Phoenix And The Alpha

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Chapter.? Seven ⚔


Phoenix pov

We had been on the road for hours, my arse was numb my ankles were sore from driving and Titan was bored out of his head. We had to stop goddess knows how many times because he needed the toilet, and if that wasn't bad enough he was even singing along with the radio through the link he was driving me crazy. Think I preferred it when he traveled in crates. I thought to myself.

I heard that.. Titan growls through the link.

We were about an hour away from their borders, and I was starving my stomach was grumbling like a thunder storm. We pulled into a McDonald's drive thru to get some quick food. I ordered a large big mac meal and I got Titan 3 double cheese burgers. We pulled into a parking bay to eat our food. When we were finished I pulled back out to finish the last leg of our journey.

The last hour of driving was the worst Titan had gas like you wouldn't believe so, I had to have the window open to air the truck out even he was gagging at his own stench. We came to a small crossing and a sign, stood either side of it were two men dressed all in black combat gear, they saw us approaching and waved us down to a stop,

" state your reason for entering our territory " the dark haired one of the two asked,

" I'm the elder trainer I believe I'm expected by your Alpha" I respond.

The blonde haired one stood to the right his eyes glazed over, so he was the one mind linking the alpha,

" name " the dark haired one asked,

" I'm Phoenix Red " I reply in duh tone, goddess surely the alpha would have told them of my arrival.

The blonde haired one shook his head and his eyes returned to normal, " follow him " he said pointing the dark haired one. I nodded my head and started the car up again and began following the man. Titan was oblivious to what was going on as he was asleep still. Thirty minutes later we arrived at a large house, I'm guessing it is the pack house, there was the most unsettling feeling in my belly as I parked the car and my head was fuzzy.

I shook my head and turned the car off. Looking out of the drivers side window I notice 3 men standing at the bottom of the stairs one of them is quite clearly staring at me. I could feel my heart beat so fast I thought it might beat out of my chest, he was hot as hell.

You alright Nix .?. Titan yawns.

Im fine just have a weird feeling stay here till I call you.

I close off our link and gather my phone and keys, I take a deep breathe and exit my truck. My dad had my car customized a few years back, the back doors were fitted with push locks so if I was ever out the car and Titan wasn't he could open the door himself and get to me. I close the drivers side door and make my way over to the 3 men in front, from the power coming off them they must be the top three.

The wind blows towards me carrying with it a scent that I couldn't quite place, where is it coming from. I can't pin point it or narrow it down. Your here for a job Nix concentrate. I push those thoughts back and focus on the task at hand.

" Good evening gentleman I'm Phoenix Red, the elder trainer I believe your expecting me" I use my most business like tone to get their attention.

A man to the left of the very good-looking god like of a man speaks first. Seriously did I just think that.

" Hello Miss Red it's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Beta Zain " he says as he extends his hands out towards me, he is quite striking with short blonde hair and sharp green eyes, I reach forward to shake his hand. Next the one standing to his right speaks up " I'm Gamma Neil it's nice to meet you" he says and shakes my hand. However the god like of man says nothing. The beta elbows him, but he still doesn't speak, " he's had a long day miss but this here is Alpha Kalen Richards ", he says while nodding his head in the alpha's direction.

I walk to the Alpha and extend my hand, " pleasure to meet you Alpha I've heard lots about you" I state. The alpha says nothing, a growl slips past his lips and I retract my hand, instinctively I take a step back.

Nix..... Titan shouts through the link.

I'm alright.. I reply.

Many emotions pass through the alpha's eyes, but they are too fast for me to decipher, he takes a step forwards and inhales the air, do I smell. He growls again but this time its met with a loud snarl. Only it didn't come from me, in front of me separating the alpha and I stands Titan. The alpha looks from me to Titan and then back again. He looks confused for some reason, without a second thought he takes off and runs towards the woods.

I reach forward and run my hands through Titan's fur " Iremía" I coo, his hackles drop, and he takes a seat in front of me,

" gentleman may I introduce you to Titan, my pet wolf." I say gesturing to the large wolf in front of me. The Beta and Gamma look to each other with a look of surprise on their face,

Did you just call me a pet.. He gasps.


" he's not your mate" the Beta asks,

I burst out laughing " my mate no he is my pet wolf " I say in between fits of laughter,

" oh I see " smiles the gamma,

"So is that how the alpha usually greets his guests then" I ask waving my hand in the direction he ran off too once I'd calmed down, I mean I know I have an effect on people but never to that extreme.

" No he's had a very hard day, there's an issue he is trying to deal with, please accept our apologies " says the gamma scratching his neck, " the beta here will show you your rooms and I'll bring your things up " he continues. The beta heads inside the house and I follow behind him with Titan at my side, inside the house looks impressive very modern. There is a large stair case to the left of the center of the foyer and a large front room to the right sofas everywhere and a large flat screen TV is mounted on the wall.

The beta heads up the stairs, and we arrive at the first floor we walk further down the hallway till we come to a white door, " this is your room ...erm does he stay with you " he asks pointing to Titan.

" He is always by my side " I reply,

" forgive me its just unusual for a were wolf to have a pet wolf tho I can't sense your wolf" states the beta,

" you won't because we aren't separate like normal wolves and Titan's more than a pet maybe I'll tell you one day " I smile,

" the language you speak to him, what is it."

" Greek, the UWA is in Greece " I explain " the UWA doesn't just teach you fighting and tactics to cope with integration but languages too I taught titan commands in Greek " ..

Yeah! you taught me alright .. Titan snickers.

Shush I don't trust them enough to tell them more .. I link back.

" that's really amazing, anyway myself and the gamma are on the floor up stairs and the kitchen is down to the right as you go down stairs holler if you need out " says the beta as he steps forward, and walks back the way we just came Titan and I head inside the room. Wow.

The floor was a dark wood and all the furniture was dark to the large four-poster bed sat I'm the middle of the room there was two window doors on the opposite wall and in front of that was a crushed velvet chaise lounge.

I'm sleeping on the chaise lounge, yips Titan as he runs into the room and jumps up on the chaise lounge,

I walk around the room running my fingers across the wooden units, to the left of the wall opposite the bed was a large door, I wake over to it and opened it. Inside was a beautiful en suite bathroom, and the other end is a closet.

I walk back out of the bathroom and into the bedroom to see my suitcases have been brought up for me, I unzip my case and pull out some pyjamas. I strip out my clothes and pull on the pyjamas I climb on the bed and crawl under the covers, but apparently sleep is the last thing my body wants to give me. I lay there for over an hour just tossing and turning but I feel this urge deep within with me to shift and run.

You having trouble sleeping Nix.?

Yup ..I need to shift my skin feels like its on fire. I link back.

OK then let's go.

We stick together ..

Always ..

Let's go..

We slip out of the bedroom and walk down the stairs of the pack house, I open the front door and step outside in the cool air, it hits my skin and I felt a little cooler than I did moments before. I walk around to the back of the house and into the woods. I stop near a tree and Titan stands by my side while I strip and prepare to shift, once I'm out of my clothes I fold them up and leave them near the tree and shift.

My red and black wolf is standing to attention once I've shifted, my head is tilted up to the sky and my senses are heightened. The smells of the forest invade my nose, and my eyes can see everything with the moon high in the clouds everything has a glow to it. It's beautiful.

You ready ..

As always ..

We take off in a sprint into the forest, my paws pound the dirt beneath me as I run, Titan is by my side as we head further into the territory. We stop by a small stream to drink tho I have a better idea and jump in and allow the cool water to surround my wolf form Titan looks on at me from the bank,

I'm not getting in there with you.

Oh come on it's fun..

Absolutely not happening.

I mentally laugh at him and swim back towards to him climbing out of the water shaking my fur off. We take off in a trot towards a large clearing just before we walk out in to it I stop dead in my tracks. The scent of freshly cut grass and spiced apple floods my nostrils and fogs my mind. Titan must have noticed my dazed look,

Phoenix you alright? ? He links in a panic,

My mate. He's here. I stutter a reply.

He is where.?

He's in wolf form, if I can smell him he must be close.

I look around the clearing but I can't see anything the wind blew towards me carrying the scent with it, I look straight ahead and then I spot him. Two Amber eyes are looking right at me it feels like they are staring right into my soul, his ebony black fur makes its almost impossible for any human to see him, he's a breath taking wolf. I take a step forward and then I feel it, the power and aura radiating off him, it's the alpha.

Titan takes a small step forward and stands by my side to protect me, now from what I've been told when mates find each other they walk or run to one other and warp their arms round each other in a loving embrace, the mate bond pulls them together. Mine however doesn't do that, nope instead he turned around and ran off.

What the hell.

What is it ?

He ran off

Why ..

Your guess is as good as mine.

Come on let's go and try talking to him tomorrow.

Yeah. Your right let's go.

Titan and I turn around and head back towards the pack house, I stop at the trees where I left my things and shift back to human form and pull back on my pyjamas. We then head back in the house and up to the room we are staying in I crawl under the covers and finally sleep takes me.


( Phoenix pulls up in her truck)

Kalen pov.

Zain, Neil and I all Stand on the steps at the bottom of the pack house just as an orange Nissan narva pulls up, the door opens and out steps the most beautiful women I've ever laid eyes on her pictures are stunning but in real life she is sexy as hell. Her waist length red hair flows in loose curls down her back she has no make up on at all, but she is a natural beauty. She closes her car door and walks over to us, her bright ocean blue eyes shimmer and swirl they are mesmerizing, she is wearing what looks to be leggings and UGG boots. What catches my eyes tho is the hoodie she is wearing batman, my favorite dc hero.

Her scent is hard to identify, I can't isolate it. So lost in my thoughts I didn't even realize I hadn't made the introductions, Zain had when he reached out and shook her hand. I could feel Halo growling in my head, he got worse when she shook hands with Neil. To busy trying to find out what his problem is I didn't notice her in front of me with her hand out, till a growl escapes my mouth, and she takes a step back. I take a step forward to apologize but Halo is still at the fore front of my mind, and he makes me snarl and growl again.

Within seconds there is a large grey wolf smaller than werewolf but larger than a great dane dog growling at me, he is standing between me and the Red headed vixen in front of me. I look at him and her and back again slightly confused. I take a step back and run towards the woods.

[ Halo what are you doing. ]. I ask my wolf.

[ She smells good, but its off putting I cant sense her wolf. And the other one isn't a werewolf either.] Halo states.

[ So he isn't her mate then ]. I ask.

[No .]

He pulls back and settles in my mind once again, I walk through the trees and up to my house I'll have to try to talk to her tomorrow. I open my front door and the scent of strawberry and vanilla is coming from my front room, I walk in to find Nova sat seductively on the arm chair wearing a silk robe that is left open to reveal her wearing noting but red lace underwear underneath.

" I wondered when you would be home mate " she purrs as she glides over to me, goddess how much make up does she wear. How the hell did she get in my house the door was locked.

" What are you doing here in my house dressed like that" I growl.

" Well i thought my mate would need something to release his pent-up stress" she whispers as she gets closer to me, she reaches up to touch my chest but I swat her hand away before it touches my chest.

" We aren't mates Nova I don't know how else to get this through your skull " I snap.

" Oh come on you know you want me, I'm all yours " she pouts,

[Get rid of this bitch she ain't my mate ]. Halo growls murderously.

"No Nova I don't want you I can't stand you " I roar,

" stop denying it to yourself it'll do you no good" she sighs,

" I don't want you I can't stand you, your a fake power-hungry bitch who just wants the Luna position and your not getting it. Now get the fuck out of my house, and I will be speaking to the omegas tomorrow, you will cancel what ever plans you have for the ceremony you tried to plan behind my back" I growl and stomp towards to the front door ripping it open " get out".

She sashays over to me rather than walking through the open door, she stands in front me rather closely " I'll make sure I'm your Luna you'll see the elders know it to " she grabs my face and kisses me flush on lips, I reach up and push her off me, she smirks and walks away down the path towards the pack house. Fuck this I shift faster than ever have before shredding my clothes and take off in the direction of the woods round my house and head to my favorite place, a large clearing just to the west of my house to clear my mind and to think about how to handle Nova.

As I near the clearing the scent of wild berries and coconut floods my nostrils causing halo to go nuts in my mind, I take a step forward and that's when I see her, bright red fur and black paws standing proud looking up at the sky, I step forward and her eyes snap up to meet mine. Bright golden eyes glare back at me I've never seen a wolf with gold eyes before, tho I have heard stories as I grew up, Halo is pushing forward and I let down the block I put up,

[Mate.] He growls in my mind.

[What she's our mate, we got a sec]- he cuts me off with a snarl,

[She's our only mate]. He growls back at me.

I stand there frozen in my spot I thought Lola was my mate but if Halo is right then Lola wasn't our mate and this she wolf is, I can't look away I don't recognize this wolf from my pack. Then from her right side a large grey wolf steps forward and I immediately know who is the Red wolf is. Phoenix Red the elder trainer is my mate. Millions of thoughts and emotions pass through me and it's too much to handle so Instead of running to my mate I do what no mate does and run off.


And that folks is chapter 7

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Iremía Greek for calm

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