Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. twenty-five ⚔

This chapter contains sexual and mature content there is line to indicate where this begins.


The clocks on the wall was ticking by quietly, I had sent a mind link to the beta to ask for a new window wall to be installed in the front room seeing as Kalen had smashed it when he left. It's been 3 hours since he left the house and I've been worried sick, mum and dad tried all they could to calm me but to no avail. They went out to collect groceries leaving elder Leon and I in the house.

" This is all too much to understand " I mutter aloud to no one in particular,

" that's not all I'm afraid, another pack to the west of here was attacked, this was another pack that somehow has ties to Kalen" elder replies.

" Wait are you telling me that all the packs that have been targeted have ties to him, " what is going on.

" It seems so, the Silver Dawn Pack was the birth pack of Kalen's mother, his grandmother was from Eclipse Pack his aunt from his mother's side was part of Crystal Blood Pack. As strange as it seems the packs that have been hit all had members of his family from his mothers side in, or they originated from them doesn't that sound strange to you" he asks me.

" Hold on, are telling me that this isn't just random attacks that they are connected to each other and somehow in turn connected to Kalen" I ask.

" Rouges have always been an issue yes but in the last 10 years the attacks have had more coordination look I brought these" elder Leon pulls out some papers form his brief case and lays then on the table in front of me.

" These are the packs that have been hit in the last 10 years, Sliver Dawn his mothers pack, Eclipse pack his grandmother, Crystal blood his aunt, Night shade another one of his aunts, Storm Forest, Blood Rose, Sliver Bow, Gold Heart, Oceans Howl these are just some packs that have been hit, and they all one thing in common. They all had a female member from Kalen's bloodline in them." He continues.

Next to the papers of pack attacks is a file with Kalen's name on it elder Leon hands it to me and I open it up, inside is a family tree and history of his bloodline it gives the names of all his family on his mother side his grandmother and great mother are listed here as well cousins, second cousins you name it, it's here. By each of their names is the name of the pack they were in weather it is by birth or transfer. Looking back at the packs that have been hit in last ten years I can see the elder is right each pack is linked to Kalen through his mum. But why, what has any of this got to do with him and why has someone been deliberately targeting him.

" You're going to have to tell Kalen this, does he know any of this" I ask gesturing to piles of paper in front of me.

" No, Elizabeth was very private about her life she never told anyone about her family" he shrugs.

" We need tell him" I announce.

I search deep in my mind for the link I feel between us, now I'm part of the pack I can mind link but with him its harder as he pushes people out and only opens for a short time. After much pushing I finally break through,

Agápi mou, please I know your hurting but you need to come home there is something you need to see. Please come back to me.

I poor as much love as I can find in myself into it in hopes of him hearing me. My heart almost jumps when I hear him respond.

Alright I'm coming, you can tell me what ever that was you said in Greek ment.

Relief crashes into me and my heart is racing, I know what ever it is he is going through I'm here to help him and together we will get through this but first he needs to know everything, he'll have to break completely before he can rebuild himself. Twenty minutes after Kalen returns and spots all the paper work on the coffee table, I run towards him and jump up and wrap my arms around him he catches me and holds me close to him inhaling my scent as I inhale his.

" Thank you " his voice is husky and filled with emotion I always thought of him as strong but I guess deep down he is a broken boy who lost everything and has been losing everything ever since. I slide down his body and take his hands in mine and lead him to the sofa he takes a seat beside the elder is still sat on the sofa facing us.

" The elder has found some things, you need to see them my darling." I take a deep breath and begin" elder Leon has found a connection in the rouge attacks, they weren't random at all like we were all lead to believe. Each pack that has been hit over the last 10 years is connected to you" I look up at him to try to judge his reaction so far I just see confusion, so I carry on,

" each pack was connected to you through your mothers bloodline " I take the papers and them to him.

I can see his eyes flick across the information on them showing him that each pack that has suffered from these rouges had a member of his family in from his mother side, his eyes well up and I can see he is trying hard to fight the tears that threaten to flow any minute now. His hands shake a little as he continues to read all the data the elder has gathered, why no one knew any of this is beyond me, unless it was kept from him on purpose by the supreme head.

" I can't believe this my mother was so private from what I heard she never spoke of her family, and if she did I was too young to remember so who ever is behind this has something against me but I don't understand why" he states after he has finished reading.

" I'll leave you two alone for a bit before dinner later on, I leave these papers with you but alpha I must ask you not to show anyone and keep them hidden " the elder asks he gets up and make his way out of the room then out the door.

Kalen gathers the papers and stands up he holds his hand out to me, and we exit the room and head upstairs to his office he places all the papers into a safe and locks it we then leave the office and head in to our room, Titan has stayed downstairs probably to guard the house, that or Kalen told him to.

In the bedroom Kalen heads to the bedside table and opens the drawer taking out a small black box he walks back over to me and hands me the box,

" what's this" I ask him as I hold the small box in my hands,

" I got it made for you I was ment to give it to you on the night of the marking but things didn't go to plan, so I thought id give it to you now" he whispers. He is nervous.

Opening the box with care I gasp at what I see inside it, a beautiful silver ring sits on the plush velvet pillow. In the center at the top of the ring sits a stunning blue sapphire with two small diamonds sat either side of it,

" oh Kalen its beautiful " I croak

" It's a promise ring, do you like it" his voice wavers slightly and I know its nerves.

************ sexual content ahead **********

I close the box and wrap my arms around him and claim his lips in a ravishing kiss he responds right away and kisses me back with such hunger, the sparks on my skin dance as my blood heats up, an unfamiliar feeling stirs in my stomach he glides me back till the backs of my legs hit the bed I fall back with him on top of me and not once does he break the kiss. My core is throbbing and begging for is touch, my hands roam his body however the material of his shirt is in my way. Kalen senses what I need and breaks the kiss to remove his shirt he swoops back down and claims my lips once more my hands grope his body like an animal starved of food.

His hands roam down my body to the hem of my t-shirt he slides his hands up on to my bare skin, goddess this amazing my mind is a fog of lust all I want is him. No all I need is him.

He rips off my t-shirt and trails kisses down my neck paying close attention to the mark on my neck, moans of pleasure escape my mouth as he tortures my skin with his mouth. He moves own my neck to my chest shifting his hand onto a paw he rips open my bra, dam I wish he would stop doing that I am running out of bras.

He takes one of nipples into his mouth and begins sucking and twirling his tongue around it his other hand is kneading my other breast I am a pile of moaning mess. Kalen releases that breast and made his way over to the other one repeating the same process again my hands slide into his hair holding his head close to me, once the assault on my breasts is over he crawls back up me he landed back on mouth and planted sweet soft kisses on the corners of my mouth.

" I want you " he growls out making my insides squirm, I was writhing beneath him a knot had begun to form in my belly and it was getting tighter and tighter the more he teased me. I reached up to cup his face in my hands and planted a small kiss at the side of his lips and then again on the other side.

" Then take me " I purred lust and arousal were thick in the air, as soon as the words left my mouth I was naked beneath him, he took my leggings off faster than I could blink he picked me up and moved me further up the bed removing his own sweats once he set me down. There he stood in all his naked glory I was drooling at the sight of him.

His defined muscles stood out and moved up and down as he breathed his huge man hood stood to attention, looking at it gulped it was huge.

" I'll be gentle I promise" he whispers as he crawls up the bed to lay between my legs he plants a kiss on my mouth, while sliding his hand down my body leaving behind a trail of sparks, he kisses me more hungrily as his fingers find my clit, he starts rubbing circles on it before slides further down and inserting a finger in me,

" so wet already my sweet" he purrs in my ear, I'm a moaning mess as his finger continues its sweet torture. He removes his fingers and takes his manhood in one hand and holds it towards my entrance I'm a bundle of nerves but at the same time so turned on that I want him now,

" it'll hurt at first or, so I was told but then it'll be alright " he states his voice is laced with lust,

" I'm fine" my voice is raspy and filled with need.

He lines himself up and with in seconds he is deep inside me the pain is unbelievable as it rips through my hymen, he stills himself for moment to allow me to get used to the feel of him inside me, goddess he is massive she really did bless him there. Once he feels me relax he pulls out slightly and slides him self back in again the pain isn't to bad this time, he kisses me deeply and starts moving in and out of me, picking up his pace a little my hips start moving to meet each one of his thrusts. This feeling is beyond me, he reaches down to hold my thigh and lift it slightly to bury himself deeper in me causing a loud moan to erupt from my mouth.

Each thrust I meet with one of my own our moans and groans fill the room " fuck you feel so good" he moans out between thrusts, " faster Kalen please " I beg I need more the knot in my belly is getting tighter and its driving me insane, he immediately picks up the pace and starts thrusting in and out of me at an inhuman speed, each thrusts hits my g- spot perfect I can feel my toes curling as my climax is almost near, " Kalen I'm guna come" I pant out " not yet " he replies " I want to mark you again when you come " he rasps.

He lifts my leg higher and pounds into me, his thrusts never falter and I can myself abut to come " Kalen please " I beg I don't care if I sound needy I need it right now. " Come with me my love " he commands with that I release all around him its them I feel his teeth sink in to my flesh causing another orgasm to hit me my body is shaking like a leaf in the wind as my orgasm rips through me he stills as he releases his hot seed deep with in me, he retracts his teeth and licks the mark on my neck.

I sink my teeth into him, he shudders on top of me and calls out my name along with a few curses too as a second orgasm hits him, and he empties it all in me, pulling my teeth out I lick his mark, and he slowly pulls out of me I wince slightly with the sudden soreness. He disappears in the bathroom and comes out with wet cloth, he then wipes between my legs before disposing of it in the wash basket.

He climbs on the bed and pulls the blanket up to cover our naked bodies I feel complete and whole, we have finally mated and re marked each other. His warm arms snakes around my waist, and he pulls me close to him tiredness hits me like a wave soon I'm him lured to sleep by the sound of his steady heart beat.


Our power couple have mated yay..

Can you guess the reason behind why his mother bloodline is being targeted

Coming up soon we hear more on nova ..

Till next time

Leah x 😘
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