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Phoenix And The Alpha

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Phoenix Red is the ultimate warrior as descendant of Artemis's warriors she became a UWA elite (ultimate warrior academy), won 3 World championships and 2 elder degrees in training . she became known as the red viper. travelling round the world with titan her gray wolf, training pack warriors to better protect themselves she soon became a legend in the supernatural world. but with an uprising of a rouge king the elders send her to the famous Black Hills pack. Where there she discovers the truth of her birth and a secret her parents had kept from her, her whole life ------------- Alpha Kalen Richards became alpha at a very young age constantly suffering from rouge attacks that killed his parents, a girl he believed was his mate and their elder trainer who taught kalen everything he knew. Things get hard for kalen when the elders say that if he hasn't found his mate with two years then he is to take a chosen mate their suggestion however happens to be in the form of his head warrior a she wolf with an unheathly obsession with him and she is doing all she can to ensure she is made luna. So what happens when the red viper turns up and is his mate What will the obsessed head warrior do to ensure she gets kalen .. And what happens when the identity of the rouge King is revealed and with it uncovers secrets of the past that not even kalen knew ...

Fantasy / Action
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Authors note and Prologue ♠️

Hello and thank you for choosing my book please be kind when leaving comments this took a lot of work to write
Positive coments and tips to improve my writing are welcome

I'll try my hardest to make this story as good as I can

Please don't copy my story I own all rights to it

Some place names are real while others are the work of fiction ..

Enjoy my story

Phoenix and the alpha

Bold writing is Phoenix talking to titan

Italics is titan talking to phoenix

Bold italics is mindlinking with in packs

[talking with wolves will be started and ended with brackets] like this

As it stated in my story Phoenix cant talk to her wolf as they are one unlike the other werewolves

Phoenix pack- Rising Dawn Pack

Kalen's pack- Black Hills Pack

Caleb's pack- Black Lake Pack (also known as the rouge pack)

Nova's brother- The River Pack

All pov are from Phoenix unless it states at the top other wise


------------------------- Prologue ------------------

The last 6 years have been hard work for Phoenix. She has spent 3 years training at the UWA (ultimate warrior academy) training to be warrior. The academy only accepts those with unique talent, the course usually takes 5 years to complete. However Phoenix passed it in 3 years and became the first female UWA elite all through the vigorous training the blood sweat and tears her trusty protector stood by her side. Titan

Phoenix was exceptional, she was part of an ancient bloodline. The bloodline was that of the ancient warrior wolf. Meaning she was descendant of Atremis's warriors the legendary female warriors that were sent to protect the wolves fight the battles others couldn't each warrior was giving a protecter a guardian of sorts. Artemis gave Phoenix Titan a large gray wolf.

The wolf was given to Phoenix on her 7th birthday being part of the bloodline of Artemis, memt that Phoenix shifted 3 years earlier than most wolves. Titan arrived as a puppy so that the young newly shifted girl could forge a deep and powerful bond with him as he grew. There were 2 gifts he was given one was he would live for as long as Phoenix the other was the ability to mindlink her though the proctor bond.

As they years went by Phoenix and titan were inseparable at just 13 years old Phoenix was able to beat adult warriors of her pack. The Alpha of her pack was so impressed by her skills that he contacted the werewolf elders and suggested Phoenix attended the UWA. The elders visited the Rising Dawn Pack the home of Phoenix to see her in action, being thrilled by her skills and that she was so young the elders agreed that on her 15th birthday she would be able to attend the academy.

When the time came, Phoenix along with Titan left the pack to attend the academy where should would hone her skills and be a better warrior after all it was in her blood. Her mother and father were so proud of her and of course her brothers were jealous but she didn't let that get her down.

After 3 years of hard work and beating every warrior put before her Phoenix excelled and became a UWA warrior, however for Phoenix she wanted more and after a tournament in the academy she became the first female elite warrior at the young age of 18.

Pack warriors would send out challenges to phoenix to face her but after 22 challenges Phoenix was called to the warrior battles.

19 year old Phoenix was now competing in the ring at the warrior battles ( the werewolf equivalent to ufc) she became known as the Red Viper, winning fight after fight she quickly progressed to title fights. She went on to win 3 World champion titles, best newcomer as well as becoming the worlds undefeated female warrior.

Her mother was quick to support her only daughter and went to every one of her fights no matter where in the world they were. She would record her daughter in the ring, and upon her return to the pack they would all gather round to watch the recording on a projector in the back yard.

Phoenix however wasn't ready to return home instead she was approached by the elders who wanted her to be come an elder trainer the highest honour given to any wolf especially a female so for next year she would be in a secret location training to be come a trainer. By the end of the year Phoenix walked away with 2 training degrees and 3 contracts to help train warriors from others packs who were suffering from rouges or other supernatural beings.

On her 3rd contact Phoenix went to pack suffering from vampire attacks. The pack was losing pack members by the dozen because the warriors havd no idea how to defend themselves from the vampires. Phoenix set to work to help better them with weapons and techniques to bring them down but after 2 months of training them the vampires launched an attack on the pack.

Phoenix was on the front line along with Titan ready to help defend the pack, the pack was quick to holds its own now thanks to help they received from the fierce red head. That night the vampire leader stepped into battle but as soon as his eyes landed on the striking black wolf fighting with the alpha the battle came to end.

The vampire leader and found his beloved (vampire version of mates) in the form of the alpha's daughter. So captivated by her beauty and grace and she with him, a treaty was signed that from now on there would be peace between them. After 5 years of war with the infamous vampire clan it was finally over.

Having been away from her home pack for the last 6 years it was time for her and Titan to return home and spend time with her family ... in all her time away from home she had never found her mate.

But little did she know that her next assignment was a few days away and it would bring more than she bargained for..

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