The Domination Game

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The Bet: Part 1


I kept thinking about my big mouth. Why would I say love you to a human so soon? It’s how I truly felt, but I knew humans preferred to take their time. She was left speechless, and before she could respond I told her to take her time, there was no pressure. Her cute little face blushed at my honesty, but I didn’t want to pressure her into something she wasn’t comfortable with.

When I was with her, I wanted time to stop. I wanted to savior the moment in her presence. I wanted her as my mate, but I didn’t want to be too abrasive. I had to take my time with this one. She knew how I felt, and I could sense she was beginning to feel the same way. She was all that I thought about and I just wanted to get this night over and done with. The less time with my brother the better.

Just as I finished my daydreaming, I realized we were almost to the top floor.

“Andrew, behave yourself tonight.” I had a moment hesitation about bringing him, but he was the coach and there was no way around that. I knew who he wanted to see, and I was afraid of his impulses.

“This is strictly business.” Andrew cupped his hands forward, starring at the steel elevator door as the numbers climbed to the penthouse. It was strange not seeing him in his usual gym gear, instead he was dressed in a polished Navy-Blue Armani suit.

He looked focused and content this evening, but that’s what worried me most. I told Alpha James that the fight rosters were full, but I had a feeling he would weasel his way in some how. Andrew was clearly still pissed about the incident with his little human fighter, but my hands were tied, the fight was too close to create chaos among our packs.

“So Alpha, do you want me to keep eyes on him, or stick with you? I don’t mind.” My beta Christian was strictly business tonight, his suit was filled with silver ammunition for his 45’. His hand was always hovering near his holster, ready for anything. Tensions were high since all the Alpha’s would be in attendance, especially since my brother was visiting. I haven’t spoken to him in months.

“I don’t think that will be necessary Christian, stay with me. Alpha James is a mere pest.” I scoffed. “And Andrew, please DROP IT. This is not the time NOR the place.” .

“Alpha, I’ll do as you command, but what Alpha James did to her—he deserves to FUCKING DIE.” He gritted through his teeth.

“She’s just a human Andrew, let it go.” Christian said.

I flinched when I heard the comment, ‘just a human.’ Those were the words I used to preach, but now that I had Hunter in my life there was no denying that my feelings towards humans had changed.

“Just a HUMAN?” Andrew turned towards Christian, his eyes already blackened as veins popped from his neck.

I felt my rage beginning to boil over, this was not the time nor the place to let our emotions run wild.

“What the hell is your problem Andrew!?” I rammed my fists into his shoulders causing the steel wall to bend.

“How would you feel if the human was someone you loved? You think Alpha James should get away with this?”

The thought of Hunter entered my mind. Andrew was right, but I wasn’t going to admit it.

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW ABOUT LOVE!?” I roared as I gripped my hands around his throat, squeezing his windpipe.

“WELL, WELL WELL! If it isn’t the great Alpha Marcus and his crew.” The last voice I wanted to hear entered the elevator.

Shit, this didn’t look good.

“Do you need help cleaning up the trash then?” James smirked deviously.

I released my grip from Andrew, “GO, we will talk later.” I whispered in his ear.

Andrew remained emotionless but kept his eyes on Alpha James who so graciously greeted us at the door.

This night was off to a good start.

“Good to see you Coach!” Alpha James sarcastically put his hand out to shake.

“Hmm. Surprised to see you here.” Andrew snubbed his handshake and proceeded to walk straight past Alpha James.

“OU mate! Can you believe him eh!?”

“What the hell are you doing here? I thought I told you it was too late for roster admissions.” I growled.

“Well, I managed to pull a few strings, I actually reached out to your brother, Alpha Xanos. We had a lovely chat, him and I. Reminiscing about the old days and such...”

“You don’t deserve to be here, but if my brother deems it so, I guess I’ll have to deal with your annoying ass.”

“How is she?”

“Excuse me?”

“You know, your pretty little human.”

“DON’T FUCKING TALK ABOUT HER, I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU.” I rammed my foot towards James causing the steel frame of the elevator to shake.

“Calm down mate! Just talkin’ pleasantries is all!”

I growled in response.

“By the way, I managed to bring one of my human fighters here tonight, for a little demonstration.”

“You have a human fighter?” I roared, “Good for you James, proud of you.” I started walking out of the elevator, uninterested in the conversation.

“Well, Alpha, if I must interject, don’t you have a human fighter yourself?” James sneered.

I stopped dead in my tracks, what was he talking about? The only human fighter that Coach Andrew had was the one James fucked up personally.

“What’s your end game James? Always fucking with peoples minds like the weasel you are.”

James laughed hysterically like there was no one watching. Even some of the catering staff walking by took notice.

“Just because we are business partners doesn’t mean I can’t kill you, right here and now. You think Alpha Xanos will stop me? No, nothing can, and I’ll take pleasure in doing it.”

I felt Christian stepping in closer to me as the tension between us increased. I raised my hand to signal him to stand down.

“Take it easy mate! It’s just a joke. Maybe I have a sick sense of humor?” He scoffed and proceeded to walk away, but for some reason I felt like he wasn’t joking. Maybe he was up to something, he already crossed me once and I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried something again. Once this is all over next weekend I’ll be cutting ties with him. I’m done dealing with this sadistic prick.

“Oh James, one more thing.”

He turned around one last time. His eyebrows raised and his arms crossed like he was waiting for a punch line.

“Nice suit.” I smiled allowing my canines hang outside my mouth.

If he wanted to play games I could to.

“Two Class ‘A’ Werewolves, Fabian Versus Aros.” A stalky bald man called out the bets in the center of the large circle comprised of the all of the Alpha’s and their packs.

My eyes were focused on my brother sitting across the room. Smoke hovered in front of his face as he inhaled a large cigar in one hand. He was looking like his usual self minus the growing grey hairs on his head and beard. We looked vastly alike, minus the age difference and tattoos.

I guess I could call him an older polished version of myself?

“Two million, Fabian.” Alpha Hiro on the left of the circle whispered into his Beta’s ear. I haven’t seen him since he left to Japan last year. I guess he was getting tired of Elysium city.

As I glanced over in his direction he gave me a small nod and smile. I did business regularly with his pack, but it was on a rare occasion I would see him in person. He was smaller than most Alpha’s, but I knew he was deadly, no matter the size of his opponent.

I raised my drink and nodded back.

“4 million Fabian.” I heard my brothers grizzly voice and suddenly the room went quiet. All eyes turned on him, but his eyes were locked onto mine.

We were always competitive growing up and betting was no different. Our pockets were the deepest in this entire room, so I knew I could match his bets.

“4 million on Fabian! Anyone else?” The stalky man announced as he looked down at his Rolex watch.

“5 Million on Aros.” I shouted out, keeping my gaze on Xanos.

I felt the entire room shift focus on me, all with a look of surprise.

“5 Million on Aros! Anyone else?” The man shouted one last time before handing his notebook to the large man sitting behind him. “That is the last match up until we move on to the humans.”

I glanced over at Coach Andrew sitting behind me with the same blank look he had on since the beginning of the night. Why wouldn’t he tell me he was still allowing his human to fight? Did he want to embarrass himself?

I wouldn’t stop him from putting her in the ring because who was I to dictate who can or can’t fight? All I wanted to do was to make money off the bets. It’s what we did every year and this time was no different. Andrew did the training, and I did the betting.

“Well, that does it for the werewolves! And before we get started with next round of human betting, we have a special demonstration.” The stalky man announced.

“Just a little o’l demonstration in honour of our guest, Alpha Xanos.” Alpha James appeared on other side of the room standing with his crew, hand raised at Alpha Xanos, looking for affirmation.

I chuckled to myself. How pathetic of James. Kissing my brother’s ass like it was gold.

Xanos gave a quick nod and Alpha James proceeded to move out of the way of the crowd. I realized there was a human trailing behind him. A female fighter by the looks of it. She was a little more then six feet tall and she stood confidently by James’s side. I could practically see her traps from here, sticking out of her thin black robe. She looked more like a man then a woman.

“I give you, Aphrodite!” Alpha James held her arm above her head as she entered the circle of Alphas’, standing center stage.

“Bring him out.” Alpha Hiro signaled one of his men to bring in another fighter, but this one was… a man? He wore a similar robe and his hands were wrapped with black tape. He was bulkier than Aphrodite, and honestly, I was skeptical that she could beat him, but I know looks can be deceiving.

“I give you, Boton!” Hiro announced. The man raised his arms, enjoying the attention as he confidently strolled to the center of the room.

“Let’s begin, SHALL WE?!” Alpha James yelled to the crowd and a sudden eruption of clapping echoed the room.

Robes fell from each fighter, revealing their tight rash guards.

Boton went for the first punch, missing almost immediately as Aphrodite ducked underneath his arm effortlessly. Her eyes narrowed in on Boton as they both circled each other, waiting for someone to make a move.

Clapping once again erupted as she ducked, avoiding the second hit.

Boton’s face turned red in frustration as she effortlessly avoided all of his attempts to hit her, when suddenly, Aphrodite made a move on Boton, catching him off guard. She side-stepped, carrying her leg across the man’s thigh causing him to screech in pain. He collapsed on the floor, prompting Aphrodite to grasp onto his body.

“Attagirl!” James yelled out.

I looked back at Coach Andrew, and he was entranced in the fight. Was he worried about his own human fighter if they were matched together?

Suddenly, there was a large eruption of clapping.

“AHHHH!” Boton screamed as Aphrodite held his arm in a Kimura lock. Her legs were wrapped around his arm as she pulled from the side of his body.

There was no escaping for Boton as she kept pulling with no one to stop her. I could see the man tapping his other arm to the side in submission, but it was ignored. Aphrodite kept her pressure on the lock when finally, there was a loud snap, like a twig being stepped on.

“What is the meaning of this! Boton submitted!” Alpha Hiro stood from his seat.

No one cared to stop the spectacle. It seemed like all the Alpha’s were enjoying the entertainment, especially Alpha James who I saw clapping his hands together as he smiled with glee.

“Fight’s over, did ya hear?” James smirked at Alpha Hiro.

Suddenly, Aphrodite went from gripping his broken arm to turning her body to his back, her arms then locked onto his neck.

“NO!” Hiro yelled out, but it was too late.

With one strong pull, her hands gripping his face sprung to the side, like a flick of the wrist on a guitar. Boton’s neck was snapped to the side, his eyes still wide with expression as his dead body fell hard to the ground.

The audience erupted in applaud, even some were giving a standing ovation.

I could see Alpha Xanos smirking at the scene as he lightly clapped his hands. Alpha Hiro continued standing from his seat, giving Alpha James a death glare.

“Well, that was quite the scene! Aphrodite, fighting on behalf of the Jade pack, trained by Alpha James! Now let’s see…” The stalky man once again walked into the center of the room as Boton’s body was carried away by two large men.

Aphrodite retreated to sit beside Alpha James, just like a pet. She just killed a man and didn’t bat an eye. I’ve killed lots of people, but it was for purpose, not for the thrill of it.

“Minimum bets will start at $100,000, and the match up will be Class ‘A’ Human... Aphrodite VS the Huntress, trained by Coach Andrew from Blood Moon pack!”

I immediately turned my face to Andrew, “What’s with the nick name? Doesn’t she have a real name?”

“Considering the situation with Alpha James, she preferred to stay un-named. PLEASE.” Andrew insisted and I rolled my eyes.

“She’s going to get killed Andrew, I hope you know that.” I whispered low enough for no one to hear. I didn’t want to doubt Andrew’s fighters, but this Aphrodite was a fucking beast.

“She can do it; I know she can.”

“1 Million on the Huntress.” Xanos yelled out. He was holding a piece of paper in his hand and smiling furiously like he just discovered oil. What was he excited about?

“2 Million on Aphrodite.” I yelled out.

“Betting against your own fighter? HMM.” Alpha James smirked.

“I only go with the odds James, a good business decision. Maybe one day you will understand what that is.” It was not only a good decision, but I was also partly doing it to go against my brother. He was always taking risks and I was going to teach him a lesson.

“3 Million on the Huntress.” He still had the same paper in his hand and his smile grew more deviously.

“4 Million on Aphrodite.” I yelled back.

“This is a first ladies and gentlemen! This will be the highest bid for a human fight to date!” He continued writing the figures down as the crowds of people whispered.

“5 million on the ‘Huntress.’” Xanos shouted out again. He was trying to one up me, he knew how to get under my skin.

“6 million on Aphrodite.” I couldn’t believe I was betting for Alpha James’s fighter, but I knew I would win this bet and at the same time I could shove it down my brother’s throat. He had no idea she was injured.

“10 million on the ‘Huntress.’ Alpha Xanos narrowed his gaze at me and raised his eyebrows.

“I’ll match his bet, 10 million on Aphrodite.” I raised my drink and downed it in one large gulp.

The whispers continued in the crowd while the short man finished writing down the figures.

“Well, I think that does it folks! This fight will go down as the largest bet in our fight history. Alpha Marcus and Alpha Xanos as the top betters, at opposing sides no less. Remarkably interesting indeed! We are less then a week away, and I will ask that after all betting is complete that you see our accountant on your way out to settle your affairs.” The stalky man continued analyzing the notebook in front of him.

I couldn’t help to feel an excitement about this.

This was going to be a good payout.

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