Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. twenty ⚔


Kalen pov

She had marked me, normally amongst werewolves it's the males who mark their females but in our case on this night Phoenix had sunk her teeth in my neck not that I was complaining, I felt whole for the first time in my life. I wasn't weighed down by the death of my parents or the loses of my friends that were closest to me, when she retracted her teeth and licked the wound on my neck I felt a shiver a pure pleasure flow in my body. I opened my eyes to look upon her face, but I was blinded for moment at the sheer brightness of her skin.

Phoenix was glowing like the full moon on a calm winters night, her skin was white and her eyes were bright gold, her red hair looked as though it was on fire moving like she was underwater. She looked breathtaking and was humming with a power id never felt before, she started swaying from side to side.

" Phoenix " shouted a woman with same fire red hair and ocean blue eyes as Phoenix, I recognize her voice from the phone call I had with her yesterday, it's her mother, she was running towards us just as Phoenix was about to fall on the ground so I swooped down and grabbed her just before she hit the floor,


A voice rings in my head I don't know that voice it's not from a pack member I would know. It sounded panicked. I looked down to see Titan race towards Phoenix he started pawing her and nudging her with his nose.

Well don't just stand there you idiot help her.

What, who on earth is that, the push in my head is making my head hurt, Titan looks to me and pushes his forehead against mine I felt a zap of power hit me and the fuzziness wears off, Titan is now staring at me dead in the eye,

It's me you great fucking twat, now help her.

Titan, why can I hear you.

Holy shit way can I hear him in my head, if this how Phoenix feels when she talks to him, why all of sudden can I hear him.

" Rouges" shouts a pack warrior as he comes running through the woods towards where we are all standing,

" alpha rouges on the border they have already engaged and now border patrol are trying to hold them off we need back up" he pants as he reaches us,

" why didn't you mind link us then " I snap,

" alpha we tried but with you adding the Luna to the pack the line went fuzzy, and we couldn't connect to anyone we tried " he stutters,

It's too well planned, they attacked right when they knew that our mind link would be vulnerable. But no one would know that, only our pack and Phoenix's parents new of the ceremony as the invites went out to people in this pack. So how in the hell did the rouges find out, unless we have a traitor in this pack.

" Warriors to the borders defend your pack, " I boom in my alpha command.

" Mrs Red you go will Phoenix to the infirmary, Neil protect the Luna and her family now, go " I shout I kiss my sweet Phoenix on her forehead before placing her in the arms of my gamma. Much to Halo's displeasure.

" Guard her with your life" I snarl at him.

I'll stay with her, it's my job after all.

Keep her safe, when I get back I want to know why I can hear you .

I shift in to my jet black wolf and follow the warriors towards the borders to intercept the rouges, we follow the smell of rotten flesh and foul stinking breathe to the borders, when we arrive its utter chaos. Wolves everywhere slashing and biting each other, a yellow toothed wolf lunges at me and tires to bite my neck I dip down low and bite its throat out as he jumps over me, I move on to the next one and tear that apart. A rouge lunges into my side and bites my leg I spin around and grip its fur in my mouth and pull it off me, a grey wolf jumps out of the bushes and snaps its neck in one bite, it is my beta his grey wolf jumps from rouge to rouge snapping necks as he goes.

A brown wolf charges forward at the same time another one jumps out from the side I tackle one to the ground and rip its under belly then flip over and dig my canines into the other, jumping up I look around and see that we nearly have them contained,

I want some alive for interrogation. I mind link the beta as he goes to rip out the throat of another rouge.

Luke has two of them cornered. He mind links me back, I claw out the heart of the last rouge before shifting back and heading over to the Luke my head male warrior, well my only head warrior now since Phoenix stripped Nova's rank, come to think where is Nova.

Walking over to where my warriors have two rouges cornered I grab some shorts and slip them on,

" SHIFT " I command in my alpha tone to the two shaking snarling rouges in front of me, they have no choice but to obey me as an alpha I have the power to command wolves, and they smell like they have only recently been made a rouge. They both shift one of them is female and the other mate she bares a mark on her neck, so I know she is mated and by the way the male is covering her I assume he is her mate,

" chain them and take them to cells" I command my beta and head warrior,

" please we didn't want to fight we had no choice he was going to kill us otherwise, and she threatened my daughter " cries the female rouge.

" I will listen to you later right now I have somewhere I need to be, take them to cells " I begin to walk away but look over shoulder and see them huddled up to each other " and separate them" I add. The female screams and hangs on to her mate but my warriors separate them and drag them to cells. I send a mind link to Luke and tell him to take clothes down there, so they can cover up and then run to the one place I need to be more than anything. The infirmary.

Reaching the infirmary I burst through the doors and follow the smell of my sweet mate to a room down the hall nurses and doctors are rushing in and out of the room to the side stands my trusty gamma.

" Alpha, she slipped unconscious when we arrived they said her levels were too low to sustain her they are working hard-" I cut him off and run into her room her mother stands to the side with a look of horror on her face the doctors have removed her dress and placed her in a hospital gown, she is connected to various machines an iv line is connected to bag of fluids and an oxygen mask is placed over her face, Titan is laid between her legs.

The doctors check the machine and her pulse and then look to each other,

" will someone tell me what is happening to her" I shout gaining all their attention,

" alpha what ever happened to Luna when you both completed the marking drained her pulse was barley there when she arrived we have given her a shot of adrenaline to kick start her heart rate, and we are giving her glucose through the iv, she was very pale I'm not sure when she will wake up but I know she will, ill give you a moment and then check her again shortly, and does someone want to tell me why that that bloody wolf is on the bed and won't leave" Doctor lacie yells the last part at me.

I look round and room and see that it is only her mother and I in the room with the doctor, I look to her up at her mother, and she nods her head tears adorn her face.

" Phoenix is a warrior of Artemis, the wolf is her protector don't ask me the details it's too much to explain right now but where ever she goes the wolf goes I can't command him no one can, so I'm afraid you'll have to make an exception where he is concerned " I explain in as little detail as I can.

" Alpha there is no need to explain I know who they are" smiles the doctor " what's his name" she asks,

" his name is titan " answer Mrs Red," he has been with her since he was puppy that was 14 and half years ago " she explains as she wipes away a stray tear than runs down her cheek.

" í theá sas evlogeí kai tous dýo" says the doctors as she bows her head to titan and Phoenix ,
(Goddess bless you both )

" you speak Greek " asks Phoenix's mother as she looks on at the doctor,

" that was Greek, how did you know" I ask her mother.

" I assume when Phoenix told you what she was, and that I am also a warrior too. We born knowing how to speak two languages English and Greek, Greek is our mother tongue, however it took a while for Nix to master it, she had to re learn it at the UWA " explains her mother maybe I can learn more from her about the warrior's.

" Greek was my second language at school" explains the doc.

" So what happened at the marking ceremony she was glowing white, her eyes were gold and hair looked like it was on fire" I ask her mother.

" Phoenix isn't just a warrior of Artemis, she was a miracle baby. You see when I found out I was pregnant they told me it was a boy, every scan we went to showed one baby a strong baby boy. When I went into labor I gave birth to a child however it wasn't a boy it was girl, but she wasn't crying her heart wasn't beating so the doctors took her to ICU I thought I was done and the scans had been wrong, but I was having contractions not ten minutes after she was born. I was having twins and not even the doctors could understand it because they didn't see the second child on the scans or heard the heart beat. After much pain and pushing I delivered a healthy baby boy. I didn't get to enjoy holding my children because I'd lost a lot of blood and had to have a transfusion. When I came round the doctors told me that my baby girl was on life support because she couldn't breathe on her own, that night I prayed to the goddess Artemis to save my daughter, she appeared to me in the hospital she looked down on my little girl, gave her kiss on the forehead and muttered something I couldn't understand the next thing I knew she started to glow white her eyes opened and shone gold and her sweet red baby hair was shining. The goddess told me she had blessed my daughter for she was a direct descendant of her original warriors and that she was destined for great things and then disappeared. Not 5 minutes later my baby was breathing on her own and with a strong heart beat, she has had her wolf ever since she was born, but she didn't know it till she was 7 the goddess had put a block in my mind to allow her to have normal child hood. When she was four years she got too emotional she glowed like she did on that night and how she did earlier she made the whole house shake, but that was the only thing she caused a thunder storm outside, a fork of lighting hit the tree outside the house and caused it to explode. A year later we went to the beach, and she lost her temper and cased a huge wave to beat the shores, 13 ships were ship wreaked because of it and washed up on shore. The goddess visited us that night and told us that she was connected to the moon and had elemental powers, she can control the skies and the tides, she was so young that it was hard for her to control them so the goddess hide her powers away till she met her mate only by being marked and marking her mate in return would it unlock them." Her mother looks down to the floor and hides her face from me.

" She didn't know did she" I whisper.

" No we never told her, we thought she would find her mate in our pack, so we waited, we would explain everything to her then, then she phoned and told me she met you when she came on assignment and I knew it wouldn't be long before her powers were unlocked again. I tired to get to her before you marked each other, so I could explain but I couldn't get through the crowds, that is why she passed out her powers returning drained her of what ever energy she had" her mother explains.

" Did you know about it too" I ask Titan.

Yes I've always known but mother moon made me swear to wait till the time was right to tell her.

" You lied to her to then" I snap at him.

" Wait you can hear him" asks her mother with a shocked expression on her face,

" I couldn't before no, but after Phoenix marked me I could feel him push into my mind it wasn't till he head butted me that I could talk to him the same way Phoenix said she could " I sigh. I have had a very long day today and I had hoped to curl up in bed with mate and sleep after our party instead it was interrupted by rouges and my poor sweet mate passing out.

I sit down on the chair next to her bed her mother rounds the bed to take the seat on the other side, Titan lays between her legs and rests his head on her belly,

She is getting stronger.

" How do you know" I ask him.

I'm connected to her remember I have been since her birth I've watched her, her whole life, but I was only able to join her when she shifted.

" Must be strange for you to hear him, he reminds me so much of Zacara she was spirited just like he is" her mother sighs.

" I'm sorry Mrs Red, Phoenix told me your protector was killed it must have been hard for you"

" Please call me Tara, or mother I don't mind we are in essence family now, and yes it was hard when they are killed and you are left behind its like losing a part of yourself. The bond between a warrior and protector is the strongest bond on earth its even more powerful than that of a mate bond, so when they are taken from you, you lose part of your soul. Most warriors follow them to the grave I would have too had I not bumped in to Matthew Phoenix's father, he gave me a reason to live then came my children and Titan, I had purpose again. Now my children are all grown I sit and enjoy my life till one day if needed the goddess calls upon me" Tara confides.

" Phoenix, why did you name her that " I ask, call me curious but I often wondered where her name came from,

" she was born with no heart beat, then reborn when the goddess came to her, so like the phoenix bird they are reborn from their ashes. So we decided to name her after the bird it seemed to fit her when she grew up and developed my bright red hair, it's the same color as the birds wings and her wolf eyes are the same gold of the Phoenix's tail feathers"

" I can see why that name stuck out, my parents were confused on to what to call me so it was the beta female at the time that chose my name " I smile at the memory when Rebecca Zain's mum told me.

" Be good to her Kalen, she is my only daughter and I love her more than life itself, now that she has come into her power even more people will be out to either use her to destroy you or better themselves, I couldn't bear to lose her" Tara chokes.

" I swear to Artemis herself ill do all that is in power to keep her safe I promise"

" Good now I'm hungry I'm going to check on her father I believe he is helping your warriors on the training ground seeing as the party is cancelled he thought being a gamma himself he could lend a hand" Tara gets up and kisses her daughter on the head and then kisses Titan, she makes her way over to the door and leaves with the doctor leaving me alone with Phoenix and Titan suddenly I'm feeling very tired, so I lay my head on her bed and close my eyes.


Well my lovely readers that's another chapter up for you now in this chapter we learn that after phoenix marked kalen he can now hear titan so in future if we are reading form his pov

Titan talking to kalen will be like this. ( as it is with Phoenix)

Kalen talking to titan will be like this.

[ halo talking to kalen and vice versa will be like this]

And mindlinking will be like this

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