Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. twenty-eight


My mum turned up looking as beautiful as ever as she pulled up in the car, she parked the car up, and climbed out after locking the car she turns and beams at me, she embraces me in a warm motherly hug.

" Oh look at you my darling your practically glowing" gushes my mum when she releases me.

" Thank you, I've finally been discharged and ready to get back into training I swear I've put on like 10lbs in the past week I never stop eating " I laugh.

" Good that means you ready to work on your powers, I thought it might be a good idea to work near water maybe the sea in case we have any slips ups. Having control over the tides should mean you also have control over anything that is connected to the sea. There is a lake nearby from what I've seen on a map and it leads straight out to the ocean so maybe starting there will be good idea." My mum states.

" OK sounds good are we shifting or walking " I ask as we begin walking away from the car she seems to know where she is going, which is good thing seeing as i still don't know my way round here fully.

" We shall shift, it will be much faster that way " mum replies.

I walk to the edge of the woods and slip behind a tree to shift, once I'm in wolf form I gather my clothes up in my mouth and slip out to join my mum and Titan. My mum wolf is just as large as mine but whereas I have black paws, my mum has black legs, a black ear and the tip of her tail is black the rest of her fur is red though its duller than mine and not as bright. She picks up her things in her mouth and takes off in to a run. Titan and I run behind her there is no point running in front of her as I have no idea where I am going. We run for around 40 minutes till I can smell the lake with a small hint of salt in it. Trees are few here I wonder why that is, I slip behind a large one and shift back and pull on my clothes my mum is already by the lake fully clothed waiting for me.

" You ready " mum asks as she hears me walking towards her.

" Yes, but how can you help you don't have powers " I ask calmly I don't want to upset her but this has been bugging me for a few days since she agreed to help me.

" I'm your mum, and a fellow warrior I know how to channel the gifts she gives us in ways you wouldn't have thought, besides I have a gift of my own I rarely use now I'm older, but back in my fighting days it came in handy " mum sates as she leans forward to dip her fingers in the water.

" Do all warriors have a gift mum" I ask as I sit down beside her.

" We all have enhanced strength, speed, healing, and we have a second sight that allows us to see what happens before it does. In battles that helps to see what our opponent will do and gives us a few milliseconds to prepare, you use it all the time without realizing. But we are given an extra gift mine was energy, I can pull the energy from anything and use that to regain my energy, its like having a battery inside me when I feel drained I can recharge myself, do you understand " mum says as she remains looking at the water.

Wow, I did not know that. I wonder what mine is I guess I wouldn't really know seeing as I didn't know I had powers till a week ago. But hearing that my mum has a gift comes as a shock to me she never tells me these things. I guess in her own way she was protecting me.

" Yes I think so" I mutter.

" Your gift isn't your powers, they are extra. Your gift is precision, you never miss your target.when you fight or train you always land a punch or kick where you intend to. Haven't you ever noticed that, weather its throwing a dagger or firing a bow and arrow you always hit your intended mark" my mum smiles.

Come to think of it I never do miss I always hit what ever I'm aiming at but I always thought I had good aim seeing as I've been training ever since I shifted. I cross my legs as I sit next to my mum. First I found out I was brought back to life as a baby, then I learn I have powers and a gift. Wow! This is a lot.

" It's OK everything we did for you or kept from you was to keep you safe. Now clear your mind and relax are you ready to begin" she states.

" Yes"

" Right close your eyes, relax take deep breathes. I want you to open your senses to the world around you, smell the water, hear it trickle, feel it flow as if it is flowing over you body" she explains.

Doing as she said I close my eyes and take a deep breath, I open my senses to feel everything around me. The hint of salt floods my nose as the smell of the water over takes me, I listen closely as I hear the water trickle and splash over small rocks, I can feel it flowing like a pull within me, pulling me somewhere.

" Good job, now to channel it I want you to raise the levels, its low tide so there isn't much water I want you to pull it back up and then release it again." She adds.

Again I focus on what she said, keeping my eyes closed I imagine the water in lake rising its like a string in front of me so mentally I reach out and hold it in my fingers.

" Good that's it, keep going remember don't pull it too much" she calls out.

I take the thread in my fingers and pull it a little towards me, a rush of power floods me and suddenly I feel exhausted and the thread snaps.

" Dammit" I curse.

" Its alright, did you know that our protectors aren't just here to guide us and keep us safe, but they also help us channel what we have inside. Use the bond you have with him, when you feel yourself slipping reach out for him, he will give you the push you need. There is a reason why our bonds with our protectors is stronger than anything in this world, there are stronger than mate bonds because they are part of you. The reason we can't see or mind link our wolves is because they are separate. We are stronger that way as we don't rely on them but ourselves. So we have protectors they are an extension of our inner wolves. They are part of us as we are them. You feel each others pain and emotions. I think that is why when you marked the alpha your bond with Titan extended to Kalen. That's why he can hear him Kalen is mated to you and Titan is extension of you so he is now bound to him too" my mum explains to me.

Sudden everything starts to make sense to me now, I close my eyes and begin again this time when I see the thread in my minds eye I don't hesitate to reach out for it and take it between my fingers that same rush of power washes over but this time I reach for the thread that binds me and Titan, holding them both together in my fingers. I feel soft fur brush my thigh and I know he is sat beside me helping me through this, I pull the threads towards me slowly this time, I don't feel the drain on my body.

" You did it " squeals my mum. Sure enough I open my eyes and see that the water level has risen and now is mere inches from the banks.

" I did it" I squeal I really did it.

That's my girl.

Thanks boy.

" You did, now before we mess things up, close yours eyes and do the same thing instead of pulling it towards you push it away to where it was when you first started" mum commands.

I close my eyes again this time I rest one hand on titan and hold the other in front of me, I take in the smell, the feel and the surrounding sounds I see the threads in front me closer than they were when I first began I grasp them in my fingers and instead of pulling them towards me I push them away from and put them back where I found them.

" Well done my daughter " mum gushes, she gets up and wraps her arms around me from behind, " I knew you could do it darling " she adds. She stands back up and helps me to my feet.

" Now the next one is your light " mum adds all business like.

" My what " I state confused, what is she on about.

That white glow stick thing you do.

" Your light, when ever you get overwhelmed you glow like the moon your body emits a pure white light, you did this the day you were blessed and each time you use you power when you're emotional, it also helps you light up the darkness. In order to protect yourself you must learn to only use your light when you have too, otherwise others will see and there is a chance your secret will be out" mum states firmly I'm guessing this bit is a big deal.

" How do I control that"

" You must learn control don't let your emotions get the better of you, learn to control your temper meditate and know that you can always rely on titan he is here for a reason ok, also always open your mind before you use it feel if anyone is around" mum coos as she tucks a strand of my hair behind my ear.

" Controlling the sky is something else you have to open you mind to, feel the static energy in the clouds. You can do more than summon the lightning in the sky you can absorb it and store it in your body and use it when you need it, lighting in essence is electricity so you can control the currents not only in the sky but you can direct it too. You can send out a current from your hand and electrocute an enemy or even charge something metal with electric "

" How do you know this mum " that's been bothering me now.

" There is a secret library in Greece that has ancient teachings of these things, elder Leon had them sent to me in private a few years ago so i self-taught myself so when the time came I could help you, maybe if we speak to the elder again he will allow me to give them to you but you'll have to promise to keep them hidden for no one can know they exist " her tone tells me that she is in fact telling me the truth.

How are you doing love, its getting late and you haven't eaten since this morning. Kalen's voice rings in my head.

" I'm guessing your mate wants you home now eh" mum smirks.

" He is reminding me I haven't eaten since this morning " I sigh.

" Come them we should head back and eat, I have to head home again tomorrow. Your father is trying to take on too much responsibility at home since he insisted I help you" mum giggles. I know she worries about him, by now my brother should have taken over, but he wanted to be their for his pregnant mate i don't think she has long left then hopefully they will lift the burden of my parents.

Mum and I shift into our wolves gather our clothes in our mouths and run towards our house where I'm sure Kalen is waiting for me. Titan runs on ahead full of energy and life its great to see him happy and settled here I wanted him to be happy and the fact he was filled my heart with joy. When we reached the house I shifted back and pulled on my clothes, mum followed suit and shifted soon after once we were both dressed we walked up to the house the window that Kalen broke last week has finally been fixed.

We enter the house through the back door and walk in to the kitchen, there stood my handsome mate with vest top on and shorts that hung low on his hips with a towel dropped over his shoulder. I swear I was drooling hard it was like one of my dreams had come true though in my dreams he was shirtless nevertheless he still looked drop dead gorgeous. The smell of food hung in the air,

" hello my love " Kalen says as soon I step foot in the kitchen, I'm guessing he knew I was in the house before he heard me with his sense of smell. I walk up behind and wrap my arms around him from and press my face against his back, he tuns around and embraces me planting a swift kiss on the corner of my mouth.

" How was it" he asks as he stands back up straight.

" Good I think with practice I'll get used to it, mum was a great teacher" I exclaim.

" She is a natural, hello Kalen how are you dear " mum swoops in, I step back and allow her to give him a hug.

When I was unconscious in the hospital they seemed to have all bonded well, even my father likes him and let me tell you that's a first for my dad, I'm his little girl well his only girl so naturally he is very protective of me when it comes to boys. Like I said before I was never interested in boys but that didn't stop them trying, one glare from my father had them shitting their pants.

" I'm good thanks Tara how's Matthew " kalen replies.

I spend the next 20 minutes listing to my mum and Kalen talk while he finished cooking dinner, when he finished we all sat down at the table and ate, Kalen kept one hand on my thigh under the table whilst we ate. He asked how I got on, so I told him about what mum said and how I managed to control the water levels in the lake. He was very proud of me and a little shocked when I told him that mum said I could control the electric currents. We had a lovely evening with mum before we all took off to bed, mum took herself off to her room while we headed to ours Titan decided to sleep outside the door I think Kalen had something to do with that, because no sooner had we entered the bedroom he had me thrown on the bed and buried himself deep inside giving me the best night of my life.


Another update my friends.

Got a little writers block lately but I'm stil working hard to write this for you guys


Leah x 😘
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