The Domination Game

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Breaking out the Caviar


“Oh my god! You’re back!” Suddenly, I see a screeching tiny red headed girl running straight into my arms as I came through the kitchen doors, almost knocking me to the ground. I was still a little shaky from today’s training session and my balance was horrible.

“WOW- good to see you too Kendra.” I sighed loudly from the tight grasp of her hug; I guess my ribs weren’t as good as I thought.

“Oh my gosh, I’m sorry!” She immediately released me from her grip, realizing that I was in obvious pain. “Are you ok? You don’t look the same? You look different – but not in a bad way!” She crossed her arms and her eyes looked me up and down. Did I look that different?

“Um- I was at the gym and I’m sore as hell.” I shrugged her off as I peered around the kitchen, hoping no one saw me come in late.

“Love the new hair by the way, suits you! Sexy as hell.” She smirked as she ran her hands through her long red locks, twirling the ends with her index finger.

“Just thought it was time for a change, appreciate the – how should I put it? Enthusiasm?” I ran my hand through my hair, still feeling the difference of the new length. To be honest, I didn’t like it at first, but it was growing on me.

“God your so awkward sometimes, just take a compliment.” She smiled as she wrapped her black apron around her waist.

“Shit, I got to find Sam, did he see me come in late?” I was still peering over the staff members walking by the kitchen aisles, hoping not to see Sam’s blonde head poking through. I wanted to look like I was doing something productive before he spotted me.

“Oh Sam? Girl, don’t worry, he’s busy handling those upscale werewolves in the front lounge. Speaking of which, we got multiple packs we’re catering for tonight. I think there’s lots of hunky Alpha’s here... You think I can bag me a rich one and not have to work anymore?” She chuckled as she began adjusting her hair, and I wasn’t sure if she was serious or just joking.

“You look fine Kendra, god, if I wasn’t into men, I would bang you in a heartbeat.” I laughed as I proceeded to tie my apron around my waist, carefully tying a lose knot.

She laughed at my corny joke like it was the funniest thing she’s ever heard in her life. “So enough with the ‘fun’ talk, tell me, where have you been? Everyone has been saying you were sick? Was it a disease? Was it an infection? Do tell!” Kendra leaned in, like I was about to tell her some secret, but little did she know, I wasn’t telling her squat.

“Flu.” I muttered.

I wasn’t sure if she would buy it, but it was all that I was going to tell her.

“Oh the flu? That’s – interesting..” She sounded disappointed. Did she want to hear something more gruesome then that?

“Excuse me?” I cleared my throat and smirked, “You want to hear a wilder adventure?” .


God she was dumb, but she was an innocent friend that I could use in my life right now, and I knew her heart was in the right place.

“Well, the answer is, NO. There is nothing more to tell Kendra, I was sick like a dog, and now I’m fine. That’s that.”

“Oh-well, at least we got this exciting event to cater!” She reached for a clean tray sitting on the counter and promptly handed me one.

“What’s so exciting about this event, I’ve probably catered hundreds of these things. Even if they are werewolf, there is nothing exciting about it.” I rolled my eyes in annoyance. Why were people so excited for these types of events. Everyone treated werewolves in this city like they were gods, like we all owed them something.

“Do you have no interest in current events?”

“PLEASE, enlighten me.” I rolled my eyes in annoyance. Why did she want to know so much about these wolves? Did she secretly wish she was one of them?

We started walking towards the other side of the kitchen, where the food was being placed on top of a long steel countertop. Hostesses dressed in black uniforms were running with trays full of food, not even paying attention to Kendra and I, slowly taking our time to start helping. I’ve been working like a dog here too long to even care what they thought, and half of them I didn’t bother to get to know. Work was work and I didn’t have time for friends, well, with the exception with Kendra.

“You know there’s a big fight coming up in a couple weeks and the top Alpha’s from each district of the city will be here. Tonight is some sort of a gathering to discuss the rules for this years competition, so like I said, maybe I can bag me a rich one.” She winked over at me, and in that moment, I knew she was serious about what she said before.

“Please, are you serious Kendra? All the Alpha’s think they own this city.” I scoffed.

“Well, they sort of run the city if you think about it. Where do you think the politicians get their money? That’s how Elysium City has always been.”

“I got one better for you; where do you think those ‘top’ Alpha’s get their money? Hmm? You ever think of that? Maybe drugs, smuggling, kidnapping, murder or sex trade? I can go on all god damn night Kendra.”

“Will you keep you voice down” Kendra immediately pulled me to the side, like I said something wrong, but I knew what I was talking about, and I didn’t care if I told the whole world.

“You know Hunter, one day your going to get into trouble, I mean.. I don’t mind what you are saying, and to be honest, I agree with you, but we are at a WEREWOLF function. They have super sonic hearing or whatever they call it. They can practically hear our hearts beating from across the room. Do you think if they heard you say those things they wouldn’t be upset? Do you want to loose your job?” Here eyebrows were furrowed, obviously displeased in my attitude, but I knew deep down, she was right.

I sighed, “Alright, I’ll shut my mouth, but Kendra you know I’m right. Don’t trust any of these werewolves, some might be ok, but most are BAD. Trust me, I KNOW.” I whispered harshly, and thoughts of what happened that terrible night entered my head.

My heart began to race, and fear struck into my body like a bolt of lightening. I was frozen for a moment; paralyzed as I replayed images of their faces, on top of me, using me, like a rag doll for their own pleasure.

“Are you ok? You’re face - is white as a ghost. I’m sorry Hunter, did I scare you with what I said? I was just looking out for you, I’m so sorry.” I felt Kendra’s hand touch my shoulder, and I immediately retracted it, stepping back like she was the monster.

“No, no, Kendra- I’m sorry, just thought of something from the past... No big deal. I’ll get it over it..” I shook my head to snap myself by to reality. The nightmare was over, there was no need to panic now, especially at work.

Kendra looked at me with concern, and I knew she just wanted to help, but she could never understand the pain.

“Kendra, its fine, seriously, it wasn’t anything you said, just thinking about something from my childhood.” I lied, but thankfully, we were interrupted by Adam, the stout chef wearing his ugly white toque, peering over at us like mischievous children.

“You ladies done with your reunion? We got a lot of guests out there tonight. Grab a tray and start serving this food before it gets cold.” He scowled as he wiped the sweat off of his greasy forehead. His grotesque look made me want to vomit, but he was the best chef in the city and Sam adored his cooking.

“Yes sir,” Kendra immediately grabbed a tray full of food and I followed suit. We both looked at each other, trying our best to hold in our laughter. It wasn’t purely his looks that made us laugh, it was the fact that he went about his day like he was the king of this place, and on top of that, he was a complete dick to everyone who worked under him.

“The only thing going for Adam is his food, tastes amazing.” I whispered to Kendra as we walked with our trays towards the front lounge.

“Too bad he eats most of it.” Kendra snickered.

I let out a subtle chuckle, hoping I wasn’t in ear shot of him, but I think he was already back to his work in the kitchen.

We were almost to the entrance of the lounge, and it seemed that most of the staff was on duty tonight; waves of servers were coming in the opposite direction with empty trays and glasses.

“Is this place good enough for these people? And what the hell is Sam doing serving Caviar tartlets? A little too fancy for this place don’t you think?” I whispered in Kendra’s ear as I analyzed the tray I was holding. The black balls on crisped tart was lathered in crème fraiche, and it looked DEVINE, but I was too broke to ever afford something like this.

“Yea I know, he never breaks out the caviar, so I guess this a special occasion? How do I know? Just wait till you see the lounge area now, Sam completely transformed the inside.”

Kendra was defiantly right about that, because as soon as we stepped inside my mouth hung open like a child in a candy store.

The Rogue was completely transformed.

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