Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter .. three .♠️


Kalen's pov

I sat behind my desk sorting out funeral arrangements 2 days ago we were attacked by rouges again, this is getting out of hand now. The first time our pack was hit was 20 years ago rouges hit us hard that night, that night I found out both my parents were slaughtered. The pack was left devastated. I was only 5 too young to take over so the elders put the Beta's family in charge till I was old enough, so I grew up with best friend Zain and his parents as they were the Beta's.

I started my 5 years of Alpha training at just 10 years old, at 15 I returned and took the title, Zain's father Max stayed as the beta till his son hit 18 then handed it over. On my 18th birthday we were hit again we lost 15 members including my sweet Lola, she would have been 17 two days after my birthday. I was so sure she was my mate but to be sure we both had to be over 17. The night she died I felt my whole world fall apart we didn't do anything with each other we wanted to wait till she was 17 to be certain.

Now it was happening again, we are the largest pack in the North, yet we are suffering the most from rouges. 2 days we were hit and lost 18 members, the King of wolves announced that 2 packs were slaughtered. If we intend to beat them then we need a new trainer, 2 months ago our elder trainer turned up in the Borders ripped to pieces with the initials RK carved into his chest.

The elders train warriors to become pack trainers, Alex was ours, he had been with us 15 years his death was hard he taught me everything he knew, I was brought out my thoughts by my office phone ringing.

" Alpha Kalen"

" Alpha Kalen its Elder Leon here we have news for you"

“ what news would be that be”

"I've just got off the phone with Alpha Blake who has our most valuable trainer returning home this weekend I understand that the death of our fellow trainer Alex has hit your pack hard. The trainer we are sending is a UWA elite, has two elder training degrees and also not to brag but they also hold world championships in the warrior battles

"Sounds impressive I look forward to meeting him”

" forgive me Alpha Kalen but her name is Phoenix Red, also known as the Red viper"

That fucker is grinning at me I know he is.

" Since when do you have female trainers. Who listens to a women?"

" Alpha I assure you, she is the best, so I suggest you swallow your pride and take the help we offer. Aslo you only have 18 months to find your mate otherwise you'll have to take a chosen mate, and our suggestion is your head warrior Nova Sinclair. She is smitten with you and is strong enough to bare an alpha pup and continue your blood line"

I can feel my wolf clawing my mind and ramming the walls to get out he hates Nova, ever since that meeting when Nova heard she was the elders chosen she won't leave me alone.

" Fine "

" oh and Alpha word of warning I'd keep that wolf of yours under control if Titan senses you as a threat you'll lose your throat before you can blink she'll be there in 3 days "

And the line goes dead .. Bastard.

He threatened me and then hung up, I'll show this Titan prick I'm not scared easily I've already had three people challenge me for my alpha position as it. They think the deaths in our pack are my fault. I mind link my Beta to come to my office. 5 minutes later he walks through the door, " Kalen " he says as he takes a seat on the arm chair opposite my desk in front of the glass wall.

" what's happened " he asks as he takes in the state of me. " Elder Leon called, they are sending us a new trainer" I state
" right that's a good thing tho yeah ?" he replies, " it's a fucking female, then says if I come across as threatening towards her then her mate, some fucker called Titan will rip my throat out before I can blink. I mean who the hell does he think he is" I spat.

The elders have their uses, yes don't get me wrong, they make sure that packs thrive and if it ever came to a full on war that we would all stand with the royal family. However, they are also the ones who suggest chosen mates for those who haven't found there's or for those who have lost their mates through death, mainly they do this for alpha's to ensure pack survival. They can also be interfering arseholes.

They had said at the last meeting that if I didn't find my mate by the time I was 27 I'd have to take a chosen mate, their suggestion is Nova. Of course, it went straight to her head and hasn't helped the fact she is already obsessed with me any way. Now she is worse. She saw me talking to a female warrior a while back and nearly lost her shit we were only discussing techniques. She is more crazy now than she was before.

" KALEN " shouts Zain " dude you zoned out"

"Sorry what was you saying" I ask Zain he isn't just the beta but also my best and closest friend.

" I said what's her name, ill have a look on the supernatural web"

" Phoenix Red "

" really " he asks eyes wide

" Yeah you've heard of her "

" goddess Kalen nearly everyone has heard of her here look at this"


Phoenix Red age 21

The first female UWA elite at age 18

Fought in 22 pack challenge fights winning every one.

Holds 3 world championships titles including the best new comer, world champion in the women's division and men's. Has held the title of undefeated ultimate world champion for 2 years.

Holds 2 elder degrees in training.

In the warrior battles she was known as the Red Viper.


" that's exactly what the Elder Leon said on the phone " I state after reading the blog

[She is fucking hot] growls Halo my wolf. After seeing her flaming Red hair and ocean blue eyes.

I block him out I don't wanna hear that shit from him, " who is her Alpha " asks Zain closing the laptop lid down . " Alpha Blake, they said she'll be here in 3 days " I reply running my hands through my hair. " From Rising Dawn Pack, shit me their warriors are intense. I know you don't like the idea of female trainer, but we need one, and this might actually work out you never know. Anyway you going to be alright it's my turn for border patrol " Zain says as he stands up. I nod my head, and he walks out closing the door behind him. I look out of the glass wall to see the moon in sky I take a deep breath and try to relax.

But my mind has other ideas and my thoughts begin to wonder, maybe Zain is right and this won't be a bad idea. I can't see how, one she is female and will start bossing everyone around not to mention her mate will be here. Two he will most likely try to rile me up and that will be like having wolfs bane poured down my throat.

Things were so much easier when this pack was happier no rouges, no deaths, my parents would be here and so would my Lola. Her raven black hair and stunning brown eyes and perfect ass, Goddess she was a light in the darkness. I was so sure she was my mate I just wish we had, had time to find it if that were true and that id got to her in time.

I clean up my desk and file the papers and then leave my office and head up to my room I change out my jeans and shirt and slip on my sweats and flop on my bed from exhaustion. Soon enough my eyes droop shut and I fall asleep unable to keep those ocean blues out of my head.


Thats chapter 3 guys and the first time we hear from Kalen

Thoughts on him so far

He's been through a lot and this is only a small insight in to his life

Can't wait for phoenix arrival
And for the shock that titan isn't her mate aha ha

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Till next time

Leah x😘

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