The Gods Of Today

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The Story Of Kali

Before she was wanted, demons ran amuck. Terrorizing both gods and humanity, this led to a war between the two factions to claim the earth. As war consumed both parties, the gods realized they were losing. One demon, in particular, Raktabija, was causing a great deal of trouble for them. Whenever its blood was spilled on the grounds, this demon had the power to rapidly multiply itself. This caused the gods to retreat and reevaluate their battle strategy as the monster only grew in numbers due to their unique abilities.

Deliberating amongst each other, all gods concluded that the only way to destroy a demon of this caliber was to create a being able to match it. Focusing all their power, they transferred their Shakti energy into a new deity. One who was capable of standing against and vanquishing Raktabija. This was the birth of Kali herself. Coming into the new world, each god entrusted her with their most divine weaponry to help in her battle.

Entering the battleground, she quickly sought out Raktabija to end the war once and for all. She killed, butchered, and swallowed every demon in her way until she reached her target. It was then where they fought fiercely. They both were equally matched in form. At one point, Kali was almost defeated until she had an idea. Cutting the demon’s head clean off, she made sure every drop of its blood landed inside her mouth. If its blood could not reach the ground, then the demon had no way to reproduce itself. Once drained, Kali swallowed the head whole and then proceeded with its body ensuring the monster would not be a menace to the world no longer.

The gods rejoiced in her victory but soon realized their mistake. Fueled with only bloodlust and rage, it seemed impossible to calm Kali’s ferocious attacks. Seeing the world in black and white, her ideal of wrongdoers had no leniency. Both people and gods were at a loss of what to do. Fortunately, the mighty Shiva of the holy Trimurti knew precisely how to stop her destructive rampage. Stepping foot on top of the ground, he lay in her way.

Stomping down the field with only death in mind, she felt a body beneath her feet and looked down. When the goddess realized just who she was standing on, she stuck her tongue out in disgust and shame for defiling Shiva in such a disrespectful manner. It was this act that finally calmed her down and made the goddess come to her senses. Her story picks up in the modern-day world after a disastrous mistake has her on the run from the god’s who created her.

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