The Domination Game

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A Friend in Need: Part 2


I kept repeating the same plan in my head all night while I served customers. Talk to Sam, close the bar and open his personal vault. I’ve deposited cash into the safe hundreds of times before, so why did I feel any different about this? I was going return the money before he even knew it was gone.

He stocked piled the profit for at least a month before emptying it. He trusted me, so I knew I could get away with it. The amount I needed was so little compared to what he had, so I assumed the minuscule amount wouldn't be noticed.

“Hunter? Hunter? Earth to Hunter?” Shit, it was Sam. Was it the end of the night already?

“Make sure you empty the tills and deposit the cash in my office. I’m heading out early tonight. The security guys will lock up after you leave.” His blonde head poked around the corner as I was daydreaming at the end of the bar, cleaning dirty glasses. It was already an hour past last call and the last of the rowdy customers just left.

I told Kendra to head home without me because I was working overtime, and the less she knew the better. I was only doing this because I knew I could get away with it. Sam was a forgetful idiot, and easy to fool.

“Yup, no problem Sam.” I placed a clean glass down and proceeded to clean another with my dish towel.

“Thanks, Hunter. Seriously, I don’t know what I would do without you. Maybe one day you can work management.”

Fuck, why did he have to say that? It made this harder than it had to be.

I put a fake smile and nodded.

"Keep up the good work." His blonde head disappeared around the corner.

"Shit." I sighed. I felt really bad now, but I wasn't backing down, Kendra needed my help and this was the only way to do it.

As his foot steps faded out in the distance I knew it was my cue to head to his office. I already had the deposits in cash bags piled beneath the bar. It would be easy to just take the cash from the blue bag, but it was already accounted for, so I had to deposit in the vault before I skimmed from the top. The security guards (also werewolf) were scattered around this place like it was a fortress, so I had to do things by the book or they would know something was up.

As I pulled the blue bags from the under the counter I took a big breath and headed towards the kitchen doors. Sam’s office was in the back end of the club and I had to navigate through a couple of narrow hallways to reach there. I think I counted six security guards that I walked past. I tried putting on a fake smile, but they just growled. Nothing out of the ordinary with those dicks. I sometimes wondered if they were ever capable of showing any emotion other then growling like beasts.

“Dogs.” I muttered under my breathe.

I saw Sam’s door only 10 feet away when someone stepped in front of me.

“Hunter, I’ll take it from there.” It was Eric, the head security guard. A power-hungry hot head that was the last person I wanted to see.

“Hey Eric! New hair cut?” I put on another fake smile while he touched his bald head. Not only did he look like an ape, he had the attention span of one.

I chuckled at Eric's response and he instantly turned red. “What’s the meaning of this Hunter? Where you going with that?” He pointed to the two blue bags that I was gripping tightly in my hand. I rolled my eyes in annoyance, he of all people should know what I was doing, but he probably didn’t trust me with the money. I didn't blame him, I was about to rob this place.

“Sam asked me to close up. How long have you been working here for?” I was so annoyed. I’ve done this countless times before and Eric was just wasting my time with his stupidity. I started walking around his big body but was cut off yet again by him side stepping, blocking my path towards the office.

He growled and I looked up at him like I was looking at a skyscraper. He was twice my height and as wide as a barn door. My frustration was growing and I just wanted to get this night over with.

“What do you want? I want to go home, and Sam will not be too happy to know that your holding me up with his deposit.” I shook the bag in my hand and he let out another growl. What was he going to do? He had no choice but to let me pass.

“I’m watching you.” He groaned and stepped to the side giving me space to walk by.

“Thanks Eric, let’s chat again soon eh?” I held the bags high and squeezed past his enormous body. I took a quick glance behind me right before I went into Sam’s office. Eric stood there, suspiciously watching me with crossed arms.

“Idiot.” I slammed the door with my foot while I unloaded the cash from the bags. Sam’s office was unusually big for this type of business, but I assumed he was also involved in some illegal activity, hence the extra money being washed through the tills. There’s no way in hell I we made all this cash in drinks tonight.

His office reminded me of an 80’s nightmare with cream-coloured couches and gold accented furniture. Over head of his office desk, a large portrait of what looked like a naked orgy of women all conforming to different angles. I've been in this office countless times, but the picture on the wall never got old.

“Tacky and gross as usual Sam.” I hunched forward towards the large safe sitting in the corner. I guess there was no need to hide the vault in a secret compartment since the whole club was littered with wolves and security cameras.

That's when another thought hit me; security cameras. I didn’t think of that. Were there any cameras in here?

Before I entered the safe combination, I glanced around quickly, trying my best to not look suspicious. Would Sam really put cameras in his office? I didn’t see anything out of place while I looked around. Maybe I was being paranoid?

I turned my attention back to the digital keypad on the front padlock of the steel safe. I already had Sam’s perverted combination memorized.

*696969, ENTER*

The green light lit above the keypad as the mechanisms started moving around inside the vault. After a few seconds, the heavy door finally swung open revealing Sam's stockpile. Huge wads of green paper stacks, piled from bottom to top. My mind ran wild as I imagined myself if I had all that money. What would I do with it all; run away? Or maybe open my own gym?

There were countless possibilities, but now wasn't the time to imagine. I had a job to do, and that was help Kendra. I shook my head to refocus on the bags that I had to empty into the safe.

“Are you almost done human?” Suddenly, Eric’s voice came from behind me, and I froze. What had gotten into this giant ape tonight?

I had to respond quickly to avoid suspicion.

“Just putting in the deposits Eric!” I bent over placing the stacks of the cash inside the safe. Sweat pellets ran down my fore head as I tried my best wiping it clean. Will this goof think I was acting suspicious and tell Sam?

“Sooo, Eric. Any plans for tonight?” Shit, that’s all I could come up with? I continued stacking the piles and soon discovered, I was almost done. How was I going to swipe ten grand while this idiot was looking right after me?

I quickly peeked over my shoulder and thankfully, he was standing by the doorway, far enough for me to hide the cash in my pockets. At least the bills were in hundred denominations, small enough to fit in my tiny pockets in my pants.

“Enough small talk human, are you finished or what?” He tapped his foot with his arms crossed, obviously he needed to be somewhere.

“You know Eric, I was thinking maybe we could get a drink sometime.” I tried using the best sexy voice that I could conjure up. I probably sounded pathetic, but I had to try.

His foot stopped tapping and I knew I got his attention. “What do you mean human?”

I had the ten grand in my hand and I was ready to place it in my pocket. I had to move swiftly. I turned around fast with the cash behind my back. I walked up to him with cash in hand, hoping that my hips swaying side to side would distract his attention.

It seemed to be working because all that he was looking at was my body. His mouth, partially opened as I strolled my way up to him. I placed my hand on his left arm while my other arm slid the cash in my back pocket.


“Hunter-I can’t-” I could tell it was hard for him to resist the temptation, but something was holding him back.

I successfully hid the cash in my back pocket and I was ready to leave, but I think it was best to continue the game to avoid further suspicion. I grazed my hand on his forearm and his attention turned away from me.

“And why not Eric?” I flirtatiously asked. Perfect, he was about to leave and soon I would be out of here with the money.

“Hunter, you are with Alpha. You are his.” He replied as he started walking away. “Lock the safe before you leave.”

“Wait, who is your Alpha?” I asked.

He chuckled, “Well, Alpha Marcus of course. He owns this place.”

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