The Domination Game

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Old Acquaintances: Part 2

“In?” I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. What was he referring to?

“I’ve stumbled across some strong lads that would like to fight in the tournament, on behalf of the Omega pack.” He gave an off putting smirk followed by a wink.

Was this guy crazy? That was an impossible request, and even if I could do it, why in the hell would I help this asshole?

“You know the roster is full right? Your too late and the fight is a week away. Why do you even want to enter in the first place? I’ve never seen you take interest in such an event.” I questioned him wanting answers. I thought it was strange that he all-of-a-sudden had taken an interest in the tournament.

“It was brought to my attention that the payout was increased exponentially this year, and I said to myself, WHY NOT?!” He roared and I raised my eyebrows in response. This man was a leech attached to my skin that I couldn’t pull away from, and I was growing more irritated by the minute.

“Because my brother, Alpha Xanos will be there, so the payouts will be going up. I AM AWARE. Unfortunately for you, your gonna have to wait till next year, ‘MATE’.” I glanced back at my clipboard once again, trying to refocus on the deal I just made.

One thing that always annoyed the hell out of me, was my brother causing such big turnout at these fights, like he was some deity to these Alpha’s. The money payouts went up if both him and I showed up, but usually he preferred not to participate. I was curious why all of a sudden my brother took interest in the tournament. It’s been years since he’s been to one.

“Ok, well maybe I’ll just ask Alpha Xanos personally then, I mean, if it wasn’t for MY help, you two would probably be still working for Alpha Kane…” He was ready to walk away but then I interjected.

“Just have my money ready by tomorrow.” I growled.

He was technically right, and I knew my brother appreciated his help all of those years ago, but what pained me worst in life, was when someone did you a favour and threw it back in your face later on.

I fucking hated reproach.

“Deal.” He gave a smug face, pleased with negotiating skills, but little did he know, I had a little parting gift for him.

As he began striding away in confidence towards the exit, I spoke up, “Oh James, by the way, I’ll be giving you only HALF the product, and you will be paying me the FULL price. It will make up for the stolen delivery that went missing last month. Hope you understand.” His smug face immediately went blank as I smiled in his direction. I could see the fire in his eyes light up.

Read’em and weep mother fucker.

“What proof would you have of this?!” He roared.

I nodded to one of my men standing behind me.

“Just a little HAND, from your associate.” I replied.

Suddenly, a bloodied limb was tossed into the center of the floor.

“Ohhhh - that hand… interesting.” Alpha James peered over at the hand, still dripping with blood.

I knew James stole right under my nose, and there was no way he could deny it.

“Oh, and one more thing, I won’t be able to get you entered into the tournament. Like I said. ROSTER’S FULL.” I glared at him, smiling as my canines hung out of my mouth. He thought he was tough shit, but he knew he couldn’t do anything to me. I caught him in a lie and he was going to suffer for it.

On a regular day I would have killed anyone who stole from me, but this case was different. Alpha James was an Alpha and I couldn’t start a war over some stolen product, especially with my brother coming to watch the tournament this year.

Alpha James was a monster, and deserved more then what I was doing to him, so I’m sure he will be more than happy to accept his little punishment. Maybe I’ll kill him after the dust settles in a couple of weeks? I had a whole list of way’s I wanted to end his life.

He erupted in laughter while slapping his thigh. “Well, well, well. Seems you really do have eyes and ears everywhere Alpha.”

“You can leave now James, I’m done talking to you, just have my money by tomorrow.” I stood there with my men around me ready for a confrontation. Some of them still grasping their gun holsters, ready to dump silver lead in the men in front of us, but I didn’t think Alpha James was that stupid to make a move.

He was a hothead like most of the Alpha’s running around the city; all of them trying to raise their packs to the top, but I will gladly push them down; only my Blood Moon pack ran this part of the city.

“Alright, have it your way mate,” Alpha James chuckled as he wiped his saliva from his mouth. “You really got me worked up Marcus, maybe I can take you on a date sometime eh?” He laughed once again at his ill minded joke.

I shook my head in annoyance, “Get the hell out of here James. Christian will contact you with the details.”

“I’ll be seeing you.” He gave a small bow and one by one, his entourage exited the warehouse, filling the air with peace and quiet.

“Fucking Aussie.” I muttered to myself.

Suddenly, the peace and quiet was soon interrupted, and I could feel a vibration emanating from my pocket sending instant butterflies to my stomach.

Was that who I thought it was?

I pulled it open and low and behold, I saw something that made up for all the insanity of the day.

It was Hunter.

“Hello, I remember you.” I smiled as I read the message.

Any words she spoke, even through text made my blood flow faster. I knew she would eventually respond; I messaged her that night, after the party and I couldn’t get my mind off of her since then.

Unfortunately, I lost her in the sea of people that night, but I knew I would eventually find her. Sam seemed displeased when I asked for her number, but I was his Alpha, and he would do as I commanded.

She was the first human I have ever laid my eyes on, and I knew she would be the last. She was everything; her looks, her voice, her charm, her…BODY. She had a certain personality that wasn’t like any other women; she held a certain strength and independence that even the strongest wolf could never possess and it made my blood boil to the core. Her electric blue eyes were imprinted in my mind, and all I wanted to do was gaze into them; to get lost into the sea of blue and never come back.

Even if she wasn’t physically a werewolf, she was bound to me and I would burn this entire city to have her. Women practically threw themselves in my direction and that’s all they were; women that were physically pleasing to the eyes, but nothing beyond that.

Over the years and countless one night stands, I came to the conclusion I was going to be alone forever, and for a moment, I was fine with that. Business was booming and I was too busy to even commit myself to one person. But something changed in me the other night when that god-send of an angel spilled my drink, and I couldn’t explain it.

I started typing back.

“Can we meet again?”

I saw three dots fill the screen and I held my breath.

Would she be freaked out that I was a werewolf, or let alone, an Alpha? Do humans get scared that easy? I grew impatient as I waited for her message, furiously tapping my foot.

Could I possibly be rejected? So many thoughts entered my mind, like it was being set into overdrive and she was in the driver’s seat.

“Alpha you got a meeting downtown in 30 minutes.” One of my men spoke in my ear, but I was too busy to even listen.

Finally a response! I see her name fill the screen, and again, the butterflies came back in full force, swirling around in my stomach.

“I’m sorry Marcus. I’m so busy at work it’s hard to make time….”


I’ve never had this hard time getting a date. I felt like I was a little boy again; too nervous to talk to a girl. This was new to me, but also exciting. It was a like a game of cat and mouse, but I was the wolf, and she was my human prey.

“Boss?” The same annoying voice came from behind me and I immediately slammed my hand on the crate, smashing the wood into several pieces.

“Can you just HOLD ON?! My next meeting can fucking wait! IF ANYONES GOING TO WAIT, ITS THEM, NOT ME!” I roared.

My loud outburst was finally met with silence, and my eyes immediately were set back onto my phone.

Suddenly I thought of an idea; an idea she couldn’t refuse. I started typing quickly on screen my text.

I’ll see you at work then 😉

And sent.

I couldn’t care less if she refused, because now, I’m clearing my schedule and heading to Rogue with the boys later this evening.

Because tonight, I’m catching my little human.

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