The Domination Game

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Friday Eve


It didn’t take to much convincing on Troy’s end to accept the generous gift. I mean, it was for his safety after all.

Christian was nice enough to move our stuff into Troy’s new penthouse, and I insisted to have my stuff put in his place until I was ready to move in with Marcus.

I was still so scarred to make the move, I wanted to, but I needed a few days with my brother to clear my head. He was the only person that understood me, and he knew why I was being so hesitant.

It was already Thursday and time couldn’t go by any faster.

Troy and I literally spent the last couple days catching up, watching old movies, and joking around like little kids again. It was just like the old times, before his life turned to drugs. He even invited me to one of his support group meetings tonight. He always spoke so highly about his sponsor Derek, so I was looking forward to finally meeting him.

Troy had a couple days off before he started working full time. It was much needed time that I wanted to spend with him. I wanted to see Marcus, but he promised to give me space this week. Besides, every time I saw Marcus, I felt the fear of the lies bubbling over, and I couldn’t contain myself. On top of that, the mating pull was getting unbearable, I was constantly dreaming about Marcus… And Xanos. It killed me, every time it happened, but I couldn’t help it. How can I control myself? It was the same as breathing oxygen, my body needed it, my mind craved it, and it was the only thing making me live right now.

It was driving me fucking insane.

I wanted to make sure my brother was settled before I told the multiple bombshells to Marcus. I even decided that I would be dropping out of the fight, which was another bombshell I needed to drop on Andrew tomorrow. Deep down, I knew he would understand. He would be disappointed, but he wouldn’t be mad. He just wanted the best for me.


I pulled out my phone to see a message from Marcus.

Marcus: You’re killing me by staying there this whole week. I really wanted to continue that conversation we were having 😉

Me: Yes Wolfie. You promised me… Besides we will have all the time in the world after this week is done… I mean its already Friday eve.

Marcus: Friday eve?

Me: Yes, the day before Friday, Friday eve.

Marcus: lol I can’t get enough of your humor

Me: I guess you will have to get used to that lol

Marcus: By the way, Sam told me you quit your job?

I kept my eyes on the message.

Sam told Marcus I quit? I’m sure Marcus would have killed him by now if he knew the truth. I was so confused. Why would Sam tell Marcus that? I was planning on telling him the truth anyways, so I suppose it didn't make a difference anymore.

I typed another message quickly.

Me: Yes, about that… We need to talk…. In person…Actually, there is much to talk about that I have to get off my chest.

I held my breath as I pressed Send.

This was it.

This is when I was going to tell him EVERYTHING.

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