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The Domination Game

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**TRIGGER WARNING** This story contains events such as rape, sexual assault and drug use*** I felt the heat radiating off of his skin while his eyes sunk into mine, like they were looking through my soul. I was muted in horror as I felt his warm breath against my skin. “Hunter, don’t be so naïve.” He licked his lips and whispered into my ear that sent chills down my spine; these were the last words that I wanted to hear. “I want YOU.” ****************************************************************************** Hunter was a human living in a werewolf city, filled with packs fighting for power. Human causalities were a normalcy and not even the police would protect them. The night after her assault with a gang of werewolves may have physically held her back, but Hunter was persistent to win her big fight competition only weeks away. This was her only chance to get the money she needed to get her and her twin brother out of the city. After a faithful meeting with the powerful Alpha Marcus she may change her feelings towards werewolves, but will that prevent her from pursing what she desired most; REVENGE? A string of murders may send her over the edge of her humanity, and there is no turning back. Her innocence will be her former life and her dominance over the Alpha's that sought out for her to fail will be her biggest milestone.

Fantasy / Romance
Sarah Möhlmann
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“Where’s my money you fucking junkie?!” A voice boomed in my eardrum, but I was too fucked up to lift my head off the dirty asphalt. The rain fell heavy on us and it felt like I was getting most of it.

I think my ribs were broken this time. Hopefully the hospital bills won’t be too – OWF! I felt a hard kick to my chest that hit me like a ton of bricks. I groaned and coughed as I gasped for air.

“You’re going to kill him by the time he can be of any use to us!” The loud dominating voice boomed again. He must be the gang leader by the way he was talking to the others. His Australian accent was unusual to hear but the city will always bring the worst assholes from all around the globe. There was money to make and money to spend. Unfortunately I was caught on the wrong side of that spectrum.

My lungs felt like they were trying to come out of my body as I coughed up blood that splattered the ground. Maybe if I just died everyone would be better off? Maybe my sister wouldn’t be so burdened by me anymore and just move on. The only family we had were each other and I’m a complete fuck up. My eyes flickered open and I just saw large black boots in front of me. The rain dripping down my face actually felt refreshing while it washed away the blood.

I was too weak to even lift my head to see men hovering over my crippled body. I owed a lot of money to everyone so it was hard to even know who they were. My drug addiction owned my life and they owned mine. I was in an endless cycle of depression and I was killing myself slowly. Why was it taking so long?

“What use are you to us Troy? That is your name isn’t? Or is that a lie too? You lie about a lot of things to get what you want you junkie.” The Aussie man growled under his breathe. Was he one? Did I get myself tangled in were wolf business? I’m so fucked now.

“You’re trash human. Can I snap his legs Alpha? Please I want to enjoy myself today.” Another voice came from the other side and I remained motionless, their threats and insults just ran through me like a river and I remained un-phased. I was ready to die.

I closed my eyes awaiting for them to give me the lethal blow that would end my life. For a moment I felt peace as I saw images pass through the blackness that surrounded me.

It was Hunter and myself, before I got hooked on drugs. Her dirty blonde hair waved around while we wrestled and laughed on the old dirty couch in our apartment. This was only a memory that seemed like so long ago, maybe a year or so when we first moved here. We always lived rugged and in shitty apartments but we always had each other. No matter what situation we were in we would make the best of it.

Her laugh echoed through my head while I watched us joke around like there was no worry in the world. What happened to us? What happened to me? I felt so broken inside and out.

I thought about Hunter’s reaction if she found out I was dead, or worse found me dead. It seemed so easy to let myself go, but what would she do? Would she be relieved? Could she move on? Our bond was closer than regular siblings, we were twins after all.

But based on everything I’ve been doing lately it seemed like I already made my decision, but for some reason I was thinking about it more. We were so happy even without money. How could I betray her by leaving? I wanted to convince myself that she would be relieved but deep down I knew she would be devastated.

Just as Hunter appeared she faded away just as quickly and I was brought back to reality by the Aussie man’s voice. I kept my eyes closed hoping that they would find me useless and leave, but I knew this was unlikely. If they were werewolves I was good as dead. They only solved their problems with violence.

“I want to see if he’s telling the truth. If Troy is actually you’re name I will let you live and maybe we can work something out, but if you are lying I’ll feed you to my wolves.” His deep sinister voice echoed through my head. How would we even work this out? I have no money to pay him and I was good as dead. I was worth nothing to him so his offer seemed too good to be true.

I grunted trying to respond, but my throat burned and blood spewed through my mouth. I was still high from this morning which didn’t help my situation.

I felt pressure on my thighs like hands were patting me down. I knew what they were looking for, my wallet. Hunter always told me to carry my identification with me just in case something happened to me. I guess she didn’t bet on me owing money to some hungry wolf gang.

Thankfully I usually left that shit at home just in case I was arrested. I smirked knowing that they wouldn’t find anything on me and I was ok with that. Maybe they would put me out of my misery instead. The less they know the be-

“Well, well, well.” The Aussie man interrupted. My heart skipped a beat in anticipation.

Fuck. What did they find?

“Who do we have here boys?!” He boomed.

What the hell was going on? I needed to see what they were looking at. I peeked my head slightly up to see what they were looking at. There was no way I had anything on me, I remember leaving my wallet before I left our apartment.

The alleyway we were standing in was poorly lit, but it was enough to see that they were passing around a photo. I squinted my eyes to see through the blurriness. The four large hooded figures standing over me were some of the largest men I’ve ever encountered. They stood well over 6’5 feet, but the darkness prevented me from seeing their faces. Only their warm breathe in the cool air illuminated in front of their shadows as they passed around a piece of paper.

“She’s gorgeous Troy. And look she’s you’re twin?! You guys look so alike!” The man to the right of the Alpha spoke as he grabbed the photo from his hand. I didn’t see their faces but I know how men think. I cringed knowing they were holding a photo of my precious sister. She was innocent and now these assholes were drooling over her. It was all of my fault. I would rather die than see harm come to her.

“Let’s go for a walk Troy. Time to go.” The Aussie spoke again and I felt myself lift to my feet miraculously. I stumbled forward and someone supported me while we walked forward.

“Uh- where-“ I mumbled the words but I was so fucked up. I can’t even talk let alone walk.

“Don’t worry Troy. We will take good care of her since you can’t even take care of yourself. We can be her new guardians.” The Aussie man joyfully said as we all started walking down the alley way. He patted me on the back like I did him a favour.

I didn’t want to go, I wanted to die instead. I kept wondering if Hunter was home. I prayed that she was working or out looking for me. Anywhere but home. I’m such a shit brother I didn’t even know what her schedule was. What time she went to work or what she did on her free time. The last time I spoke to her was yesterday when we got into a fight.

I don’t even remember what the fight was about now that I think of it. I had to try my best now to stay awake and plea with them and maybe offer them something else. Hunter was my life and now she was in danger. My head was spinning, I was coming out of my high finally, but my body was exhausted. I’ve been awake for two days straight and I knew passing out was imminent. My eyes started flickering as we slowly approached the black SUV. My arms were being held up as my legs dragged along the asphalt.

“Hunter.” I mumbled to myself before passing out.

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