The Domination Game

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A Friend in Need: Part 1


“Tell me more you fox!” Kendra giggled as we bussed on our way to work the next day.

I was exhausted from the crazy night before, especially when Mr. Alpha James showed up. I couldn't sleep since the encounter, he haunted my dreams, and I was constantly looking over my shoulder expecting to run into him again.

I couldn't let the fear of him overcome my anger, it was always bubbling over as I looked at my reflection. Every time I saw myself, I only saw rage. It was like I was turning into a different person filled with thoughts of vengeance.

Maybe a regular person would run away if they saw that monster again, but not me, I wasn't a regular person. I was going to take my matters into my own hands, and one day I will have my revenge, but for now, I was healing and preparing for my fight.

I sighed as I contemplated my next words to Kendra.

I couldn't let anyone distract me now and I kept telling myself that, but every since I kissed Marcus we’ve been texting non-stop. I was trying to play hard to get and I still had my reservations about him being a wolf, but my body ached for him, like I needed him to feel whole.

I couldn't stop thinking about our kiss, it was pure magic. He said I was his, and in the moment I was ecstatic, but after more time by myself, I had my doubts. How could I accept being a werewolf's mate, like a possession that no one else could touch?

“There is nothing to tell. We danced and he had a little encounter with a customer, and I left-BY MYSELF” I raised my eyebrows and accentuated the last words ‘by myself’.

“I still can’t believe Sam let you do that during your shift. You said Marcus took care of it? Who is he anyways? Some wealthy entrepreneur pulling strings for you?” She smirked as he nudged me lightly with her elbow.

“Apparently, he said he dealt with transportation and cargo shipments. You know the shipyard just out of town?”

“Yea that area, not too pleasant but I know its steaming with trucks and cargo ships. Not a place I would wonder off to…” She replied as she scrolled through her phone.

I wonder what was going on with her? She wasn’t as hyper as usual. The way her face frowned as she scrolled aimlessly in her phone seemed off putting from her usual bubbly personality.

“So Kendra,” I tried to take the focus off of me “What is going on with you? How is your art school? I never hear you talk about it anymore.”

She glanced up at me, and suddenly I see her watering eyes, sparkling full of tears. Was it something I said?

“What’s wrong?” I placed my hand on her forearm and she immediately pulled me in for a hug.

“They kicked me out Hunter!” She cried into my shoulder. I wasn’t expecting any of this, Kendra crying was an unusual occurrence.

“Kicked you out of where? School?” I asked as I rubbed my hand against her back. She tightly squeezed me in when I felt a sharp stinging pain electrocute all through my back.

“Oww!” I pulled away trying to adjust my sweater. My back was still healing and I was awaiting to see Dr. Roaslie to take the stiches out in a couple of days before the fight. Sometimes I forgot it was even there until someone touched it.

“Oh sorry Hunter! I’m such an idiot, I forgot about that.” She slouched down in her seat and looked out the window into the street.

“You're not an idiot Kendra, continue.” I shrugged it off.

“I got kicked out of school Hunter! School was my way to show my art and I fucked it up! I couldn’t pay my bills and my tuition on time and they sent me a notice of expulsion!” Her face resembled a hurt puppy, lost with no where to go. My heart dropped, how could she be kicked out? This was her only reason for little in Elysium, and now it was gone.

“I had no idea, I’m so sorry Kendra.” This time I gently hugged her, still wary that she may hit the cuts on my back. Sometimes I forgot they were even there until someone touched them.

“Hunter I have no one to vent to. My family is so far away that I can’t even bring myself to tell them. I don’t want to move back. I want to keep going to school!”

"Kendra-" I hesitated and thought about it. Should I help her? I couldn’t even help my brother, but Kendra deserved better then this and I had to do the right thing.

“Hunter I’ll miss you when I have to leave," She kept crying and sobbing into my shoulder.

I patted her on her back, “Kendra how much do you need to pay your tuition?” I kept my voice low so no one could overhear our conversation. I could never tell these days if I was being followed.

“Umm-ten thousand, why do you ask?” Her crying faded into curiosity at my question.

“And when do you need it by?” I was praying in my head she would give me a date that was after the fight.

Maybe I could give her what she needed from winning my fight. That’s a big ‘IF’ but it gave me the option to not get in trouble. My other option would be very risky, but I was willing to take it for her.

“Don’t drop out Kendra you here me? Your going to stay in school!” I grabbed her hand in mine and squeezed it giving her reassurance.

Was a psychotic? What was going on with me? I felt like I needed to protect her.

“Hunter no! what are you going to do? You cannot afford to help me now. Don’t-" I cut her off and stood up.

“This is our stop, I gotta run Kendra. Do not forget what I told you. You are staying in school!” Before she could respond the bus came to a halt and I got up and ran out.

I couldn’t let her fight me on it, I needed to do what was right. I was sick of all the money in this city going to drug dealers and Alpha’s.

She deserved to stay in school and I was going to make sure she did.

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