Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.. six ..♠️


(The morning of Phoenix's arrival at Black Hills Pack)

Kalen pov

I step out of my house and strip off my clothes and leave them on the plant pot by the front door, I shift into my black wolf and take off for a run in the woods that surround the alpha house. Halo is pushing forward in my mind to take over, so once we are deep enough in the woods I sit back and let him take over. I let him enjoy the freedom, while I think back to the events of yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon I stood on the podium that's situated at the top of the training field and announced that we were receiving a new elder trainer, the warriors were ecstatic at the idea of having a new trainer, till I told them that they were female. Safe to say it didn't go down to well with the men, and they refused to listen and take orders and training tips from a woman. The females warriors however were over the moon. The shouts and insults from the males were extreme and I had to use my alpha command to silence them.

Many of the men couldn't believe I agreed to it whereas the females were congratulating me on equality. What else was I ment to do, you don't say no to the elders and weather the males like it or not, they need help and this trainer is here to do a job weather we like it or not.

After a few hours running I feel Halo slip back and I take over control and run towards the house, as soon as I reach the door I spot my sweats and shift back slipping them on once I'm in my human form.

" Now that is a sight to behold " a familiar female voice purrs out, I whip my head round to the source, to see Nova sat on the wall around the water feature. She is wearing a low cut red top that exposes the top of her breasts and black leather leggings with red heels on. She looks awful.

" What the fuck are you doing at my house" I snap.

Get rid of this bitch. Growls Halo.

" Well after yesterday no one has seen you and I knew you would be stressed out, I was worried about you, so I came to check on you" she coos as she gets up and walks over to me. Her heels clicking on the concrete, " you know I'm only looking out for you Kalen " she pouts. Goddess she looks a fucking fish like that.

" Its Alpha to you, and I'm fine so leave " I growl.

" Well seeing as I'm here, why don't we do something " she says completely ignoring what I've just said, " seeing as I'll be your mate an all" she continues as she reaches out to touch me, I instinctively take a step back.

" We aren't mates Nova, my mate died no one will replace her" I snarl.

" ooh please, she was hardly Luna material like I am, and besides she died before her 17th so how -"

I cut her off I've heard enough from her, I launch forward and grab her by the throat, spin around and pin her to the wall, " shut up you crazy bitch, all you want is power the elders may have suggested you as a chosen mate but that's because they don't know how manipulating you are. I do and I will never accept their suggestion now leave " I growl my wolf and I are one on this. I throw her behind me and watch as she falls to the floor as I reach for the door handle to walk in, I hear her get up, " you'll see soon enough I'm the only Luna you'll get and I'll make sure of that" she growls and then walks away.

This whole Luna suggestion has gone to her head, any she wolf would be better than Nova. She is vile to females the only reason she got head warrior is because after seeing some fight videos online, she threw herself in to training and did well. I think that was to get attention from me. Not that I was ever interested in her like that.

Sighing to myself I slip in the front door and head up the stairs to the master bedroom, my room. I had this house built just after I became Alpha, I wanted privacy from the others members of the pack I like my alone time, if that bitch thinks she'll live here as my mate she has another thing coming. I step inside my room and head to the en suite for a quick shower.

After my shower I wrap a towel around my waist and walk into the closest and pull out some clothes for the day, I settle on some black jeans, a blue button up shirt and my black timberland boots, slipping everything on and lacing my boots up I head off out of my room and down to the kitchen, " good morning Alpha I have some food here for you " says the housemaid Mary when I reach the kitchen.

" Thank you, Mary " I reply and take a seat at the small dining table in the kitchen, Mary places a full English breakfast in front of me with a side of pancakes and a fresh cup of black coffee. I look at my phone and see its 11.30am. Mary sees the look on my face and says " I guessed you were on a run, so I waited till you were home before cooking ".

" How long was I out running for " I ask I didn't think I was out that long, at least it didn't feel like it.

" A few hours Alpha, I leave you to eat " with a bow of her head she leaves the kitchen and I dig in to my late breakfast.

Halo is still pacing in my mind and mumbling stuff, honestly he is giving me head ache I thought the run would have calmed him down a bit he had been driving me mad all night I hardly slept. I finish my food get up and take my empty plate and cup to put them in the dishwasher then walk up to my private office and to finalize some pack, paper work.

After an hour in there I'm all done and I leave the office and head down to the garage. I open the garage doors and drive out in my black Audi R8 and drive down to the pack house which is a ten-minute drive to meet with Neil and Zain.

I park the car outside switch off the engine, get out and lock the car. Walking up the steps to the front door and I head to the pack house office, walking past pack members who bow their head in respect. There is an awful lot of chatter going on between the females. What's their problem.

I reach my office and step through the door and take a seat behind my desk ready for our meeting. Zain and Neil walk in and bow their heads in respect and then take a seat, there is a nervous energy about them today.

" Let me guess the male warriors are still kicking up a fuss of having a female elder trainer still" I ask once they are seated comfortably on the leather arm chairs in front of my desk.

" Kalen they are passed off yeah, but if she is half as good as the elders say then they are in for a rude awakening, not to mention I watched a few of her fight videos last night she is impressive, I can't wait to meet her" laughs Zain.

" I suggest they listen to her and learn, or face the rouges, is this mate of hers, that Titan fellow you mentioned a trainer too " asks Neil the Gamma,

" I don't know that elder fucker told me that if I come across threatening towards this female this Titan twat will rip my throat out before I can blink " I snorted,

" this is going to be amusing " grins Zain,

They shared look and smile at each other before looking back to me all serious looking again, " what is it " I ask as they shift around in their seats and look nervously at each other, " spit it out will you " I growl when neither one makes a move to talk. I'm not a very patient man.

" Well we were just wondering when you changed your mind, and why we didn't hear the news first " Zain said he looks hurt for some reason, what am I missing here.

" What you on about " I ask confused,

" the news of the Luna, what made you change your mind about Nova we thought you hated her " says Zain,

" what.. I do hate that power hungry bitch "I growl,

" all the females are talking about it " says Neil looking more confused than I am,

" Nova came down from your house this morning she gathered up all the females and announced that you had accepted her as your chosen mate and that the Luna ceremony will take place this weekend, she has all the omegas getting an invitation list together she told them all she was the new Luna and that you mated this morning..?" Zain pipes up when he saw I had on idea what they were talking about.

" I'm going to kill her, that lying crazy she wolf bitch " I shout, it's a good job my office is sound proof my anger is radiating off me now, like I'd go anywhere near that bitch.

" I never mated with her this morning, I went out for a run this morning Halo was driving me mad, when I came back she was outside trying it on I threw her on the floor, and she left. I'm still - " I stop myself from finishing that sentence but Neil caught on to what I was saying and finished it for me,

" a virgin " ,

I keep my face down, so they can't see the pain on my face, I saved myself for my mate when Lola died I was broken but I never slept or did anything with anyone. I look up and expect them to laugh, but they don't, " you both have mates its different for you two, my mum always said to save your self for your mate and I promised her I would, even though i was sure Lola was my mate we didn't do anything. We wanted to wait to be sure and even after she died I never touched a female " I whisper.

" Hey man its nothing to be ashamed of it its noble of you I wish I had saved myself. Sarah tries to act like she is OK but I can hear her thoughts, I know she often compares herself to my first no matter how much I try to reassure her this is better because its with her" says Neil.

" So what are you going to do about Nova, she is getting out of control " asks Zain.

" that she wolf needs to learn her fucking place, " growls Halo, he pushed forward to make his voice heard.

We sit and try to think of a solution to this Nova problem when I receive a mind link from border patrol,

Alpha there is a she wolf here at our borders demanding entrance she says she is expected

Name .. I reply through the pack link,

" what is it " asks Neil,

Phoenix Red she says the elder trainer. He laughs through the pack link,

Escort her to the pack house. I reply and close the link.

" She's here " I state to them both.


So that's chapter 6 a bit shorted than my others

But this come with abit of insight in to nova she does get worse as the story goes

So next chapter our alpha and the red viper finally meet

And kalen meets Titan, how did you think he'll feel when he realises that he titan is not her mate but her protector

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