Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. twenty-nine ⚔

I woke up to feel sweet kisses being placed on my neck and around the mark, I opened my eyes to see Kalen's eyes black with lust I had no clothes on as they were ripped off me as soon as we entered the bedroom last night. His rock hard erection was digging into my thigh, this dog was always horny when we were alone.

" Morning" I mumble my once was husky and I sounded more like a man.

" What a good morning it is too" is his reply, his voice in turn was filled with lust and need.

" And what is it you want" I smile up at him.

He moves till he is nestled between my legs and begins kissing down my body, sparks erupt on my skin and a trial of goosebumps are left behind. He works his way down to my breasts taking each bud in his mouth and sucks gently on each one, the fire in my core lights up like the fourth of July and I begin wriggling beneath him desperate for some friction. He releases my nipples and begins kissing his way down to the junction of my thighs, when he reaches there he inhales deeply.

Holy shit if its possible I'm even more turned on, I can't hold back the moan as he flicks his tongue out to lick my folds, reaching down and push my fingers into his hair and hold his head close me as he pushes his tongue into me he snakes his arms underneath me and pulls me further down the bed. I'm a moaning mess as the knot in my stomach starts to tighten Kalen senses this, then the fucker stops.

" Wait no.. I was so close" I pant out.

A wicked smirk graces his face, and he crawls back up the bed and slips his tongue in my mouth I can taste myself on his lips not that I care in the slightest, his kisses become more hungry and needy, his hard member is near my entrance so I raise my hips to make him get the hint that I needed him. His hand snakes down my body to grab his member, and he guides himself to my entrance in one deep thrust he is inside me, I moan into his mouth as he grinds into me I wrap my legs around him, using my strength I flip us over, so I'm on top of him, keeping him buried deep me I grind on to him he moans and groans underneath me and use that to push myself up and down him.

We meet each other thrust for thrust as I rise and fall him, my breasts bounce he reaches up to hold me he pulls himself upright so that we are nose to nose,

" I love you" he whispers.

He thrust into me slow and deep my insides are like mush, the knot in my stomach is building again but this time slow, he kisses me with such hunger and I can feel him pouring his emotions into the kiss, through the mate bond I can feel that he is genuine in his emotions and his words. I break the kiss so that I can breathe and look straight into his eyes,

" say it again" I pant between moans.

" I love you Phoenix " he says with such honesty and truth that it pushes me over the edge and I climax around him, I feel him thrust one last time and then stiffen as he reaches his climax.

" I love you too " I whisper and his kisses me again so deeply we each pour all our love for each other into that kiss. I realized that I do love him too, everything about him the way he is so sweet and kind to me, we may have only been together a short while, but we know each other pretty well from all our late night talks.

" Say it again " he demands.

" I love you "

Kalen wraps his arms around me and holds me close he is still buried deep inside me and it wasn't too long before we were on round two of our love making. After we had climaxed another two times we headed into the shower to get ready for the day.

" Morning mum" I coo as I walk into the kitchen, she has already made breakfast for us as Mary the housekeeper is away helping her granddaughter who has just given birth to a pup.

" Morning my darling, I see you and the alpha seem to getting on very well " she says with a wiggle of eyebrows, goddess it's a good job this women is my mother.

" Am I going to see grand pups soon" she adds.

" What mum no, I'm not ready for that yet besides I've only just realized that I love him I don't want pups yet besides being an elder trainer I don't know where my life will go having children right now would be hard work, anyway what time are heading off as I'm dying to get back on the field " I ask her as I tuck into my breakfast.

Kalen descends the stairs his sweet smell tells me he is close, he walks into the kitchen dressed in sweats and a t-shirt, he rounds the counter to hug and peck my mum on the cheek before settling down at the table to eat.

" Tara you didn't have to do this you know" he sighs as she places a plate of breakfast in front of him.

" Nonsense its least I can do seeing as you let me into your territory so often, and besides I have to head home after lunch Matthew is taking on too much stress at home, and lance my dear son is still waiting for his pup to be born before he will take over" you can see the stress on my mums face. I reach out and clasp her hand in mine.

If I was born a boy then I would have taken over the gamma position, but I was born a girl and to be totally honest I never wanted that anyway, I was too free spritied as youngster. The stress of being gamma have taken on a toll on my mum she has a few wrinkles by her eyes, but she does well in masking it all.

" Are you ok mum" I ask her.

" Oh I'm being silly I'm fine, now eat up I want to watch you kick some butt before I go home" she laughs.

We finish our breakfast and place all the empty plates in the dishwasher looking at the clock I notice its 9am which means we are very late for training but I guess it's my first day back I can slack a little. We all head out to the training field and mum takes a seat on the one of benches near the tables that hold bottles of water. Kalen walks over to a warrior who is built like a tank I swear he is too large to be a wolf. They must have said something to each but I wasn't close enough to hear them, but all the warriors stopped what they were doing and walked up to stand in front of the alpha.

" Warriors of black hills, today you have the pleasure of trying with your Luna as you know she was originally sent here to help train you all and as an elder trainer than doesn't change anything so 6 days a week you will train alongside her with Luke and I as supervisors. Men you will treat her with respect because if you don't you'll find your self pulling double shifts on border patrols do I make myself clear" his authoritative voice radiates power and demands attention and a response, the warriors in front me stand and speak in unison with a clear " yes alpha"

" Phoenix my love they are all yours" Kalen says with a glint in his eye. OO game on baby.

I walk up to stand by his side some women give me evil eyes that are filled with pure jealousy, not my fault I bagged the alpha. I mean come on I didn't intend for any of this to happen. The men look at me like they are bored already, so I decide to go easy on them, nah just kidding I'm going kick their arses.

" Right seeing as you look like you have a score to settle, I'll take you all on one by one if you beat me then you get day off tomorrow if you don't, you restart your training from the beginning. Seeing as nothing I said previously has been stuck too. I will rotate one male then one female till I faced all 100 of you. Time to see what you made of ill start with the beginners, then the qualified, the intermediates, the advanced then finally I want the top warriors organize yourselves in to those categories and then in age starting with the youngest, go" I add the command at the end, and they'll scurry off and get in to their groups. Kalen pulls me over to the side concern is written all over his face.

" Love not that I'm doubting you or anything but that's a hundred fights one after the other, even by your standards that has to be a little insane, you only got signed off yesterday and you spent the day power training are you sure your up for this" he whispers to make sure no one else can hear the power bit, though I'm pretty sure the whole pack saw me glow white last week.

" agápi mou, half of them aren't as good as they think they are and it's only to submission. I'll be fine I have a little something up my sleeve plus I have Titan" I peck his lips and walk over to the sand pit he just stands there looking a little lost, I remove my hoodie, so I'm left standing in my sports bra and leggings, I roll my shoulders back and stretch out my arms and legs and crack my neck goddess that felt great.

" Right whose first " I shout with a smile on my face.

A young warrior steps forward and shuffles is feet as he walks to the sand pit he looks nervous but his eyes tell me he is ready.

" The fight is until the other submits, no shifting I'm testing your human combat skills Alpha you shout ready and keep watch " I call out he seems to gather his whits about him and makes his way over to the edge of the pit.

Titan stay by his side if I tire ill need you to encourage me forward.

You got it.

He sits on his rump and looks at us both watching and waiting ready to see how this goes, mum is just as eager as she now perched on the edge of her seat watching us with such intensity. I get into a defense position and look up the warrior who has also taken the same stance.

" Charlie your ready" Kalen asks as he looks to the young warrior.

" Yes alpha " Charlie replies with more enthusiasm that his body language gives out.

" Luna you ready " he smirks at me.

" You bet" I smile back.

" Begin"

Charlie lunges for me straightaway but his moves are sloppy and uncoordinated, he swings a fist towards to my face but I duck and swerve to the left and swing a punch towards his ribs, he staggers to the side but recovers quickly and spins around to try again he throws a punch towards my chest and tries to uppercut me at the same time, he misses both times and receives a kick to the back of his leg I hear a satisfying crack and a howl pain as he drops to the floor I rush forward to grab his head in head lock, I have one arm round the front of his neck and my other arm is behind his head pushing it forward two seconds later he taps my arm and submits.

I release the hold I had on him and pull him to his feet his leg will heal in an hour or two, and he'll be fine he staggers off to the side where I see the doc already waiting someone must have mind linked her.

" Who's next" I shout as I brush the dirt off my trousers.

A smallish girl steps forward I've seen her around a few times very shy and timid, but she is fast in the pits normally we shall see how well she does.

" Laura you ready " alpha asks as she gets in to her stance.

" Yes alpha " her voice is soft and sweet like that of an innocent angel. Dam this is going to hurt her.

" Luna"

" yes I'm ready love "

No sooner after saying begin she had flung herself towards me aiming for my legs I managed to jump just in time, dam she really is fast no sooner did I jump over her did she spin round and punch me in the back, fuck that hurt, not having this I spun round just as she was about to throw another punch at I grabbed her fist and hurled her arm down and punched her shoulder joint, hearing it pop she cries out and clutches her arm, that's my chance. I drop her to the floor and with her non injured arm I bring it up her back and push it up, she screams out in pain and taps the ground. Laura gets up and brushes herself down before rotating her shoulder back and putting back where it is ment to be.

It took me all of an hour to get through the beginners and all loosing not surprising as they all only started training about six months ago and not having a trainer and sloppy warriors its not surprising that there techniques were all off. The qualified were a little more challenging but I got through them with a few split lips, cuts and grazes all over me but I never gave up. I broke a few of their bones and dislocated a few joints but none of them were too serious for I knew just where to hit and how hard. So far I had faced forty wolves, and I wasn't even breaking a sweat.

Next up where the intermediates now they were tougher mainly because they had been fighting for longer and a little harder nevertheless after a grueling hour and a half I had faced them all, I had cracked a few knuckles by now and my leg was hurting.

Darling he is waiting for you to bless him. He mind links me

Bless him how.

Love walk over and place your hand on his head and raise him to his feet.

Shaking my head I limp over to the warrior who is still kneeling in the sand, " what is your name warrior " I ask him.

" Nigel Luna" he replies, I lean forward and place my hand on his head and allow my eyes to shift I look down on him and smile at him " rise Nigel, your Luna is grateful for your submission " slowly he rises to his feet and looks me dead in the eye, and gasps.

" Your eyes, they are gold "

" Yes my wolf is a little different from yours, but we accept your submission and you may have the day off tomorrow" my voice comes out a little husky and think that is because I'm more wolf than human right now despite the fact I have actually shifted.

" Thank you, Luna " he whispers.

" Alright your dismissed training will begin at 6am sharp don't be late " booms Kalen, the warrior that are left shift about and begin walking just as he reaches me I feel very tired and worn out, so he scoops me up bridal style and carries me back towards the house my mum and titan close behind, Kalen leans down to whisper in my ear,

" that was fucking hot as hell"

Great now my brain has gone to mush, and I feel turned on, dam it nix snap out of it.


Bit late i know, bug here is the next update feeling a little under the weather lately so my writing is a little slower

Let me know your thoughts

Till next time

Leah x 😘
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