The Gods Of Today

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Acheron (Ah∙ker∙on): The River of woe and pain.

Aiakos (Eh∙ah∙co∙s): One of the three judges. In charge of the European region.

Anubis (Uh∙new∙bus): Judge of which souls get to enter the land of the dead.

Apollo (Ah∙paul∙oh): God of healing and medicine.

Baldur (Bald∙er): Son of Odin and Frigg. God of light.

Brahma (Bra∙muh): One of the three holy Trimurti. God of creation.

Cerberus (Sir∙burr∙us): The hound of Hades. Guards the gates to the underworld.

Charon (Care∙on): Ferryman of the underworld.

Frigg (F∙rig): Wife to Odin. Goddess of fertility, motherhood, marriage and domestic arts.

Hades (Haydee∙s): Brother of Poseidon and Zeus. God of the underworld.

Hermes (Her∙me∙s): Son of Zeus. Messenger of the gods.

Hodr (Ho∙dur): Twin brother of Baldur. God of winter and darkness.

Horus (Hor∙us): Son of Osiris and Isis. God of the skies.

Kali (Kah∙lee): Created by the gods. Goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction.

Loki (Low∙key): Son of the giant, Fárbauti. God of mischief.

Mahishasura (Mahi∙shaa∙sue∙rah): King of the demons.

Mardonious (Mar∙done∙e∙ous): Persian military Commander.

Minos (Me∙knows): Second Judge. In charge of final decisions.

Nebthet (Neh∙th∙eh∙t): Wife of Set. Goddess of death and darkness.

Odin (Oh∙den): King of the gods. God of Wisdom, Poetry, death, divination, and magic.

Osiris (Oh∙sigh∙russ): Older brother of Set. God of the underworld.

Persephone (Per∙se∙foe∙knee): Goddess of Vegetation. Wife of Hades.

Ra (Raw): Ruler of the gods. God of the sun.

Raktabija (Rack∙tab∙e∙ja): Demon known as, “Blood-seed.” Has the power to multiply itself.

Rhadamanthys (Rad∙ah∙mon∙this): Third judge. In charge of the Asian Region.

Set: Younger brother of Osiris. God of the desert, storms and chaos.

Shiva (She∙v∙ah): Third of the holy Trimurti. God of destruction.

Thanatos (Than∙ah∙toes): The god of death.

Thelonious (They∙loan∙e∙us): Commander of the Greek infantry army.

Thor (Th∙or): Son of Odin and Frigg. God of thunder.

Tisiphone (Tess∙eh∙foe∙knee): One of the three furies. Avenger of murders.

Vishnu (V∙ish∙new): Second of the holy Trimurti. God of Preservation.

Zeus: In charge of all the gods. God of the skies and lightning.

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