Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. thirty-one ⚔


Phoenix pov

Kalen has been gone hours, I woke up to knocking on the door Nicci and Macy had come up to see me and to thank me for what I had said to Kalen, turns out he took my advice about the three warriors seriously. They were so happy, we spent the time they were here watching movies in the movie room and stuffing ourselves silly on junk food after 3 movies it was time for them to head back to the pack house and help with dinner and see there mates I haven't met them yet.

Titan and I decided to go to the gym I worked on the treadmill as did Titan he seemed to enjoy running on it and then when he had enough he curled up and went to sleep I carried on working out then went for a swim in the pool, Titan or course jumped in too, as soon as he heard me jump in, goddess how am I going to explain wolf hair in the pool to Kalen. After messing around for an hour I was hungry again, so I got changed and headed to the kitchen for something to eat. I haven't been able to mind link Kalen for some reason his block was up, once I had eaten I started to feel sleepy it was getting late, and we had training in the morning, so I decided to go to bed.

It was still dark when I woke up, I looked over to the clock and saw it was 2am the other side of the bed was still empty I reached over to find it was still cold, he's still not home where on earth could he be surely he isn't still working. I swing my legs out of bed and wrap a gown around me, I head down to his office to see if he is in there, but no luck as its empty and I can't pick up any traces of his scent, sighing I walk around the house but I can't hear nor smell anything. Giving up I head back up to bed. I walk in the room and shake my head, Titan has crawled up on to the bed and is snuggled down on Kalen's side of the bed snoring away, dam wolf sleeps more than anyone I've ever known.

Accepting defeat I decide to curl up beside him and drift off into a dreamless sleep, when I wake it's to the annoying sound of my alarm I sit up and wipe the sleep from my eyes and lean over to grab my phone and switch off the alarm, I'm not even surprised when I look over my shoulder and see Titan still asleep and no sign of Kalen. Groaning to myself I get up and chuck on my training gear and head down to the training fields, of course Titans grumbles the whole way there about how I'm messing up his beauty sleep and all that shit.

I spend the next 4 hours working with the warriors teaching them how to land punches better, and to help better their stances some were getting the hang of it really well, others cursed and called me out on stuff they though were bull shit, which resulted in them getting their arses bitten by titan he wasn't happy with the level of respect I was getting off some of them. It didn't seem to matter that I had kicked each one of their arses yesterday nevertheless the ones who had disrespected me ended up on border patrol and had to pull extras on the training sessions that will teach them.

When we were finally done training at 9am I headed back to the house and showered and got dressed, today I was determined to head to the pack house and begin working there on some Luna duties that needed attending to. Which of course consisted of visiting new mums in the infirmary, making an appearance in the local kindergarten and also making preparations for the next full moon celebration. In our pack we used to have a huge bonfire and barbecue with music, dancing and pack runs the next full moon isn't for another 3 weeks, so I have time to plan something similar for this pack now. When I finished it was around 4pm and still no sign of Kalen.

I walk out the office that had been done for me and walked to Kalen's I knocked on the door but there was no answer, so me being me I opened the door and walked in his scent wasn't here either, I walked further in and rounded his desk to sit in his chair somehow I felt close to him I just wish I knew where he was,

" Luna, is everything ok"

My head snaps up so fast I nearly gave myself whiplash, there standing in the door way is Zain Kalen's beta, he has a tired look to his face and his hair is a messed up I'm guessing he has been running his hands through it a few times. I sit up and blink back tears that were forming in my eyes.

" Yeah I'm fine, have you seen Kalen around, I haven't seen him since yesterday when he left " my voice is full of emotion that I've held deep down I need to be strong, I've tried not think of Kalen all day but I can't help it. I'm allowed to get a little distracted from time to time but I pushed it back, so I could I focus but now it was like a dam that wanted to break I missed him, I had no idea where he was.

" No I saw him last night he said he had some things to do, and then he was going home, come to think of it I haven't been able to get through to him either" Zain walks further into the office and sits on the chair opposite me on the other side of the desk.

" He didn't come home last night, he has his link blocked, and he isn't answering his phone, I'm worried does he do this often like disappear " I ask.

" Not for a while no, has no one heard from him" Zain sighs.

" I don't know I haven't mentioned it to anyone I don't want to cause panic or concern in the pack, I've just been getting lost in work and that, I thought he would have been at training this morning, but he didn't turn up to that either " the worry was getting to me but I had to be strong.

" Can you feel anything through the mate bond, your marked and mated you should feel something"

" not always he has a habit of blocking me out"

" since when "

" There has been a few times I felt his emotions but not very often I know what ever he is going through must be hard, but he doesn't share it with me he is happy at home but I can't say the same for when he isn't, I don't know what to do " I run my hands through my hair and lean back on the chair.

" I'm sure what ever it is Nix he'll come round, and he'll be home he can't avoid everyone for long, this is his pack, and he loves it dearly I know he'll be back" Zain seems confident but then for me I have no clue what to think I look down to Titan sleeping on the floor.

What about you can you get through to him.

I'll try but I can't make any promises.

Zain gets up and goes to a small bar on the other side of the room and fills up two glasses with whiskey, he hands one to me and keeps the other we sit down in silence just sipping on the liquor while I wait to hear from Titan,

" try not to worry he'll come home, for all you know he could be at house waiting for you" Zain says.

"Your probably right ill head home for the night, let me know if you here anything" I state as I rise from the chair, we all walk out of the office and down to the car park I decide to drive home instead of walking my legs hurt from all the walking and work outs I've done.

Zain heads off and I climb into the truck, Titan settles himself down in the back and together we drive up to the house,

Anything. I ask Titan.

He's not good Nix, he's in the house. Titan links back.

I pull up outside the house and run indoors, I find his scent strongest when I walk down the stairs to the at home bar, he is sat on one of the chairs looking like shit, I might add he is still wearing what he wore yesterday, but the bags under his eyes suggest he hasn't slept at all, his hair is all over but what scares me the most are his eyes themselves they are as black as night and I know it's not lust.

" Kalen" I call out to him softly.

He doesn't move, doesn't make a sound he just sits there staring ahead at the wall, I can't feel anything through the bond he has well and truly shut me out. I walk over to him slowly I've never seen him in this state before, so I don't know how to approach him properly, so I just have to go with slow and steady.

" Is everything ok" I ask quietly.

Still, nothing no response, I walk over and take a seat on the opposite chair in front of him now that I'm closer to him I can see that he has bags under his eyes and dirt on the one side of his face he looks likes he has been rolling round in the mud. He has bruised knuckles and one of his hands is swollen.

" Kalen what's going on"

Still, nothing he doesn't even look at me or acknowledge that I am here he just carries on staring at the wall in front of him I don't know what to do, so I mind link someone I think can help Zain.

Zain, he's here at the house, but he's not responding to me he has cut knuckles and a swollen hand he won't talk to me I don't know what to do.

I'm on my way now. Zain links back.

I sit on the chair just looking at him I reach out to touch his hand, but he recoils from me and gets up and walks to the bar,

" please talk to me" I beg.

" I don't want to talk about it" he snarls.

Wow, ok I knew he was mad but not that mad, he has never snarled at me before.

"I'm just trying to help " I coo.

" You can't fix this Phoenix, its nothing to do with you just leave it" he shouts, his voice is filled with rage I want to say something sarcastic but I bite my tongue, just then Zain appears at the top of the stairs and Kalen snaps.

" You fucking called my beta down here, what the fuck Phoenix " his voice gets louder and louder each time he talks, only this time he makes me jump, Titan must have sensed my fear because he was by my side in an instant, he positioned himself just in front of me to protect me.

" Seriously this fucking mutt doesn't get the hint does he" he growls at Titan.

" Hey watch your fucking mouth, he is doing his job protecting me so back up" I snap back looking at him now I wished I hadn't opened my mouth because using his speed he appeared in front of me baring his fangs.

" I'd watch your mouth if I was you, you forget who the alpha is here" Holy shit he really is pissed.

" You disappear all night and day, then I come home after looking after our pack to find you in a state I'm trying to help and you're biting my head off and don'tyou dare threaten my wolf" I shout.

He raises his hands and runs them through his hair before he looks at me again this time there is a hint of brown in his eyes, but he blinks it away as soon as it appeared.

" I don't need to be lectured by you " he bites out.

" What the actual fuck Kalen I've done nothing wrong, and you're having a go at me what ever the hell has happened talk to me about it" I try reasoning with him, but he steps closer to me causing Titan to raise his hackles and send out a warning growl, Kalen's eyes dart down to Titan, and he growls back putting dominance in to his but it doesn't work on Titan never has, instead he stands taller and puts himself directly in front of me.

" Kalen why don't we go for a run, and you can calm down eh" Zain interjects.

Kalen looses his shit and moves to the bar and grabs a bottle then throws it across the room the glass smashes on the wall behind me and glass flies everywhere a large piece bounces off the wall and impales itself in the back of my shoulder I cry out in pain and clutch my shoulder. Titans head swings round to look at me and when I remove my hand I see blood.

Kalen doesn't even react he just storms out the room and up to stairs, there is another smash and I know it's the door upstairs he has shut it so hard I think he broke it, I break down crying on the floor and reach round to pull the glass out my shoulder but Zain beats me to it and wraps his arms around me picking me up off the floor, I can't even form any words I'm just sobbing like a baby the glass is wedged in my skin and I can feel blood trickle down my back.

Zain takes me up to our bathroom and sets me down on the side of the bath, he reaches over to the cabinet and takes out a first aid box and begins taking out some antiseptic wipes and a bottle of saline solution, he walks back over and apologizes before pulling the glass out causing me to yelp as it scratches my skin, I'm only wearing a shirt with a vest underneath so now that the glass is removed I take off the shirt so that he can help clean up my back.

" He had no right taking it out on you" he states once he has cleaned up my back and placed a band aid on it to cover it up till its healed.

" I don't know what's wrong with him" I sob out.

" I have no idea either" he mummers back.

Titan is in the door way of the bathroom watching me, I can tell from the look in his eyes he is pissed off and angry that I've been hurt because of Kalen's temper. To be honest I'm shocked too I've never seen him like that, I know there are stories of him being ruthless and a killer but I've never seen that side to him, it shocks me and made me realize how much he hides from me. If he can hide his temper what else is he hiding.

" I've never seen him like that before sure I heard the stories about him, but he always sweet and kind to me" I state as I get up from the edge of the bath.

" Where did he go last night" I add, turning round to face Zain.

" I don't know he just said he had things to do, and then he was going home, I'm sure what ever it is will sort itself, but ill be having words with him when I see him, he shouldn't have behaved like that towards you. Your his mate and Luna he should respect you like you do him" I can hear the strain in his voice when he speaks like he is holding back.

" Just leave him, I don't want to make him worse, I'm tired and I don't feel so good I need to sleep but I'm not staying here while he is like this, I'm going to my old room in the pack house till he has calmed down" I sigh, I walk out the bathroom and grab some pajamas and then walk out the room and down the stairs.

We arrive at the pack house and I can tell Zain is tense, I can see the urge to protect me on his face but the need to go check on his own mate too, so I decide to relieve him of his duty and tell him to go back to his mate ill be fine, reluctantly he heads off to see his mate and leaves me and Titan on our own outside the pack house.

" Come on little man I've had enough for one day" I state as I reach down and scratch behind his ears, he growls lowly and rubs his head on my leg. Its late out so no one is around I get an unwelcome shiver run down my spine before I hear popping sounds followed by a yelp I look down to see a dart in Titan's side.

" Titan" I yell as he drops to the floor, just I as reach down to him I feel something sharp hit my side and then another sharp pain in my arm, two darts are sticking out of me, I try to pull them out but I feel a burn and a wave of drowsiness wash over before I fall to the floor in a pool darkness the last thing I see is two black boots before my vision fails me and I slip in to a deep sleep.

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Updates will be slow but I'm getting there slowly so heres another chapter for you to enjoy ..

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