The Domination Game

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Breaking Point


Was I poisoned?

Did someone hypnotize me?

Was I under some spell?

I had lost complete control.

It was just a car, but it was like a magnet that my body couldn’t pull away from.

It was driving on the road next to me, going god knows where, but it was slowly getting away from me. That’s when I noticed my legs moving in the same direction, like they had a mind of their own.

My vision was blurred, and I couldn’t tell what street I was on. The closer I got to the mysterious car, the more I craved. My heart was beating fast, and the sweat was pouring down my forehead. It was like someone was dangling food in front of me after not eating for days.

I panicked as it travelled further down the street, but thankfully, traffic was slowing down, allowing me to catch up to it.

Internally my mind was panicking, I wanted to run in the opposite direction. I wanted to reach out to Marcus, but physically my body had other plans.

15 mins later…

I was still in the same state of confusion.

I couldn’t tell where I was, only that I was uptown based on the skyscrapers that littered the streets, and the massive amounts of people walking on the sidewalk. It looked like the financial district based on some of the familiar looking buildings I used to pass by on my way to work.

What the hell was I doing in the financial district?

The black car that I was following disappeared into a car garage below a nearby skyscraper. It was the largest one in the area, but I still couldn’t figure out what it was. I looked up to see if I could make out a name, but my blurred vision prevented me from reading anything.

I was trying my best to regain control of my legs, but I was failing miserably. I probably looked like a drunken idiot at this point.

I opened the doors to a what looked like a main lobby.

Maybe this was an office building?

I walked by the front desk, not taking notice to anyone giving me strange looks.

“Excuse me miss? Do you need help?” A woman’s voice echoed in my head, but I paid no attention.

I was headed towards the stairwell and there was nothing that could stop me.

“Who the hell is that?” More voices came behind me, but I ignored them.

I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. I grabbed it, but I couldn’t make out who was calling.

I tried to move my finger against the screen to unlock it, but there was no luck. I gave up and placed it back into my pocket. There was no point in trying to use my phone because one way or another, I was reaching the top of this building.

78 floors later…

I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t sleepy, and the 78 floors I climbed was a cake walk. My muscles had a newfound strength, and I could probably climb another thousand if I had to.

My phone continued to vibrate, but it remained in my pocket. There was no sense in trying to answer any calls at this point. I had completely lost control of myself.

The door was there, I was so damn close.

I had to get myself through that door at all costs.

There was no stopping me.

My hand touched the door handle, ready to pull it open.

What the fuck was I doing?!

I had to do it!

No Hunter! Resist! Turn away!

My mind was fighting my body for control, but my body was winning.

Finally, I was through the door into another lobby. My vision was still blurred, but I could see the silhouette of the front desk and a lady standing directly behind it.

I felt her fear as I stepped forward.

It felt good.

It felt oddly...Satisfying.

“EXCUSE ME.” She stepped back again as I approached her, “What are you doing here? Someone call security!”

I couldn’t waste anymore time with this lady, so I continued walking past her, ignoring her threats.

I would kill anyone who is about to stop me from pursing what I wanted.

There was no one that could stop me.

I kept my pace down the hall, and my vision getting worse. My body was trembling with pure adrenaline, and each step I took brought me closer to my deepest desire.

I was so damn close.

I could taste it.

I could smell it.

It was all the I wanted.

I was only a few feet away from the door.

My hand was already out, ready to pull the handle. I could feel my phone constantly vibrating in my pocket, but it was the last thing on my mind.

I just needed to get through this door, then I would be complete, I would be whole, I would be …

“Hunter?!” Suddenly, before I could grab the door handle, a familiar voice appeared in front of me, coming through the very door I wanted to walk through.

At this point, I couldn’t make out any faces. Everything was a blur, and I could only see the silhouette of a man.

I stayed silent and stepped forward, inhaling his scent.

I sighed heavily.

He wasn’t the one I wanted.

“Whoa, what the hell are you doing here!?” He grabbed me by the arm as I tried passing.

“Christian?” I managed to let the words slip from my mouth, but my body was still in hot pursuit of the mysterious entity on the other side.

“Does Marcus know you’re here!?” I could tell from his tone that he was in a panic. I am sure this was the last place he would expect to see me.

“LET ME THROUGH.” I let out a loud growl and clenched my jaw.

Who was I? What was I becoming?

I was so grateful Christian was here; he was the only one that could get me out of this mess.

I felt his hand come onto my shoulder, putting a stop to my quest to the mysterious door.

“NO, you can’t go in there.” He tightened his grip on me.


What the hell has gotten into me?

I wanted Christian’s help, but it was like a different side of me was taking over. An internal instinct that I couldn’t control.

I gripped my hand tightly on his and squeezed as tight as I could.

“Hunter what the hell?!”

His hands felt like twigs snapping under my feet in the forests. It was so satisfying to hear the crunch.

He growled loudly and retracted his hand, allowing me to continue towards the door.

I was inches away.

I placed my hand on the handle and held my breath.

I was trying to pull myself away. I wanted to run back to Marcus, I wanted to get as far away from this place, but it was a losing battle with my internal instinct.

“Hunter, NO!” Christian’s voice that was just a mere echo at this point. I was too focused on the door in front of me and what lay beyond it.

But, before I could turn the knob, the door opened to reveal somebody on the other side.


My heart rate spiked.

My body trembled.

It was him.

It was who I stalked from the street.

“Xanos?” I buckled to my knees. His sweet smell filled my nostrils sending my core into a flaming inferno. Internally, I wanted to run, but now, he was all that I wanted.

“HUNTER!” I felt Christian arms latch onto me.

At first, I resisted, but then, I started to feel faint. Now that I was finally here, I was beginning to get control of my body, but I was too exhausted to run away.

I needed to sleep.

I needed to close my eyes.

“What the –" I could barely talk, my vision was still blurred, and my body was burning up.

I could see Xanos large frame standing at the doorway, watching me closely. He was the only thing that wasn’t a blur. He was wearing a navy-blue suit, and his hair was neatly combed back. His sweet aromatic scent made me quiver. His fitted suit was tight enough to outline his superior frame that I wanted to drown myself in. His eyes blackened as he narrowed his gaze to me.

We were not physically touching, but we were in sync. I could sense that he wanted to reach for me just as I wanted to reach for him, but at the same time, the idea repulsed me.

I was literally losing my mind.

“I’ll take you home.” I hung onto Christian’s neck as he carried me away. I tried to get another glimpse of Xanos before turning the corner, but we were already gone.

“What the fuck Hunter?! What the hell are you doing here?” I could feel Christian’s heart beating a million miles a minute. His breathing turned course and heavy as he picked up the pace. He wanted to get me away from here as quickly as possibly without turning too many heads.

“I don’t know what came over me…” I whispered.

“Just relax, I’ll take you home.”

Before I could muster any more energy to reply, my eyes were flickering closed.

I was too tired.

I was too weak.

I was to my breaking point.

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