The Domination Game

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The Day Before: Part 1


Another sleepless night.

Another night where she was there, in my dreams, wanting to be touched. She was so close, I could practically smell her, but she was just out of reach.

I slouched over the edge of my bed, too ashamed to look at the strange woman lying naked on the other side. Trying to subside the mating pull was beginning to become a daunting task. Constantly fucking and filling the empty void with meaningless hookups wasn’t enough to pull my mind together anymore. She was getting closer to me, I could feel it, and I knew she would eventually see it.


I reached for my phone on the bedside table.

Unknown: “What time tomorrow?”

Me: You know the time, stick to what we discussed.

I sighed heavily as I tossed my phone to the bedside table.

For such a large house, it felt like I was trapped in a four-by-four cell. My mind was only becoming more sporadic, and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold it in. I was going to let her fight in the tournament, and I was going allow her to realize that she needed me. It was the only way to get her on my side, especially with my brother in the picture, pinning her in a corner like a trapped little mouse. He was lying to her about the past, withholding information that he should have told her since long ago, and it was only a matter of time until she found out.

Marcus was hotheaded. He had no idea what was to have it mate, yet again, this was a first for both of us. Hunter is destined to be our mate, and I was going to be the one she chose.

I was her only mate.

But why did God have to make us mated to Sofia’s daughter? Out of everyone in this world, it had to be her? Was this punishment for what we did?

It’s been years since Kane died, and when Marcus and I started to drift apart.

I still question how James found her. He was vague with his story, he explained it was an unlucky encounter with the brother, but that’s as far as he said. He gave me the photograph of Sophia and Hunter, and at first, I didn’t believe him, but then I saw her that night at Marcus’s place.

Why didn’t I take her then? Why didn’t I kill Marcus?

Did I really want to kill my own brother?

I had regrets in my life, but I was adamant this was how I was going to get her. I had to hold myself back so she could see me, like setting a trail of breadcrumbs all the way home.

I had to be patient.

She will come.

She desires me.

She loves me.

She will come.

I had to repeat the same mantra everyday to keep my head calm, but it was only a matter of time until Marcus and I both snapped. Only one of us will claim her, but instead of raging war with his pack, I was going to lure her in, I was going to show her the life she could live, being MY mate.

“Up already?” I almost forgot the strange woman laying in my bed. I couldn’t remember her name, yet again, she was meaningless, just like all the others.

“Get changed, I’m leaving.” I got to my feet and pulled on my boxer shorts.

“Want another round?” She sprawled herself on the bed, and her legs opened to reveal her reddened pussy from the night before.

I quickly glanced back, then refocused my attention to the cigarette box laying on my nightstand.

“No.” I pulled out a cigarette and placed it in my mouth, engulfing the end with my lighter that was next to the box.

I pulled in the smoke from the cigarette, and I was beginning to realize the headrush that once relaxed my mind was duller than the day before.

Nothing was working.





Today is the worst I’ve felt all week. She is the only thing that I craved.

“Are you sure?” Her soft hands ran down my shoulders, lightly massaging my tense muscles. But as her hands travelled down my back, the more I thought of Hunter. She was all I wanted. I wanted her to touch my shoulders, I wanted to feel her skin graze against mine, not this stranger who was sharing the same bed with me.

For a brief moment I held my breath, hoping that the touch of a women could sooth my raging mind, but I was only met with guilt.

How could I feel guilty for a woman that I barely knew?

“NO.” I forcefully grabbed her wrist, catching her off guard. Our eyes met as I held her in place, preventing her from continuing.


I was growing stronger without realizing it. I wonder how powerful I would become if she was close to me, let alone, if we marked each other?

“Oh.” I released my hand and focused on the cigarette that was still hanging on the side of my mouth. “Sorry.” I stood up and looked down at the city below. It was dawn, the streetlights flooded the foggy sidewalks, and the rain lightly fell on the glass windows. The weather was depressing, but it was calm.

“Who’s Hunter?” She asked.

“Excuse me?” I blew smoke out of my mouth and looked over my shoulder. Who did this woman think she was?

“You say her name a lot in your sleep, just curious.”

I put out my cigarette in the near by ash tray and walked to the blonde hair woman, still sprawled out on my bed, naked, opening herself up to me without a care in the world.

Her long blonde hair was tousled from the night before, her body was too thin, not really my type, but that’s how most of the escort women looked these days.

I cupped my hand under her chin and brought her eyes to mine, “Don’t say her name,” I whispered.

She started to tremble as her eyes widened. I could smell the fear radiating off her skin. She did what she was paid to do, but it doesn’t mean that she wasn’t frightened of me. Most of them were when I called.

“I-I-” She stuttered her words as her eyes dropped to the floor.

“You’re here for one reason, not to get to know me, and not for idle chit chat, do you understand?” I leaned in, inhaling the sweet scent of her fear, but it still wasn’t enough. It was never enough.

“Yes, Xanos.”

“It’s ALPHA.” I brought my hand around her small neck, her flesh was warm, and I could feel her pulse beating strong against the palm of my hand.

I squeezed a little tighter.

“Yes -” She choked, “Alpha Xanos.”

“You like that?”

“Yes.” She kept her eyes on me, she was obedient, just like all the others. She would do whatever I told her to do, all the reason why I was feeling the empty void in my heart. For so long I didn’t see it, not until I found out about Hunter.

My Hunter.

“How about now?” I increased the pressure. I felt myself getting a rise, but it was more of the fact that I was angry.

I was angry I didn’t have her. I was angry at myself for not taking more action, but it would all pay off soon.

I had to be patient.

“Yes.” She started to squirm, but her smile grew. She liked to please me; this is what they lived for. All of them. Wanting to please me blindly.

I wondered how Hunter would be in this situation. Would she be scared? Would she enjoy this?

I squeezed a little harder, my heart was starting to race. Feeling her heartbeat speed up was rushing the blood to my cock.

“Get back to where you belong.” I looked over to the handcuffs still dangling from the bed posts.

“Yes Alpha.”

I brought her face close to mine, tightly holding it still. Maybe a few weeks ago I would think this face was beautiful, but it was nothing like hers. Everything about this woman was the opposite of her and it was starting to piss me off.

I released her from my grip, and she immediately gasped for air, holding her neck where I just had my hand.

“NOW,” I growled.

I was infuriated. This should be Hunter, not some escort service girl. Maybe doing this will subside my urges and calm my raging beast trying to poke through.

“Yes Alpha.” The women crawled to the back of the bed. Her eyes once again, full of fear.

“You know what to do.”

She started to shake as she raised her wrist to one of the cuffs.

“Its locked, I don’t have the key.”

I kept my eyes on her as she scrambled to find the key.

The more time I stared, the more fear that drenched her skin. Inhaling it was a high that I didn’t deem possible. I wanted more. I couldn’t imagine how this would feel if I just had her here right now instead of this blonde bitch.

“Would you rather play a game?”

“Uh, no – no, Alpha, I can find the key, I think it put it somewhere here,” She started patting down the bed, a perfect time to strike. Catching her off guard will give me enough of what I wanted.

Her back was turned, she was looking inside the bed side table.

I slipped my hand in the bedside drawer. Don’t get me wrong, I could afford a lot more then zip ties, but hell, it always caught them off guard.

I climbed on the bed; she was still turned in the other direction. As I placed my hand on her, she immediately froze.

“Keep looking,” I held my hand on her trembling body.

She was shaking, unsure what I was capable doing. Little did they know, I would never kill them, I would never do this against their will, it was just the excitement that I craved.

I took her arm, faster then she could realize what was happening, her back, still turned in the opposite direction. I immediately pulled her other arm behind her back, binding both of her wrists together with the zip tie.

This was too easy.

She was so tiny; it only took one hand for me to control her entire body.

As soon as I secured the zip tie, I pulled her up against my body. She trembled, she shook, but she was obedient, allowing me to contort her body in any way I saw fit.

“If your so scared, why don’t you run?” I whispered in her ear.

“I’m – I’m not scared Alpha.”

“I don’t like liars.” I inhaled the nape of her neck as I wrapped my arm around her. The stench of fear was intoxicating.

I pushed her body to the bed, propping her ass up, exposing everything to me. Her pussy already lathered and wet, practically dripping on the white linens below.

“Stay there.”

“Yes Alpha.” Her face was in the sheets, her arms still bound behind her, there was no way she could balance herself.

“Where’s the condoms?” I thought I left the pack from last night next to my cigarette box, but when I looked to the table, it wasn’t there.

“We used them all Alpha.”

I growled.

Was she expecting me to go bare?

“It’s ok, I’m fine if you continue.” She said.

The thought of my seed spilling into this woman was repulsive. She deserved nothing more then a hard fucking, but I wasn’t going to risk impregnating her.

Hunter was the only one. If she wanted it, I would give it to her repeatedly. Filling her up with my seed, letting it spill out of her when there was no room left to contain it.

I pulled the woman up, and I wrapped my arm across her chest, holding her tightly against my body.

“You think you’re going to pull that shit with me? You think you are worthy to have my children?” I whispered in her ear.

Her breathing turn rapid, “No – I mean – I didn’t mean –"

"Of course you meant it.”


Suddenly, I heard her voice. Was she here?


Was I hallucinating? Hunter’s voice filled my head, but she was no where in sight. What was happening to me?


I had to get out of here, I had to go to work, I had to clear my head. I ripped the zip tie from the woman’s wrists and released her from my grip.

“I have to go, let yourself out.”

“Yes Alpha.”

I refused to turn my head back as I walked into my bathroom. The guilt was getting worse, and I couldn’t look at the blonde-haired woman again.

It wasn’t Hunter.

I don't know how much longer I can go on like this.

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