matter what being away from you is hard. The need to be with you all the time is driving me mad and I don't want to be too much for you or push you away, I know you've been through so much and you want to take your time with things I understand that it's just aha its frustrating no one ever told me this apart about being a warrior for Artemis, I feel things that a wolf would feel more than anyone" I all but rant. Kalen remains silent throughout my rant and just rubs small circles on my lower back which ultimately end up calming me down.

" Hey you don't have to worry, its all new to me too I've never been with a woman before you and I don't have a clue what I'm doing, id been afraid to love after losing everyone I loved before, but you awaken a part of me that I thought died a long time ago. You never have to worry about pushing me away or scaring me off we are bound together you and I always, so don't panic just relax " he replies and brings me down on him so that I can wrap my arms, around him in a warming embrace.

" I've ordered in tonight I'm going to run you a nice bath after we have eaten and then how about curl up and watch movie downstairs, I have to leave in the morning, and we won't see each other till the ceremony tomorrow night" he hums after a few moments' peace,

" sounds perfect well not the you leaving me alone all day part, but the rest does" I sigh.

I'm hungry im going to go hunting tell Mr alpha if anything happens to you while I'm out I'll bite his balls off. Titan links me I bust out laughing making Kalen jump,

" what's so funny " he asks. I'm still in a fit of laughter.

I mean it he won't be so manly without them, i may even leave a shit on his pillow.

I'm howling with laughter while titan gets up and walks out into the kitchen and pushes open the door and stalks outside.

Be careful, I manage to spit out between fits of giggles.

When I finally calm down I look to Kalen and repeat what titan says which I'm pretty sure caused him to have steam erupt from his ears. He looks livid he jumps up from the sofa and runs out the room I trail After him giggling like a school girl.

" I'm going to stuff that wolf of yours " he yells once he reaches the back yard,

" he's a comedian at heart " I laugh out.

" Aha he drives me mad, even his fur I find it everywhere I even found it on my pillow the other night " he rasps out.

" You'll get used to him I promise " I state as I wrap my arms round him from behind I press my cheek against his back and feel him relax under my touch he turns around in my arms to face me.

" He's lucky, because for you I'd accept anything " he mummers and plants a swift kiss on my lips.


There you go my lovely readers chapter 17 two updates in one day you lucky bunch.

Next chapter we get a glimpse of nova and her wicked mind

Thoughts so far

Theses are filler chapters as the build up to the luna ceremony continues.

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