The Domination Game

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The Plan


I’ll fight were the last words I spoke before he released me.

“Good little girl.” James’s smile grew as he loosened himself on me. I wouldn’t fight back anymore, I had to stick to my plan. My brother’s life was in limbo and I couldn’t get him killed.

“Release Kendra NOW.” I gritted between my teeth.

“You heard the lady boys,” James shouted.

I realized the two others were not in the room with us, they were with her, but there were no screams, there were no attempts of Kendra breaking free, there was only silence.

An eerie silence that sent goosebumps to my skin.

The two men and Sam re-entered the room, all of them, adjusting their shirts, and two of them, covered in blood.

I wasn’t sure what to say, the only reasonable explanation I had was that she was dead. If that were her blood, there was no way she would be alive, but I had to get them out of here to try to revive her, and I had to get her to a hospital.

I needed to save her.

I scanned the apartment, trying to figure out a way to get them out, and that’s when I realized that my bag was sitting in the corner of the room. They must have brought it with me when I was taken.

There were four of them and just me, there was no chance even with a gun to take them on, but at least I could use it as leverage for now.

James stood up, he padded himself off, and I immediately started to crawl to my bag.

“Looking for something?” I turned around to see James holding the gun in his hand, slinging it in his fingers like it was a child’s toy. “Don’t forget our agreement missy, if I die, little druggie Troy will die too.”

He threw the gun to me. He was tempting my urge to kill him.

I grabbed it in quick pace. I held it up at them, but none of them seemed put off by the threat.

“Oh, lookie here, you think you got the guts to kill me? You’re mate, well, almost mate?” James started to walk towards me as I pointed the gun at him. My hands were shaking, my heart was beating fast, and I couldn’t make up my mind what to do in this moment.

What if he was right? What if Troy died because I decided to shoot him?

“Lower the gun Hunter.” Sam put his hand up as he stepped forward. I could tell he was nervous, and maybe it was because James never referred to anyone else dying other than him.

That’s when I decided what I was going to do.

I kept my gun on James, but the silver bullet wasn’t for him. I couldn’t risk killing Troy.

“Bye Sam,” I whispered.

“Wha-“ Just before he could reply, I turned the gun to him and pulled the trigger. I only ever shot a gun once, and that was at a gun range with my brother a few years back. It was like riding a bike, you never forget, but one thing I wasn’t expecting was the recoil. It caught me off guard. Maybe it was because I was weak, in shock, or just not in the right frame of mind. I almost fell back when I shot it, but quickly regained my stance.

There was a loud thud as Sam dropped to the floor. The other two men approached me, cornering me with no where to run. I held the gun up to them, but they weren’t afraid.

“Whoever gave you that gun gave you one bullet my dear.” James smirked as he looked to Sam. He wasn’t moving and the blood was pooling quickly under his body, staining the cream-coloured carpet to a deep red.

“He served his purpose none the less.” He waved for his men to back away, “Thanks for taking care of him my love.”

“It should have been you,” I replied.

“You’re a natural with this, imagine all the fun we can have.”

“This isn’t fun.”

“Oh, was this your first?”

I remained silent.

“Oh – baby! I popped your cherry twice!” James laughed hysterically as he approached me. I kept my gun on him, there wasn’t another bullet, but this gun could still be used as a weapon in more then one way.

“Come on, give Daddy a hug.” He stepped towards me and I stepped back. My mark started to burn again, seeing him so close was stirring up my mind in ways that made me want to vomit.

“See, your body craves me.” His smiled deepened, “so tell me, are you moist? Are you… wanting to continue where we left off last? You know, just mounting you back there was hard enough, but now that you killed someone, BOY! I just feel like a quick in-out, what do you say?”

“Over my dead body.”

“How about over Kendra’s dead body? That would be so sexy,” he smiled as he leaned in. His eyes blackened more, the veins in his neck started to pop, and I could see from his face he wanted it.

“You’re a SICK fuck James,” I growled.

“That’s what they tell me sweetheart.”

“Get the hell out of here NOW.” I shook the gun in my hand and narrowed my eyes to him.

“Tell you what, you have a big fight tomorrow, so I’ll give you the night off. I think I had my fair share of young pussy for the night anyways, that friend of yours really put up a fight.”

“Tell me James, how slowly do you want to die?”

He chuckled, “Who’s asking?”


I was ready to pounce on him, but I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. It would only end in the same way.

“We have a lot to look forward to my love. Give the brothers my regards, and I’ll say hi to Troy from you.” He took out his phone and showed me one last time. It was a live feed of Troy; he was in the same position as before, barely moving, like I was watching a still photograph.

“Want to give him a kiss?” He laughed as he put the phone back in his pocket and headed for the door, “Let’s go boys. Cock is dry, need a drink, maybe that nice little place – ” the door slammed shut before I could hear his annoying voice ramble on.

I wasn’t sure if anything he said was true.

Did I really get out of this situation unscathed?

That’s when I realized that Kendra was still in the other room.

“Kendra?!” I ran into her bedroom, “Kendra?!”

I spotted her naked bloodied body on the bed, she wasn’t moving, but hopefully she was just unconscious.

I pulled her up into my arms, she was cold, her eyes were closed, and I could barely recognize her. I brushed her tasseled hair back from her face and gripped her body tightly in my arms.

I felt my tears coming through, dripping down on her lifeless body.

She was gone.

How could I let my friend die like this? This should have been me! Not her!

“KENDRA,” I shook her body, hoping that I was wrong, but there was nothing.

“Kendra!” I shouted out again.

I pulled her body tightly in my arms and hugged her, “Kendra please wake up, I’m sorry, this was all my fault! Kendra!” I sobbed.

I felt myself fall into a bigger hole. I would never be the same after this.

My own destruction, my own mistakes, were mine, and mine alone, but now, Kendra was my mistake. This was all my fault and now she was dead.


“KENDRA!” I cried out again as the tears poured down onto her.

Suddenly, there was a noise from the other room, it sounded like someone gasping for air.

It had to be Sam.

I barged out of the room. I suppose he had more fight in him then I originally thought.

He was crawling to the door, and it looked as if the bullet wound went into his chest. Blood poured out of his mouth as he struggled to move his arms to the front door.

I thought silver bullets were instant death for wolves, but I suppose they just acted like a regular bullet to a human. If it reached a vital organ, he would most likely die, and there was no healing from the silver. His wound would remain open as long as it stayed lodged in there.

My body went cold.

I wanted to watch him crawl.

I wanted him to beg for his life.

Something about watching him soothed my sporadic mind. Like a temporary band aid on a bleeding wound.

“Hunter, you don’t need to do this.” He turned to his back when he realized I was watching him.

His hand grabbed my ankle, but I immediately kicked it away.

“Your pathetic. She’s dead. You killed her.”

“This is how packs work. You have no idea what I have to prove to my Alpha.”

“Nice Alpha, gives me the gun, then allows you to die. So, tell me, are all werewolves this fucked up?”

“Don’t be so naïve girl.” He spat out blood on the floor as he rested his head on the ground. He knew his life was ending as he stared up into the ceiling, then back to me.

I stepped forward and looked down to him, then I brought my foot up and slammed it on the wound, squeezing his chest as he struggled to breathe. His one hand came on my ankle, but he wasn’t strong enough to push me off.

“Funny how you wolves are, you use your strength, you use these scare tactics, all the while you underestimate a humans greatest strength.”

“Humans have no strengths.” He chuckled as he spat out more blood from his mouth.

I pushed down harder, and he let out a loud groan.

“We have our brains,” I smiled as I kept my foot on the wound. I could feel the blood pooling through my shoe, soaking my socks.

“James will come for you. You are his untamed bitch for now, he will put a leash on you if he has to.”

“Wrong.” I jumped on top of him, my legs straddled his body. “Tell me Sam,” I leaned in, “Is this what you always wanted? What would James think if he saw us now? Do you really want to fuck your Alpha’s so called, mate?”

He laughed as more blood poured out of his mouth.

“You and James are a match made in heaven. He would get a kick out of this. You guys are meant for each other.”

That was the final straw. I peered down at the bullet hole. I think it was big enough to wedge my hand through.

I punched and rammed my fist hard enough to get through the tiny bullet hole.

He screamed.

He yelled.

He was dying and he couldn’t get away. He could barely move, let alone, push me off.

I pushed my hand and fingers in has hard as I could, it was challenging at first, and there was a bone in the way, but I managed to squeeze past it. I wouldn’t remove the bullet in fear he would heal from his injury, but I was going to have some fun.

Word on the street was that silver burned through wolf flesh.

“Is it true Sam?” I whispered.

“What the hell…?” He gasped as he kept his head back. “What are you talking about bitch?” He spat out more blood. His black pupils covered his once blue eyes.

He was going into shock.

I pulled out my hand for a moment and tugged him up by the collar of his shirt. I punched him in his face as hard as I could. My fist was bleeding from the contact, but my adrenaline was surging too much to feel the pain.

“Don’t die yet.” I pulled his face close to mine, his eyes were partially closed. I could see he was still conscious, but he was dying, and I wasn’t sure how much longer he had.

I pushed his head back to the floor and continued, slipping my hand into the wound that now has increased in size.

He let out another agonizing yell, “Please!! Ahhh!”

It was music to my ears, and that’s when I suddenly felt the bullet. The very bullet that held his life in limbo.

That’s when I got the idea.

I grabbed hold of it and pulled it out. I knew he wouldn’t heal fast enough to save his life, but what I was hoping for that this would push the pain to the max potential.

I held the bullet to my face and looked down at him, “Funny how this little silver bullet can kill such a large beast.”

“Fuck you,” He growled.

“No,” I grabbed hold of his mouth and squeezed, “Let’s see how you like someone jamming something down your throat.”

I pushed my fist in, he gagged, he wasn’t strong enough to bite down on me, and as soon as I felt the back part of his jugular, I released the bullet.

I pulled out quickly and looked at his face. He was near his end, his eyes were blood shot, and his body and face, drenched with blood. It only took a few seconds for him to start the screaming again.

I stood up and watched him squirm. He looked like he was trying to put out an invisible fire. His limbs gyrated, like they had a mind of their own, all the while, he held onto his throat, like it was closing up.

After a few more seconds, he went limp.


I wasn’t going to lie, I enjoyed it.

The front door suddenly burst open, “Hunter?!”

I turned my head, and I saw Andrew. He was by himself, he held a gun, and he was sweating.

“What the fuck happened?”

“Just in time.” I didn’t have time to explain myself now, I had to find my phone.

Coach approached Sam with widened eyes, “What the hell happened Hunter? Our warehouses are on fire, Marcus is on a killing spree, all the while I was looking for you and…”

I phased out Coach’s rambling for a moment to focus on what I was going to say. I pulled out my bag, thankfully, my phone was still there, and the crumpled-up piece of paper Derek left me.

I dialed him up.

There were three rings, then his voice.

Hello? Who is this?”

“It’s Hunter.”

“Hunter? Oh! Wow, didn’t realize you would be calling so soon, what’s up? Is everything ok? Your brother never showed up to work and I was worried.”

“I’ll explain when I get there.”

“Where is there?”

“Your shop, I need a place to crash.”

“What the hell are you talking about? You need a place to crash? Where is Troy? What happened? You don’t sound good.”

“What’s your address?”

“511 Toubon Street. Only a few blocks away from the auditorium where we host our meetings. Please tell me, what happened? Are you guys alright?”

“I’ll explain when I get there.”

I hung up before he could reply. I threw the phone to the ground and slammed my foot to it. I had to be careful now, I couldn’t trust anyone, and I had to ensure everything in my plan worked out.

“Hunter what the hell are you doing with your phone? Did you kill Sam? What the fuck!”

Coach approached me and placed his hands on my shoulder. I didn’t have time for more tears, but he had to help me now. My plan wouldn’t work without his help.

“How many warehouses does James have?”

“What? Warehouses?”

I stomped my foot on the floor in frustration and pushed coach back, “He has my brother! Now tell me where are his warehouses? Would you know which one he would hold my brother?”

“Let me call Marcus, he can handle this!”

Just as Coach pulled out his phone, I latched on to it and whipped it to the wall.

“You’re not listening to me! Where are his warehouses?”

Coach looked to me, his eyes full of worry and concern, “I don’t know, he has a few, I can think of a few locations, maybe call a few people.”

“Listen to me, if Marcus or Xanos get a hold of this info, James will kill Troy.”

“What the hell is going on Hunter?”

“I’m sorry, this is the situation, this is my life, Marcus and Xanos are after me, and now James has my brother. He is my priority right now Andrew, I can’t let him die. I can’t let James win. Just please TRUST ME. Please help me. I have a plan, I need your help, but I’ll explain the rest later. I have to make one more stop before I go to Derek’s.”

“Who’s Derek?”

“A friend.”

He groaned.

“You need to trust me, PLEASE. I’ll explain more later, just meet me there in two hours, 511 Toubon Street.”

“I trust you, Hunter. I just hope you know what you are doing.”

“Thanks, did you pull me out of the fight?”


“Good, can you bring my equipment to the address?”

“Of course.”

“I’ll see you there, and you might want to leave, Hiro’s men will probably be coming soon.”

I held her pink cotton mitten the entire way.

I had to make this right.

I wasn’t going to lie anymore.

I was uptown, people stared at me, whispering as I walked past. I only managed to wash my hands and grab an extra sweater from Kendra’s closet. It had her scent. It brought memories to my head, filling me with more guilt, but I had to get it off my chest. There was no way around this. Hiro deserved to know the truth.

I stopped in front of his house. It wasn't a penthouse or anything high rise. It was traditional, with hints of Japanese flair. It must have cost a fortune to build it on this street, but I suppose all Alpha’s could afford whatever their hearts desire.

“Step away human.” I felt a hand push me back and I immediately pushed it away.

It was a man standing by the front gate. He wore a black suit, and he was Japanese, so it was safe to assume he was one of Hiro’s men.

“I need to speak to Alpha Hiro, tell him its Hunter. I urgently need to see him.”

“He’s in a meeting, besides, he won’t want to see a street rat like yourself.”

I pulled out the business card and gave it to the man. He paused and looked to me, he was skeptical, but he eventually took the card, analyzing it closely.

After a brief moment, he pulled out his phone and dialed up a number.

“Yes, she says her name is Hunter, she has some sort of urgent news.”

I tapped my foot anxiously as I looked to the sky. It was dark out now; I think I had one more hour until I had to be at Derek’s. Hopefully, Coach pulled through with finding Troy.

“Ok, Miss Hunter, you may enter.”

I stood by the front door because I wasn’t planning on staying long.

As I waited for him I glanced around the front foyer of the house. The interior was pure Japanese. There were sliding shoji doors and walls, a few plants here and there, and ancient looking artifacts that hung on walls. I could spend all day looking in his house like it were a museum, but I had a purpose for my visit.

I couldn't be distracted.

I caught sight at Alpha Hiro as he approached. He wasn't wearing his typical suit that I would usually see him in. He wore a traditionally navy blue Kimono, along with black slip ons.

“Ahh Hunter, what brings you here, are you ready for tomorrow?" He paused as he looked me up and down, "Wait, what happened?”

He knew instantly something was wrong.

I was a mess, I had his daughter's sweater on, I smelled of blood, my face was a mess, my hair was in a rats nest, and I showed up to his house at a random hour of the night.

I slowly brought my bag down, “I’m sorry Alpha Hiro, I must give you something.”

I pulled out Kendra’s pink mitten and the Mempo mask. Thankfully, I found them among her trashed apartment before those goons could steal it.

Hiro wasn’t a man of many emotions, but I could see his eyes watering has he held her blood-stained mitten and the dusty mask.

“What happened?” His hand shook as he looked back to me. He inhaled the mitten, and there was no needing for me to explain what happened to her.

The look on his face said everything.

“It’s all my fault. If you desire, you can kill me after the fight, but I must save my brother first. I needed to tell you. I couldn’t let you find out any other way then from me. Her blood is on my hands, her pain, her suffering, all my fault, but just know this, I will get revenge. I already killed one of them, and by tomorrow, the rest will be dead. I give you my word Alpha Hiro.” I bowed my head and got to one knee.

I wasn’t sure if he was going to kill me right then or there. It was all my fault, and I wasn’t going to run away from the facts.

I was going to face the consequences for my actions.

“Who did this?” He held the mask in his hand tightly as his voice deepened.

“Alpha James... and a couple of his guys.” I held my breath. I wasn’t sure what his reaction was going to be.

Was he going to kill me right then and there? Was he going to go fall into an angry fit of rage?

My heart was beating fast. My throat, so tight that it was almost hard to get the words out, but I couldn’t make it obvious that I was nervous.

I had to keep my focus.

I had to keep to my plan.

It will work.

I just needed his blessing. I wanted James for myself. I was going to kill that bastard once and for all.

His eyes dropped back into the mitten and mask. “Hm.”

I was surprised how calm he was, but yet again, I’m sure inside his mind was crumbling apart. He didn’t see Kendra much, but I knew he loved her.

“I give you my word, I will take care of him. Let me avenge her death.”

He was silent for a moment as he kept his eyes on the mask and mitten.

“You are telling me the truth.” His voice shook as he held the mitten in front of his face, “I know it wasn’t you Hunter, I must blame James for draining her from life.”

“You will be betrayed Alpha Hiro. Several Alphas of the city are after your territory. I just thought you deserved to know.” I kept my head down to the floor. I wasn’t doing this in submission, I was doing this out of respect.

“Please.” He held his hand down for me to grab, “Get up.”

I hesitated, I wasn’t sure what was gong to happen now, but I latched onto his hand.

“How is your mating pull?” He asked as I stood to my feet.

“Getting out of control if you want to know the truth.”

“What if I told you, I have a way to subside the effects, it won’t rid you of the pull, but it will help you keep control. It’s a type of flower found back in Japan, but it will take some time to get unfortunately.”

“Why would you want to help me?”

“I trust you Hunter, do you know how much courage it would take to come to my house, to confess to me what you just did?”

I looked to the floor, “I’m only a coward.”

“NO.” He placed the mask in my hand, “You’re a fighter.”

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