The Domination Game

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DJ Rage


My anxiety was through the roof and I was constantly surveying the room for him.

“It’s still early Hunter, don’t worry.” Kendra said as she handed a beer glass to an anxious customer.

“I know I’m just nervous.” I was serving tequila shots for a group of young girls. Typical Elysium youth, barely wearing any clothing and wearing a ton of makeup, but hell, they tipped me well.

“Thankssss!” One of the blond girl’s slurred and stepped away.

I sighed as they left and glanced at my watch. It was near half past ten, just in time for my break. I was so tired, Coach Andrew had me training harder then ever before, and my legs felt like jello. I only had a week left until the fight and it was crunch time.

“You alright?” Kendra leaned over to see me clinching my side.

“Yea, I’m fine.” I nodded as I bent over, giving myself a few seconds to stretch over the marble bar top.

My ribs were still sore but getting better, and my back was even scabbing up nicely, but I was too scared to look it at was the Aussie Asshole left. I knew one day I would face it and I was only delaying the inevitable.

“Excuse me.” A man’s voice came from the other side of the bar as I kept myself perched forward and facing down, enjoying the much-needed stretch.

“Sorry sir, it’s my break now.” I sighed. “You can get one of the other girls to serve you.” I began reaching for my bag under the bar.

“I would rather you.”

Oh my god. My heart stopped. The man standing in front of the bar was no other then my mystery man.

“Marcus?” I stood up straight, my eyes wide and dazed.

His smile lit up as I said his name, “Hunter – you look-” He seemed short for words too. His piercing brown eyes ran across my body, analyzing every inch of me.

He was looking better than the last time I ran into him. I was just about to leave for my break, but he gave me a good reason to stay.

“Oh this? My boss makes me wear this.” I lied, but I didn’t want him to think I was trying hard to impress him.

He took a seat at the bar, leaning in closer, like he wanted to see all of me. My heart was pounding out of its chest by the time he was in full view.

“It suits you.” His eyes lit up as they met mine once again. I felt my cheeks beginning to flush in the awkward silence. I’ve never been this nervous in my life.

“You look good yourself.” I blushed.

He wore a black buttoned-down shirt, a lot more casual then when we met last, and I could see some protruding tattoos climbing from his chest. It looked like writing, but I wasn’t sure, all I knew was that it looked sexy as hell.

His muscle definition that outlined his cotton shirt and denim pants was enough to get my stomach churning in knots. His hair looked the same, slightly messy, but pulled back. My thoughts and imagination were running into over-drive as I remained entranced by his presence.

“Um-thanks.” His face lit up as we both exchanged similar looks. If there was a definition of sexual tension, THIS WAS IT.

“I didn’t think you were coming.” I said as I grabbed two short glasses, placing them in front of me. “What’s your poison?” I placed my hands on the bar, casually leaning forward to get a better view. I felt the cool air hit my breasts as they casually poked out of my shirt.

He peered at me with intensity, slowly trailing his eyes onto my chest. “Well, I hope I’m not too forward, but I was going to say you.” He placed his hands on the bar, leaning forward, mimicking my movements.

His eyes were locked onto mine and I dared not to look away. It occurred to me that this man was a werewolf, but for some reason I didn’t care. He made my blood boil, and I wanted to turn the heat up even more.

“Well, I hope I’m not forward, but that was, pretty cheesy.” I deviously smiled. “How about some of this.” I pulled out a fresh bottle of Johnnie Walker Double Black Label from under the bar. I rarely got anyone asking for it, and for some reason I didn’t give a shit what Sam thought if he found out.

“Hm.” He looked puzzled.

I stopped myself midway of the pour and looked at him curiously, “Is there something wrong?”

“How did you know?” He smirked, giving a slight nod for me to proceed with the pour.

“Good guess I suppose.” I tipped the bottle over, allowing the dark brown liquid to hit the chilled glasses. Inside I was jumping for joy, but I wanted to remain calm and not come across as desperate. Usually, I was awkward as hell in social situations, but today I was bringing my A-game.

I handed the glass to him and he peered into the liquid, swirling it round and round, watching the legs pour down the frosted glass.

I poured myself one and raised it up to my face inhaling the aromas. Marcus mimicked my motions as we shared matching expressions. I wasn’t sure if it was the sexual tension, or the smell of the Johnnie Walker, but this bar was heating up and I was ready to lose myself in it.

I could see Kendra in the corner of my eye smirking as she served other customers. I’m sure she was exploding in her head as she watched the drama unfold.

We both shared matching expressions, waiting for one another to drink. The dark liquid hit my nostrils as I enjoyed the sweet scent.

“A hint of vanilla, a touch citrus and malt.” I narrowed my glance as I continued my inhale. The intensity of his gaze narrowed in on my lips as I slightly perched them on the glass.

“You know your stuff Hunter.” His brown eyes were locked onto mine as he brought the glass towards me. “Cheers.”

“Cheers to what?”

“To what tonight will bring.” He smiled as he clinked the glass to mine. By the time I brought my glass back to my lips, he was already done drinking.

I hardly indulged in alcohol, so I hope I wouldn’t find myself too dizzy afterwards, but what the hell did I have to lose? I deserved to enjoy myself.

First I sipped slowly, then finally tipped the glass completely down my throat causing a trail of burning, but subtle smooth flavor.

“Wow.” I coughed trying to get the tingling sensation out of my throat. My whole body felt warm as the liquid settled in my stomach. No wonder people liked to drink.

“Drink often?” He chuckled placing his glass back down. He looked like he drank this regularly, or maybe I was just being a pussy?

“Um-well I’m training so I don’t get out much-” I stopped myself from talking. Should I even mention my fight? I didn’t want him to think I’m a crazy nut job looking to get myself killed in some fight tournament.

“Training? What type of training do you do?” He asked curiously placing his elbows on the counter, inching closer to me. I could already feel his warmth from the other side of the bar.

“Oh-just-um-just-” I stuttered as I thought about how to answer. Shit Hunter, think of a lie, you lie all the time. “Guitar!” I announced.

That’s all I could think of? Guitar?! I only played casually, but I guess this lie would have to do, and now, I prayed he would buy it.

“Guitar?” He furrowed his eyebrows, intrigued at my comment.

“Oh yes, I play small gigs around town.” I said quietly, hoping no one would overhear the embarrassing lie I just conjured up.

“Well, just tell me when and where, I would love to come see you play.” His smile lit up again giving more flutters in my stomach.

I wish I was telling the truth; I wish he could actually see me doing some normal hobby, but my life was far from normal. I guess I will have to cover that lie, with another lie someday.

I was on a good track with Marcus, already lying my ass off, so I tried changing the subject.

“So, what do you do?” I started pouring more out of the bottle into the glasses sitting in front of us, when suddenly a man stumbled forward beside Marcus.

“Eh girl?! I was tryin to get your attention, but it seems your too busy to serve your customers!” He yelled, slamming his hands onto the bar.

“I’m on my break sir, and there are several other staff that can serve you.” I tried to use a calm voice, but my blood was already to its boiling point.

“I wanted your sexy ass to serve me is all.” The drunken man looked young, but I could tell he liked to party. Age wept his sunken in eyes and his pupils, dilated like he was high on some sort of drug. For a moment he reminded me of my brother, unable to comprehend or realize what he was doing.

“Come on sweetie, get a drink for this parched wolf.” His hand went onto mine and I immediately pulled away.

“What the hell?!” I took a step back, when suddenly Marcus slammed his first onto the man’s hand. The sounds of bones cracking overpowered the music pulsating through the bar, like stepping onto small twigs in a forest.

“Ah!! What the hell man?!” The drunken man lurched over as Marcus held his hand to the bar top.

Thankfully, tonight was busy, and the confrontation was only seen by a few people who immediately started backing away as they saw Marcus standing over the man. I knew Marcus was big, but didn’t realize how big he was compared to everyone else. He stood over the man, and he was twice his size.

“What’s that boy?” Marcus smirked in his direction, holding his hand like was holding down a piece of paper on a desk.

“Please, please, I don’t want any trouble.” The man pleaded, trying to pull away, but Marcus held his grip.

The crowd of people that once surrounded us created a circle of space, with Marcus and the drunk man in the center.

“Want to fucking die?” He growled under his breath. I could see Marcus’s eyes darken, and his once brown eyes, now pitch black.

“Don’t mention this to my Alpha, please, I’m just here to get a drink that’s all, I didn’t know you with her. Honestly, I’m sorry.” The young man struggled to pry Marcus’s hand off, but his efforts were pointless.

“Marcus.” I guess hearing my voice snapped Marcus back to reality as he glanced over in my direction.

My arms were crossed with disproval. I mean, I was happy he defended me, but at the end of the day, I couldn’t risk losing this job. Especially over some drunken idiot.

“I’m sorry Hunter.” He immediately released his hold, allowing the drunken customer to tumble back and cower away into the crowd.

I grew uncomfortable in the moment; was this a good idea getting involved with a werewolf? I was curious who Marcus was as he seemed important and powerful, but I didn’t want to pry too much. I was already burned by a werewolf, and it scared me to think I could be crawling back into another bad situation.

“I better get back to work-” I muttered under my breath.

“I’m an entrepreneur if you must ask, and I’m a werewolf.” He placed his hand on mine across the bar, and I felt something euphoric. “I’m sorry I frightened you Hunter, PLEASE.” What was I feeling? Was this magic because I felt like I was being lifted off my feet.

“Uh-but I’m still technically working Marcus, Sam will kill me if he saw me-” I stuttered in my trance.

“I’ll take care of Sam, and you’ll be paid for you’re shift. Please. I promise” He kept his warm hand on mine and I wondered if he felt the same way I did.

“You know I get pennies by the hour; I make my money in tips.”

He knew I was right, and on top of that, I had to make my money back that I lost to the Aussie man. He took everything I saved, and I was already behind on the bills.

“I’ll make sure you make those tips back.” He squeezed my hand sending even more tingles down my spine. It didn’t take much convincing to accept his offer.

“If Sam says its fine then I’ll-” Suddenly, I was being pulled on the other side of the bar. We locked eyes briefly as he held me in his arms. He felt like a piece of armor and I felt so safe, like there was nothing in the world that could hurt me.

“Don’t worry I got you.” He smiled as he guided me through the crowd of people towards the main dance floor.

It was weird being on the other side of the bar, enjoying the Rogue and all that it had to offer. I didn’t realize how pretty it actually looked in here until I was smack in the middle of the dance floor.

The strobe lights and atmosphere were unexplainable, like I was teleported to a strange planet. It was crowded, but everyone was enjoying themselves freely. Men and women, all dancing to the rhythm of the electronic music, like there was no care in the world.

I peered over to the DJ booth that was elevated over the dance floor as we moved closer to the middle. Hypnotic lights swayed and pulsated around the one person electrifying the dance floor, DJ Rage. Kendra’s favourite DJ that apparently performs at the Rogue. Was I that out of the loop with current events?

I didn’t realize he wore a helmet during his performances until I glanced through the acrylic glass that encased the entire DJ booth. He almost looked like an astronaut; the helmet had a black and purple circle encasement, along with LED shielding. It was a helmet with its own light show that matched the rest of the venue.

“I don’t do this often.” I said as I looked around at all the people swaying their bodies. For someone who works at a club, I never got out to party, and to be honest, it was intimidating.

“Hunter, you'll be ok.” He smiled as he pulled me into further into the sea of people.

The music was pounding in my ear drums as we walked closer to the main floor, and suddenly I felt myself starting to sway back and forth, trying to move to the beat of the music. Kendra was right, DJ Rage had some nice hits, but to hear him in person, was out of this world.

My eyes were fixated on the lights that pulsed to the music, I felt my body starting to move more freely to the beat of the music.

“Are you sure you’re telling the truth.” He stepped back, watching me move while he held my hand. “You’re dancing.”

I smiled in response as he watched me dance and used my index finger to signal him to come closer. I barley knew Marcus, but I wanted his body to be close to mine, it felt so natural.

“You’re a feisty human.” He came closer to me while I danced only inches away. He wasn’t abrasive, but inviting, allowing me to get comfortable before moving in closer.

He moved to my movements, slightly grazing me with his body. I wanted to grind up on him, but I also didn’t want to come off as easy.

I was going to make him work for it.

I wrapped my arms around his waist, and I felt his arms wrap around my shoulders as we continued moving to the music. We were getting closer as the song progressed on. I felt my anticipation growing and my heart, beating to the rhythm.

I was confused because this felt so right. For so long I hated werewolves, and now I was dancing with one, and he was all that I wanted. Just as I was enjoying the moment, I could already feel my buzz from the Johnnie Walker wearing off.

“Let me get us another round.” I brought my lips to his ear so he could hear me over the music.

Marcus bent down and replied, “I’ll get it. I’ll be back.” He glanced at me once more before releasing himself from my arms.

We were like magnets trying to pull away from one another, and slowly, he disappeared into the sea of people. I was already missing him, but I knew he wouldn’t be long, so I continued my rhythm.

In my transient state, I envisioned him, embracing my body, closely swaying with me as our skin ignited like electricity pulsating through water.

That’s when the thoughts came to my mind like an avalanche.

I envisioned his glorious, naked body, embracing mine, entangled in a grip that I would refuse to let go of. I closed my eyes as I continued my tempo, my body, in a heated trance of ecstasy. I knew it was so soon, but I couldn’t help myself.

There was a slight pause of music, but my mind remained focused on Marcus, with no worry in the world. I couldn’t remember the last time I had this much fun and it felt good to finally let loose.

Suddenly I felt his warmth behind me, already grinding against my ass. It was a little abrasive for my liking, but I think I’ll let him pass, he’s earned it.

“That was quick.” I grazed his crotch with my ass, grinding my hips against his legs. I wanted to turn and face him, but his hands were placed on the thighs, pulling me in tightly.

“Marcus, come on.” I insisted.

After a moment of hesitation, he loosened his grip, allowing me to turn around, but when I faced the man behind me, it wasn’t Marcus at all.

It was a face that I would never expect to see again.

“Well, well, well, it seems that I caught myself a SEXY little Dingo.”

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