The Domination Game

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“No!” My eyes swiftly opened, and I bolted upright.

I could feel my heart beating outside my chest furiously as the thoughts of James slowly dissipated. Another nightmare, another dream that has yet to allow me to get a good night sleep.


Oh shit, where’s my phone? I pulled the blankets up, its no where in sight.


What time is it? I was so damn groggy I wasn’t even aware of my surroundings.


Suddenly, I heard the vibration to my right. I peered over to the nightstand to see my phone sitting on the table. Marcus must have placed it there after I passed out last night. Speaking of which where is he?

The bed was neatly made on his side and he was no where in sight. I could hear pattering outside the door, so I think it was safe to assume that it was him.

I grabbed my phone quickly to silence the alarms. I had training today with Andrew, then work. A repeated cycle of every single day this week.

The fight was less than a week away, but now I was having second thoughts.

How could I be having second thoughts?

I opened my phone to see 28 text messages from Troy and 1 message from Coach Andrew.

I had a feeling I knew what Troy had to say, but I was more curious to see Andrew’s message. I knew when I saw him today I would have this blanket of guilt covering my consciousness.

How could I cast doubt of myself after all the work we have accomplished together? How could I let Andrew down like that and back out from the fight? Was there any point now that Marcus wanted me to move in? And especially now with Xanos in the picture, who will most likely be in attendance with Marcus at the very fight that was training for.

It was a big MESS.

I sighed heavily when I read the message,

Andrew: “Morning sunshine, less then a week away! I’m so proud of how far u have come. U will kick ass 🏆🥊 See you soon.”

How can I back out now, he was making this harder than it had to be.

I started typing in response.

Me: “See you soon, I got caught up at a friends place, I’ll get Troy to bring my training gear.”

Andrew: “A friends place? U really think I’ll believe that? 😳 I’m going to have to kick his ass for keeping you up late. LOL See you soon.”

I chuckled to myself, “If only you knew Andrew.”

“Who’s Andrew?” Suddenly, Marcus appeared in the doorway, with no shirt on, just boxers. Just the right eye candy for the morning. He was holding a tray of food.

“An old family friend.” My eyes trailed his body, OH I wished that we could finish what we started last night, but I needed time to think by myself. It was hard enough being in his presence, let alone, shirt less and holding a pile of food.

“What’s that?” I sat up straight as he approached the bed.

“Just some goodies.” He smirked as he placed the tray on the bed.

“Just goodies? This is a feast for 4 people.” I glanced over at the tray to see the usual breakfast works, pancakes, toast, eggs, cantaloupe, yogurt and – was that BACON? I picked up a huge piece, the largest piece of bacon I’ve ever seen, it had a slight crisp to the edges and was thick. “Is this rich people bacon?”

Marcus burst out laughing as I took a bite.

“Only the best for you.” He chuckled lightly as he sat down on the bed next to me.

“You didn’t have to do this.”

“I want to do it. It’s all I want. I want to take care of you. I was serious about what I said last night.”

I chewed on the juicy piece of bacon, contemplating my next words. On the flip side of everything, this was the best damn best of bacon I’ve ever eaten. The crispy and juicy texture were at the right amount as it melted in my mouth, and I was enjoying the hell out of it.

“I know Marcus, can you give me a week to decide?” I raised my eyebrows and gave him my best puppy dog face I could muster. I only used this face when I wanted Troy to do something for me, and I hoped it had the same effect on Marcus.

“Of course.” He leaned in and kissed me on the forehead.

“I have a meeting in a bit, can I drive you anywhere? Feel free to stay as long as you like, or while you are at it, you don’t have to leave at all.” He winked.

“Nice try, but I have to see my brother, I forgot to message him last night.”

“I called him, don’t worry, he knows your safe.”

“You called him? DID YOU GO IN MY PHONE?” My eyes widened at the thought. My private details of my life are hidden away in there.

“No.” He placed his hand on my leg sending shivers down my spine, “He gave it to me when we had out little chat.”


“Hunter,” His hand squeezed a little tighter on my leg, “I would never betray your trust and privacy.”

“I suppose I can trust my Wolfie,” I leaned in closer to him, “Thanks for everything.” I planted my lips on his cheek and his face instantly lit up, like it was a new awakening for him.

“Wolfie.” He smiled, “I like it.” He lightly pecked my lips, “So, tell me, what are you doing later?”

“I got work.”

“You don’t need to work there anymore.” He planted his hands closer to me.

“I want to.”

“You don’t need to.” He came in closer, almost causing me to fall back into the bed.

“Didn’t you say you would give me a week?”

“I suppose.” He sighed.

I lunged in for a kiss, catching him off guard. It was quick and firm, but just the right amount of pressure to leave him wanting more.

“Thanks for the breakfast, I’ll eat and then I’ll go.” I whispered softly.

“Let me drive you.”

I leaned in for another kiss, “I’ll walk, its not far, I need the fresh air anyways.”

“It’s dangerous for you now.”

I softly planted my lips again on his, “What will happen to me uptown? Am I going to get robbed by a crazy rich person?”

“Xanos is a crazy rich lunatic… You like to live dangerously don’t you?” He pulled me in, aggressively putting his tongue in my mouth. I could already feel my moistened pedals below, pulsating, wanting more from him. I had to resist, I had to get to the gym to see Andrew.

I managed to get a word in during our lock, “I’ll be late, Troy is waiting for me.”

I felt Marcus growl subtly as he released his grip. “Next time I won’t let you go.”

“Don’t worry, next time you won’t have to.”

After getting changed back into the same clothes from the night before, I was already heading down the elevator. Marcus insisted another twenty times to drive me, but eventually gave in to my demands. I’ve been living in the city long enough to know how to take care of myself. I don’t need a damn babysitter.

Just as I left the building, I see a large group of men dressed in black suits surrounding a white vehicle. I couldn’t tell what type of car it was, but based on the carbon fiber features and shiny looking tires, I assumed it was expensive as hell.

“Excuse me miss, please step back.” A tall Japanese man held his hands up to escort me to the side to make way for whoever was stepping out of the vehicle.

“Whatever.” I rolled my eyes and turned the corner to get around the back to cross the street, but something on the vehicle stuck out to me. Something familiar.

Japanese writing was engraved in the back of the vehicle, it was tiny, but big enough for me to read.

“Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family” I whispered to myself.

“You know Japanese?” Suddenly, a voice appeared behind me.

I turned my head to see a smaller Japanese man surrounded by a posse of bodyguards. His face held wisdom, pruned with age that held no boundaries. He wore a black suit that matched the rest of his men, and his hair was thin and greyed, but his eyes gleamed with life. He seemed harmless, but I had a feeling there was more to him that met the eye.

“Well, just this sentence I suppose. I don’t know a word of Japanese to tell you the truth.” I glanced back at the inscription engraved on the carbon fiber piece.

The man chuckled, “I find it strange that I find myself all the way back into Elysium and I so happen to stumble on a girl that could translate this very expression.”

“Why is that strange?”

“It’s an expression that I hold dearly in my pack.”

“You’re pack?” I was dumbfounded. Was this a god damn Alpha?! What is with my luck these days?

“I may be an Alpha, but at the same time, I’m just a curious old man,” He let out a small smile, “I’m Alpha Hiro.”

I was panicking inside, should I tell him my name? I was so scared. Should I fake a name? Who the hell was this guy?

“I’m uh- Hunter.” I wanted to lie, but my impulses said otherwise.

“Nice to meet you Hunter, its a beautiful name. I actually have a daughter who is probably the same age as you. You remind me of her.”

“I’m sure she’s wonderful.” I nervously held my hands together. Why was this Alpha so interested in what I had to say? I was just a human doing a walk of shame outside a luxurious high rise.

“Yes,” He cleared his throat like I hit a soft spot, “I miss her.”

“Soooo, she lives in the building?” I didn’t know what else to say, did he want me to keep talking?

“Well, no,” he chuckled lightly, “I’m passing through the area on business, but if I can let you in on a secret, I’ll tell you.” He leaned in closer to me.

Oh god, what is he going to do. Is he going to kidnap me? Kill me? Tell me that I am the surprise and throw me in the trunk of his car?

“I am surprising her with her own art installation, keep your eye on the Torino Art gallery because that’s where it will be, I’m planning it for her birthday next week.”

My eyes widened, my body froze, and my muscles tensed up. Was I dreaming? This couldn’t be true.

“Yea, I’ll keep my eyes open for that,” I sighed nervously, “Not to be rude Alpha Hiro, but what is her name if you don’t mind me asking? It will be easier for me to look her up at the gallery.”

“Oh, well-” He briefly glanced down at the floor and time couldn’t go any slower. I wanted to shake him and get the name out of him this instant.

“Her Japanese name is Miku, but I suppose she likes to be called Kendra.”




I was shaking. I was speechless. Even Alpha Hiro took notice.

“Are you ok?”

“Oh yea? Just a little hungover, but I’ll get over it. Anyways, nice chatting but I’m late for work!” I turned around and started speed walking across the street, not taking another glance back. I was too scared to face him again.

I took my phone out and started typing a message to Kendra,


Kendra: “Can we talk at work? Its so damn early, I’m half asleep lol.”

I looked at the time, I was already late and on top of that I forgot to message Troy. Hopefully he had nothing else planned for the day.

I furiously typed a message to him.

ME: Can you bring my gear to gym? ASAP, I am running late.

Troy: Sure I’ll be there.

I took a break from looking at Kendra’s message. I had no words, I was mad, scared, afraid, pissed, anxious, but it all had to wait. I had to get through training before I confronted her.

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