Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. twenty-one ⚔


Kalen pov

It's been two days since marked Phoenix, and she still lay in the infirmary unconscious. I'd had taken to working in her room while she slept filling in paper work and organizing tighter border patrols. I was desperate to finds out how the rouges knew of ceremony and the exact time to attack. A few wolves were missing, and we were coordinating search parties to help find them, Luke was heading up the team to search the west and Zain had taken the North West, while Noel a warrior and Nadine our head tracker search the North. Amongst the missing warriors and wolves was Nova. The gamma had been down interrogating the prisoners.

A knock on the door took my concentration from the paper work I was working on to the person who entered the room, Tara she has stayed here since the day of the ceremony her husband and Phoenix's father has been helping us. Her father Matthew came to me last night and gave me his blessing on our union and then proceed to threaten me that if anything was to happen to his dear daughter he would cut my balls off and feed them to Titan, which of course he found all to entertaining, I do wonder about that wolf.

Speaking of Titan he hasn't left Phoenix's side since she was admitted here, the only time he leaves is to relieve himself, and then he is straight back. His company has been more tolerable, its still weird to hear him in my mind, if its not him giving me a head ache its Halo whining for his mate. He has been restless and pacing around my head like a mad dog, he has pushed forward many times and snapped at pack members who have annoyed him, well I say annoyed me but really all they were doing was showing concern for their Luna.

" No change " asks Tara, as she takes a seat beside her daughter, she reaches out and holds her daughters hand and brings it to her mouth to place a kiss on her hand.

" Her oxygen levels are higher, and her fluid levels have increased, the doctor says that's an improvement but its just a matter of time till she wakes up" I grumble as I rub my face with my hands.

" You look tired and in need of a shower" Tara soothes, and she is right I'm shattered I'm barley sleeping through worry and concern and I definitely do smell. I haven't showered since that night, I still have rouge blood on me however the doctor did give me a t-shirt, so I wasn't sitting here half naked.

" I'm afraid if I leave her she'll wake up and I won't be here for her" I choke.

Fear has crippled me at nights. I felt so whole having her here with me now, when I'm away from her I feel cold and lonely, I missed her terribly. Having mate makes your soul feel complete, all our lives with are only half ourselves til we find our mates they are the ones to complete us and make us better versions of our selves some wolves find that a weakness or see it as a curse and treat their mates like dirt, but for me I know Phoenix will make me stronger than I have ever been before I just need her to wake up.

" There is shower in the room across the hall, call a warrior to bring you fresh clothes I spoke with a pack member in the kitchens, and they are bringing you some food so go and clean up ill call if there is any change" she states firmly. Well I can't say no to her when she also gives me the look that says ' don't defy me ', admitting defeat I get up and plant a kiss on Phoenix's head and head to the door, I look over my shoulder at Titan who has resumed his position on her bed between her legs.

Keep an eye on them both.

I will I promise.

I walk out of her room and cross the hall to the empty bathroom strip and step into the shower, the hot water rolls of my back and rinses all the mud and blood of my skin that has sat there for the past two days, Tara was right I stunk. Reaching forward I grab the body wash and begin scrubbing my body slowly I feel my muscles relax under the heat of the water, I must admit this does feel good. I shampoo my hair and rinse it out, flicking the faucet off I step out and grab a towel and wrap it around my waist then grab another to dry of my hair. Once I'm dry I slip on fresh clean clothes that were left by a pack member and return to phoenix.

There she lay asleep just as she was when I left her, on the table by her bed sat a tray of roast potatoes grilled chicken, vegetables and a glass of orange juice. A bowl of meat sits on the floor for Titan but it looks untouched, Tara looks at us both and shakes her head,

" will you boys bloody eat your no good to her if you don't look after selves" she snaps at us both, the tone of her voice was deep and threatening and left no room for arguments I settled on the chair and began picking at the food on my plate Titan begrudgingly got off the bed and almost inhaled his and then jumped back on to the bed to nestle on Phoenix, I do wonder how on earth that women can sleep at home when he insists on sleeping like that I guess over the years she must have just got used it.

Half an hour later I have eaten what I can of my food and place the plate on the floor by the door ready to be collected, the door opens and in walks doctor Malone and Phoenix's father Matthew. He is a beast of a man standing at well over 6ft 4 he shoulders are nearly as wide as the door frame. Doctor Malone checks Phoenix's vitals and takes her blood pressure and temperature, Matthew walks over to his wife and embraces her and plants a swift kiss on the top of head.

" You look tired my love" he whispers, for a big man he has a soft tone to his voice when he speaks to his wife.

" We should have told her from the start, we should have been preparing her for this day " she sobs.

" Hush now my love there is reason as to why she was so physically challenged, it prepared her body for this her mind is just adjusting to the transition she'll be fine right doc " states her father.

" Yes all signs are god and I believe by this evening she should wake up, I suggest when you approach the situation around her powers you take it easy on her and let her come round properly, what we don't want is her to be overwhelmed and pass out again" explains the doctor, " also she will have to with stain from fighting and training for at least a week once she wakes up " she adds. Doc removes the iv line and the oxygen mask from her face but leave the wires connecting her to the heart monitor to monitor her heartbeats.

A wave of relief washes over me, phoenix will wake up, and she will be ok, and she'll come back to me. The doctor leave us alone in the room and Matthew takes a seat on the chair and pulls Tara down to sit his lap you can clearly see the love the two of them share they remind me of my parents and the love they had for each other. A mate bond doesn't create love it just pulls two souls together and makes them want to be with each other, love is instant for our wolves but for the human side it takes to time to forge. Phoenix makes me feel things I thought I could, the desire to want to go home at night and curl up with her is intense. I no longer feel empty and hollow but something deep with in me stirs, for her I'd do anything to make her happy and bring a smile to her face. Relationships are all new to me I don't want to admit it to her because I'm embarrassed but Phoenix was my first proper kiss, I've done things to her I've never done before, and she has given me experiences I'd never had before. I would walk through the fires of hell for her.

As we sit by her before Matthew and Tara tell me stories of Phoenix's childhood and the trouble she and Titan would get into round the pack. One such story was how one evening there was bonfire and large boar on a spit roast turning on the fire they got so hungry that Phoenix and Titan decided to go into the woods however they came across a bear and started herding it to a corner when they went to attack it, it ran for the pack and ended up crashing into a food shed. The pack went mad but no one could seem to tell her off. She was a little rebel as child it amused me.

It had been 4 hours since the doctor had left, and we had been sitting by her side the whole time, my fingers were wrapped around hers as she lay on the bed, I feel slight pressure in my hand and my head shoots up,

" Phoenix " I gasp I am almost sure I felt her try to squeeze my hand.

" What is it " asks her mother sleepily.

" I think she tried to squeeze my hand " I rush out as I search her face for any sign she maybe waking up, her lips twitch and I can see her eyes move about under her eyelids.

Her eyes flutter open and I find my self trapped in those deep ocean blue eyes of hers that have captivated me since the day I met her, a small smile creeps on to her face she goes to speak but her voice comes out dry and horse, so I immediately rush to fetch her a glass of cold water I grab a straw and place it in her mouth and watch as she greedily drinks all the water in the glass,

" thank you " she whispers I'm sure tears are in my eyes, so I blink them away before anyone can see them drop down my face.

She looks down and sees Titan laid on her belly, she raises her hand to touch his fur, I swear he is purring like a pussycat. She looks over to her left and sees her mother and father sat smiling at her, her mother rushes forward and engulfs her in a hug.

" I was so worried, you gave us a scare there darling " she cries.

" I'm sorry mum" she whispers.

" My girl is strong one " huffs her father with a smile on his face.

" What happened, how long have I been out" Phoenix asks.

Well dam we have some explaining to do ..


Chapter 21 my lovely readers.

Phoenix is finally awake and things are about to get interesting

Chapter 22 will follow shortly once I've edited it ..

Updates will be every other day after chapter 22 is posted.?

Till then


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