Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. thirty ⚔


Kalen pov

I had stood to the side of the sand pit with Titan while Phoenix took on each warrior in the group, this was just the morning group we have another set of warriors who prefer to train at night, but they are all top warriors and have been training since they first shifted, so they don't need any work.

She took on all 100 warriors one after the other the beginners didn't seem to make her break a sweat, and she got through them all within an hour, as she worked her way through them I couldn't help but flinch now and then when you heard a snap of a bone or a dislocating joint she was intense. It's easy to see why she became an elite warrior with the UWA at just 18 she had moves and techniques id never seen before, the way she moves with such grace and stealth is amazing. Titan had told me that her time at the UWA wasn't pretty she had broken her bones had chunks of her flesh ripped out and even cracked her skull at one point. It reminded me of what the elder said, that he pushed her harder than he had ever pushed anyone before, he had said he personally trained Phoenix I can only imagine what the elder is like in a fight.

Werewolves age slower than humans so by the time we reach 24 we only physically age once every seven years kinda like dog years in a way, the elder must be old. Phoenix must have been trained by the best not just at the UWA but also by the elder as she had taken on over 99 warriors the last warrior stepped up to the sand pit, Nigel he was by far one of the best we had and often helped the younger pups who were on the verge of shifting, what he did next surprised even me.

He walked into the pit and knelt down head bowed and tapped the floor three times, he tapped out before it had begun when he spoke to her his voice was clear and full of honesty and respect.

" I will not fight you Luna, not out of disrespect but because I have respect. You have faced 99 of us and not once have you lost I don't feel worthy enough to go against you but I'm more than happy to submit myself to you and take your training more seriously. Your one hell of a fighter miss and I feel honored to not only have you as a warrior but also to call you Luna"

He kept his head down the whole time he spoke, pride blossomed in my chest that one of my warriors had gone this far to show respect to his Luna. Phoenix just stood there not sure what to do I laughed before sending her mind link.

Darling he is waiting for you to bless him.

Bless him, how. Her sweet voice replies.

Love walk over and place your hand in his head, make him raise to his feet. I reply.

She walks over and places her hand on his head I bite back the growl halo wants to cause because our mate is touching someone, but as a Luna many may ask her for this, she blesses the warrior and even gives him a day off tomorrow which delights him. I Dismiss all the warriors and then swoop down to gather my little mate in my arms she has to be shattered by now. As we walk back to the house I lean down and whisper in her ear.

" That was fucking hot as hell"

She instantly blushes the same color as her red hair and her eyes flash gold for a split-second she nuzzles her nose into my chest and a small purr vibrates in her chest. Titan and her mum follow us close behind, once inside I place her on her feet, and we walk to wards the front room,

" are you alright do you need me to call the doctor " I ask her in all honesty I know she heals quick but after what happened last week I don't want her pushing it, well it's probably too late for that seeing as she just fought 100 of my warriors.

" I'm fine honestly most injuries have healed now anyway " she replies I search her face to see if she is telling the truth and to my relief I seen only honesty.

" She's a tough one she always has been, I would love to stay longer but I need to get back are you going to be ok, ill come back next week and see you your brother should be home then maybe I can bring him over to see you too if that's OK with you Kalen " says her mum as she rounds the sofa to stand in front of her daughter.

" That's fine by me " I reply.

" Take care mum I love you" Phoenix says as she engulfs her mum in tight hug.

" You going to be OK I have to go to meeting i won't be long" I state as she releases her mum.

" Yup, I'm going lounge here and rest my legs" she groans and begins tucking herself into a ball on the sofa.

I lean down and peck her forehead before walking to the front door with Tara, I send a link to Titan to keep on his guard and also mind link Luke to keep guard of the house while I head to the pack house for my meeting just as Tara gets in her car she stops and looks at me,

" you have a good one there look after her" and she climbs into her car and drives away. I climb into my car and drive down to the pack house, getting out of the car I walked towards to the door, before I get to open the door 4 young pups come dashing out the door and out into the clearing where a small wooden activity center sat,

" sorry alpha there are too eager to get out" says Lucy the pups care take she looks after pups while their parents work nodding my head at her I slip past and head up to my office, already waiting for me was my beta Zain, the gamma Neil, Niccii and Macy and Nigel.

" Alpha" they said in unison.

" Thank you for joining me, now the reason I've asked for you three to be here" pointing to Nicci, Macy and Nigel" is that you have impressed Phoenix in your training, and she thinks Macy you would be better as a tracker, so I've spoken to Nadine, and she is willing to train you in your fighting skills and teach you to be tracker your small and agile and I happen to agree with her, as for you Niccii you've shown the most progress in training, so we have decided to promote you to advanced you'll be working more closely with Luke, Nigel the Luna believes your more suited to being a guard and a warrior so if your happy you'll join the guards in the cells and interrogation as well as working with non shifting pups and stepping in to your warrior mode as and when needed every body happy " I ask as I look the three warriors in front of me.

After the fights earlier Nix had told me about these three and had given me her input I couldn't agree more with her suggestion, the Luna isn't just responsible for producing heirs and given the pack stability but also to help lead and guide people to better versions of themselves, so I took her opinions on board and here we are.

" Thank you alpha, I always wanted to be a tracker" beams Macy.

" Thank you alpha " gushes Niccii

" The Luna gives me a great honor" states Nigel.

" I'm glad your happy, right you three are dismissed, however if you Girls wish to visit her she is up the house I should hope by the end of the day her office down the hall should be done" with that they leave leaving us men to talk business.

" Right what did you get off of the slime bag Maximus " I grit out as I sit behind the desk.

" Took a lot or torturing to get him to say anything at first, all he kept saying was something about some prophecy and that your Luna is lying to you, he thinks she is using some spell to fool you in to thinking she is your mate. When we brought up Nova he panicked. He isn't aware that she is missing at the minute. He kept saying that John will have our titles and pack if we don't release him" says my gamma he has been in charge of trying to get the info out of him.

" He was somehow involved in the death of my parents and according to my source he has been leaking information about me to rouges for years, I found out the other week that all the packs that have been hit in the last 10 years have a connection to me through my bloodline, mainly my mothers I don't know why but it seems someone has been targeting me for years by eliminating members of my family on her side." I sigh this has been bugging me for a week now but I don't let Phoenix know that I keep my guard up I don't need her worrying when she has things of her own to deal plus whenever I'm near her my mind goes blank anyway.

" What are you saying" asks Zain.

" That someone out there is after me and if they are trying to get to me taking out my family seemed to be an easy way but I wasn't close to anyone on my mother's side, mum was too privet, and I was too young. So now the easier option to get to me will be my mate. " As that thought sinks in I feel dread wash over me.

" Hey Kalen nothing will happen to her I saw what she did today if she can fight 100 warriors one after the other than who ever or what ever is targeting you will be no problem to her she is fierce" Zain always tries to ease my mind but there is some nagging thought at the back of my mind that I can't place and don't know what it is.

" Any news on Nova " I ask.

" No other than what the rouge in the cells said we haven't heard anything have you felt her link break," asks Neil.

" Its not broken just fuzzy I can't connect to her, its like something is blocking the link or I can't get through but regardless of my personal feelings to the bitch she is still a member of this pack, any luck with the missing wolves have any of them been found" I ask.

" We found 2 of the four that were missing they were in pretty bad shape when I found them one is in a medically induced coma his head were bashed in with some force, so we can't question him till he wakes." Says Zain.

" We saw an elder the other day, anything we should be aware of " Zain adds.

" He is the one helping us he gave us the leads on the other packs, and we don't need to fear him he is close to Phoenix he was the elder who personally trained her" I sigh.

We spent the next few hours going over reports from the other packs that elder Leon gave me and lining them up with my family tree on the board behind me, we go over all the loses and how they tie to me most of the packs either had a blood relative of my mum in or they originated from them. What ever the reason behind it was I didn't know, my mum never spoke of her family and my father didn't speak much of his past either but then like I said I was only 5 years old when they died I was too young to know anything and now I can't remember anything from back then. I need to speak to Zain parents Max and Talia.

" Alright that's enough one night I need a break" I state after another 2 hours of work I want to go home and relax with my mate but first I need to speak to Zain's parents.

" Alright I'm going to check on the misses, see you later" Zain announces and gets up to leave followed closely behind by Neil.

I get up and head out of my office and down to my car Talia and Max moved to the edge of territory to a small cabin when their son took over its just north of my house and takes about an hour to drive there, I need to speak with them they knew more about my parents than anyone maybe they can shed some light on why this happened or what my mum has to do with any of this.

Then I'm going home to my sweet mate, because by goddess do I need her.


Updates will be slower just due to writers block but I will finish this as its my pride and joy there are 5 chapters pre written so don't worry

Till next time ..

Leah x😘
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