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The Story Of Set

Before his fall, Set’s story begins with Osiris, the god of the Egyptian underworld, ruler of two kingdoms, and the older brother of Set himself. During his brother’s rule, Set became extremely jealous due to Osiris’s power and how he was viewed by the world. In an act of pure rage and selfishness, Set killed Osiris without warning and dismembered his body to pieces, scattering them throughout the two kingdoms. Now with him dead, no one could oppose Set as the rightful ruler.

Stricken with grief and anger, Osiris’s wife, Isis, recruited her sister, Nebthet, Set’s own wife, and sought after the betrayed king to avenge his wrongful death. Finding almost all parts to him, Isis was only strong enough to revive him momentarily. She conceived a son, Horus, before her beloved departed the world of the living and fell into his place as king of the underworld.

She knew that with her son now born, Set would slaughter everyone to the ends of the earth to eradicate Horus as he was not only the legitimate heir to the throne but the one who could potentially be his undoing. Wasting no time, her maternal instincts quickly consumed her mind and heart. She hid the boy in an undisclosed location where she guided, taught, and advised him along the way. After many years passed, Horus was now ready to take back what was rightfully his. He went before the assembly of gods and asked for the throne as it was his birthright.

All the gods agreed to Horus’s claim, but an uncertain god named Ra had his doubts as he believed Horus was too young and inexperienced to ascend to the throne. That is where the contest of kings commenced. After a long and grueling series of challenges, Horus proved he had the right to rule and humiliated Set with every task given, showing the court his inadequacies as a ruler. Set became so enraged that he challenged the young Horus to a duel. Some stories suggest that Horus destroyed Set during their battle. Others suggest he fled like a coward and disappeared from the kingdoms, never heard from again. This is the story about a ruthless god who committed fratricide and banished himself into the desert. This is where Set’s journey truly begins.

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