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She was feared; she was strong. She stood for discipline. He stood for chaos, and ran amok. He was her worst enemy- he stood for what she desired but couldn't have. She stood for everything he hated- the reality, the hard truth. He wanted her life. But they say that the moon and the sun cannot live without each other- and neither can they. - Dayla is a strong female Alpha who is a leader of the Earth Pack. Her pack is strongly rooted in discipline, and is peaceful and prosperous. That is, until an unknown force comes knocking on their door. Dayla doesn't know how to deal with this Alpha from the Chaos Pack- especially when he is her mate and is the one who wants to destroy her.

Fantasy / Romance
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Greetings, readers!

I am writing this book because personally, I love writing.

I want to get better at it, obviously. I haven’t edited this thing, so don’t point out some obvious mistakes because I’m just in the process of editing it. Plus, I’ve tried to fix this one typo that I made, and wattpad doesn’t listen so in my defence I’m editing this book after a good number of chapters when I’ve gotten into my flow and stuff.

More about Dayla and the werewolf world:-

1. Dayla is a female alpha.

2. This story does not have an element of abuse in it. I’m sorry, but this aspect shouldn’t exist anywhere- ever.

3. There are two main protagonists in this story- Seth, and Dayla. Seth is the guy trying to take her down because of an ancient event.

4. Dayla has some abilities which make her different and powerful. Although you won’t be seeing her use them at the beginning of the story, I’ll reveal it all bit by bit.

5. The packs in this werewolf world are mainly based on the elements- Earth, Fire, Water, Air. Although in real life these are the only elements, the werewolf world will also have some packs such as the Magic Pack, Fear Pack, Chaos Pack, Memory Pack, Judgement Pack, Beauty Pack, Gaze Pack. I know these aren’t based on elements but they are based on the state of being so I think they should be included.



So we’ve got that sorted out.


If you’re irked by seeing a female in power, then this book isn’t meant for you. If you are uncomfortable with intimacy, then you can just skip the parts (I’ll mark them).

If you want to read on, welcome.

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