Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. twenty-seven ⚔


Phoenix pov

It had been a week since Kalen and I fully mated and things were great between us personally, for him however the weight of information he had been given seemed to weigh him down. Rouges were now stalking the borders of the pack and two guards and been taken to in the infirmary due to injuries. Kalen had busied himself with either training or border patrol, he had said if the warriors were out on the front line then so was he. Titan hasn't left my side, whenever I visit the pack house or the infirmary he's right there with me. I was stepping up to my role of Luna, so I was making it my task to visit the pups in kindergarten, or the nurses working hard to help warriors, id even been in to the town that is on the pack's territory to check out the local businesses.

Today however I'm looking forward to my final check up with the doctor and then I can finally get back to training and fighting again, so next time the rouges hit I will be out there with my mate fighting alongside him weather he likes it or not. Titan isn't the only one to follow me around, Kalen had insisted I had guards, when I quarreled with him about it saying I can protect myself his words were ' they aren't to keep you safe but to keep others safe '. Yes you see since I came into my powers I've been a little touchy, the other night when kalen and I were having sex just as reached my orgasm my powers came out caused lightning to rip through the skies, to say it made him jump was understatement. So now I have two guards with me that follow me everywhere in case I lose my temper with any of them and decide to fry them with lightning, or drown them in rain water, I mean seriously I only did that once, and he didn't die just got very wet.

So now I'm sat on the bed waiting on Doctor Lacie to come and discharge me, mum left the day after Kalen and I mated, but she was coming back today to help me control my powers and learn to channel them, so I can use them on purpose rather than an accident.

" Hello Luna how are felling today " asks doctor lacie as she walks into the room.

" Fine feel like myself again" I answer in all honesty and its true I feel better than ever though that could be the morning sex we had, but hey I'm not complaining. I learned the day after we mated every one in the pack knew apparently I smell differently now. Was quite amusing seeing the men pat Kalen on the back and congratulate him, I mean we only had sex, and he was getting a round of applause. My mum was far more embarrassing she knew as soon as she walked in to the house and blurted it out right in front of my dad I mean I really wanted the ground to swallow me whole there and then.

" Let's check your blood pressure and glucose levels and if all are normal your free to get back to training and other strenuous activities " she says with a smile, why do I think she is referring to my sex life. She takes the pressure cuff and slips it over my arm and begins inflating it, " so have you been eating more, taking time to relax and allow your body to recover" she asks as she jots down the results.

" Yes, I can't seem to stop eating" and its true I'm eating like six times a day at the minute Kalen thinks its funny that I always have food in my mouth, he thinks I should have other things in there, yup you can guess what he is referring to, he's as much of a horny dog as I am.

" Good well everything looks good here just hold out your hand and I'll prick your finger and check your sugar levels" doing as she says she picks my finger and places it in a machine 3 seconds later it beeps.

" Great that all looks good, and you have had no fainting spells, dizziness or extreme fatigue " she continues.

" Nope I feel fine, stronger if anything and I desperately want to get back out on the training field " I state matter of factly.

" Well I'm happy to say off you go, but any signs or fatigue or dizziness you stop immediately ok" she states firmly making sure I got the message.

" Yes" I squeal, I jump of the bed and hug the doc before turning on my heel and heading for the door my two guards standing outside nearly shit themselves wen I came barreling through the door,

" Luna" they shout in unison but I'm off not caring for two seconds to stop.

As soon as I'm outside I run for the training ground as fast as my werewolf speed would allow it was 11am, so I knew exactly where Kalen would be. He had been out training with the pack every day, obviously I had the won the bet, and he had no choice but now he seems to be enjoying it. As I rounded the corner to the training field I spot him, half naked sparing with the beta.

" Kalen" I shout as I run towards him, he spots me coming, but he doesn't spot the fist the beta is sending his way till it hits his cheek.

" shit I'm sorry" I pant out when I reach them, Zain leans down and offers his hand to Kalen to help him up.

" Its alright love, why are so happy " he asks me once he is on his feet, yeah I've been grinning like a Cheshire cat the whole way over here.

" The doctor has finally discharged me and has given me the all clear to get back to training and other activities " I say will a small raised eyebrow.

" Oh really" he replies with a smirk or his own.

" Right that's my cue to leave and check on the others " Zain blurts out " Luna " he bows his head causing me to giggle.

" Oh come on if I have to call you Zain instead of beta you can call me Phoenix or even Nix " I groan and its true we have had this argument twice already.

" yeah yeah, sees you later" he shouts over his shoulder as he runs off.

Kalen swoops down and kisses me, oh goddess I can't get enough of this man.

" So you all ready to get back out there then " he asks once he has broken the kiss he walks over to the table that has water bottles placed on top and picks one up gulping down most of the bottle.

" I am yes, has there been any news. Have we heard anything about Nova " I ask. Ever since the day I banished her to the omega house no-one has seen her I gave a good grilling to the gamma, as I had appointed him her guard apparently she had slipped out of the house when he went to the bathroom. I was pissed at him at the time but couldn't hold it against him I mean come on people have to pee and all. Kalens head tracker Nadine had been given the job of finding or locking her up so far she hasn't come back with anything her scent stops just outside the territory lines and with us being pack wolves Kalen didn't want her to put her life in danger by crossing and going too deep in no man's land.

" No nothing yet, and now here father is giving us more grief. Saying we aren't putting the pack first and all that shit giving the guys in the cells' hell"Kalen growls.

"Hey, we will find something soon"I coo trying to soothe his wolf.

"I can't stand the sight of him, knowing he may have had something to do with the death of my parents but not knowing the details is killing me"he growls out again, seriously with the growling its being getting worse when ever he thinks of something that is bothering him. His moods have been all over one minute he is all over me in the bathroom the next he is beating a punching bag to pulp.

"Maybe I can help "I say seductively.

"Oh, and how's that "he purrs. Bingo mood change.

"Well I know someone who is gifted in a way should we say"I reply as I trail my fingers up his bare arms, goosebumps rise on his skin.

"Gifted, and who might this wolf be huh"he whispers in my ear, he's standing so close I can feel my nose almost touching his neck, this could go one of two ways, either he'll blow up in anger or he wisk me away have his wicked way with me before my mum turns up.

"It's not a wolf exactly, well they are half wolf" let's see how he takes this bit first.

He steps back to look at me properly, to see if I'm lying, or he is trying to gage what I'm saying I'm not really sure which.

"They're hybrids" I close my eyes, a little nervous of how he may act now. Now your probably wondering why am I nervous. You see in our world wolf hybrids are very rare and not many people like them due to the fact they have special gifts that only happen in Cross breeds. Because of that people are afraid of them and keep away from them. I have no idea why because the two I met were twins, and they were the nicest people I've met and have helped me out many times in the past and I them, namely when it came to the council and wanting to remain hidden. See their gifts are unique and very rare and if used in the wrong way can cause utter chaos.

"What"he asks surprised, ok not the reaction I thought but hey that's better than him biting my head off. "How on earth do you know hybrids "he adds.

"Can we talk some privately, somewhere away from inhuman hearing "I nudge my head in the direction of the warriors training on the field. Kalen takes me hand and leads me in to the pack house and up in to his office which I found out has soundproofing after we had sex on his desk, that memory alone has me blushing. Right not here focus misses I chant to myself.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking"he asks wiggling his eyebrows and pointing towards his desk, I blush a deep scarlet and shake my head.

"Yes, wait no, not that I don't want to believe me I do, but if I don't say this now I'm afraid my brain will go mushy, and we will get sidetracked "I reply as I back away from the desk.

"So the hybrids, there are two of them"I start off.

"Right how do you know them and what are they"he asks.

"About a year ago I was working on assignment down the south of America, I was in bar trying to gather some Intel when a fight broke out and a young woman was attacked two men tried to rape and kill her, so I jumped in to help her, took her back to my rooms and helped cleaned her up. Her brother turned up the next morning and was relieved to see her they were being hunted because of what they are by both species. I didn't know at the time that the council was looking for them and had sent me there to find them. Once I got to know them I could they were just as scared, so I helped them out and found them somewhere to go where neither species could find them. "I turn around to face him, his face blank.

"Turns out the council was after them for their gifts and wanted to hire them while the other side of them wanted to kill them, they are over 500 hundred years old so there breeding takes places years before the treaty when all species were fighting everyone "I continue.

"What are they"he asks calmly. OK here goes.

"They are a werewolf vampire hybrid "I whisper.

"Oh, I see "he said.

I was expecting him to blow up at me, werewolves hate vampires and vice versa. For hundreds of years its always been the same, yes there are few and rare cases where werewolves have had a vampire mate I knew of one from a few months back when I helped a pack out others I only know though books I read at the UWA. From what I can understand the fued between them has been going on for years.

"How can they help"he asks calmly as he walks round the desk sits on his desk chair.

"Your alright with this"I ask a little confused, namely you mention a vampire and werewolf hybrid and wolfs hackles go up.

"The fued between us has nothing to do with me I don't discriminate against anyone, my grandfather and great grandfather may have had different beliefs but these are my own if they can help find the truth about my parents and why only the packs that have connections to me have been hit then I welcome it maybe I can even offer them a home or something, so they aren't on the run" the emotion in his eyes tells me he is telling the truth. I round the desk and stand in front of him between his legs with my bum resting in the edge on the desk.

"You'd really do that"I ask him.

"My sweet fire cracker, I've already told you for you I'd do anything "he mummers.

I swing my arms around him and hug him tightly"your the best you know that"I gush.

Hey, you guys mind letting me in.

"Titan's outside "I laugh.

"I know I heard him too, still feels weird having another voice float around my head he has a habit of popping in my head and the most inappropriate times"he sighs against my neck.

"Sorry he can be a little pain in the arse sometimes "I mutter.

I heard that, now let me in or I'll chew the door.

" I'll let him in, hang on how can hear us from here when the room is soundproofed"I ask as I walk over to the door to open it and let in my grumpy wolf.

Just said that so you would let me in. He links as the door opens. Cheeky shit.

"So how do we get in contact with these hybrids then" Kalen asks once I've shut the door and titan settles himself down.

Wait your going to call the twins.

"He knows them too"asks Kalen.

"Yeah he has a soft spot for Lianna "I grumble.

Do not she is just nice that's all. I'm a wolf I don't have soft spots.

"Oh really Mr big wolf not even for me"I tease as I walk over to him grabbing his face in my hands and swishing it. "I thought you had a big soft spot for me"I add in a baby voice. He pulls his head back and gets up and walks over to Kalen.

"Oh come on you know I'm just joking"I sigh. I swear these two are teaming up on me now,

"I got you big man" Kalen states as he scratches behind Titan's ear, "so how do you get in contact with these twins "he adds.

"Aha now that's easy I'll just put a post up on my Facebook page it'll be in code and the only one who knows the code is Lianna and her twin brother Lucian "I explain.

"That's it, no voodoo shit " Kalen laughs at me.

“Its not medieval times "I sneer.

"OK I'm sorry for teasing, well you two should get ready your mum is almost here"

"Mind link "I ask I didn't hear anything surely if the Luna's mother was here they would notify me.

"Your phone love it just lite up with a text saying she is 15 minutes away "he laughs.

"Oh right, well ill see you later them"I lean forward and peck him on the lips then turn and walk out the office with Titan just as I close the door I hear him shout.

"Try not to burn the forest down "

Cheeky shit..


Another update for you my lovely readers things are really going to start getting messy..

Till next time

Leah x😘
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