Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter. One.


I look out the window of the plane to see the runway below, I've been sat on this plane for the last 8 hours my legs and arse are as numb as rubber. Though I mostly feel sorry for poor Titan he has been below in the cargo hold traveling in solid steel crate all this time, see traveling with a pet wolf isn't easy round humans, I had to get him licensed, insured, chipped and have all the relevant paperwork to satisfy the humans thankfully our pack doctor was also a vet in the human world, so, he signed off on all the paperwork we needed. The elders work with me and help keep all his paperwork up to date for when we have to travel with humans.

Titan is no ordinary wolf he is unique only a handful of people I know, know his identity, and what he can do. He has been with me for the last 14 years, though he only looks about 3. Titan is a protector wolf sent to me by Artemis, you see my blood is very special, so he was sent to keep me safe. He has many gifts one he will live for as long as I do and through the protector bond we can mind link each other. During these 8 hour flight I've tried to keep him company as best I can. Thinking of him now I decide to link him to let him know we are almost on the tarmac.

Sit tight boy we land soon.

About time Nix .. I bloody hate these crates...he links back with a yawn.

How about when we get home you can chase them pesky squirrels you hate so much..

Nix are you trying to bribe me.

Never.. see you soon Ty

I close the link and sit back in my seat as the announcement comes over that we are landing now, I fold up my tray and take out my phone now that I have signal again I see that I have a message.

Mum πŸ‘₯
Phoenix my sweet sorry we
Aren't able to pick you up
Things are crazy here
But aunt Abby will be there
To collect you and Titan
We love you see you soon
Love mum.

Well that's great I thought they would at least pick me up they haven't seen me in 6 months, never mind I push that thought out my mind as the plane taxes down the runway and into a bay. The engines cut out and finally the seat belt light goes off, I unbuckle myself and stand up stretching my arms and legs, goddess that feels great I turn round and reach up into the over head compartment to retrieve my duffle bag.

All my trophies and belts are in a large suitcase down in the cargo hold along with my clothes and of course Titan. I didn't bring his things instead we donated them to a wolf sanctuary seeing as he has stuff at home. I walk down the aisle of the plane towards the exit I can already feel the cool autumn air hitting my skin.

Walking down the plane steps I notice the trees are brown and the wind is cool this is by far my favorite season and a welcome change from the heat of Europe. The air port is located in a town called Lake town I know yeah very original, from here though it's a 5-hour drive to the pack border.

I look out across the tarmac to try to find the familiar face of my aunt Abby but through the sea of people its making my task harder,

Nix how much longer have I gotta wait I'm wanting out of this stupid tin can.. Titan growls through the link.

Not long I'm just looking for Aunt Abby then I'll get you.

Oo Aunt Abby is picking us up hmmm that means a fresh leg of lamb is waiting for me.

Dam him and his belly he is worse than my own wolf, unlike most werewolves who can communicate with their inner wolf I can't. You see for werewolves your inner wolf is like a separate being living inside your mind for me its different my wolf isn't a separate being she and I are one she is me, and I am her, so I can't talk to her like most wolves can and I can't see her in my mind either.

After walking through the sea of people I finally pick up on a familiar scent of vanilla and coconut Abby. I follow my nose and sure enough I find my aunt Abby (who also happens to be the beta female) dressed all in a black body suit with her platinum blonde hair sleeked back into a high pony tail. Wow! she has changed she used to always wear bright coloured dresses.

Her eyes light up and a face splitting grin erupts on her face as her eyes land on me, as soon as I'm within arms reach she launches forward and wrapped her arms around me engulfing in me a huge bear hug, "oh goddess how you've grown" she chokes. Stepping out of her embrace she holds me at arms length to examine me "my look at you, your a grown women now".

I wish now I had made more effort with how I look, but hey I dressed for comfort not looks. My waist length bright red hair hung down my back in loose curls honestly it was messy from how many times I've run my hand through it. My bright ocean blue eyes, were free from make up. I had on my three-quarter length yoga pants and an overly large hoodie and my converse. I looked like I'd come of the training field well minus the converse.

"Hello aunt Abby "

"I can't believe your an elite now and all those titles you've won, I kept track of your fighting career tho everyone in the pack knows bow bad ass you are. Every time your mother came back from your fights she would gather all the pack members in the back yard and play the recordings on the projector, she would turn the back yard into a movie theater you have quite the fan club now"

My cheeks flush the same colour as my hair goddess that's embarrassing she giggles at my flustered state, she links her arm round mine as we walk to where the luggage will be. We arrived at the luggage conveyor belt and waited for my luggage and Titan, a member of the air port staff approached us " Miss we just need to see the paper work and sign off on your dog could you follow me please" he asks. Strange his paper work is on his cage.

Abby and I follow the man to the main desk, and he asks for the papers I have on me. I hand over his passport and all the vet information I have for him it's exactly the same as what's on his crate. He disappears for a few minutes before coming back," sorry miss there has just been increase in animal attacks lately, and we wanted to make sure your dog wasn't a threat but it seems everything is order if you wait here ill have him brought out to you" with that he leaves.

" What was that about you and Titan have flown so many times " aunt Abby asks, " no idea he was human, what was that about animal attacks " I ask her " dammed if I know" she whispers.

Nix if this stupid human keeps staring at me like im an alien can I bite him.Titan growls through the link.

No you can't bite humans just hold on I won't be long.

I hate the fact humans call him a dog he isn't a bloody dog Christ, he's bigger than great dane, and he is a wolf. Though his paper says he is a wolf dog, not every one in our pack knows the truth about Titan but the higher rank members do including Abby and very few close friends, so I wasn't afraid to say what I was about to. " They need to hurry up he wants to bite a human who is staring him like he is food" she bursts out laughing "can see he hasn't changed " she laughed.

A door to the right of us opens and in walks a very pissed off human wheeling Titan in on a cart, my suitcases came round on the belt and Abby grabbed them while I ran to Titan.

" Hey boy shall we go home " I coo.

Get me the fuck out of this box.

I take the leash out of my bag and slip my hands in through the bars to clip it on to his collar around humans I have to treat him like a dog so that means he has to be leashed and have tags on his collar when we are around our own kind though he doesn't have a leash or tag just a simple leather rope collar so that werewolves know he is just a normal wolf.

For the humans tho he's to be chipped, insured, licensed and update to date on vaccines my god the day we had to have him microchiped was awful as soon as the vet approached him with the needle he cursed like a sailor through the link I had tried so hard not to laugh, my protector scared of needle.

Once the lead was on I opened the door, and he stepped out shaking his fur out and stretching his legs.

Thank goddess for that. He sighed.

I just laughed at his behavior and made my way over to Abby who was walking towards the main exit. Stepping outside I took a deep breath of the Canadian air Titan growled in approval. Abby had put my cases in the boot and turned round to greet Titan,"there's my favorite boy " she cooed and lent down to scratch behind his ears. "You look happy to be home Phoenix " she states while looking up at me " yeah don't get me wrong I've achieved so much becoming a UWA elite, a world champion and gaining 2 elder degrees in training but sometimes I just missed home and you guys but I'm proud of myself" she nods her head before standing up to unlock the doors of the truck.

I smell food did my Abby bring me my lamb leg.? Titan growls with his nose in the air

"He wants to know if he favorite auntie brought him his lamb leg" I giggle

" of course as if I would forget my best boy and his favorite treat its on the back seat waiting for you" she laughs

Tell her me loves her to the moon.

I repeat it to Abby and watch how she blushes she leans down and rests her forehead against his as sign of love and respect and whispers " I love you too "

We climb into the truck and get ready for the 5-hour drive to the pack border. I just hope mum hasn't planned anything to crazy for my return because honestly all I want is sleep.


Well guys that's the first official chapter done

I must say I'm in love with Titan the inspiration for him came form my own dog who is an Alaskan, malamute

What are your thoughts on Phoenix so far

Hope you guys enjoyed it

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