The Domination Game

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Alternative Uniform

“Guess who texted me?” My fingers tapped furiously across my phone as I typed a message to Kendra.

The mystery man was no longer a mystery, and his name was even sexier then I imagined; Marcus. I’ve been taking my time with responding, but I eventually caved into my desire.

He went out of his way to get my number from Sam, and to be honest, I was impressed with his enthusiasm, so I continued our conversation after much deliberation. I wasn’t sure why I was so hesitant to message him back, but I did and it felt gratifying. The butterflies swirled in my stomach each time he messaged me back, but deep down I was still scared.

Not too my surprise, Kendra replied within a few seconds.


“Guess. 😉 🐺🔥🔥” I typed back.

OMFG is it….Mystery Wolf Man?!! Please tell me that’s who your referring to?!! I’m dying over here!!😍😲🔥”

She texted so quickly that I couldn’t even get a chance to reply. I let her pour her emotions on the screen; I guess she had nothing else to do. It was quite laughable seeing her excited response.

“Oh my god what did he say? And what did YOU say?! I want details Hunter!!😜

Another message from her soon filled the screen.

“ I told you he had the hots 🔥🔥 for you!!!”

And another...

“Where are you Hunter? Please let me know what happened! So does he have any single friends? Come on! TELL ME!! 😍😍😍”

Finally the screen was blank; I think she said what she had to say. I started typing my response back to her, and I was scared how she was going to react, but first I was going to have some fun and play with her.

“I told him I was busy at work….”

I could see the three dots flickering on the screen, I knew she would freak out.

Finally, I got her message, but it was shorter than I expected.

“GIRL WTFFFFFFFFFFFF Are you crazy?!! 😦😡😒”

I quickly typed back, “I’m just playing Kendra, he’s coming to work tonight! 😜”

Suddenly, I see the three dots once again, flickering furiously.

“😡Fuck you! Are you serious?? You gotta make sure you’re looking fine then… and please promise me you won’t wear those manly work pants to your shift. PLS for the love of god, wear something else.... Not that you look great in everything 😉.”

Was she right? Why should I change my appearance? I thought I wasn’t even going to put myself out there? I should be focused on my fight, but something deep down told me that I should go for it.

I was torn.

“I don’t know Kendra, I want to see him, but deep down, I feel guilty. My brother is still missing, do you think I should be out having fun when I should be looking for him?

She replied back soon after,

“Hunter, you work so hard, please give yourself a break. You deserve this. You can work part of your shift and maybe spend some time with Marcus? I’ll cover you, I got your back 😉 I know Troy is missing, but you can’t put your whole life on hold waiting for him to come back.. YOU HAVE TO LIVE. If he comes back, he will in time.”

After reading her message I actually felt a little better. Even know Kendra had her goofy ways, she was right, I can’t put my life on hold.

I think I'll take her advice and enjoy myself.

What’s the harm?

“Oh my god!” Kendra’s screeching voice came behind me and I felt her small arms wrap around my body.

“Kendra, oh my god. Thanks.” I spun around to face her and her eyes lit up, like she was seeing a ghost.

“You look... FINE. I am actually turned on right now. “ She smiled as she looked me up and down, and I couldn’t help to blush.


I decided to wear the skirt uniform that I always hated wearing. Sam always gave the girls the option of pants or skirt; well he gave us an ultimatum. Sam’s voice echoed in my head when I thought about my first shift here.

“Wear the skirt or get another job! Its good for business.”

I was so pissed that day that I almost walked out, but I needed the money and he hired me when no one else would. Thankfully over-time, Sam grew to like me and eventually he allowed me to use the ‘manly’ pants.

“You even chose the V-neck option! Your tits look fantastic!" Kendra glanced down at my chest then back to my face, "And your hair... DAMN... curls suit you. Me lik-ey.” Kendra let out a big smile as she twirled me around. “Good thing your at the gym all the time! Your legs are sexy as hell."

“Thanks...” The skirt was a little slutty if you asked me. It hit my legs mid thigh and honestly, I was too scared to even bend down, but I’ll take the compliment.

“Yes! I’m glad you wore this. I find the skirt a bit uncomfortable too... but I get better tips.” She pulled on her tight skirt and winked.

Kendra always looked good; every shift her makeup was done perfectly with a slight smoke eye that accentuated her red hair and freckles. Her hair was always curled, similarly to mine (minus the shortness of my own) and rocked it. She was probably right about the tips, but I always went for comfort then getting ogled at.

“By the way, your make up is cute, not too much like some of the sluts that work in here.” Kendra giggled as she peered around the bar at the other staff members walking by. I could feel their eyes glaring at us, like they knew we were talking shit about them.

“Thanks, its nothing really...” I felt my cheeks flush.

I wasn’t used to such flatteries and to be honest, I didn’t think I did a good job. It was just light concealer, mascara, and a subtle brown eye shadow. No one was used to seeing me with makeup on because I hardly wore it, probably because I was always coming from the gym and couldn’t find the time to.

“You’re mystery man, Marcus is it? He picked a good night to come because DJ Rage is playing! I wish I wasn’t working, I wanna jump on the dance floor tonight! I’m excited for you.” She nudged me as we began preparing the bar for drinks.

“I hope your right.” I sighed as I started cutting lime wedges.

“Watch it, Sam Alert.” Kendra whispered as she tried making herself look busy. I didn’t bother raising my head up, I was too focused on cutting the limes and preparing ingredients for the mixed drinks.

“Hello ladies...HUNTER?” Sam’s voice came from in front of the bar. He was probably doing his regular rounds and checking up on all the staff to make sure they weren’t slacking off.

“Oh, hey Sam.” My eyes were still focused on the lime wedges.

“You look-” Sam sounded dazed. I wonder what his problem was?

“Yea?” I glanced up at him and saw him standing in front of me with his usual get up; black blazer, navy blue button down top and dark denim jeans. His gold Rolex popped out of his sleeve slightly, just enough to see the logo; he always liked to show he had money, and it seemed to work because usually by the end of the night he would be clung by the arm by some sexy bimbo.

He cleared his throat, “I see you are wearing the alternative uniform tonight? What’s the occasion?” He said in a low tone.

His dark eyes trailed down towards my legs and back up to my chest, when finally, our eyes met once again. I’ve never seen him look at me like that, and it was very off putting. What was going on with him? He always encouraged the staff to wear the skimpy outfits.

“Occasion?” I furrowed my eye brows in confusion.

“Well - um - you look... good.” He nervously looked away as he pulled his hair back through his fingers.

“Um- thanks Sam.” If this wasn’t awkward, I don’t know what was. I’ve never seen him nervous before.

“I’ll see you later, keep up the good work.” He quickly rushed off, leaving me wide eyed and speechless.

“What the hell was that?” I nudged to Kendra who was placing glasses on the bar top.

“He’s so into you... Well, he’s always been into you. And you’ve haven't noticed until now.” Kendra chuckled.

“Kill me now.” I rolled my eyes and continued slicing the limes.

“Jeez, what do you think he’ll do when Marcus shows up?”

“I can do what the hell I want Kendra, I’m not overthinking that. Sam is my boss and that's that. He can have any woman in this damn place, and its not going to be me.”

“Let the night begin.” Kendra downed a dark liquid from a shot glass as she slammed one on the bar top next to me.

“I always start the night with one, keeps the edge off.” She playfully smiled.

“Fuck it.” I held the glass up in front of my face and analyzed the dark liquid. “Cheers.”

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