The Domination Game

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I was already heading up the elevator to Marcus’s place.

I sent a text to my brother, hoping he would reply right away, but I didn’t get a response. He was probably caught up at work.

Me: “Where are you? We need to talk.

Was I surprised Marcus was dealing drugs, or was I more upset over the whole fact that he refused to help Coach when I was attacked? On top of that, the bastard knew the Huntress was injured and bet against me.

Bet against his own pack just to make money.

How pathetic!

My head was spinning, taking the gun from Coach was impulsive, I didn’t think I would need it, so why did I bring it? I felt like it was the only thing I could use, the only thing I could use as leverage to save my pull with Xanos.

The lights were dimmed, the candles were lit, and all I could smell was tantalizing scents of whatever was cooking in the kitchen.

I lightly took my shoes off but kept my bag over my shoulder. I wasn’t sure if I would need the gun, and I knew Marcus would never hurt me, but now, I couldn’t trust him. It was a double standard for the mounting number of lies that I’ve kept from him, but I couldn’t let this go. It was too fucked up of a coincidence to let it go.

I could hear tapping of kitchen utensils and the fire of the stove in the kitchen.

I began to wonder how much Marcus has changed over the last day. The mating pull to him was making this harder than I thought, and I could only imagine how it was affecting him.

My body was growing hotter the closer I got to the kitchen. My heart was beating rapidly, and my core was practically juicing out, ripening itself for Marcus to take, but I had to stay strong. I had to resist the pull and tell the truth.

The nasty truth.

The truth about James, the fight, the pull to Xanos, everything.

“Hunter?” His footsteps got closer, then suddenly, I realized he was behind me.

I turned around and held my hand to my chest. “Oh gosh, you scared me.”

Just looking at him in the flesh made this unbearable. My body trembled as I smelled in his luscious scent. What the hell was I becoming? An animal?

I was angry, but he was looking so damn insatiable. He was wearing his shirt half opened to reveal his tattooed chest, while he wore his usual denim jeans that outlined his large burly legs. His hair was looking the same as usual, his face, with a slight 5 o’clock shadow, but his darkened eyes stuck out like a sore thumb.

He was changed.

I could see he was mentally struggling. His body tensed up as he looked me head to toe. The pull was surging through him and I wasn’t sure when he was going to snap. I could barely see his usual brown eyes, only darkness.

“We need to talk.” I bit my lip without realizing it.

He breathed in heavily and held his hand out, “We do, please come.”

“No, I think I’m fine here.”

His face turned sour; his eyes were darker than before. Was he upset that I refused to go with him to the other room?

“Why?” He spoke in a low tone.

“Do I get a choice tonight?” I folded my arms across my chest and held a straight face. I was trying my best to hold all the perverted thoughts that were racing through my mind.

“A choice?” Just by hearing his voice I could tell he was changed. He wasn’t the calm and caring Marcus right now.

He was someone else.

“Yes, a choice. You said you were going to mark me today. So, like I said, are you going to mark me without giving me a choice?” I kept my backpack close to my hand as I lowered it on my shoulder. My muscles were pulsating, and my vision started to blur. This was just like when I was at Xanos’s building, but this time, the anger and rage was controlling the flow of my questions, and I was going to save the best for last.

“No.” He stepped in closer to me and I stepped back. “Stop this Hunter, the pull is becoming too much to bear. You’re struggling with this just as much as I am.”

At least he was being honest, but his answer still pissed me off. I wanted to mate with him, I fucking loved him, but the lies needed to be sorted out before I could commit, and on top of that I needed the choice; I wasn’t going to be forced into this.

I cleared my throat, “I need to tell you something. Well, a lot of things first.”

“Like what?”

I had a whole list of what I had to tell him, but the first one came out of my mouth before fully thinking it through.

“I stole from you. I mean – I stole from Sam. Here.” I pulled the money out of the bag that Kendra gave me.

“You stole from me?” His eyes narrowed in on the stack of cash in my hand. I couldn’t tell what his reaction was, and he remained calm.

“Yes, I stole it, and to be honest, I’m an impulsive dumbass that wanted to help a friend out, and now I’m paying you back. I stole it a while ago from Sam’s safe after work, and that’s why I quit.”

He took the money from my hand and stared into it blankly. I wasn’t sure if he was pissed, or curious, but the tension in the air was increasing.

“How did you get this back?” He asked curiously.

“Kendra gave it back to me- ”

“No, you misunderstand, how did Kendra, get this back?”

Shit, did he know who she was? The only thing coming out of my mouth tonight was going to be the honest truth, so I’ll tell him if he’s asking.

“Her father is Alpha Hiro.”

A cynical smile grew on his face, “You got friends in high places then I see?”

“Look Marcus, I’m just telling you the truth, we need to be honest with each other if this is going to work, I’ve made a ton of bad decisions since meeting you and I need to set it straight before this gets out of- “

He dropped the money to the floor, like it was a piece of trash. “You think I care about this? This means nothing.”

“Sam thought otherwise.”

“Oh, did he?” Marcus stepped in closer, and I stepped in the opposite direction.

“He black mailed me Marcus. He wanted me, and I turned him down… He threatened to tell you what I did.”

Marcus’s expression deepened and his hands balled into fists.

“He’s good as DEAD.” I could see Marcus’s werewolf teeth poking through, and I was curious how he was going to take the news of James, but I was saving that for last.

“Your turn.”

“My turn?”

“I overheard your conversation last night with Christian.”

“Eavesdropping, my little Hunter, that is PUNISHABLE.” He leaned in and breathed heavily, looking down at me with his darkened eyes.

“Punishable? We’ll see about that.” I folded my arms across my chest.

He stepped in again, and I mimicked his movements, taking another step back.

“Why are you scared?”

“Who says I’m scared?”

“I can smell you, and it’s making this harder for me to control. It smells intoxicating.”

“Just tell me what I want to know.”

He folded his arms across his body and kept his eyes focused on me. I was melting inside. I wanted to forget we were having this conversation and just live happily ever after. I felt like the biggest screw up, but at the same time, I was holding Marcus to the same standard.

“Do you know what drug my brother was addicted to?”

“Why does that matter?”

“Just ANSWER the question.” I raised my voice, and I was beginning to grow frustrated. I just wanted answers.

“As a matter of fact, yes, he told me when we first met.”

“So, what is it?”


“Do you deal it?”

“Why would you think that?”

“Just ANSWER the question.”

“No.” He replied with no hesitation, like he was expecting the question to be asked.

“You’re LYING.” I slammed my hand hard into the dry wall, smashing the pieces the floor with ease. I wasn’t sure how I was doing it, but it felt so fucking good.

He stood over me, his breathing turned more rapid, his darkened eyes looked over me like shadows overcasting his entire humanity.

“I know you’re a drug lord Marcus. You don’t fly straight, and you told me your businesses were legit, pinning all the blame on Xanos. Who knows, maybe he would tell me the truth...”

“WATCH YOUR NEXT WORDS, you have no idea how this city works.” Marcus stepped in again, growling to the point that my hair was standing up on the back of my neck. His fist slammed in the same wall, creating a much larger hole beside mine.

“All Alpha’s are the same. You, Xanos, James; all of you make this city suffer for your own profit, all the while this damn werewolf pull is making me think otherwise. Making me go against my beliefs, making me go against the people of Elysium.” I clenched my jaw and balled my hands into fists, “My brother told me to take my time with thinking about this decision, and I think he’s right.”

“You really want to know everything, don’t you?” Just as Marcus spoke, he vanished. Like he evaporated in thin air.

I paced the room and looked around. There was no sight of him.


I was scared.

I was trembling.

All the while I wanted him.

Was this how werewolves mated?

I was tempted to pull the gun out, but why would I want to hurt him? Why did I bring it?

“I just need the truth.” I stuttered as I cautiously walked around, looking to catch sight of him.

“NO.” His booming voice came behind me, then, I was plowed into the wall. I gasped from the forceful push. I was physically fine, but I was winded from the impact.

“YOU TELL ME THE TRUTH.” His body leaned against me, I couldn’t move, the sheer power of him was too much for me to handle.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I grunted hard as I tried to catch my breath.

“Why do you have a gun!?” He growled loudly as he felt the gun through the fabric of my bag.

I tried to break free of his grip, but I was pinned hard into the wall.

“I don’t know who to trust.” I gritted between my teeth.

In all the intensity of the situation, I felt the pull continue, my body, constantly pulling itself like a magnet to him. I could feel his throbbing erection hit my ass as he questioned me.

He was losing control.

This wasn’t Marcus.

This was someone else, but at the same time, I was losing myself too. My body craved for more. I wanted him to devour me. I wanted him inside me. I was beginning to regret bringing a gun. Why did I need one again? Oh right, Marcus was the lying Alpha that I hated, but I was being a damn hypocrite.

I was a liar too.

I felt like I was going to faint. My head became light-headed, my vision blurred, and my body weakened.

Was I like this so it would be easy for Marcus to take me?

“You know then.” He spoke in a low tone.

“Know what?”

He pulled out something from his pocket. It sounded like a piece of paper.

As he placed it in front of my face, I gasped in horror. This couldn’t be, could it?

“Where did you get this!?” I felt the tears starting to poke through my eyes. How could he have this and not tell me?

“I’ve always had it.” He replied.

“Do you know who this is?!”

“You’re mother.”

I tried my best to move around, maybe squirming around was turning him on because I felt his hands come on to my ass.


There was no response.

“You seem so adamant to know everything, but at the same time, you are having a hard time taking it.” He grinded his crotch against the lower part of my ass. “Another thing I’ll teach you after I mark you.

“What happened to her?!”

He remained silent.

“What happened to her?!” I screamed.

“She died, because…” He breathed in heavily.

“What!? Tell me?!”

“I didn’t realize until the night my brother came. When he said the resemblance was striking… It all makes sense now. You are an exact fucking copy of your mother and I was too much of a fool to realize it!”

“What happened to her Marcus?” The tears started falling and my throat was tightening up. What the hell was happening? I haven’t even got to the part where James fucked me, but now, I was speechless.

I was a train heading straight for a brick wall.

This was too much.

“I can’t do this now Hunter! I can’t let myself lose more control…” He tightened himself against me, pinning his arm on my upper back to hold me still. His warm breath hit the side of my neck as he sniffed the part of my skin where he wanted to taste.

I wanted it just as bad, but it was easier for me to control myself, and maybe it was because I was human.

“Control yourself Marcus! I can’t lose Xanos...”

Marcus’s growl rumbled the very wall I was pinned against. I’ve never heard such a noise, and it brought goosebumps to my skin. His legs tightened as the pressure mounted onto my body.

“Every inch of your body…” His hand began trailing up my leg as his fingers traced the waist band of my pants. “IS MINE.”

“You can’t dictate what I want, Xanos is my…” I couldn’t bring myself to say the words, but I had to say it. “He’s my mate too, you’re both MINE.” I angrily thrashed my body, trying my best to get away, but there was no escaping.

Marcus leaned in, and whispered in my ear, “I’ll have to kill him then.”

His hand trailed down leg, all the way to my upper thigh. His touch felt like it was electrifying a part of me that was dead.


No hunter! Get a hold of yourself!

My mind was spiraling out of control. I wanted Marcus and I wanted Xanos, but I couldn’t live if I lost one of them.

“NO. You can’t kill him; I won’t let you.” I gritted between my teeth.

His leg pushed mine to the side, spreading them open, “Who’s the one in control here?”

“Not you! NOW tell me, who killed my mother!?”

Suddenly, my head jerked back, his hand was on the nape of my neck, holding me still, then he whispered in my ear,

“I did.”

And those were the last words I heard before his teeth sunk in.

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