The Domination Game

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Unpleasant Reunion


“What the hell?!” I tried to pull myself away, but I was stuck, like a mouse caught in a trap.

“Going so soon little Dingo? I mean I preferred your long hair, but this new cut suits you.” He whispered and suddenly, I felt his warm tongue graze the outer part of my ear lobe.

“Get the fuck off me!” I whipped my head back to give myself space, but he had such a tight grip on me I was only managed to pull away slightly.

“Come on, you’re on the dance floor, struttin’ your stuff and don’t expect a little attention hmm?”

“How did you find me?” I gritted through my teeth.

“Just following up and seeing how you’re healing up little Dingo.” His hands trailed up my legs near my skirt, slightly pulling the fabric up my thigh.

I instantly slapped his hands away.

“I’m surprised you heal so quickly. Are you sure you not a werewolf?” He smirked.

“That meant nothing, and you mean nothing, so why don’t you just fuck off already!” I was growing impatient, and suddenly it felt like the whole dance floor formed a circle around us. Why was everyone so scared of this guy?

“You know how many times I jacked off thinking about that night. You are like a drug little Dingo, and I want MORE.” He tried to slip his hands under my skirt again, but this time he managed to get closer between my legs.

When I went to slap his hand away, he pulled me in tightly preventing me from removing his hand. I was mere inches from his face, I could feel his warm breath on my neck as I tried turning away. This was beyond disgusting, and this time, my body didn’t tremble in fear, it trembled with pure anger.

“Now, now little girl. Who ya here with anyways?” He glanced around, “I’m sure your not here by yourself then, who’s the lucky guy hmm? Maybe I should punish him from touching my property, did he see the mark?” His mouth was closer to mine, like he was leaning in for a kiss.

“ALPHA JAMES.” Suddenly, I heard my savior.

It was Marcus, he was walking towards us and he looked pissed. His eyes pitch black while veins popped from his neck in pure rage. For a moment, I was actually scared of him, but I knew he was only protecting me.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!” Marcus was approaching fast, his hands balled into fists.

“Alpha Marcus?” The Aussie seemed surprised of the encounter and just like that, I was released from his tight grip.

“Come, NOW.” Marcus grabbed my hand and pulled me behind him. I actually felt safe behind his huge frame, it was like a wall of protection.

Marcus’s face was partially shifted and I could see his black wolf trying to bubble to the surface as he stood face to face with Alpha James.

Now, I could finally put a name to the Aussie wolf, Alpha James, but at the same time I was curious how Marcus knew him

“Well, well, well.” Alpha James clapped his hands, “Isn’t this interesting.” he laughed, “VERY INTERESTING.”

It was weird seeing Alpha James in this place, the last time I saw him he looked like an Elysium street thug, but today he looked completely different. He wore similar clothing to Marcus; button down white shirt, dark washed denim jeans, and black leather shoes. He looked like a common man tonight, but he was far from normal; he was a monster.

“What the fuck are you doing here? Are you following me? I don’t take this place as somewhere you would like to hang out.” Marcus stepped closer to James causing him to step back. Marcus had more size to James, but they were still both the biggest men in the room.

“I should ask you the same thing mate, I mean what are you doing with her? Hmmm? She is quite the catch.” I could see Alpha James glancing behind Marcus’s big frame, trying to make eye contact with me.

My heart was racing, I wasn’t sure if I should stay quiet or speak up. Just seeing James tonight bubbled up all the shame I tried to cover up from that night. I couldn’t bear to face him now; it was too soon.

“What the hell is that suppose to mean?” Marcus crossed his arms, preventing James from making eye contact with me.

My anxiety was skyrocketing; was James going to tell Marcus about what happened? Why would he? Would Marcus run away from me in disgust?

I WAS TORN. My body wanted to run away, but something deep inside me wanted to face the ugly truth.

This time, I wasn’t going to cower away.

“Oh nothing, I guess we just have… similar taste is all.” I could see James grinning from behind Marcus.

“Don’t fucking talk about her, SHE’S MINE.” Marcus growled.

My heart skipped a beat when Marcus said ‘mine.’ Was his serious? Did he think I was mate potential for him even know I was human?

As Marcus stepped forward, James stepped back. Marcus was the obvious one that held more power, but would he really kill him? Was he capable of killing him?

“Oh, he doesn’t know then eh? OH MY, this is precious… Very precious indeed.” I couldn’t see James clearly, but it sounded like he was wearing the biggest fucking grin.

“Get the fuck out of here.” Marcus was still shaking from the anger, and I would assume, trying his best to keep his wolf contained.

“I’ll be seeing you Alpha and oh, take care, LITTLE DINGO.” Just as James appeared out of nowhere, he disappeared in sea of people, along with his entourage of thugs.

The last thing I wanted to tell Marcus was my encounter with this disgusting man, especially as this was our first date. What would he think if he knew I lost my virginity to him? Would he even believe my story?

“You’re an Alpha? Is that how you know that guy?” I sighed heavily as Marcus handed me a drink that one of his guys hung onto during the encounter. It was only now that I realized there was a huge posse of men trailing Marcus.

I took a large sip of the same Johnnie Walker, hoping it would take away the surge of emotions pulsating through me right now. Internally, I was a wreck, but I was trying my best to act normal.

Now that I knew Marcus was an Alpha, everything made sense. The night I met him was the night where the top Alpha’s in each district had dinner, so I was guessing Marcus was a powerful Alpha, but what worried me the most was what type of business he was in. Was it illegal? Should I even care at this point? Was I being naïve?

“Yes, I’m an Alpha, and I wanted to ask you the same thing.” He blankly replied as he downed his entire drink.

I took a sip slowly trying to think of another excuse, keeping my lips tightly pursed to the glass.

“I’m not sure who he is, it’s like a came out of no where...” I held my breath and tried my best to act casual. It was another lie, but it was for the best, and I didn’t want to scare him away.

“He’s an old acquaintance of mine, in the werewolf world you come to know most of Alpha’s in Elysium, whether they are good or bad. Are you sure you don’t know him? He seemed like he knew you.”

Shit, I was panicking inside my mind, did he see through my lie? How could I tell him the ugly truth of that night, and on our first date?

“He probably thought I was someone else. I’m not sure, he acted like he knew me, but I’ve never seen him in my life… it was a misunderstanding.” I innocently shrugged my shoulders as I took another small sip, again keeping my lips on the glass as I analyzed his response.

Then I just realized something; did I just give Alpha James a fucking pass? Did I allow him to get away from doing what he did to me? Should I have told Marcus the truth? Maybe Marcus would have killed him in retaliation, because I knew one thing about werewolves, they were possessive, and Marcus claimed me tonight.

“I’m sorry.” Marcus furrowed his eyebrows in the crowd where Alpha James was standing previously, then narrowed his gaze back onto me. The look of guilt met his eyes, like he was blaming himself for what happened, but, deep down I knew the real reason James was here tonight.

“Sorry for what?”

“That he even had his hand on you. He always does this, makes a fucking scene and brings up the past.” The comment sparked my curiosity.

“Past?” I questioned.

“Don’t worry about it, I don’t want to sour our time together talking about that street rat. Besides, I would rather talk about you Hunter.” His face lit up and I could see his smile poke through the darkness as he rubbed his hand on my shoulder, once more bringing more goosebumps to my skin.

“Were you serious before, I mean about saying I was yours?” I brought my body closer to him, trying to move the music pulsating through the club. For so long, I’ve denied myself to enjoy the company of another man, and finally, I felt the urge to let him in.

“Yes, I was.” He pulled me in tightly, continuing his hand down my shoulder towards my hips. My skin was left with a trail of a tingles sparking from his touch. His face was leaning in closer to me, and his brown eyes, locking onto mine.

The closer I got to his lips, the more I felt the urge to reach for them. They were so close; I could practically taste his sweetness. His hands gripped onto my waist, lightly pulling me in, just enough to feel him; to feel all of him.

When his lips finally met mine, all the effort of the night, and all the pent-up tension had finally evaporated. His lips tasted sweeter than I could of imagined and I wanted to attack him. I wanted to wrap my legs around his body as his tongue entered my mouth, entangling itself with mine.

His hand gently pushed my head onto his, adding more veracity to our kiss, and suddenly, I didn’t care about what happened. I didn’t care what anyone thought, and I finally felt free.

I was like a bird, setting its wings out for the first time. I didn’t want this moment to end, but I deep down I knew, fairy tales weren’t real.

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