Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. nineteen ⚔


The sun came beating in through the window like a spot light, it was bright too bright for my eyes all I wanted was sleep after chasing titan round the woods last night we came up to bed and crashed out, now I awake to a bed empty of Kalen however, titan was sprawled out on his side of the bed with his head on the pillow, aha so that's how fur keeps getting on his pillow.

Today is the day of the Luna ceremony and to say I was nervous was understatement I was shitting myself, I've been in fights and tournaments almost all of my adult life and I've never been nervous but this, was scaring the crap out of me what if they don't like me. I've only met a few members and those were warriors I was helping to train. I never thought in a million years I would find my mate let alone be mated to an alpha, all my life I've trained to fight and help others, so I have no idea how to be a Luna or what is expected of me.

Rolling over in the bed I wrap my arms around Titan and bury my head into is soft fur he shuffled and turned over and looked at me,

What's bothering my polemistís.

I have no idea what is expected of me as a Luna.

Oh, my sweet nix you've fought in some of the worst battles I've ever seen and your worried about being a Luna.

Its not funny I'm sitting myself.

Haha, really should I ask for a change of sheets.

Cheeky fur ball. I'll pull your fur out and make a new pillow from it.

How about we go and chase some squirrels, I've seen loads here the alpha obviously doesn't find them a nuisance like I do.

Will you stop going on about them bloody squirrels, do you really hate them that much.

Yes I cant stand them,the thieving shits they tried to steal my bones once.

Oh, really indoubt that, they prefer nuts.

Nope they tried stealing my bones, I saved them and ate a squirrel. Tasted good to but I had little bones stuck in my teeth for days afterwards.

I simply laughed at his behavior nevertheless I got up and slipped on some sweats and t-shirt and headed downstairs and outside once there I shifted into my red and black wolf and took off into the woods for a run about with my boy.

We ran for an hour or till he was bored with trying to catch squirrels, to be totally honest I don't think he was trying to catch them more just to tease them and have fun. We ran back to the house and I shifted back into my human form and slipped on clothes just in time too, as waiting for me to return stood Sarah and Jessica.

" Its about bloody time misses" hollers Jessica,

" yes we have been waiting for you for over an hour what were you doing " asked Sarah,

" oh titan and I went on a run he has an obsession with squirrels, so he was off trying to hunt them, i just run to let my wolf out for a bit I didn't realize you were coming so earlier" I pant breathless, as I run up the steps to join them.

" it's almost 2 in afternoon, you have 4 hours to get showered and ready and then begin getting dressed as we have to leave here at 6 to head to the pack house where a marquee has been set up and, I believe there're some special guests coming to the celebrations " exclaims Jessica in a shrill voice.

I groan in annoyance and follow them in to the house and up to our room, they begin getting everything ready while I have a shower. Once I'm done I dry myself off and wrap a bath robe around my naked body and pad out into the bedroom, I don't have a second to think before I'm dragged and dumped in to a chair in front of the vanity mirror, and they begin drying my long hair.

After my hair is dried they both set to work to curl my hair, once its curled they pull the top half of my hair into a French braid and place small gold beads into the braid the rest of my hair falls down in curls down my back. Next they proceed to attack my face with concealers foundation and eye shadows, I keep my eyes closed the whole time waiting to see what the hell they have done to me.

Forty five minutes later, and they declare that I'm done, I open my eyes to see that I have good eye shadow ringed in black eyeliner and thick eyelashes, red lipstick shines on my plump lips, I look like a queen. Dam I actually feel like a woman.

" You look good Nix "states Jessica as she packs away her make up,

" you guys did amazing, thank you so much" I feel my eyes tear up,

" no no no, no crying misses, you'll ruin your makeup " declares Sarah, " now go put you dress on we have to go soon " she adds, I head to the wardrobe and grab my dress then make my way over to the bathroom to put it on. I pull on the gold heels and tie the straps around my ankles. I take out the earrings from their box and put them in my ears then drape the gold and Ruby pendant round my neck. I glance at myself in the mirror. I look amazing the girls did a great job.

Stepping out of the bathroom and into the bedroom were both Jessica and Sarah are stood waiting for me, when they see me their eyes light up and Cheshire cat like grins caress their faces.

" Oh my Phoenix you look just like a Phoenix, Kalen is going to be drooling like a baby when he sees you" grins Jessica, causing me to blush.

" Wow, you look amazing" coos Sarah, both birds rush forward to embrace me in a group hug. I can't express the joy I feel in my heart, these two women are amazing so kind and friendly. I've always struggled to make friends with girls as they saw me as competition I never understood why, I was never interested in boys growing up only fighting. Yet here are two women who accepted me for who I was I hope in the future we can be good friends because I like them both.

We break away from each other, and we all have smiles on our faces,

" right time to go everyone is waiting" confirms Jessica.

Straightening myself out, together we all head out of the bedroom and down the stairs, my baby boy is waiting downstairs for me near the front door I can't help but smile at him as he sits there proud wearing a red and gold bow tie. I must say though its huge as it sticks right out of his fur he puffs out his chest and bows his head at me.

You never bow to me my prostátis,

You look beautiful Phoenix.

So do you my handsome boy, very nice bow tie.

The beta and gamma females decided I should match you so they brought me my own tie.

Thank for making the effort, shall we go.

After you my Luna.

A small chuckle slips my lips and I reach down to stroke his soft head, he gets up and follows me to the door and out in the night air. Jessica and Sarah climb into one of the two waiting suvs, Titan and I climbed into the other, and we all drive down to the pack house. The nerves in my stomach are rolling around like tumble weeds in the dessert, titan rests his head on my lap and hums. I can do this, I'm a warrior of Artemis I can do this.

We arrive at the pack house, Jessica and Sarah climb out of the car and head over to me and open the door stepping out I hear the chatter of pack members coming from the back of the house,

" don't worry you'll be fine you got this" Sarah says calmly " we have to go round the back you'll wait in the conservatory and then when your called step out and follow the red carpet down to the stage where Kalen will be waiting for you, the marking is done up there then the party concludes in the marquee " she adds. She embraces me in a tight hug " you'll be a great Luna" she whispers as she releases me I smile and nod my head she bows her head and walks away. Jessica follows suit and embraces me, whispering encouraging words in my ear with a bow of her head she leaves me standing in the conservatory alone with Titan.

You've got this Nix, I believe in you I always have and I always will. Ttan links as he rubs his head on my hip.

I couldn't do this any of this without you. Titan all my life you've been there for me your the best thing to happen to me. Atremis couldn't have given me a better protector if she tried.

Nix you are the most powerful warrior I've ever met, there is a reason as yo why I was paired with you. You have power within you your yet yo unleash, and when you do you'll be more stronger than youmever thought you could be.

What do you mean.

You'll see soon enough, now you ready they are calling you.

Taking a deep breath I fill my lungs with as much air as I can and open the door ready to face my new future as Luna of the black hills pack, a warrior of Artemis and a mate to an alpha.

The red carpet is spread out before me, as I look up I see hundreds of wolves looking at me with huge smiles on their faces as I pass them they all bow their heads in respect to their future Luna, Titan walks proudly beside me head held high as he pads down the red carpet. As I near the stage I can see hundreds of fairy lights entwined round a wooden arch that stands in the center of the stage, red and gold flowers are woven into the structure and a Phoenix bird sits on top with her wings out stretched and held tilted to the sky. It was breath taking and I know that what ever nova had planned it was nothing like this, Kalen had done everything to celebrate my name sake and had made it all about me id loved how he managed to do it all in so little time.

My eyes land on him standing in the archway waiting for me, my eyes widened as I took in his appearance. He was dressed in black suit pants with a red shirt and gold waist coat his black hair was gelled back and the sides had been shaved given him a sleek look. His piercing brown eyes shone with happiness as he looked at me however I did notice the Amber flecks swirling in them. He looked shocked as eyes raked down my body as they got lower the black in eyes started to show. I climbed up the steps to stand by him he leaned forward and whispers in my ear,

" you look like a fucking goddess in that" his breath fans across my ear sending sweet shivers down my spine.

" You look good enough to eat" I mummer back.

We stand facing each the pack and Titan takes his place beside me as Kalen addresses the pack.

" Black Hills pack tonight we are gathered here to celebrate and welcome not only a new pack member but also your Luna, as I have found my mate this beautiful stunning warrior of a woman is Phoenix Red. She came here as an elder trainer to help us all better our skills what I didn't plan for was finding out she was my mate. I want you all to treat her with the same respect you give me as your alpha." His deep masculine voice radiates power and has me weak at the knees. He turns to face me and leans down to pick up a blade from the table to side of the archway.

" Phoenix Red do you swear to serve and protect the black Hills pack for as long as you shall live" he asks in a dominating tone.

" I do" I state.

" Do you swear to be loyal and put your pack above the needs of your own " he asks.

" I do "

" and do you swear to always be true to yourself and fight for those who cannot "

" I do" a loud round of applause is heard through the crowd as I say the last line. Kalen holds out his hand and slices his palm open and then gestures for me to hold my hand out palm facing up, I do as instructed he them draws the knife across my palm and hold his hand up we entwine our fingers and press our palms together mixing each others blood. A loud buzzing sound buzzes through my head and hundreds voice ring inside in my head as one bond breaks and another forms.

Welcome to Black Hills pack Luna. The voices of the pack members ring through my mind, there happiness and content hums through me filling me with joy and hope.

" Mark her" they all yell at the top of their lungs, this is part i was most nervous for. Kalen warped his arms around me and pulls me close to him,

" it won't hurt I promise " he laughs,

" it's not that, I don't want them to hear me moaning in pleasure " I reply face full of embarrassment.

" They won't hear you as soon as sink my teeth in your neck they will cheer " he smirks as he tucks my hair behind my ear and pushes it off my shoulder where his mark will soon sit. Anticipation and excitement run through me so fast that I feel like my blood is on fire he peppers kisses down my neck to the junction of my neck and licks the spot he has chosen to mark.

Then I feel it the sharp pinch of is canines as the extended and dig deep in my neck the cheers and howls from everyone in the pack muffle the small yelp that escapes me, pain is all I feel but it doesn't last too long, for as soon as it started its over and all I feel is immense pleasure hum throughout my body igniting a raging fire inside me. I feel my eyes shift to the color of my wolf and a deep heat floods my veins my fingers buzz and begin to glow a soft pure white light. Kalen retracts his teeth and licks the blood away to heal the wood before I can think I'm removing his waistcoat and shirt then latch my own teeth on to him, burying them deep inside him I can feel him, all his emotions and pain everything.

The heat in body is rushing through me and I can feel my body buzzing as I retract my teeth from Kalen, I look down at my hands and see them glowing brightly a pure white light a bright as the moon emits from my fingers and spreads all over my body. I'm glowing like the full moon does in the clearest of nights.

Everyone is staring at me in shock and awe I have no idea what is going on with me, mum never said anything about this happening to her when she was marked and why did I mark him normally its only the male who marks the female but I just sunk my teeth into him without his permission.

I feel the fire in blood calm down but black spots appear in vision I feel the ground approaching me but warms arms reach out and hold on to me, the last things I hear before darkness finds me is my someone shouting my name and someone else shouting rouges.


Chapter 19 my loving readers . Nix and Kalen have finally marked each other

Things are about to get messy ..

Stay tuned lots is about to happen.

Till next time

Leah x 😘
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