Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. twenty-three ⚔


" You what" I ask dumbfounded.

" When you marked me and passed out I heard someone shout your name in my mind at first I thought it was a pack member, but then a guard told me our mind link was vulnerable as it was adjusting to you. Your daft wolf headbutted me and I could hear him clearly and answer him back" Kalen explains.

" Wait hold on you can hear him, how " shock is most likely evidence on my face right now, so I look to Titan,

" he can hear you, you can talk to him like you do me" the words just tumble out my mouth like a waterfall.

When you marked each other my bond with you extended to him I tired to connect to him nicely but it was flapping around like a bird so headbutted him.

" I was not flapping like a bird" Kalen blurts out, holy crap they really can hear each other, well this is new.

Maybe the goddess has a reason for uniting all three of us, only she knows.

" Well this has been rather overwhelming for one day if I'm being honest" I gasp, a wave of tiredness washes me and a rather exaggerated yawn ripples through the hospital room.

" You should rest, hopefully tomorrow I can take you home" whispers Kalen as he kisses the top of my head he takes the remote for the bed and lays me back down and brings the covers up to my chin to tuck me in, turning around he heads towards the door,

" wait, where are you going" I call out, sitting up again.

" You need to rest little one" he smiles,

" stay, please"

I move over in bed and make space for him, granted there isn't much room on the bed but I don't want to be alone. Kalen removes his shoes and shirt and walks back over to me Titan now resides on the floor, climbing on to the bed he slips in beside me and I pull the covers over us both and lay down with my head on his chest, the bond inside me hums with happiness at having my mate so close to me. He wraps his arms around me and draws small circles on my back luring me to sleep, the sound of his heartbeat relaxes me and soon enough I fall asleep safe in the arms of my mate.

Opening my eyes I expect to see Kalen, what I see instead is Titan where did he go. Sitting up I push the covers off me and slide my legs out of the bed and rush for the bathroom desperate to relieve myself, I brush my teeth and comb my hair then exit the bathroom only to see a clean-shaven and freshly dressed Kalen with a tray of food in his hands I can't help but smile at his thoughtfulness, there I was thinking he left me.

" I woke up early and thought you might be hungry, so I got you something to eat after I cleaned up" his cheeks are tinged with a slight red, oh my goddess he is blushing.

Walking over to him with a smile on my face I plant a soft kiss on his mouth, I swear he is blushing even more now, I don't think anyone has even seen their big bad alpha blush before and it causes butterfly's to erupt inside me, I climb back on my bed and pull the covers back over me there seems to be a chill in the air. Placing the food on the table he pulls it towards me and takes the cover off the food, bacon, sausages, eggs, hash browns, waffles and pancakes fill the plate before me, my mouth waters like a fountain and my stomach rumbles with joy.

I reach forward to take the fork but Kalen beats me to it, and grabs the fork I give him a puzzling look, he just smiles and begins putting food onto the fork and raising it to my mouth,

" its customary for an alpha to feed his Luna to show he can provide for her and will always ensure she is never hungry " he states as a way of explanation.

I know there is no use arguing with him, so I give in and allow him to feed me. I didn't realize how hungry I was til I looked down and noticed I had cleared the plate of all the food. Kalen cleared the plate away and handed me a mug of steaming hot chocolate, I couldn't keep the grin off my face as I took the mug from his hands. The door opened and in walked the doctor however she wasn't in her normal white lab coat instead she wore a simple white shirt and grey pencil skirt her hair was loose down her back instead of up in her signature bun,

" good morning Luna I'm happy to see you eating and drinking well, we are happy with your recovery and are discharging you. Though I must warm you no training or fighting for at least a week just to make sure your energy levels continue to increase. You will find you'll be more hungry than you used to be but id say in a week you'll be signed off and able to go back to fighting and trying and even shifting" informs the doctor " now I'm off for the next two days I have some things to attend to if you need anything my nurses will be on standby".

And she leaves, thank the goddess I can go home I hate hospitals I have spent too much time in them growing up in the UWA, broken bones ripped flesh it was all in a days work apparently. Swinging my legs out of my bed I climb out and stretch my limbs,

" finally can we go now, I hate hospitals " I sigh, Kalen stands there with a grin on his face as he extends his hands towards me and I reach forward and entwine our fingers together with Titan we walk out of the room and out of the infirmary, the cold air hits me in the face like a breath of fresh of air, being cooped in a small room isn't nice, I like being outside amongst the wildlife and nature.

Outside sat a huge black SUV standing by the side of it stood a few familiar faces of, Niccii, Macy, Jessica, Sarah, Zain and Neil they all rushed forward and engulfed me in a group hug all of them saying ' they were glad to see me ' or ' welcome to the pack I think I may have finally found friends that saw me for me rather than what I could do or who I was.

" Alright let the Luna breathe she has been unconscious for a few days lets not overwhelm her, " says kalen rather loudly to be heard over their chatter,

" agápi mou, why don't we have dinner this evening up at the house, and we can invite them up Niccii, Macy if you have mates they are welcome to come too, " I say sweetly to Kalen and the others as I my best puppy eyes look at Kalen and it works like a charm for he smiles and nods his head while wrapping his arms around my waist.

" Great shall we say around, six thirty " I say to the group before me with eager smiles and nods of the heads they all break away and disappear to go about their business I actually can't wait to spend time with them all later, Kalen opens the back doors to the SUV and lets Titan in to the back of it, closing the door he moves to open the front passenger side to let me in. Once I'm settled in he rounds the car and settles himself in the drivers side, starting the engine he puts it in to gear and starts driving towards the pack house,

" I need to grab some paper work from my office, and then we will go home, I'll work from there for the next few days. You OK to wait here" he asks me I smile and nod my head. He leans forward and gives me a quick kiss before climbing out the car and running into the pack house. I sit and stare out of the window of the car, from the corner of my eye I spot two figures standing on the outskirts of the woods they are too far away form me for me to see them clearly, but they must have sensed me looking because with in seconds they turned and took of it to the woods.

Something is going on but I can't out my finger on it, moments later Kalen is walking out the house and heading to the car he has pained look in his face and doesn't look happy at all.

" What's wrong" I ask him calmly, I know alpha's have a temper but I've yet to see what Kalen's is like, he shoots me a ' not here ' kinda look and floors the car all the way to the alpha house, well our house now I guess. He storms into the house leaving me and Titan to let ourselves in,

Something has happened.

No shit Sherlock.

Do you remember what happened when you passed out.

No I just remember someone shouting my name.

They also shouted rouges.

" What" I yell as we walk into the house " I need to talk to him" I state aloud and follow his scent up the stairs, it leads to a large white door, pushing the door open without knocking I walk inside.

" We were attacked " I ask a little to loud perhaps as it made him flinch a little,

" I didn't want to put anymore stress on you than you were already under, you just woke up and found out that you were blessed by the goddess, had powers you didn't know about and you were marked. I didn't tell you about the rouges because I didn't know what to say, Neil has been down in the cells questioning the two we caught" Kalen replies calmly I expected him to bite my head or something, but he didn't, but I knew there was more.

" And, there is more isn't there" I push him.

" We lost a few wolves and many were injured, however some are missing one in particular in fact and you don't need three guesses as to who it is"

" Nova"

" Yeah nova, and what its worse it that the she wolf in the cells describes a woman talking to their leader her description matches that of Nova, she wears a mark on her neck it seems she has found her mate after all however it's the leader of the rouges. It seems that she told them about the ceremony and the right time to attack, as to why I don't know. Luke my head warrior caught Maximus trying to leave the territory he is also in the cells " Kalen announces he runs his hand through his hair and takes out a letter from the bundle he brought with him from the pack house.

He hands it to me and gestures me to read it, I'm shocked as to the contents. It states that one of the elders is in league with the so called rouge King and that for years he has been leaking information to the rouges about other packs.

" Where did you get this, how do you know the contents is true. Surely if one of the elders is helping them it goes against everything they stand for. Holy shit I've been working for them for years" I rant.

" Hush my sweet, it came from a valuable source they will be here soon to talk to us" he says softly, he takes the paper from hand and slides it in one of the draws on his desk.

" Who is coming " I ask as the round the desk and reach out to him, he wraps his arms around me and pulls me close to him, sparks erupt from where our skin touches each other and there are more intense than they were before he leans down and buries his head in the crook of my neck and inhales my scent I gasp and lean back suddenly remembering I marked him.

" What's wrong" he asks me his voice laced with concern as he searches my face for an answer.

" I just remembered I marked you with your consent. It goes against everything in our world for a male to bare a mark"

" I'm not bothered I'm proud to wear your mark do you want to see it" he laughs.

He removes his shirt and for the first time since the night I bit him I can clearly see it, last night when he slept beside me I didn't see it as it was dark and this morning he was already dressed. It was beautiful it was in the shape of a full moon but inside it was of two wolves one red and one black shaped like the ying and yang symbol behind them was the hilt of a sword the handle was sliver with intricate woven stars it was around fifteen centimeters wide and covered the crook of his neck.

" Holy shit it's huge. Why does it look like that " I ask shocked with how it looks I've never seen a mate mark like that.

" You should see yours " he smirks.

I spot a mirror on the wall to the left of his desk and run over and pull my shirt down to see the mark on my neck. Mine is a little smaller than his but the same wolf image is on the crook of my neck except I have no sword behind them instead I have an arrow that goes diagonally across the wolves.

" I've never seen marks like this the wolves match our wolves but the sword and arrow I have no idea" utters Kalen.

" I saw something in an old book once in Greece, it said that mate marks depend on the bloodline of each mate, I guess the sword and arrow symbolize me being a warrior of Artemis but the wolves that is something else altogether " I voice out.

" Come our guest will be here soon and you mum and dad are downstairs waiting for us" Kalen says as he puts his shirt back on and walks to the door opening the door he walks out and I follow behind him and together we make our way downstairs Titan runs across the foyer and darts into the living room tail wagging like a little puppy. When we reach the front room my mum and dad are sat on one side of the sofa with Titan rolling on the floor at my mums feet dad is sat beside her but what shocks me most is the familiar face of my old friend and teacher.

" Elder Leon" I say with a smile on my face,

" Well hello my dear I believe we have some catching up to do" elder replies with a small smile.


Agápi mou Greek for my love

There we go my lovely readers another update for you, things are about to get interesting.?

Stay tuned

Till next time

Leah x😘
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