The Domination Game

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The Day Before: Part 2


The car ride wasn’t long, it was only a ten-minute drive from my place, but today if felt like an eternity. My body was heating up, my muscles were tensed, my eyes were laser focused on the outside.

Looking for something that wasn’t there.

What the hell was happening to me?

“Almost here Alpha.” Christopher glanced up in the rear view mirror.

I was probably not looking like my usual self. Physically I was looking the same, but internally I was burning up, going insane, thinking of her all the fucking time.

“Thanks.” I kept my eyes out the window to keep my mind at bay.

Chris refocused his attention back on the road, we were stuck in typical Elysium rush hour traffic, but at least it gave me some time to think about everything.

“You need me there today?” He asked.

“I can handle him myself, but thanks.” I sighed.

Chris has been my Beta since I’ve become an Alpha, his son was part of the pack now working within the ranks, but he never expected handouts. I made all my pack members work for what they deserved. I can’t blindly trust someone who doesn’t have the necessary experience.

“He’s already there.” He peered back into the mirror again. He looked serious, and he knew what a pest James was. He was becoming more of a threat, but we did business together, all the while my growing distrust with him was becoming more apparent to everyone around me.

James and I went far back, but I was never his friend, he was a mere convenience. He was someone I called when I needed to take care of a problem. He was the one who always got dirty, no matter the cost.

He was the one who told me about her.

My Hunter.

My brother was so distracted in his drug trade, that he failed to realize she was employed to him this entire time.

He was a fool. How could he not see her?

“Five minutes Alpha.”

“Thanks,” I sighed as I peered out the window. The clouds from early morning subsided and now it was a bright sunny day. People walking by were focused on their phones, and not what was around them, like life was passing them by without them realizing it.

"Another long day without you." I whispered.

“Well, well, well, doesn’t the morning sunshine bring out the smiles in all of the citizens of Elysium, don’t you say Xanos?” As I entered my office, I was met with a face I wasn’t in the mood to see.

“Hm.” I walked around my desk and got a better look at him. “You should wear a suit more often James, makes you look a little less….”

“Civilian?” He smiled.

I waved for him to take a seat, “I was going to say like a common street criminal, but you can call it whatever you want.” I took a seat in my chair and James followed suit. I was surprised to see the seat next to him empty.

“Where’s Christian?” I asked.

“Well, he is Marcus’s Beta, so I’m guessing,” James looked down at his silver Tag watch, “LATE.” He smiled back at me and casually leaned back, like we were just two guys catching up in a bar.

He could wear all the business clothes and fancy labels he wanted, but I will always look at him like a commoner, or a child with no manners. I saw through his bullshit.

“Growing out your hair a little I see?” I glanced at him before digging into the pile of paperwork already neatly laid out on my desk.

“Yeaa mate.” His hand ran through his short brown hair. “Ladies dig it.”

“I’m sure they do - aha – here, sign this.” I pulled out the contract for our next delivery.

I held it over my desk and James whipped it out from my hand. This fool had no manners.

“I thought I was piggy packing off Marcus’s next shipment, it says here the product is being sent from Japan. Is this Hiro’s shit? What’s that old man doing getting involved in this next shipment?”

“Doing us a favor actually, since you fucked over my brother a while back, things have changed.”

“Ahh, about that...”

“No, you listen to me, this is the new deal, the product that you desire, will be shipped over from Japan with supplies heading to Hiro’s warehouse in Elysium. If that’s not good enough for you, take your business elsewhere.”

“Alright, Alright, Alright… Say I thought we were going to you know –" James raised his fingers and mimicked a slicing motion across his neck.

“You haven’t let me down before, you always took the jobs when no one else would, but you lack a certain perspective.”

“Which is?”

“Sorry I’m late,” Suddenly, Christian opened the door. Sneering over at James, then catching eyes with me. He looked the same as he always did, clean, polished, wearing a beige suit with a black tie. He was dependable, he was trustworthy, but he wasn’t a part of my pack, so I had to keep my guard up.

I stood up and shook his hand, “Welcome Christian, how’s my brother?”

After we shook hands, we both took a seat.

“Same as usual.” He replied.

“I hear he’s shagging a wee lassi from the slums.” James smirked.

I slammed my hand to the desk immediately causing the two men to turn their heads in my direction.

“BACK TO OUR MEETING.” I gritted between my teeth.

“Of course, sorry for losing track of why we are here.” Christian adjusted himself in the chair and cleared his throat.

“Of course, we never want to lose perspective.” James looked to me with a small smile.

“Tell me James, do you like what you have?” Christian looked to James with menacing eyes. His body tensed as he leaned forward in his chair.

“Excuse me?” James growled back.

“Watch your mouth boy” Christian slammed his foot on the ground and balled his fists on the arms of his chair.

The meeting hasn’t even begun and we were already fighting.

“Christian, just sign this and we are done. The wheels are in motion, I’m done with this meeting.” I slammed the stack of papers in front of him.

“Yes, lets get this over and done with, I got errands to run, bitches to fuck, oh and some more bets to add for Aphrodite.” James signed the last document and threw the pen to Christian.

“You think she will win?” Christian began signing the stack of documents, quickly scrolling over the words, and signing the spots that were already labelled for his signature.

“YES.” I kept my eyes on James who was looking straight back at me.

“For ten million I’m sure you are adamant the Huntress will win.” James’s smile grew as he looked back to Christian that was totally oblivious to what we were referring to.

James and I were the only one who put the pieces together.

It made me sick that he knew, but if it weren’t for him, I would be just as oblivious as Marcus.

Suddenly, there was knocking on the door.

“Alpha, sir can I come in? We have a slight problem.”

I could hear my secretary, Christine, on the other side of the door. She was always too scared to interrupt my meetings, which intrigued my interest as to why she was knocking on the office door.

Something must have been wrong.

“I got to go, Alpha Marcus needs me, nice seeing you again Xanos.” Christian stood up and shook my hand firmly, not giving James another look.

“Sir? Please.” Christine continued knocking.

“Just a minute.” I shouted back and turned to Christian one last time before he left, “Say hi to Marcus for me.”

“Will do.” Christian pulled out his phone, it was vibrating constantly since Christine started knocking on the door. He seemed put off since he read whatever message Marcus sent him and was already leaving the room in quick pace.

“Come in Christine.” I called out, but there was no reply.

“Maybe she left?” Christian was already heading out of the office door, but as he opened the door, I was met with a scent that I could not describe.

It was insatiable.

It was tantalizing.

It was euphoric.

Everyone else blurred out of my vision and I had myself locked onto her scent.

“Hunter?!” Christian slammed the door and approached Hunter, slowly making her way down to my office.

I felt myself swirling into the depths of my mind. I couldn’t take her like this, not here, not now, not with James sitting in my office.

I got from my chair.

“Ou mate, you ok?” James stood up from his seat.

I remained silent; I wanted to hear her voice.

My hand was on the door, patiently waiting for her to get closer. Her scent was strong, and my body felt like it was floating away.

I held my breath and pushed the door open. I narrowed my gaze on her as she stood directly in front of me, only a mere foot away. I haven’t seen her since the night at Marcus’s place, when she was just wearing a shirt, but today, she was probably dressed like she usually did on a normal day.

It was simple, comfortable, cute, divine. No matter how she dressed, it would always be priceless. She wore a black zip up sweater, tight enough to outline her womanly curves and perfect breasts. She wasn’t stick thin, she had an athletic build, and I could see how hard she worked out based on how her legs were shaped through the outline of her yoga pants.

I wanted to reach out, I wanted to take her away. She was on her knees, looking back at me with her blue oceanic eyes. I could get lost in them.

“Hunter?” I tried my best to remain calm. Christian was already running to retrieve her. I wanted to kill him, I wanted to take her right then and there.

I had to be patient.

I knew this day would come, but I didn’t realize it would be so soon.

“I’ll take you home.” Christian rushed over and scooped her up in his arms.

Watching her being carried away by Christian was agony, and I almost pursued, but then, James snapped me right back from reality.

“Sheesh, want me to take care of him? She is literally getting away mate.”

I almost crossed the line, I almost claimed her, knowing that she completely lost control. It was too soon, I needed to wait until after the fight.

Until she realized who she really was. I couldn’t rage war with Marcus yet, she needed to find out for herself.

How could I be so greedy and take that opportunity from her?


My phone began vibrating on my office desk. I walked back in to retrieve it and saw there was a new message from Marcus.

Marcus: We need to talk.

I started typing a message back.

Me: Agreed.

“Never seen one loose control like that before.” James deep, darkened voice came from the corner of my office. He stared outside the window, looking down at the street. I stepped over to see what he was looking at, then I realized something.

There was something not right about him, like his whole demeanor changed in an instant.

He was looking at a charade of men coming from the building. Possibly Christian and his pack escorting Hunter out of the building. His one arm was leaning against the window, and his breathing turned rapid, like he was out of breath.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I placed my hand on his shoulder and turned him around to face me.

His eyes were black and sunken in, like shadows were hitting all directions of his face. Veins were popping out of his neck, his whole-body was trembling, and his pants, tight in the groin area, like he was having an erection.

“What the fuck is this?!” A fountain ink pen was still sitting close to me on top my desk. I quickly grabbed it and jammed it as hard as I could into his back.

He roared, he stumbled back, and his breathing, much faster as his eyes slowly came back to their normal dark brown orbs.

I stepped in closer, then he stumbled back.

“Relax man! It’s the Volt wearing off! I swear! I haven’t had any in a while!” He reached around his back and pulled the pen out, letting out a screeching roar from the pain of the deep wound. "Fuck man! It's deep!"

Blood was probably pouring out, but he was wearing a black suit and the only thing that I could see was a large tear in the fabric.

“You fucked up my new suit mate!” He placed the pen in my hand as I furrowed my eyebrows to him.

I didn’t trust him.

“Volt withdrawal gives you erections?!” I pushed him into the wall with such force, I cracked a few of the frames hanging near by.

He chuckled lightly as he took his black jacket off, revealing his blood-stained white shirt underneath. “Sometimes.”

"You better be telling me the fucking truth!"

"Relax mate, it's just... the volt." James smiled lightly, but for some reason I didn't believe him.

I don't think I would ever believe him after this.

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