The Domination Game

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Drinks, then a meal


The drive to his place was short, he was only a few minutes away by car and by the time I knew it, we already reached the top floor to his penthouse. It was strange being uptown as I never had a reason to be here. Only the upper class had the money to live in this part of the city, and I was far from it.

“How long have you lived here?” I nervously swayed my body back and forth.

“For a while, not even sure how long ago.” He looked at me, with his darkened eyes.

I was so scared, but at the same time, I WANTED HIM so badly.

“I’ve never-” Suddenly, his lips planted onto mine, aggressively locking onto my mouth. Our tongues began dancing, intertwining with each other, not wanting to tear apart.

His hand came behind my neck, pulling me in as our bodies collided. He pushed me against the wall, squeezing me in tightly against his large body. I was trapped, but it was exactly where I wanted to be.

He was dominant, but not too pushy. I could hear his heart pounding outside of his chest as our kiss continued. His other hand began to slide under my ass, prompting me to wrap my legs around his waist. I couldn’t explain the emotions pouring from my soul right now. Everything about this felt right and I didn’t want to stop.


“Shit, we’re here already.” He peered over the door to his penthouse.

“That’s too bad.” I could barley get the words out. I was so worked up that my legs were practically glued to his waist.

“Come.” He placed me down to my feet and I followed him through the elevator that directly led into the front foyer.

“This is your place?” My eyes widened at the sight. It was modern and dark, with a touch of minimalism, but the best part was the view.

Marcus led me to his living room. Floor to ceiling windows lined the entire place. We were at one of the highest points in the city and we looked down at everything. The lights illuminated the dark skyline like we were in space. It was a view that I would never forget.

“It’s beautiful.” My eyes were looking at every angle, taking in the high skyscrapers and the people that resembled small ants walking below.

I lived in a dumpster compared to this.

“It’s really nothing. Just a place to rest my head, but I must admit, I bought it because of this view.” He stood beside me, starring outside the same window. “Care for a drink?”

“That would be lovely.” I smiled.

He went for the liquor cabinet in the corner of the room.

“You know, I didn’t want to come off too strong inviting you here. Just know, that there is no pressure. I’m not sure what you’ve been through, but I would never hurt you, it’s the last thing I would ever do.” He handed me a glass full of a dark liquid.

“Johnnie Walker black label?” I sniffed the aromas as I swirled the crystal glass.

“Just like the first time we met.” His smile lit up.

“Cheers.” I clinked glasses with Marcus, but he stopped before taking a drink.

“Cheers to what?”

“Us.” I smiled.

“Cheers to us.” We clinked our glasses lightly as we brought the glass to our lips. We kept eye contact the entire time as we sipped the bitter liquid.

“I didn’t want to ask you about what happened.” He took another small sip as he raised his eyebrows.

I could tell he wanted to know more but was holding back.

“What do you mean? What I told you before? Regarding the werewolves?”


Shit. I felt the urge. I could feel it bubbling over.

Tears started poking through and my throat tightened up. I was so scared to tell him, but I knew it would set me free. I filled my mouth with more Johnnie Walker, relieving the tension building up inside me.

“Umm…” The blood was rushing to my face, when suddenly, I felt his hand touch my arm.

“If you’re not ready then I understand.”

“Marcus,” I swallowed heavily. “I’ve never been so scared in my life.”

His hand retracted from my arm and I immediately put my hand on his, pulling it back to me. “No, it’s not you Marcus… It’s just… My first time, was not a pleasant experience at all, it was… HORRIBLE.”

“What do you mean? When you said you had an encounter by wolves? You mean…-?” I could see the anguish in his face. I almost thought I saw tears forming in his eyes, but it was quickly covered in blackness. His body tensed up and his breathing turned shallow and rapid. Was his wolf trying to come out?

“No,” I placed my hand on the side of his arm. “No more anger, no more violence. I just want to enjoy this moment, PLEASE Marcus.” His body was still tense, but as I moved in closer, he quickly began to relax.

“Hunter, I don’t know what to say.”

“It’s done. I just want to move on and forget it about it, but I wanted to tell you.”

“I’ll fucking kill anyone that gives you the wrong glance, let alone…” He stepped in closer to me.

“It’s in the past.”

“I don’t care.”

“What if I told you I’m over it?” To be honest, I wasn’t and maybe I’ll never get over it, but it was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life. Why should the horrible memories of the past keep interfering with the present moment? I just wanted to forget it ever happened.

His arm tightened around my body, swiftly pulling me into his large frame.

“WHO WAS IT? Tell me. I don’t thin-” His body was tensing up again and I had a feeling he wasn’t going to let it go.

I pulled his head into mine as I planted my lips on his. I wasn’t thinking right. The heat of the moment; the moment of vulnerability made this dream all too real. I had him so close, why would I desire to sour the moment of such ecstasy?

As soon as our lips touched, the same sparks lit up on my skin, but this time, it was intensified. It was not fast, but slow and heavy. Maybe it was from all the pent of frustration and sexual tension.

“Come. Let me show you something.” He whispered softly in between kissing.

“Ok.” I grabbed onto his hand and he led me to his bedroom.

It was massive. There was a King-sized bed centered in the room as dimmed lights lined the 10-foot ceilings. The entire room was surrounded by the same floor to ceiling windows, and it was another breath-taking view of the city. It was like we were floating in the sky.

I silently starred down at his bed.

“Hunter, the last thing I want is to pressure you into something you weren't comfortable with. I’m not sure if you feel the same sparks as I do, but every time I touch you…” He grabbed onto my hand and our eyes met. “It’s euphoric.” His eyes darkened with lust. I felt it. It was lingering in the air around us, building up since the beginning of the night.

“I feel the same sparks Marcus, I’m no werewolf, but it feels powerful. It’s something I’ve never felt before.” I squeezed his hand tightly in mine and felt a sense of relief. I was slowly telling him how I truly felt, and it felt exhilarating.

“To feel these sparks as a werewolf, is a sign.”

I took a seat on the bed as he stood in front of me, “A sign of what?”

“You know what it means.” He leaned down towards me, gripping the sides of the bed, inching closer to my face.

I trembled as I felt his warm breath against my face. His smell; the heat radiating off his body; his dark eyes looking into me in hunger, was creating something that I’ve never thought possible. It was a hidden urge like no other. It was a desire that I never thought I had. In this moment, I wanted him to take me, I wanted him on top of me, I wanted him to spread my legs so he could claim me as his mate.


This is what he meant by the sparks. It all made sense now. This is why he said he loved me so quickly. He knew the moment we met that night at the Rogue but was holding back in fear I would run away. How could I be so stupid to think there was any other possibility then that. He was my mate; I was his mate, and we were destined together. That’s how it worked in the werewolf world, and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what he meant. It’s a known fact about mates, once they are marked, it was a lifetime bond.

It was an unbreakable bond.

My hands grazed the linen sheets, allowing myself to lean back to give him space to come closer.

I could feel my heart beating. I could feel each of my senses going into overdrive. The smells, the sounds, my vision, all working in full force, like I was experiencing life in a new way.

“I love you Marcus.” I allowed the words slip from my mouth. I couldn’t help myself, I had to say it because it was how I truly felt.

I felt his body once again tense up as I let the words out. His darkened eyes went pitch black. I could see the veins in his neck pulsate as his breathing became shortened and course.

“MATE.” His husky voice brought goosebumps to my skin. He got closer to my face, slowly but surely, making his way to my lips.

“You are human… a once thought…” He lightly brought his lips on mine and whispered, “IMPOSSIBILITY.”

“But-” My words were interrupted by his soft lips again.

I was brought again to the same sparks lighting up like fireworks on my skin and IT WAS FUCKING INCREDIBLE.

“You don’t need to do anything, I’m only here for you.” His body came forward, gently pushing me down on the soft sheets.

I sighed from his touch, allowing him to graze my body, gently stroking my skin with his fingertips, discovering places he’s never reached before.

“This is…” I exhaled deeply.

“Incredible.” His lips came onto mine once again and our tongues intertwined.

“You have never felt true pleasure.” His lips trailed down my neck as I let out a loud gasp.

He stopped for a moment, looking at me for assurance.

“Keep going.” I nodded my head as I relaxed my eyes, taking in the sensations blindly.

His hands trailed down my torso, slightly grazing my chest. I decided to unbutton my blouse and was met with cool air against my skin.

“Oh my god Hunter.” I felt his warm breath against my breasts as they poked through my unbuttoned top. He softly approached them with his mouth, lightly sucking the area surrounding my nipple. "You're so damn beautiful."

I’ve never felt something so good in my entire life, and this was just the beginning.

“Hearing you moan makes this… overwhelming.” Marcus continued sucking on my breasts, using his tongue to trace the outer part of my nipple. He was getting further down towards my stomach, softly planting his lips and creating a trail of wetness towards my hip bone.

My heart was beating so fast, the anticipation was racing inside me.

“Marcus.” I held my hand on his shoulder and he locked eyes with me.

I hesitated, why the fuck was I hesitated? Why was I so damn scared?

“Sorry, keep-”

“Keep going?”


He resumed his kissing towards my inner thigh.

“Oh my god Marcus, this feels…” I moaned loudly.

Thankfully, I was wearing a skirt with only thin black cotton underwear. I felt myself lather in wetness, all anticipating Marcus, wanting him to travel further underneath.

I’ve never been touched this way before; I’ve never known that this could feel so good. He was so gentle as his soft lips trailed further inwards. His hands slowly grazing my legs as his fingertips latched onto my underwear, gently pulling them down until they slid off my feet.

I was met with the same cool air that hit my core. He teasingly kept his kisses onto my thigh, still trailing inwards, but getting closer.

My moans were getting louder, and he was no where near my throbbing crevice. I could already see stars lighting up all around me. I was getting close.

“Not just yet.” Suddenly, his hands escaped my thigh, and I felt his fingers touch my moistened pedals below.

“Marcus.” I gasped.

His index finger lightly grazed my outer lips, all the way to my entrance, teasingly light, but just enough pressure to cause me to shake.

“Take your time, enjoy the moment Hunter.” His soft voice brought me back to my senses. I opened my eyes to see him looking at me.

I nodded and rested my head back on the bed.

Just to feel his warm breath against my skin caused me to pour out with wetness. His finger continued, trailing in circles between my entrance and clitoris. I squeezed the sheets in anticipation as I felt his face getting closer to my core.

“You smell amazing, I want to taste you so FUCKING BAD,” Suddenly, Marcus’s warm tongue lathered itself into me, repeating the same pattern as his finger was before.

The feeling was OUT OF THIS WORLD. An unexplainable sensation that I never wanted to end.

I screeched out as his tongue lightly dipped into my entrance, teasing its way back to my clit. I grasped onto his hair as he sped up his tempo. Suddenly, I felt his finger enter me, slowly but with enough pressure to send me over the edge. My back arched up from the shock and his other hand come onto my chest, steadying me to lay still as he continued his attack on my core.

“MARCUS.” His finger dug deep inside me, closer to my cervix, and I knew I was reaching my maximum.

As my body tensed up, he used it as a signal to speed up his tongue that was still patterning around my pedals.

“MARCUS.” I once again arched my back up, unable to control my body as it was spiraling out of control.

His hand tightly squeezed my breasts, sending shockwaves further into my core. I was on the edge of the cliff and I was about to jump. There were no words to how this felt. I never imagined in a million years that this could feel so FUCKING GOOD.

“I’M GOING TO-!” I gripped tightly onto his hair, then suddenly.

Time stopped.

My inner walls tightened around his finger as a waterfall of my juices burst through like a dam. My legs tightened around his head as his tongue bathed in my wetness. My vision blurred as my whole body pulsated to the explosion of nerves dancing in my core. It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

I was paralyzed in euphoria.

“You taste…Like heaven.” He lifted head from my legs and hovered his body overtop of mine.

I was so tired; I couldn’t move an inch. My body was drenched in sweat, but I still ached for him.

All the tension that built up to this moment was finally released and now, I WANTED MORE.

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