Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. twenty-two ⚔


Phoenix pov

Dreaming Is heaven, laying in the peaceful wildness of nothing was tranquil. I lay staring up at the dark sky the full moon shining brightly in the dark, stars twinkled like jewels on Kings Crown. All around me were wild flowers in a green meadow tall trees surrounding the large pastures that I lay on. Where I was I didn't know, I just knew I was enjoying the peace.

I remember Kalen sinking his teeth into my neck claiming me, letting the whole supernatural world I was his I raise my hand and feel the mark on my neck somehow it soothed me. I don't know what possessed me to mark him in return in our world its normally only the females that bare the mark and fully mating with your mate completes the bond for the female, so what came over me I don't know I just felt an incredible urge a burn deep within me that pushed and took over and the next thing I knew I had sunk my teeth in him.

I felt a rush of electricity race throughout my whole body I felt alive and whole, and then nothing, total blackness. I have no idea how long I've been dreaming, but I was enjoying it too much when I felt a pull, like a rope around my heart pulling me towards something or someone I'm not sure what. I don't want to leave my peaceful dream but the pull is getting stronger, sparks ignite in my fingers and travel up my arm straight to the mark on my neck its humming with power and an intensity I've never felt before. I try to wiggle my fingers, pins and needles dance across my hands. My mouth feels dry my tongue feels like sandpaper, my eyes dance under my eyelids before they finally flicker open in front of me hovering over me stood Kalen concern and worry were evident on his face, his stubble had grown out and created a shadow on his face if I'm being honest it made me even more attracted to him.

Titan lay between my legs his head rested on my belly to my left sat my mum on my dad's lap when did they get here. I tired to speak but my throat was a dry as a desert, Kalen seem to notice and rushed to fetch me a glass of water inserting a straw into the glass he held it to my mouth and a gulped it down like a fish,

" thank you " I breathed out.

" I was so worried, you gave us a scare there darling " cries my mum.

" I'm sorry mum " I whisper.

" My girl is a strong one" my father huffs puffing his chest out with pride.

" What happened, how long have I been out" I ask.

Kalen, my mum and dad all look at each other, something is going on between them, just as Kalen goes to open his mouth the door opens and in walks a face I remember doctor Malone, her white lab coat is open and her stethoscope hangs round her neck, in her hand is a white clip board which no doubt has my notes written on.

" Luna its good to see you awake, how do you feel " she asks me in a warm gentle tone.

" Tired but I'm OK, what happened " I'm still confused on that part if I'm being honest.

" You passed shortly after marking the alpha I must say its very usual for a female to mark their mate, so I think it drained you of what ever energy you had left after receiving your mark from the alpha" she states professionally. But something tells me that's not all, she walks over to the bed and starts removing the wires from my chest, she takes my temperature and blood pressure and then writes everything down before turning to leave,

" remember what I said" she states and then leaves us alone in the room. I turn to look at the others in the room ok time for them to start talking. I reach down and find the remote for the bed and raise to top of the bed, so I'm sitting up I look to my mum who has a guilty look on her face.

" Something happened didn't it, and you know what it was so why don't you tell me mum" I ask as a tear rolls down her cheek.

" When I found out I was pregnant with you, the doctors told us we were having a boy. We went to ultrasounds, and they were adamant that you were a boy your heart beat was strong and fast we were so happy that you were healthy. The day I went in to labor I was in so much pain and your father was a mess the poor thing didn't know how to help, my waters broke and I began pushing with all might to get the baby out, however when the baby came it wasn't a boy at all it was you, but there was a problem and the doctors knew right away something was wrong, your heart wasn't beating and you were blue they rushed you away to the ICU to try to save you, but I didn't have a chance to do anything before my contractions started again the doctors were shocked that another baby was crowning, so I started pushing again, out came your brother, the doctor said they believe he was in front of you which is why they could never see you on the scans and the heartbeat must have been his, they were shocked to see that I had in fact had twins. I had lost so much blood that I had to have a transfusion, when I came round I was taken to see you and your brother, they had you on life support you couldn't breathe on your own" sobs my mum my dad steps up to comfort my mum, tears are streaming down my face, I was born dead so how am I here.

" We sat by your bed all night I prayed to Artemis, one warrior to another to save you, and Phoenix my love she came. She blessed you and kissed you, you glowed brighter than the moon your eyes shifted, she gave you your wolf so that you would live, she had to place on bind on you so that you would enjoy your childhood before you shifted, when she left your heart beat got stronger and you started breathing on your own, your color came back and were healthy, like a Phoenix reborn from the ashes you came back to us" she cries.

" That's not all is it mum" I sob wiping the tears from my face, from the look she gives me I know there is more. Kalen warps his arms around my shoulder and pulls me towards him, so he can hold me I am calm instantly and my breathing steadies out once more I wipe my nose with the back of my hand and look back to my mum.

" No not only did the goddess bless you she also told me that you would be a warrior of Artemis and that you in fact a direct descendant of the original warriors of Artemis, that you were destined for great things. We gave you a good childhood but one day when you were four years old you got so emotional that we couldn't calm you down, you started glowing white your skin was like a spot light and your eyes shifted gold again, your bright red hair flew around your head like the wind had got it, it was a summers' day so when a huge storm hit the house was shaking like we were in the middle of an earth quake, we were confused then you growled and large fork of lighting hit a tree and it exploded at the time we didn't know was happening. A year later we took you all to the beach for a holiday you had a nightmare or something we think and the same thing happened again your skin glowed and eyes shifted the next thing we knew was a huge wave beat the shores and 13 ships ended up ship wreaked you passed out after that. The goddess came back to see us for a second time and it was then that she told us because she blessed you, you were blessed with special gifts one being you could control the skies and the other gave you control of the tides just like the moon does. She called them elemental powers, you were too young to control them and the energy you body used was too much for you so she bound you to your mate. Only through being marked and marking your mate in return would it unlock them again as you'll be stronger to control them, we thought we did he right thing in keeping it from you we always thought you would find your mate in our home pack and if that was the case we would have told you about it then before you were marked, but then you phoned and told us you had met Kalen and that you were mates. When he called to tell us of the ceremony we came straight here I had hoped to tell you before but I didn't get a chance as we got here late and I couldn't get through the crowds" whimpers my mum.

I sat there completely shocked to the core, powers, re birth all of it doesn't make sense, all my life part of me was hidden and no one told me I should be angry that it was kept form me,

" I know you must be angry with us-" my mum starts,

" I'm not angry mum" I cut her off, got some reason I'm not angry.

" What" asks my mum with a confused expression on her face.

" Mum I'm not angry, you did what you thought was right by me, you gave me a childhood where I could be happy and live my life having those powers as a child would have been hell. I love you both I always have and I always will" I open my arms and mum walks forward into them I wrap my arms around her in a loving embrace no matter what, she is my mum and what she did, she did for me to keep me safe and give me a childhood where I could be a normal werewolf pup.
She breaks the hug to hold my face in her hands,

" now your power is back, if used people will find out and you may be at risk some may see you as weapon others a threat always be careful when you use them promise me" my mum states firmly, I nod my head and hug her again, when she releases me my father hugs me too,

" how did we get so lucky to have such an amazing daughter " my father chokes out he is not a man that cries but I feel single tear roll down his cheek and land on my shoulder, he lets me go and hugs my mum,

" we will give you some time to yourselves, we have a room in the alpha's house he kindly let us stay there we will see you later " with that my mum and dad leave me alone in the room with Titan and Kalen.

" Sweetheart I have something to tell you " Kalen says once we are alone, he sits on the bed he looks at me, he has hand one hand on me and the other on Titan's head, Titan nods his head, and they both look at me,

" I can hear titan in my head " he states calmly.



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