The Domination Game

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Mystery Man


My mouth hung open in awe. Kendra was right, Sam did transform this place, but for the better.

Bright white back lighting lit up the once dark walls; brand new red velvet couches lined the area where the old wooden pub tables used to be; the new dance floor on the opposite end had all new flooring that looked rather expensive, and even the DJ booth had a nice upgrade. It was raised in the back corner above the dancefloor with a clear acrylic platform, allowing the lights to give off a hypnotic show while the DJ performed. It was a modern upgrade that this place was in desperate need for.

My eyes were constantly wondering around in amazement as I served the guests. This crowd was dressed to the nines and was comprised of mostly men, but there were a number of very attractive young women gripping the arms of their dates. Their eyes followed me as I brought the trays of food to them, like I was lower then they were, but deep down I knew we were all the same, they just so happened to submit to the man they clutched to the arm to. I was fine with that, at least I was free.

“Another tray for you here Hunter!” I could hear Sam’s voice yelling over a crowd of hungry guests.

“I’m coming!” I felt like a dwarf tiptoeing around the large men in suits. They were all too engaged in their conversations to even take notice of my small body swerving in and out of them, navigating carefully to get to Sam, who was already holding a fresh tray of hors d’oeurves.

He looked exactly the same since I’ve last seen him, and of course he was still wearing the same boring black suit that everyone seemed to be wearing tonight. His usual blonde hair that waved down to his shoulders was now slicked back, making his appearance more polished. He was actually looking good tonight, and it was weird seeing him so dressed up, but he suited the look.

Sam was a werewolf, but he was smaller then most in this room, but I could tell tried his best to stay in shape. He had a rack of dumb bells in his office that I would always frequently catch him doing at the end of the night when I was dropping of the cash deposits in his safe.

Sometimes I got the vibe he was purposely showing me his physique and I always brushed it off. He was definitely not my type because way too much of a mysogynist. He treated the women he brought to the club like a piece of arm candy that had no feelings.

“What’s that?” I peered down at the tray he was holding, was it more caviar, or something else that looked unusually expensive?

“Oysters – what else would it be? Are you feeling alright Hunter, you seem different?” His blue eyes glared into me, curiously looking at my new haircut.

“Oh this?” I patted my hair casually, feeling the short ends.

“It suits you.” Sam smirked, “anyways, here you go,” he promptly placed the tray of oysters, allowing me to smell the fowl stench.


“Before you go Hunter, I wanted to tell you that it’s good to have you back, we have been pretty busy the couple weeks you’ve been gone. OH, and by the way, those are a natural aphrodisiac.” He pointed down at the tray and gave a small flirtatious wink.

“Um – thanks? Sorry I was away so long, I had really bad pneumonia.” Another lie, but I knew Coach was vague with his explanation to Sam. All he said was to him was that ‘Hunter was very ill.’

“Well, I missed you. Thanks again and keep up the great work.” He gave me a pat on the shoulder that probably went a few seconds too long.

"Yeah umm, oh Sam by the way, the place looks - um... great." I awkwardly twirled my finger around the room.

"Oh this? Yes - well I paid for a lot of the new renos... Along with a new investor that took interest into the place, maybe one day I'll give you a tour." He seemed pleased with himself as he looked around the lounge, like he did the renos personally, but I knew he wouldn't be caught dead in a hard hat.

I raised my eyebrows as he starred into the crowd, looking around the lounge like it was the Garden of Eden. What has gotten into Sam? Why was he asking me to tour the place I've been working in for years now?

I gave him awkward glare, hoping he would just leave already, “Well... see you later, gotta get back to work.” I lifted the tray, hoping he would get the hint to leave. This was so awkward, I wanted to sink into the floor right now and disappear. Why were men like this? Can I just work in peace?

“Oh right – see you later, lots of Alpha’s to meet tonight.” He shrugged his shoulders before leaving me alone, among the sea of people.

If I was curious if Sam had a crush on me, I knew now he most definitely did.

I sighed as braced the tray, “Fuck me.” I whispered to myself.

I never liked Sam, he was my boss and that was that. I knew I was one of his ‘favourite’ employees, but I thought it was purely my work ethic that he appreciated, and not my looks. I felt a subtle frustration lingering in my mind, but I shrugged it off, because if it weren’t for Sam, I wouldn’t have a job right now.

I glanced around the bustling room, there was loud chatter in each direction, so I decided to head towards the least busiest part of the room. I caught view of a small group of women, dressed to the nines in short skimpy cocktails dresses and stilettos. Perfect. Maybe these were some mistresses of some of the Alpha’s in attendance?

I chuckled softly, hoping to not to make it obvious I was laughing at them. I knew one thing about werewolves, they were ruled by an Alpha, which was always a MAN. I would rather live my life as a rogue then live under the rule of one person, why couldn’t I make my own decisions?

Just as I was about to make my approach to the group of women, a man out of know where, brushed up against me almost knocking me over. If I wasn’t so sore from the gym today, maybe I wouldn’t be so clumsy, but hell, today wasn’t my day at all.

As I regained my footing, I was happy to realize that all the oysters were intact, nothing out of place. I sighed in relief, but it was short lived when I heard a large gasp from one of the women standing next to us, so I glanced down at the floor to see what all the fuss was about.


A broken glass with someone’s drink, all over the floor. I knew the blame would immediately placed on me, so I immediately owned the situation, hoping it wouldn’t spiral out of a control.

“I’m so sorry sir. Let me pick this up.” I immediately dropped to my feet, not even glancing up at the man I bumped into. Inside I was panicking, I didn’t want to make a scene, and I was praying inside that whoever the man was wouldn’t make a fuss, but knowing my luck, he would probably get me fired.

“It’s ok, let me help you.” The man said as he crouched down and began picking up the shards. My eyes widened in shock; was he – helping me?

“You don’t have to do-“ I stopped midsentence as I got a good look at him kneeling beside me, and he was absolutely, GEORGOUS.

We both caught sight of each other as we continued picking up broken pieces of glass; I wasn’t even sure that I was grabbing anymore shards at that point, because my eyes were glued to this specimen, and by the looks of it, he was looking at me in the same manner.

His deep brown eyes resembled rich dark soils of a forest, fertile with life and wisdom, but there was also a mystery in his gaze that left me curious.

I started to notice his other facial features, like his thick brown eyebrows and slight bristle that covered his prominent jawline. His eyes immediately lit up as he let out a small smile. I felt like I was in a dreamlike state, was this man really smiling at me?

I could already feel the blood rushing to my cheeks as I blushed in embarrassment. I was probably looking like the biggest idiot right now, but I didn’t care.

His dark chestnut hair had sort of a messy pompadour style; long at the top and short at the sides. He had a bad boy look to him, but the black-on-black suit he wore made him look like he was all business. He looked important, but I was not sure how important.

He cleared his throat, and I immediately snapped out of my trance.

“I’m sorry, it was my fault. I wasn’t looking where I was walking.” I said as I picked up the last few pieces of glass. I decided to have as little eye contact as I could with him, trying to keep my eyes on the glass I was picking up.

“No, it was me. Let me clean the rest of this up.” He continued cleaning, and I could feel the tension grow between us.

“Hunter!?” Suddenly I heard Sam’s voice behind us. I knew I was in deep shit.

“I’m so sorry Sam, I lost balance.” I stood up, placing the last few pieces of glass in my apron. “I’ll replace the gentleman’s drink.”

“Do you know who this is?! We need to have a serious talk after we are done here.” Sam turned to the mysterious man and apologized. “I’m so sorry, she was away for a while and it’s her first day back. We will take care of this right away.”

“No, it’s fine. It was my fault I stepped into her. Honestly, it’s no big deal, HUNTER” His smile lit up as he said my name.

When I heard him say my name I wanted to fly away; his deep demanding voice sounded so sexy.

I could see Sam in the corner of my eye, and he was either annoyed or slightly jealous at the exchange by the way his eyes glared at me. “Hunter you can go back to work.”

“So sorry again.” I gave an affirmative nod and quickly turned around before completely fainting. Never in my life did I get my emotions stirred up like this. Who was this guy?

I turned my head to see him one last time before reaching the kitchen doors and I caught eyes with him once again. He was still talking with Sam, but he seemed more focused on me. I’m sure my face was as red as a cherry, so I quickly gave a slight smile back before heading back into the kitchen.

“Hunter are you ok? You seem dazed? Are you feeling alight? I saw that you dropped someone’s drink.” Suddenly Kendra’s voice emerged behind me and I snapped back to reality.

“Oh-um yeah, just clumsy. Must still be off balance from training. It’s ok.” I shrugged my shoulders and started piling more appetizer’s on my tray while Kendra did the same.

“Did you see the hunk you ran into though? WOW, he can take me any day.” Kendra sighed.

“Oh him? Yea, I guess he’s alright.” I was lying out of my ass, and I wasn’t sure why.

“He was totally flirting with you Hunter! Maybe it was your new hair cut?” She nudged my shoulder and giggled.

“Honestly I don’t have time for guys right now. I got other things on my mind.” I became frustrated at her schoolgirl remarks. I had serious issues like winning an impossible fight and finding my lost twin brother. How could I be flirting with some man like that?

“Suit yourself sister, maybe I’ll ask him for his number.”

“He’s all yours then.” I scoffed.

I surprisingly grew a little jealous envisioning her with the mystery man. Why was a jealous of someone I did not even know?

I immediately tried changing the subject and cleared my throat, “so um, when does this event end anyways?”

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