The Gods Of Today

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The Story Of Loki

Before his sentencing, Loki was the god everyone learned to scorn and hate. Born from the giants Fárbauti and Laufey, he was taken in by Odin, who used him as a companion, along with Thor coming up with creative and cunning plans to help the Allfather. Although Loki produced great ideas, his mischievous antics grew to anger the gods of Asgard. All emotions toward the god of trickery came to light with Baldur’s celebration.

Baldur was the son of Odin and Frigg. He was the most beloved god of all. When he began experiencing nightmares of his own demise, his mother set out on a mission to make her son immortal. With a list that could cause Baldur harm, she went to extract assurances from everyone and everything in the nine worlds not to harm her son from diseases to weaponry. To her satisfaction, all agreed to help as he was so universally loved. The jealousy Loki felt with people’s admiration of Baldur set the course for an evil plan.

Once Frigg returned to Gladsheim, they celebrated the occasion and decided to test out Baldur’s invulnerability. After several tries from numerous gods, nothing could penetrate or hurt the blessed god. Loki saw this as an opportunity and transformed himself into a vile old hag before confronting Frigg. He asked her a variety of questions about her son’s invulnerability until she misspoken a flaw. Frigg told Loki unknowingly that Mistletoe was the only thing she did not ask for as she thought it was too small and inconsequential.

With all the information he gathered from her, Loki set off to the wilderness and forged an arrow made out of a Mistletoe branch. He then returned to the festivities and sought out Hodr, Baldur’s brother, who did not participate in the event due to his blindness. Seeing him as the perfect opportunity, Loki persuaded him to throw the arrow, not knowing what Loki’s true intentions were. Helping him aim at Baldur, Hodr threw the deadly weapon at his brother’s chest, killing him instantly. Shocked, the gods arrested Hodr, but Loki fled the scene before those realized his presence. His disappearance was short-lived when he was found among his many disguises hiding within a river. Taking captive, the events of his downfall begin here.

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