The Domination Game

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I want YOU


The man sitting on my couch looked as if he was lounging in his own home. Casually spreading his arms across the cushions awaiting for my arrival.

He was a very large man, which made me worry that he wasn’t a man at all, but maybe a werewolf. He had a clean shaven head with black tribal tattoos lining down his neck. Nothing about this man was familiar and his dark eyes narrowed in on me, looking at me with malicious intent.

“What the hell are you doing in my apartment? I think you have the wrong place pal.” I dropped my bag to the ground, ready to either run or strike. My muscles tensed up while I waited for his response.

“You’re like a lost dingo. So cute. Eh mates?” He was talking to others with him and panic surged through me. I couldn’t see his friends, but I could sense their presence. I tip-toed closer to the door, ready to bolt if I needed to.

“I’m calling the police, you better leave now!” I jumbled my hand in my coat pocket to retrieve my phone, but by the time I had it in my grasp he jumped to where I was standing. His hand was already pushing down on the screen to prevent me from dialing.

“I don’t think I would do that.” His large rugged hand kept hold of my phone and I finally released it from my grip to get myself closer to the door.

I kept my eyes on the Aussie while I backed up, trying my best to feel for the door handle. My hands were clammy and shaky as I fumbled the handle trying to get a good grip on it.

“Don’t be scared my lost dingo.” His hand reached for me and I instantly slapped it out of the way. I trembled inside knowing that I just slapped the hand of a were-wolf, if he didn’t have a reason to kill me I may have given him one now.

“What the fuck are you doing?! Get out of here now!” I yelled hoping the neighbors would hear, but this block of the apartment was mostly filled with junkies that were unable to even help themselves.

The Aussie man smirked playfully while he enjoyed my panicked state. I was cornered and the only thing between me and escaping was turning this door handle. Even if I got out, I would most likely be caught.

“Hu-nn-ter.” Suddenly I heard Troy’s voice coming from the living room and immediately rushed over to his aid.

“Troy!?” I panicked when I stumbled across his crippled body.

His face almost un-recognizable. Dried and crusted blood covered most of his facial features making him look almost zombie-like. His eyes were closed, but fluttered like they were trying to open. I kneeled to his side and cradled his face in my arms calling his name for him to wake up, but he remained silent.

“Troy!? Troy? Are you ok? What did they do to you?” I kept yelling but his face remained emotionless.

“We barley did anything to him by the time we found him Dingo.” The Aussie’s man’s voice came from behind me as I held Troy’s head on my lap. I kept focus on my brother as I tried feeling for his pulse, which was barley there.

“YOU DID THIS.” I muttered furiously under my breathe.

“That’s the thing you lost dingo. Well he sort of - ya know- stumbled on our door steps lookin’ for help.” The Aussie said.

“I’ll pay you whatever he owes you, just leave us be!” I pleaded, knowing that if I was going to get out of this alive I would have to reason with the intruders.

“Let’s do this now, she looks rather appetizing.” Another strange voice came from the other side of our dark living room. I couldn’t see the figure but I knew it was a similarly sized man standing next to a slightly smaller shadowed figure.

“Now, now boys, don’t you have manners? This isn’t our place, we must ask permission first from our gracious host.” The Aussie man raised his hand in my direction as if he was signaling me to say something.

“I’ll pay you whatever he owes and then you can leave.” I was trying my best to hold my tears back. I wasn’t sure if just paying them would send them away, but I had to try.

“Well, I must say you’re brother Troy as left a hefty bill. How much does he owe?” The Aussie man's eyes were fixated on me as he spoke causing me to shiver in fear.

“At least four grand Alpha.” One of the voices barked.

Alpha? The Aussie is an Alpha? I knew now for sure they were were-wolves and wondered why Troy would ever consider getting involved with them? Was he that desperate?

“Under the sink in the kitchen there is a lock box. You can get your money there. Please take it and go. Combination one, eight, seven, nine.” I muttered. I was giving away what I saved up over the past year and it killed me, but our lives were more valuable than money.

“Good girl.” The Alpha patted my head like a pet and I immediately pulled away in disgust. He snickered in response, “You’re a feisty little one aren’t you Dingo?”

He pointed his finger towards the kitchen, signaling his men to find the lockbox. I could see them more clearly, but they were both wearing hoodies so I couldn’t make out their faces.

I was relieved I had the money they needed and didn’t want to think about what would happen if I didn’t have it...

“Alpha, I found it.” The man emerged from the kitchen holding a rusted grey lockbox in his hands. It was already unlocked revealing the contents inside, a stack of cash and a picture of my mother. The picture was the only thing I had from when she was alive, and the only image that helped me remember what she looked like.

“She’s pretty Hunter. You have her looks. Where is mommy now huh? She’s not here is she?” He grinned as he examined the picture. Why was he dragging this out? He wanted to get under my skin and it was obviously working. Rage was boiling inside me and I felt like a ticking time bomb that was ready to explode.

“Why don’t you just leave? You have what you want now, so get the fuck out now.” I gritted my teeth in anger.

“Just- ONE more thing, little dingo.” The Alpha placed the picture in his pocket. “I’ll keep this for safe keeping. You got you’re hands full with him.” He smirked and stepped in closer to me. I quickly jumped to my feet and started walking backwards towards the wall, but the space between him and I was closing in fast.

What game was this guy playing? Why wouldn’t he just leave? I was backed up against the wall with no where to go while he continued coming in closer and closer.

I felt the heat radiating off of his skin, while his eyes sunk into mine, like they were looking through my soul. I was muted in horror as I felt his warm breathe against my skin.

“Hunter, don’t be so naïve.” He licked his lips and whispered into my ear that sent chills down my spine; these were the last words that I wanted to hear.

“I want YOU.”

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