Simon Ardar: The Gloves of the Cold One

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In the year 8015, a ten-foot tall statue of a man was found during an archaeological dig. The statue contained a God. This God, fortunately friendly, released all the other Gods and became ruler of the world. However, another, evil God, desired to rule the world himself. After a fierce and intense battle, the Gods and their weapons were sealed away forever. Or so was thought. Volotile Vengeance, a wealthy crime lord, is after the legendary weapons of the Gods. Getting them would mean ultimate power. It is up to Head Peacekeeper and Hero, Simon Ardar, to prevent him from getting his hands on them.

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The man walked into the guest room with his hands in his pockets. He looked relaxed. Two people walked behind him, wearing hoods and holding umbrellas. Odd, since it was summer. They folded in the umbrellas and dropped them on the floor. They looked around, scanning the area for threats. The other man immediately identified them as bodyguards. He relaxed a little more, thinking that the probabilities of his plan working had just increased. He waited inside, sitting on a velvet sofa. The first man sat on the sofa opposite him. This one was wooden, and was designed specifically to make the person sitting on it uncomfortable. The bodyguards simply stood behind him. They took off their hoods. He looked for any distinguishing marks on their faces, but couldn’t find any. It didn’t really prove anything. Just that the man opposite him was smart enough to hire unidentifiable men. The first man, feeling slightly uncomfortable, asked,” Do you have the item I seek?” ” Yes, but do you have my money?” ” Nice place for an ambush, isn’t it? I bet that’s why you made me come to your house.” He smiled. ” Oh, come on now. Do I seriously look like I’m going to have people bursting from behind pillars and surrounding you and your bodyguards?” ” Actually, you kind of do, Ronald.” ” Shall we just exchange and conclude this?” The first man was huge and well-built, with dark hair and was clean shaven. He wore a coat that was purple and extended down to his feet. Ronald, on the other hand, was not as well-built, but still an intimidating man. He wore a simple white tuxedo. The first man drew an envelope from his person and exchanged it with a package Ronald drew from a briefcase. Ronald grimaced. ” It’s heavy. I don’t think that a check for fifty million dollars would be this heavy.” The first man replied,” Actually, the envelope is made of paper steel.” Paper steel was a newly discovered material. It looked like paper, but was very tough, like steel. It was also thrice as heavy as steel. Ronald’s eyes widened. ” Well, I didn’t know you were that rich. Anyways, I wish you a merciless Christmas.” Suddenly, after he had said that code phrase, people holding all manner of weapons burst from behind every column and surrounded the first man, holding all manner of weapons. He seemed unperturbed. ” Seriously? That’s your code phrase? Well, anyway, I thought you’d do this. I mean, this ambush, not the stupid code phrase. I suppose the package’s contents are fake?” Ronald said,” Nope, they’re real. You just won’t be able to use them. Besides, a person like you would undoubtably use them to kill lots of people. I’m actually doing the world a favor, you know. Also, why are you so calm?” ” You underestimate me, Ronald. Heaven, Hell, kill them.” The two men behind him, with identical voices, said,” Yes sir.“, immediately whipped out swords and jumped at the men surrounding them. They struck faster than the eye could perceive. However, one of the faster men took his gun and fired at them. One of them, the man named Heaven, simply jumped, very high, kicked off of one of the columns and landed behind the man. By the time he had landed, Hell had dodged the bullet and stabbed the man, while at the same time grabbing his firing arm and emptying the gun. Then, they started fighting back to back and killing everyone with the misfortune of coming near them. Hell brought his sword down and cut a man’s head in two. Both pieces fell down and the blood splattered all over, but he had already turned to his next foe. One man thrust his dagger at Heaven, but he dodged and swung his sword in a perfect, smooth arc. It went diagonally and slashed from shoulder to hip, cutting the man’s body in two. They rushed forward and thrust together, both swords going into a man’s chest. The unfortunate man made a daring last attempt, but slipped in the blood and fell, face down, on the pool. He stayed there. Hell raised his leg and caught another man in the chest as he ran towards him. The man stumbled back. Hell took the opportunity to slash again and again, until the man’s chest had been shredded into ribbons. The man fell down, dead. Heaven stabbed the last guard and immediately brought his sword out. Ronald took out a knife and threw it at the first man. Hell looked at it, his eyes turned red, and red beams of light burst from his eyes and disintegrated the knife. Ronald just stood there. The other man said,” I don’t like people who cheat me.” Ronald said,” Look, take the money, okay? You won’t have lost anything, right? So, we can still settle this like gentlemen. There is no need for violence.” Saying this, he thrust his hand forward. An impossibly powerful gust of wind blew Hell and Heaven back. They slammed into the wall, hard. They would get up later, wincing. The first man hadn’t been blown away by the wind. He chuckled. ” So, that’s your power. You blow.” ” What? Why didn’t you get blown away? That wind was strong enough to lift an elephant.” ” You know who I am. By the way, I don’t need that cash, you idiot. I’ll let you live anyways because I really don’t care whether you live or not. It doesn’t make an iota of difference to me.” He turned, holding the package, and left, with Heaven and Hell behind him. Ronald got up uneasily, and noticed that the whole place smelled of blood. As soon as the first man got out of the house, he said,” Do it.” Hell took out a box, with a switch on it and pressed it. A huge explosion destroyed the temple and as it reached them, Heaven raised a hand and a thin, translucent sheet enveloped them, like a force field. The explosion moved around it. They kept walking unscathed, and he tore open the package and saw a pair of gloves in it. They were blue in colour. He put them on. He then thrust his hand forward. The immediate ground in front of them turned into ice. He held it up, and fired at a bird. It froze and stopped flying. Then something seemed to happen to it. It seemed not to become surrounded by ice, but transforming into ice. It then fell down and broke into tiny pieces. ” They really are the Gloves of the Cold One.” he said as he walked.

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