Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chpater.. twenty-six ⚔


Saturday morning.

The day of the luna cermoney

Nova pov

The smell was the first thing I noticed when I started to wake up, the smell of rotting flesh and blood hung in the air. Opening my eyes I looked around at my surroundings, I was in a cell. There were no windows so I couldn't even tell what time of day it was. I struggle to remember what happened last night, the fragments of what I can remember float around my head like leaves in the wind.

I had met my mate, we talked, we drank wine he marked me, and then that's it I can't remember anything else, footsteps echoed around me. Looking round the cell I was there was a small metal bed in one corner, a toilet and sink on the other. Concrete walls surround me and in front is a door made of bars from the way they shine and smell I know they are made from silver.

Lifting myself up off the floor I feel weak, my head I reach up to feel my head but I'm hit with immense pain round my wrists, looking down I'm horrified at what I see. Sliver cuffs are wrapped around my wrists and attached to long chains that extend up and are bolted to the wall, silver is deadly to us it blocks out our wolf and cuts off our ability to mind link anyone from our pack. I stand up rather wobbliey I might add, jeez I feel drunk, but it would take a lot for a werewolf to get drunk and I only had one glass of wine.

I've been kidnapped, my mate must be so worried about me, and Kalen, oh my he must be out of his mind I need to get out of here I need to see them both. I move towards the door to try and peek out but a burn on my wrist hold me back, dam it the chains aren't long enough. Great

" Help " I shout, I'm not one to call for help but I don't know what's going on here.

" Shut it bitch" a snarl bites back.

"My mate will be looking for me " I growl back. " You think he'll go easy on anyone that's holding his mate"

A roar of laughter fills the empty halls, a shadow moves towards to the front of my cell and crouches down. The dim light from above outlines his body but I can't see his face,

" who do you think put you down here mutt, now shut it" he snaps at me " he has gone to take care of business thanks to the information you gave him last night " he laughs at me before standing up and walking away leaving me alone with my thoughts.

I sit back on the ground tears well up in my eyes, my mate put me in here, and what the hell did I say last night. Why do I have very little memory of last night, I can remember everything leading up to meeting Caleb, after wards it's a blur. I needed to be at the pack the Luna ceremony was due to take place and I had to stop it. I can't do shit from in here and I can get out of these cuffs if I had my wolf I'd be fine but that is going happen as she has been suppressed.

All my life I had been told that the rouges needed a Luna they could trust to take the title of the strongest pack in Canada so that they could have someone on the inside to help them get into the pack and find a home. To do that they needed information on Kalen no one ever told me why, but they said in return for helping them they would ensure that I was made Luna and take out anyone who got in my way. Of course, they needed someone who had connections to the council as all records on wolf births, mated pairs and bloodlines are kept there in the archives, my father and I have a strong connection to the council through my uncle he is the supreme head. He was the one who whispered in the ears of the other members that I should be Kalen's chosen mate. I couldn't wait 2 years, so I tried to speed things up and sought the help of the witch, Phoenix came and fucked things up and then I bump in to my own mate, and he locks me in here. Everything is so messed up, I don't know what to do now.

I don't know how long I sat on the floor lost inside my own my mind I needed to talk to someone find out what's going on, why had my mate locked me up down here, granted I didn't feel anything for him, for my heart belonged to Kalen. Hours seem to tick by at least that's what it felt like, then I heard a bang and the shuffling of feet. The light outside my cell seemed to glow a little brighter and the sweet smell of my mate flooded my nose, but it was mixed with blood but it wasn't rouge blood no it was a pack blood one that I knew all too well.

" Well well well, looks who is finally awake now. How did you sleep" his voice was malicious and cruel, he was looking down on me like I was worthless, have to admit that did hurt a little.

" Why am I down here" I ask.

" Can't have you spoiling things now can I, thanks to the information you gave last night I was able to find out a few things when we attacked them." He laughs.

" Wait, what"

" That glass of wine you drank, we had something slipped in it. You see I needed to know some things and it made you spill your guts out. So desperate for another when all along your mate has been out there all along, tut tut not very honorable of you is it. Now I have everything I need I exact my revenge thanks to you and your daddy" he snaps at me.

"I don't understand " I croak out.

" You were so desperate for kalem you were prepared to do anything to get him, your father killed his parents, you even helped by having someone killed who you thought was his mate. But after last night you told me he has found his mate so where does that leave you now. " He sneers.

" I don't understand, I'm your mate that's has to mean something I mean do you really need to keep me down like this I'm in pain " I bat my eyelashes and bite my lip, it worked wonders on the men back home I could get anyone I wanted and I did I've slept with many of the wolves in our pack I didn't care if they were mated or not if I wanted them I got them, except Kalen no matter how hard I tried he never touched me no matter atter how much my body begged for him to do so.

" Oh my sweet little mate, so delusional I don't want you. I used you all these years, I used your obsession to get what I want and soon ill have it, besides I have a chosen mate, and she as been my side all these years. In fact, I think I might go see her now and fuck her senseless, I'm sure you'll feel the burn when I do " he laughs as he raises to his feet and walks away.

I crawl, over to the bed a flop down and the dam breaks tears stream down my face as sobs escape my mouth. All these years I thought they were helping me, they have used to me for the own gain. Was my father in on this too was he using me like them or helping me. I don't know how long I lay crying but I at some point I must passed out.

Burning, burning searing pain is all I feel deep in my abdomen it feels like someone is pouring wolfs bane directly onto my skin. Between my legs I feel I sharp stabbing pain makeing its way up my core it's still having a hot rod shoved up there repeatedly. I wrap my arms around myself as I scream my lungs out, the pain is unbearable. My neck feels like its on fire the mark he gave me hurts like hell. Oh! no I know what this is, he is having sex and marking another.

When we meet our mates and initiate the bond with skin to skin contact it forms a bond, as does marking so if after that one of them has sex with another the other party will feel it that's what I'm feeling now only he isn't just having sex with her the burn in my neck, the acid type feel I have in my veins the intense pain in my chest I feel like I'm dying. I cry out and feel something inside me snap before I curl up into a ball and welcome the darkness that calls out to me.

How could I be so stupid.?


Poor nova some may see this a justice served but do you think she deserved it ..

Thoughts on what or why caleb seeks vengeance.

Next chapter power training.?.

Till then


Leah x😘
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