Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter. Five..♠️


Everyone was gathered on the training field in front of a small stage, on the stage stood Alpha Blake, the Beta uncle George , my father the Gamma and myself. Titan was also there but he was laid to the side of the stage, his neck still stuff from the bite. Behind me stood Nate with Trevor and Liv standing by his sides. Just in case.

On our way over here Alpha explained what happened to the luna through the mindlink and she went over to check on Freya in the infirmary. Out on the field there were mummers coming from pack members confused as to why they had been summoned at this hour.

" Silence " the alpha's voice booms through the air everyone immediately quietens down.

" thank you, I know you are all wondering why I have called you all here at this hour I will explain. Earlier this evening a she wolf staggered across our border seeking asylum, however the guard on patrol refused to listen to her plea. Instead he choose to attack her, Titan intervened to try and help her which resulted in the guard attacking and nearly killing Titan. We all know the law, violating females and attacking Titan is forbidden. And the punishment is severe. " the Alpha's voice echos across the field.

Whispers were heard from numerous people and others were shouting out questions

' whats so special about the wolf pet anyway '

' when did she get here and why is she up there anyway '

' attack a she-wolf how ?'

' a pack member would never assult a female '

" ENOUGH " everyone looked around in complete shock at the source of the command, all eyes where on me, my anger had gotten the better of me, the command had come from me. Alpha Blake looked at me shocked that I had commanded the pack my dominance was ripperling off me. Shit. The anger from what had happened to Freya and Titan was pulsating through me, I looked the to the Alpha,

I need to do this. I mindlinked him.

Instead of being angry with me he nodded his head to me. I took a deep breathe and stepped forward.

" My name is Phoenix Red, you know me I grew up here and most of you know my reputation in the warrior battles, and that I trained with the UWA. What you don't know is, that im a descendant of Artemis's warriors" the look of shock was written all over the faces. I bet they weren't expecting this, this morning. To be honest nor was I.

" Titan is my protector every warrior of Artemis is given one when they first shift, which is why he has been with me for over 14 years. He was given to me by the goddess herself, I saw her when I was 7 years old and so did my parents so I swear to you this is no lie. That is why it is forbidden to attack or injure him in any way. All the higher ranked officers knew this and I'm sorry I kept this from you all, but it was to keep me safe. But now i see that I need to have faith in you so I'm trusting you with this now. It's time I stepped out of the shadows and do what I was born to do"

Holy shit I did that, I've just told everyone what I am, it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders I relax myself and allow my eyes to shift to show everyone my golden wolf eyes. I can see the surprise on their faces. Now they know I'm not lying.

" Rising Dawn has a warrior of Artemis but I ask you to keep this amongst our pack till Phoenix is ready reveal herself to the world" says the Alpha.

" as for the reason as to why I brought you here, the attack on the she-wolf, was by a pack member who tired to sexually assult the female and almost killed Titan. I ask you the accused step forward now. " he continues.

A vicious growl is heard from behind us, I look back to see that Nate's eyes have fully shifted and he is being held back by Liv and Trevor. I look ahead to see where is staring, to see Thomas smirking from the back near the trees. Nate knows its him.

" alpha he is over there smirking" I say as I point to entrance of the woods where Thomas is standing, as soon as he sees the alpha looking he makes a run for it into the woods. The alpha's eyes glaze over meaning he is mind linking.

Five minutes later there is growling and snarling coming from the back of the field 4 guards walk forward with a angry Thomas in their grip. They drag him forward towards the stage through the shrong of pack members. He is forced to his knees when they reach the stage, once he is in front of us he just laughs.

A loud shout of an insult is heard from some where near the back and a women with long brown hair and eyes runs forward, when she eyes Thomas she lands a huge punch on his cheek " you arsehole" she shouts. I'm guessing she is his mate.

She stands off to the side as the guard pulls her away, " this man has been brought before us to face the charges set before him on attempted sexual assault on a she wolf and for attempted murder of the goddesses protector, what do you say in regards to these charges " demands the Alpha.

He spits out some blood that has gathered in his mouth, I'm guessing that was form the punch he received from his little mate. " she was asking for it as for that mutt " he nods his head into he direction of Titan "he doesn't belong here" he snarls, looking at Titan that earns him a deadly growl from me and Nate, who is still being held back by Liv and Trevor, " LIAR " Nate growls.

" its not the first time he has done something like this " says a small voice we look up to see its come from the same women who punched Thomas, " Narla what do you mean daring " says Trevor " I never willingly accepted him as my mate father, he forced the making and mating process I heard from a female from another pack that he raped a female he kept that secret from us all, he would lock me in the room and sleep with other women while making me watch. I was forced into silence, I couldn't say anything or he would have hurt me more than he already was not even to you dad. I'm pregnant he threaten to stab the child inside of me if I spoke out so I kept quite" Narla crys. " but I'm not afraid anymore " she adds wiping her tears, she walks in front of Thomas her head held and speaks the words no one thought we would hear.

" I Narla Smithson, daughter of Trevor Smithson reject you, Thomas Mc'avoy as my mate, I hear by sever our bond with the alpha, my father and pack as my witnesses " she spoke confidently and with power in her voice. To reject your mate in our world is a huge thing, its very rarely ever done and only under extreme circumstances.

Thomas falls to the floor in agony but Narla looks happy, she looks to the Alpha " do with him as wish" she states and then walks off through the crowd of pack members and disappears. That is one strong woman, she'll be a great mother.

The crowd is silent waiting to hear what will happen now, " Phoenix " a small voice calls out to me, I turn around to see the luna with her arm wrapped around a small fragile Freya. " you don't need to be here, you should be resting " I gasp when I reach her. " no I need to be here, I have something to say to your alpha please" she begs. I take her hand in mine and walk to the edge of the stage " Alpha " I call out to him, he looks our way and motions for me to continue," this is Freya the she wolf in question she wants to say something ".

" what is it my dear" he asks calmly, kneeling down.

" I ran here from old my pack," she takes a deep breathe before continuing "my alpha was abusive towards me, one night a servant girl and I were talking she said that there was a pack to the north that was friendly and strong, she told me stories of the kind Alpha who helped those in need. So one night when they were all sleeping I escaped. I ran through no man's land for days till I heard word that the pack I was looking for wasn't to far away, so I kept running and eventually I came to your boarders sir. When I crossed over I saw a guard, I tired to explain why I was here but he wouldn't listen. His eyes were black he threw me to the floor and ripped off my clothes he was going to rape me and he would of done had it not been for that wolf" she points to Titan " he tried to help me but the man attacked him when the wolf pulled him off me, he bit and shook his neck and then run off over the border line thats when Phoenix came and my mate. They saved me I ask for asylum in your pack to be safe and to be with my mate please sir." She looks to the floor till alpha Blake leans down and raises her chin with his finger to make her look at him" your safe here my child and I grant you asylum, welcome to our pack your free to be with your mate" he places a small kiss to her forehead and releases her, he then turns his attention back to the crowd.

Freya walks over to her mate who's eyes are still black with anger and staring at Thomas on the ground, when she reaches him she places her small hand on his chest and leans up to whisper in his ear " I never thought I'd find you my love" his eyes flicker and change back to his normal brown colour, he wraps his arms around Freya and togther with Liv they walk back towards the pack house. I'm happy for them both.

I look back to the alpha who is now looking down at Thomas " for the crimes agaisnt Titan the goddesses protector, a she wolf seeking safety within our pack and for the crimes against your own mate I see no other punishment fit other than death. You show no remorse for your crimes so at midnight tomorrow you will be executed, guards take him to the cells. The rest of you are dismissed." Booms the alpha. Everyone leaves the field as Thomas is dragged away to the cells. No one mutters a word as they leave.

I make my way towards the pack house with Titan in tow we reach the front door and enter " oh sweetie I heard what happened how is he" says my mum as she rushes out the front room to me and Titan," he's OK mum doc said he just needs sleep I healed him in time thankfully, is there any supper I'm straving and I haven't had to chance to pack since I've been busy with the incident " I said. " its all done sweetie I packed your things and Titan's into your truck, along with your weapons, hot chocolate and your batman fleece, supper is in the kitchen" I literally have the best mum ever.

"Your the best mum ever, you know that" I kiss her cheek and together we walk into the kitchen. " let's eat and you can tell me about my pesky brothers " I giggle she smiles at me and ushers me to a seat at the breakfast bar, then busies herself heating up some beef stew.

" Well your big brother Charlie is handling being a Beta very well as if he was born a beta's son rather than a gamma's, Laura video calls twice a week with little Mia, my goddess she is growing so fast, seems like only yesterday she was born. She has started kindergarten now and ... ohh yes Laura's father finally finished building the cabin " she muses. "Its about time too how long had he been building it for, 3 years or something was it" I reply with a mouthful of stew.

" something like that yeah "

" and Mia, I remember being told she was born I still can't believe I havent been able to meet her yet" travelling so much with my job ment I hadn't had chance to meet her yet.

" you will in time sweetie "

" any way how is my dopey twin brother doing these days " I ask after another spoonful of my stew.

" aha we found out last month that his mate Maria is pregnant, he was due to take over from your father but he asked the alpha if they could wait till after the pup was born, that way he can be there if she needs anything and be there for birth, they are away at the minute visiting her parents but he did tell us how proud of you he was " mum said.

" I miss annoying the life out him " I laugh and I do. When we were growing up we would do all we could to drive each other absolutely crazy. When I shifted at age 7 he was super jealous, he used to sit and go red in the face trying to find his wolf, he calmed down when mum told him what I was and why I had shifted early after that he seemed OK and shifted 3 years later. " I heard you told the pack that your a warrior of Artemis, that was very brave of you sweetie, as it what you did for that poor sweet girl" mum takes my hand and brushes her thumb across my cheek " I'm so proud of you Nix " she coos, I blush.

Mum sits down in front of me at the breakfast bar as I finish eating my stew and push my bowl forward, " turns out she is also Nate's mate, she came to meeting and told the alpha what happened and why she came here, turns out her alpha was abusing her" I inform her. " my goddess the poor thing " gasps my mum, we still talking for another half hour , mum glances at the clock and gasps,

" oh my its getting late you should get some sleep you have a long drive tomorrow " she sighs. I get up and walk around the counter and plant a kiss on her cheek " good night mum love you" I whisper, I make my way out of the kitchen and head for the stairs.

" come on Titan you need rest too" I holler, sure enough he comes trotting up behind me, I reach my bedroom door and swing it open, Titan pushes past me and jumps straight on the bed to get comfy. I shake my head at him and shut the bedroom door then head into the bathroom. Once inside I take a quick shower and wash my hair, after wards I step out and slip on some clean pyjamas and braid my wet hair so its curly for tomorrow, I brush my teeth and drag my feet to my bed. I slump down and drift right off to sleep.


(Next morning)

I roll over and grab my phone to shut the alarm off I half expect to have to climb over Titan but to my surprise he isn't even there I shut off the alarm and decide to link him,

Hey fur ball where are you.?

needed the loo so mum let me out made me steaks. He laughs at the end.

Spoilt pup. I stretch out my limbs and slip out of bed and walk in to the bathroom to get ready. After finishing my morning routine and having a quick shower I pull out my clothes for the day, which consists of black leggings and a tank top and my favourite hoodie, yup batman I guess you could say im kinda obsessed with it. I pull on my black ugg boots and exit my room.

I arrive in the kitchen 5 minutes later and my mum slides a massive plate of breakfast in front me, bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs and pancakes. " thanks mum I heard you've already fed Titan" I say to her as I pick up my knife and fork. " oh yes I let him out this morning and then made him some of his favourite steaks " she smiles. " you spoil him mum" I laugh. " Well yes but that's just because he is part of the family and looks after my best girl" she replies. " I'm your only girl " I shake my head and dig into my breakfast.

" when your finished the alpha wants a word and will tell you where your heading" my mums says. I finish my breakfast ten minutes later. I get up and place my plate into the sink and head off to the alpha's office I knock his door and shortly after he yells for me to enter, I step inside and he looks up," Phoenix take a seat " he says.

" so where am I heading " I ask,

" the elders are sending you to the Black Hills Pack, I know the stories you have heard are little unsettling but not all of them are true alpha Kalen, I knew his parents. They were good people and were taken too soon by the very thing that torments them now, their son was sweet and gentle but overtime he changed. No matter what happens try not to be too hard on him I have faith in you my dear now, go your family are downstairs waiting for you keep in touch "

Well that was weird, " good bye alpha, I'll see you soon" with that I get up and leave the office to say good bye to my family.

I step out of the pack house and see my family standing by my truck, my Nissan narva, I love that truck. Titan is stood by the side of my truck waiting for me " stay safe my darling " says my mum as she wraps her arms around me, next is my father then my aunt and unlce. " call us when you can sweetie " says dad I bid them all farewell and then open the back doors to let the wolf in, he gets settled on the back seats and I close the doors. I walk around to the drivers side door and climb in,

So where we heading ..

The Black Hills Pack.. stay by my side..

Don't I always my polemistís

He gets comfortable and we set out on our 8 hour drive to the pack, I wonder why the alpha was being so strange.


And that's chapter 5 people

How we liking it so far

Phoenix is off the black hills to meet kalen

How do you think he will react..

Let me know your thoughts

Till next time

Leah x😘

Phoenix truck

Polemistís Greek for warrior
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