The Domination Game

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The Bet: Part 2


Me: I’ll be done soon I’ll let you know when I leave.

Hunter: Can’t wait! Already dressed and ready to me anxious? Lol 👀

Me: I think I beat on you that. You have no idea…😅

Hunter: I’ll anxiously await for the big bad wolf then😉 🐺

Me: 🐺will see you soon😘

Suddenly, a woman’s voice pulled me back into reality from my phone.

“Ok Alpha Marcus, just have your Beta drop off the rest of the paperwork so we can secure the funds by tomorrow afternoon.” The accountant was buried in her book as I finished signing off the biggest bet of my life. 10 million on one human, it was insanity, but I knew I would win.

“You’re fucking crazy Marcus.” Andrew casually sipped his drink as he peered into the large crowd that formed in the front lobby. Cocktails after betting was always a must.

“Thanks, Christian will call your office tomorrow.” I handed the blonde woman my business card.

“Anytime Alpha.” She dipped her glasses down her nose to reveal her ice blue eyes.

“Thank you, what was your name?” Christian cleared his throat as he inched his way in front of me. She was just his type, young, blonde, petite, tiny waist, sun-kissed skin and full lips. She wore a white buttoned-down blouse that revealed the outline of her large breasts. In the past, I would go for someone as attractive as her, but now my eyes were only for Hunter.

“Oh-uh, it's Sarah.” She gave Christian a small smile, but then her eyes turned back to me.

“Thanks, Sarah. I must go, I’ll see you later Christian.” I patted him on the shoulder, “She’s all yours.” I whispered into his ear.

“Fucking right.” He smirked back as he proceeded to flirt with the young lady.

I sighed in relief as I stood next to Andrew, “So how mad are you that I bet against your human?”

He took another sip from his drink, “Like always Alpha, you make the bets, I train the fighters. Same as always.” I could tell it bothered him, but at the same time what he said was true. It has always been that way, but this was the first time I bet against one of his fighters.

“Look,” I took another sip of my drink, “I’m sorry.”

Andrew looked surprised as he turned his face to me.

“Really? You’re sorry? Tell me, in what way are you sorry?”

“Everything. Look I never say sorry, so take it or leave it.” I said in a low tone so no one would overhear me. It was true, I never say sorry, but I was beginning to feel the guilt of the growing tension between us. I’ve practically known Andrew my whole life, and when we disagreed like this, I couldn’t function. He was someone I could trust and rely on, like a wise old soul that was missing from my life. Maybe a missing father figure that I never had?

Andrew laughed as he finished his drink, “Well, I guess I’ll take it then Alpha.”

“You’re smart Andrew, just read between the lines.”

“Say no more, I’ve already read it and I’m shocked to say the least.”

“Smart ass,” I gulped down the rest of my drink, “So, how long are you staying?”

“Till the last call. Open bar.” He lifted his empty glass, “Tonight has been interesting.”

“Agreed. Lots of money floating around tonight.”

“I hope you don’t lose you’re ten million, but I’m actually worried for you Alpha.” Andrew chuckled.

“Shit Andrew, you crack me up. We will see then, OR maybe swap the Huntress out with a werewolf?”

“Wouldn’t that be another interesting turn of events?” Andrew turned towards the bar on the other side of the room, “I’ll see you later Marcus, take care.”

“See you later, don’t get too drunk you old ass.”

“Cheers to that,” Andrew once against raised his empty glass and disappeared in the crowd.

I guess that was my que to go.

Just as I turned to head towards the elevator, I heard a familiar voice behind me.

“Alpha Marcus.”

I turned around to see Alpha Hiro, surrounded by his posse of bodyguards. He was much older than anyone in the room, and his wisdom made him one of the most successful Alpha’s I've ever known. He was the only Alpha that I respected here.

“Alpha Hiro” I almost went to shake his hand but quickly held back and instead, gave a small bow with my head. It wasn’t in submission, but in the Japanese culture it was out of respect. Maybe a werewolf would see that differently, but in Hiro’s culture it was customary.

Alpha Hiro bowed his head back.

“I’m surprised to see you and your brother in the same room.”

“Yea, me too.”

“So, ten million?”


“What is the Huntress like? Aphrodite is, how would I say, RELENTLESS.” Hiro furrowed his eyebrows and peered over to James from the opposite end of the room, flirting with a group of women, trying his best to put on the little charm he had.

“Between you and me Hiro,” I leaned in, “I have yet to meet her in person.”

“That is a first Marcus!” Hiro lightly chuckled, “I must say, back home, we have similar fights, with similar bets, but to bet as much as you did that on a fighter you have yet to see is….”


“Exactly.” Hiro smirked.

“Well then, call me crazy.”

Hiro chuckled, “You always had a knack for making the right decisions Marcus, I always trust your judgement.”

“It’s a gamble that I’m sure I’ll win.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome.”

“So… What brings you back to the city? I’m surprised to see you back so soon.”

“I miss Japan, but its nice to be back. I have some unfinished business that I have to sort out here, and I thought maybe we can meet and discuss some of our agreements over a cup of tea?”

“It would be my pleasure to host you. It’s been too long old friend.”

“Yes, too long indeed. I’m growing old Marcus; I need to come back and set things straight before I drop dead one of these days. And it would be nice to get reacquainted with old friends and family before I went back to Japan.”

“How long you in the city for then?”

“For the season, maybe a couple months, who knows. Depends how everything goes…” It looked like something was on Hiro’s mind, but it would be rude to pry so I kept my mouth shut. It was strange to see him so distracted in thought. He was always a man of focus.

“Well then, why don’t you swing by tomorrow at my penthouse?”

“Same place as before?”

“Same as always.”

“Sounds good, and again, it was nice seeing you Marcus.” Hiro bowed his head lightly once again and I bowed back.

“Have a good night.” Just as I turned away to head to the elevator Hiro spoke.

“Oh, by the way, I saw your brother, I think he wants to speak to you.”

I turned my head slightly, “If you see him again, tell him I have to be somewhere.”

“Yes, I understand.”


“Marcus.” Hiro called out.

I looked into Hiro’s eyes, he knew what my brother was like and why I avoided him.

“O genki de.” Alpha Hiro bowed one last time before turning away into the crowd.

“Be well Hiro.” I gave a small affirmative nod.

Now I have to get out of here in quick pace, my brother was the last person I wanted to see.

Just as I walked through the elevator door, I felt a sense of relief. While everyone was enjoying their drinks, indulging in their chatter regarding their egos and material possessions, I envisioned Hunter waiting for me at her apartment. With all my money at my disposal, she was something that I couldn’t buy. Everything I was involved in, the trades, deals, the warehouses, were all secondary now and she was my new life.

I got out my phone and started typing a message.

Me: “See you in 20.”

I got the three dots right away causing the butterflies to intensify in my stomach.

Hunter: “can’t wait! 😊

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