The Domination Game

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Old Acquaintances: Part 1


“Where the fuck is it!?” My claw dug into the man’s bare chest, digging deep into his raw flesh. His moans getting louder the further I pierced through.

I could see drops of blood splashing to the ground as it started to pool below the chair he was tied to. I knew it was only a matter of time until he died from blood loss.

“I don’t know.” He spat blood to the floor, almost soiling my clean leather shoes.

I narrowed my gaze at the greasy man; he was probably early 20s, but his lifestyle made him look like he was 50. He was underweight and was starting to bald. Dark patches of hair covered his scalp unevenly, making it apparently obvious he was a drug addict.

“Let’s try that again.” I placed my hand on top of his hand and started to pull in the opposite direction. I knew the zip ties that secured him to the chair wouldn’t break under the pressure, so I continued to pull.

I instantly felt the vibrations of his bones, cracking under the immense pressure. The colour of his pale skin started to turn blue as I increased the pressure of my grip. His wrist was almost at a 90 degree angle at this point, and his veins were practically popping out of his skin.

His screams echoed the room like a concert hall, and it music to my ears.

“You got the audacity to lie to me… so I think I’ll have your hand.” I smirked and gazed into his fearful eyes. They were watered and blood shot; either from the pain or his drug addiction, but I couldn’t care less. He stole from me, and now he was lying.

“Come on Marcus! Please! I don’t fucking know anything!” He yelled out, but I continued pulling. His wrist was almost at 90 degrees, and I was heading towards a full 180.

The smell of his blood pooling below me was turning my wolf on; the scent was intoxicating, like a fresh meal being served at a five-star restaurant. I could feel my canines starting to protrude though my mouth, gritting against the rest of my teeth. I wanted to kill him so badly right now, but the urge to find the information was more important. My heart was pounding outside my chest and my hand began to shake furiously as I tried containing the beast within me.

“Not now.” I gritted through my teeth.

“Please, not my hand!!” He screamed.

His greasy face was turning red and his eyes were looking like they were going to pop out of their sockets.

“Tell me!” I roared.

“Alpha James!!!” The man screamed out. “It was Alpha James!”

Suddenly, I didn’t have to pull anymore. I was holding his hand; completely detached from his arm. Just like pulling a twig off a branch. Blood poured out of his stumped forearm like a river, adding to the already large red pool accumulating on the ground.

“Fucking Aussie prick.” I muttered under my breath.

I bent down so I could be eye level with the greasy junkie, “See, that wasn’t hard was it.” I smiled as I placed his torn hand on his shoulder. He screamed in horror as he glanced over at his detached hand resting on his body.

“You did well for a human, I thought you would be dead by now.” I smirked.

He continued screaming as he kept his eyes on his detached hand.

“Thanks for giving me a HAND.” I smiled as I tossed his hand on the workbench, like a tool I was done using. “Take care of this idiot.” I turned to one of my men standing by the door and they gave an affirmative nod.

As I closed the door behind me, I heard his screams again, but this time they were accompanied by the howls of a wolf. I couldn’t be bothered finishing him off and I always left the clean up to my pack, which they thoroughly enjoyed, especially when we were dealing with lying human rats.

I entered the main warehouse, where I did most of my business, mainly transporting product and whatever else we needed to get across Elysium. It was located on the outskirts of the city, by the docks, but it wasn’t too far for distribution.

Every Alpha in the Elysium had their hand in the cookie jar, but only a handful of Alpha’s could maintain their power and control. My older brother and I started off as rogue orphans, stealing to get by, and to survive.

Thankfully, we were taken under the wing by the most powerful Alpha in Elysium city at the time, Alpha Kane. He taught us everything we knew and gave us the connections we needed to get to the top, but unfortunately, he was beginning to get old and weak, and my brother, took everything from him, including his life. I was close to Alpha Kane, like a father, and it killed my soul knowing that he was murdered, but my brother’s greed overtook his loyalty. We went our separate ways after that faithful day.

My brother and I were constantly competing for everything, even when it came to women. He had his side of the city and I had mine; I kept my business strictly in transportation, while he dabbled himself in Alpha Kane’s former businesses, including the manufacturing of the actual drugs that I distributed. Yes, we had to do business with each other, but I usually sent my Beta, Christian to deal with his pack.

Business was booming and I didn’t know what to do with all the profit. Spend it or save it? Honestly, I couldn’t care less, the thrill of running the city kept me going.

“Did you get what you needed mate?” Suddenly, an Australian voice came from the other side of the warehouse.

“You asshole, your late.” I glanced down at my watch, and much to my surprise, he was only an hour late. Typical.

“Had a couple of - how do ya put it, distractions?” He smirked.

Alpha James was with his typical entourage of several of his largest wolves, all wearing matching dark suits; except for James, who looked like he belonged in a biker bar. He wore a leather jacket, light wash denim jeans and despicable looking biker shoes.

We met along time ago, through my brother when we worked under Alpha Kane. He came here when he was younger from Australia, looking for a better life. He was a former hitman, doing jobs for Alpha Kane, but now, he was in the drug trade, selling the product that we distributed to humans on the streets. It can be messy at times, but it was the way the city functioned.

“I heard around town you’ve been busy.” I crossed my arms as I leaned back against a wooden crate. The warehouse didn’t really have the accommodations for formal meetings as it was littered with boxes full of product.

“Seems your eyes and ears are growing with your age, Alpha.” He replied while he examined some of the stacked crates beside him.

“Let’s get to the point. You need more?” I questioned.

“The more drugs these humans ingest, the better the business.” He grinned.

“Same as last time. One hundred large. I’ll need all of it upfront this time.” I said as I crossed my arms.

Alpha James paused and looked around at his pack, grinning like I just told him a funny joke.

“You serious mate? I mean... all upfront?” He scoffed.

“You’re a pain in my ass you know that? If it wasn’t for my brother, I would kill you right now, here, in front of your bitch ass slugs you call your pack.”

“You’re telling me the Omega Pack is full of pussies eh?” Alpha James glanced around his several men, bracing for their guns under their suits. I knew he was all talk, he wouldn’t dare pull a gun on me.

“Really? Are you really going to try to threaten me? How about that girl you fucked up huh? Were you aware of who she was?” I narrowed my gaze as I stood up straight, stepping closer to him and his posse.

“Well, it seems you don’t know who she is either.” He crossed his arms as he dealt his royal flush, but was it a bluff? He caught me off guard by his comment and to be honest, I was intrigued.

Did he already know the human fighter before the attack? I didn’t even care to learn her name, and at this point it didn’t even matter. She was just another victim to Alpha James and it was just bad fucking luck that she was Coach Andrew’s fighter. Nothing more, just BAD LUCK.

My face remained blank and motionless. The tension was growing between his men and my own, who were standing behind me, mimicking their movements, also hovering over their gun holsters.

“She was a fighter; Coach Andrew was training her to fight in the tournament.”

Suddenly, he erupted in laughter, filling the entire warehouse with his despicable banter. It was quite uncomfortable to see him in such excitement over the realization.

“OH MY GOD. You got to be kidding me?” He slapped his knee and continued his roaring laugh.

“You’re a sick FUCK, you know that?” I furrowed my eyebrows in disgust. Did he take pleasure in this?

“Well, this is very interesting...yes indee’dee.” He chuckled to himself.

“What is?” I snapped back.

“Well Alpha Marcus, we have a long history; me, you and your brother. So, I must regret to inform you, that I, Alpha James, of Omega Pack, had no fucking idea who the lassie was to you, or your wanker coach, whatever-his-name-is. Ya hear me mate? NO FUCKING CLUE; call it a misunderstanding?” He smiled as he signaled his men to lower their arms from their jackets. “I’ll pay up front as you wish then eh? Call it a sincere apology.” He gave a small curtsey and bowed his head.

“Fine, I’ll inform my Beta Christian to arrange the details of the pickup. He’s away at the moment... dealing with a personal matter, so I’ll get him to call you when he’s done.” I started browsing over a list of my inventory attached to a clip board.

“BUT FIRST, Alpha Marcus, before I agree to those terms, I have one request.”

I rolled my eyes, “Which is?”

“I want in.”

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